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Camping cookware

Things to heat on, things to cook in, things to eat with. Camping cookware is essential for many outdoor activities - literally helping to fuel your adventures. Our cookware sets and camp stoves are purposefully lightweight, compact, minimalist and packable.

Lightweight camping cookware


We seek compact design, minimal weight and cooking efficiency whether using gas canisters, an all-in-one cook system or indiviudal methylated spirit burners. Camp kitchen equipment to fuel short overnight trips, multi-day adventures and high mountain adventures

Reliable and compact meths burner weighing just 150 g with flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for world travel


Kraku is possibly the world's lightest commercially available gas stove, its tiny pack size makes it the perfect stove for the solo adventurer


A high powered titanium gas canister stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions. Compact design and made from titanium to save weight


BruKit is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single pot


Stainless steel camping burner with built in Piezo ignitor, ideal for cooking group meals and large volume stews


Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield


Pots, Pans and Cooksets

We've broken eggs, scrambled eggs, made an omlette, burnt on crud, srubbed it off again, re-hyrdated space food and made a brew. Here's to making soup, a sweet cup of cocoa and a fine dining gourmet camp fondue

Hard anodised aluminium kettle with 1300 ml capacity


Aluminium cooking pot with built in heat exchanger for greater efficiency


A simple aluminium pan set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip. Durable with a generous pan capacity from which you can serve up a feast


Durable, tough and such great value. H.A.A.P includes a frying pan, pot and kettle, everything you need to cook up an amazing meal


Lightweight titanium 3 piece pan set including 2 pots and a non-stick teflon frying pan, a versatile and portable cooking set


Titanium Cookware

Titanium is one of the lightest, strongest and most abundant elements on earth. It is super-inert which means it does not degrade over time so titanium is long lasting and highly recyclable. More importantly it won't taint food with a metallic flavour. It is not a good conductor of heat which is both a pro and con. The pro is pans handles don't get too hot to handle, the con is you have to cook to make sure heat is evenly distributed and food cooks evenly.
Sold Out

Smooth brushed titanium for elegant tea-drinking anywhere in the world


MytiMug 400
400 ml titanium mug, perfectly proportioned for morning coffee and soup at lunch, the perfect cooking mug for lightweight heroes

Sold Out

MytiMug 650
A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer, can be used on a stove to cook your meal or just supping tea around your camp fire


MytiPot 900
Titanium cooking pot with lid

Sold Out

450 ml twin-walled insulated titanium mug with twist lock drinking lid for keeping your hot drink warmer for longer

Sold Out

Brushed titanium bottle with narrow diameter and screw top lid

Sale: £35.00
Was: £40.00

Lightweight titanium 3 piece pan set including 2 pots and a non-stick teflon frying pan, a versatile and portable cooking set


A very special - beautiful titanium kettle. Compact and lightweight with a capacity of 1000 ml weighing a laughable 150 grams



Lightweight titanium cutlery. Strong and practically weightless.
Sold Out

Long handled titanium spork for reaching the bottom of deep bottomed pans or sachets of hydrated food


Titanium forked spoon with bottle opener giving 3 functions in one, the ultimate lightweight camping cutlery

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SnapWire Foon
Lightweight folding titanium spork


SnapWire Knife
Folding titanium camping knife


SnapWire Fork
Lightweight folding titanium camping fork


SnapWire Spoon
Folding titanium camping spoon


FlatIron Knife-Fork-Spoon
Lightweight titanium knife, fork and spoon set to take on every camping adventure


FlatIron Foon
Lightweight Titanium spork for expeditions and camping trips


FlatIron Knife
Lightweight Titanium knife for expeditions and camping trips


FlatIron Fork
Lightweight Titanium fork for expeditions and camping trips


FlatIron Spoon
Lightweight Titanium spoon for expeditions and camping trips



Camp Kitchen Essentials and things you never knew you wanted plus little things we came across on our way and couldn't put down

