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Camping cookware

Things to heat on, things to cook in, things to eat with. Camping cookware is essential equipment for many outdoor activities - literally helping to fuel your adventures. Our camp cookware pots, sets and stoves are purposefully lightweight, compact, minimalist and packable.

Lightweight camping cookware

Camping Gas and Meths Stoves

We seek compact design, minimal weight and cooking efficiency whether using gas canisters, an all-in-one cook system or indiviudal meths stoves. Camp kitchen equipment to fuel short overnight trips, multi-day adventures and high mountain adventures
Reliable and compact meths stove weighing just 150 g with flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for world travel
Kraku titanium stove
Sold Out
Kraku is possibly the world's lightest commercially available micro camp stove, its tiny pack size makes it the perfect stove for the solo adventurer
Titanium remote gas canister stove
Sold Out
A high powered titanium gas canister stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions. Compact design and made from titanium to save weight
NEW  Brukit Jackal
Jackal is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single 900 ml pot
NEW  Brukit Wolf
Wolf is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single 1400 ml pot
Special Offer
Stainless steel camping burner with built in Piezo ignitor, ideal for cooking group meals and large volume stews
Sale: £35.00
Was: £45.00
Aluminium camp cooking windshield - Blue
Sold Out
Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield
Bruler Complete Camp Cook System
Bruler meths burner with splitta table, concertina windshield and haap pan sets
£65.00 £75.50 if purchased separately
Microadventure Brukit Bundle
Hunka, Brukit Jackal, Torch and Tifoon Bundle
£120.00 £142.00 if purchased separately

Camping Pots, Pans and Cooksets

We've broken eggs, scrambled eggs, made an omlette, burnt on crud, srubbed it off again, re-hyrdated space food and made a brew. Here's to making soup, a sweet cup of cocoa and a fine dining gourmet camp fondue
Hard anodised aluminium kettle with 1300 ml capacity
Hard anodised aluminium cooking pot with heat exchanger BruPot
Aluminium cooking pot with built in heat exchanger for greater efficiency
4 piece aluminium saucepan set AliPots
A simple aluminium pan set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip. Durable with a generous pan capacity from which you can serve up a feast
Durable, tough and such great value. H.A.A.P includes a frying pan, pot and kettle, everything you need to cook up an amazing meal
Sale: £22.00
Was: £25.00
3 piece titanium pan set MytiStax
Lightweight titanium 3 piece pan set including 2 pots and a non-stick teflon frying pan, a versatile and portable cooking set

Titanium Cookware

Titanium is one of the lightest, strongest and most abundant elements on earth. It is super-inert which means it does not degrade over time so titanium is long lasting and highly recyclable. More importantly it won't taint food with a metallic flavour. It is not a good conductor of heat which is both a pro and con. The pro is pans handles don't get too hot to handle, the con is you have to cook to make sure heat is evenly distributed and food cooks evenly.

MytiBowl 300
300 ml titanium camping bowl


MytiBowl 600
600 ml titanium camping bowl with collapsable handles


Lightweight titanium camping plate with raised sides


Nonic 350
350 ml titanium drinking mug


MytiMug 400
400 ml titanium mug, perfectly proportioned for morning coffee and soup at lunch, the perfect cooking mug for lightweight heroes


MytiMug 650
A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, can be used on a stove to cook your meal or just supping tea around your camp fire


MytiPot 900
900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space.


Lightweight titanium 3 piece pan set including 2 pots and a non-stick teflon frying pan, a versatile and portable cooking set


Pair of smooth brushed titanium for elegant tea-drinking anywhere in the world


450 ml twin-walled insulated titanium mug with twist lock drinking lid for keeping your hot drink warmer for longer


Brushed titanium water bottle with narrow diameter and screw top lid


A very special - beautiful titanium kettle. Compact and lightweight with a capacity of 1000 ml weighing a laughable 150 grams


Camping Cutlery

Titanium camp cutlery is strong and practically weightless. We've foons, sporks, cutlery sets and even titanium chopsticks.
Sold Out


Titanium knife, fork and spoon set to take on every camping adventure

Sale: £12.00
Was: £13.00

For the skilled aficionado, chopsticks can replace the spoon, fork or knife. Miyagi are made from titanium just because we can.


Lightweight titanium camping spoon with large bowl and useful bottle opener

Sold Out

Long handled titanium spork for reaching the bottom of deep bottomed pans or sachets of hydrated food


Titanium forked spoon with bottle opener giving 3 functions in one, the ultimate lightweight camping cutlery


SnapWire Foon
Lightweight folding titanium spork


SnapWire Knife
Folding titanium camping knife


SnapWire Fork
Lightweight folding titanium camping fork


SnapWire Spoon
Folding titanium camping spoon


FlatIron Knife
Lightweight Titanium knife for expeditions and camping trips


FlatIron Fork
Lightweight Titanium fork for expeditions and camping trips



Camp Kitchen Essentials and things you never knew you wanted plus little things we came across on our way and couldn't put down