Lightweight stainless steel wire saw for cutting timber, plastic and more. An essential utility for activities such as bushcraft and camping

Sold Out

Swig bottle
Drinks bottle for swigging on the go


Microfibre travel towel, superfine and weighs something like 1/3 of the weight of a regular towel for the same size

Sold Out

Titanium chain for suspending your cookpot over an open fire, add an extra dimension to your meal times


Lightweight friction fire lighter with a 3000℃ spark to make fire lighting quick and easy whatever the weather


Mashk Portable Sink
Sturdy and light portable camping sink. Ideal for carrying water, washing up and bathing


Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield


Insulated stainless steel flask for hot or cold fluids with a handy clip lid

Sold Out

For the skilled aficionado, chopsticks can replace the spoon, fork or knife. Litestix can be taken apart and stowed away inside the handle


Compact and squeezable BPA free travel bottles


Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry 6 fluid ounces (170 ml) of your favourite tipple


Lightweight and collapsable aluminium camping table to add a little convenience to your camping adventures

Sold Out

Brushed titanium bottle with narrow diameter and screw top lid

Sale: £35.00
Was: £40.00

Comments - [Cookware Range]

My daughter bought me this and for £20 I thought it may have been a waste of money! Well it wasn’t supper light, it’s faultless in every way the gas control is spot on you can simmer your food without the gas going out it’s so powerful boiled 500ml of cold water in about 2 minutes on a welsh mountain in not very good conditions. I’m sorry to go on a bit but you don’t normally get good gear for £20. I also bought the 650 titanium mug and titanium knife fork and spoon again absolutely top quality and I now have the lightest cooking system out of my group wink Thanks Alpkit.

06 August, 2015 by Tony Pirouet

I use the the Brukit for campervan camping ;good stove speeds up breakfast preparation

04 August, 2015 by Stuart

Great stove, maybe it’s just the make of gas cylinder that I bought, but it’s about 3-4mm too short to fit inside properly. not really a problem, but a slight design tweak would sort this

03 August, 2015 by Jon

Well impressed.quality 1st class.would recommend.could one purchase a spare neoprene cover ?

02 August, 2015 by craig

Hi, I recently had an amazing camping trip to the Isle of Mull where I used the BRUKIT every day for 8 days very successfully. I did take another stove with me just in case, but never used it. This piece of kit is brilliant and amazing value for money.
A very satisfied camper, can’t wait for next trip…

02 August, 2015 by janet

This stove/pot combination is an animal! Fast boiling and half the price of similar quality competitors!! Ideal for lightweight camping and otherwise it will live in our motorhome or car for short-stop brewing! No need for additional kit, except for water and a gas canister. Brilliant!

02 August, 2015 by Mike Rees

Gorgeous little thing. Basing an emergency kit around this wee bestie…and fitting lots of good stuff inside. The usual excellent design and epic service from Alpkit.

01 August, 2015 by Tom Kennish

Bought one of these last week, and used it wild camping this weekend. My first impressions are that this is an excellent bit of kit.

Firstly, packed down the stove is small, and because its titanium, it really is light. The mesh bag it arrives in feels durable too.

In use, the feet and pot stands fold out easily and form a really stable base, which feels like it could handle pretty big pots (so far its only been tried with smaller ones). There’s no piezo ignition, but that doesn’t bother me as I’ve never been that much of a fan, and always have a lighter or fire steel anyway.

It boiled half a litre of water in an 800mm pot very quickly, despite the gas cylinder being quite low. Perhaps 3 mins, I didn’t time it. In wind, a wind shield would help (yes Alpkit, I’ve just ordered & received one of yours!). It also simmered down nice and low, something my previous Primus struggled with.

Its not the cheapest of this type of stove out there, but the modest additional cost is well worth paying to save weight, and the performance is excellent.

27 July, 2015 by Mal Grey

Just bought this set, after using a friends on and off. Superb little pots set, and its hard to believe how light it feels for 2L worth of capacity or thereabouts. I bought a Koro stove at the same time, which, with an aluminium mug too, sits nicely inside the set.