Lightweight stainless steel wire saw for cutting timber, plastic and more. An essential utility for activities such as bushcraft and camping


Swig bottle
Drinks bottle for swigging on the go


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and weighs something like 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel for the same size


Titanium chain for suspending your cookpot over an open fire, add an extra dimension to your meal times


Lightweight friction fire lighter with a 3000℃; spark to make fire lighting quick and easy whatever the weather


Mashk Portable Sink
Sturdy and light portable camping sink. Ideal for carrying water, washing up and bathing

Sold Out

Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield


Stainless steel 350ml flask for hot or cold fluids with a handy clip lid


Compact and squeezable BPA free travel bottles


Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry 6 fluid ounces (170 ml) of your favourite tipple


Lightweight and collapsable aluminium camping table to add a little convenience to your camping adventures

Sale: £15.00
Was: £17.00

Brushed titanium water bottle with narrow diameter and screw top lid


Pair of lightweight titanium accessory carabiners, the pimpest way to rig up your accessories



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Solo hiker
Mini Trangia

I normally use a Trangia which is rather bulky and heavy. This stove is only the size of a large mug and weighs next to nothing. If you marry this up with a pot which this will fit inside you have a light weight compact cook set.

Attractive vest

I bought this to keep me warm overnight while camping and also to wear day to day in the coldest part of winter. It did its job well while camping, I even got a bit hot and had to strip of some other layers. Doesn't smell after 3-4 wears.
I bought a 12, which is my normal size and it's about right, perhaps a little on the large size but not unpleasantly so. As described, is the right shape to strip down to and not look out of the ordinary. The fabric doesn't look and feel like wool from a distance, it's very fine and smooth and soft.

Washing up bag

Really enjoyed using this washing up bag/bowl. I got the largest one and while camping in a group it was excellent for slinging in dirty crockery. Then it could all be transported to the sink easily. We ended up using it as a second sink for rinsing during the washing up process, then it was super easy to bring all back to the tents.
Would also be good for washing small children or dogs!

Nice little set

I've enjoyed my haap cookset and have used it 3 times now. The lid fits 6-8 sausages as a frying pan, the pan does a good amount of pasta. The little kettle is cute and does exactly 2 mugs of tea, it boils really fast on a camping stove. Despite crusted burnt on fat the frying pan came up clean after a short soak. Am very happy so far.

Envy of all

Bought for my son (14) on a school trek in Norway. Apparently he was he envy of all, as he had the most comfy, lightweight may if all his mates. Borrowed it myself last weekend and loved it. Very comfy for old women too.

Kepler Velo - Just buy it!

I received the Kepler Velo just before the first long heat wave of this past summer. This as a leap of faith in a company I knew nothing of; simply because I liked their story. And, the jersey was more than reasonably priced, even at full price.
So I wore it seven days straight on my 24 mile commute in 30C temps just to see. It is just brilliant. The weight is not too heavy, not too light. It wicks, it breathes, air actually circulates. At the end it was a bit crusty from salt, and not a wiff. None of which can really be said about the sale price synthetic jerseys I'd bought from a high end brand a few weeks before. The recurring pong of these making me search for merino again, which led me to Alpkit.
Those other jerseys have not seen light of day since.
So happy am I with this jersey's form, function and quality I've purchased several other bits of kit.
I'll be purchasing the long sleeve version very soon for the winter commute, and both jerseys will most definitely be on my back and in my pack for a charity walk down the Thames Path this coming mid-November.
Thank you Alpkit team for your thoughtful design and quality make!

Good........but not great quality

I'm on my third one now. The light is great in that it is one of the few budget head torches with a true white light. It's bright and clear and easy to use, the only downside is the build quality, each of the ones I have owned the lid has snapped at the battery compartment on changing batteries. Not a great design it has to be said........ But then, at this price it is what it is !

gareth birch-machin

Another brilliant bit of kit from alpkit! light, bright, can be hung or stands alone. Exactly what ive been looking for.

Better than Patagonia

Purchased on a whim, because I like the grey. I already own a number of Patagonia 'better sweater' garms, that I paid £££ for. This one is a better fit, nicer fabric, and hasn't been off me since I received it. Fortunate it's got a touch colder recently. I've owned and still own loads of fleece garms, and this is top of the list. Perfect.

100g Wonder!

For about 100g, the MytiPot 900 takes care of all of my solo cooking needs. Easy to clean, extremely light and can nest a 230g gas canister nicely (such as the coleman 250) - but wrap the canister in something before you put it in the pot so it doesn't scratch it. I've cooked pasta, boil in the bag stuff and omelette so far; in addition to the usual tea and coffees.

It heats water reasonably quickly but also conducts the heat away reasonably quickly so you can find your tea cold before you finish. I recommend pairing it with an insulated mug to enjoy your brews at the proper temperature at length.

This pot now travels with me on all my hikes, even for day trips. It's so light and you really appreciate a brew/cuppa soup once you stop and your body heat drops.

Highly, highly recommended.

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