The lid is of only limited use as a frying pan being so small, but the non-stick coating appears durable and I’m glad I spent the extra fiver over the standard version.

The handles are nice and secure when folded out, no floppiness. If I spill stuff, it will be my own fault!

The mesh bags it comes in are a nice touch.

As always, arrived in a couple of days with no problems.

27 July, 2015 by Mal Grey

Update after several field tests - have now used with Kovea spider and 250g gas canister.  Both the stove and the canister fit in the 1200ml pot along with a folded homemade foil wind shield.
The cook set works as advertised!  Handles are surprisingly solid feeling even when pots are full of water.  Very light, does not take up much space in the bag.  This is my go to cook set now - allows ‘gourmet’ cooking even when traveling light.

26 July, 2015 by Tuscor

The burner unit on my Brukit has got damaged (the plastic melted) because I put a kettle on it, not realising that it could only be used with the pot supplied with it, and the stove is now unusable. Can I obtain a replacement burner unit or would I have to buy the whole ensemble?

EDIT: Hi, drop an email to support@alpkit.com and we will help you out! Many thanks, Ashleigh - Customer Service Hero

10 July, 2015 by Christopher Loy

Received cookset in the post only a couple of days after ordering - great service!
Pans are light but feel solid.  Definitely lighter than my little trangia which this is intended to replace.  According to my measurments my new Kovea Spider Stove (on order) and a 110g canister should nest in the 1200ml pot… I hope!
The folding handles on the pots seem to be secure.  They are a little loose when folded down, but the carry sack holds them in place when in the bag.
So far I’m very happy with this purchase.  I will update once field tested.

09 July, 2015 by Tuscor

Excellent little stove, used it on a 3 day trip to the Lake District. Cooked all our breakfasts and dinners plus hot drinks. It was stable on a 200g canister. I used it with a home-made wind shield, which made a big difference to the time taken to boil water. A 1L pot took about 5 mins to boil.

30 June, 2015 by Vanessa

great pan set. tested in my kitchen, ready for use in the lakes.
using a trangia panstand and gel burner using bio ethanol gel, middle size pan boiled water in 6 minutes, which campares quite well to meths.
handles were still ok to use but were starting to get warm, i think these pans are quite strong and should last well.
bought to use instead of my grandads 1944 US mess kit.

29 June, 2015 by 240497269746Robert Bateman

Nice surround, fits around my MSR Dragonfly and Alipots just right. One of the pins was a bit loose and it fell out, I fixed it by compressing the last loop and now it works perfect. Thumbs up!

24 June, 2015 by Josh Bonfield

Great size pot for cooking in but what a ball ache it is having to remove the jacket every time you want to use it to cook when you have a gas stove.

14 June, 2015 by John Dance

What a wonderful piece of kit, It packs down very small, is strong , durable and looks super sexy.
Be prepared for the high fiddle factor though as it does come unassembled,  but this allows you to customize it to your own specification and needs.
Titanium rocks !

10 June, 2015 by M Cantrill

I’ve read negative reviews on the web and I reckon the peeps writing them would never be satisfied with anything! The Brukit is a complete winner: price, build, quality and performance. Those that are complaining about boil times taking a few odd mins and secs more than a jetboil: get a life, jeez!

29 May, 2015 by Richie

Having purchased many AK products and got my friends to do so (even going down under to Oz) I was looking forward to my Torridon adventure with my new pots. To my horror they were not great! Sticking food and black burnt sections that took quite a while to remove. My old aluminium set from my trangia had to come to my rescue, again, and I just wanted to tell you as I am a BIG fan of AK. 20 people in my party looked on and were also not impressed. The stove and shield are fantastic. Any help?

EDIT: Hey Clive - drop us an e-mail to support@alpkit.com to see if we can help - Jay

29 May, 2015 by Clive Waters

Loving it, seen some mods already on YouTube with people wanting to use a pan, frying pan with it, any plans for something official to allow this.

22 May, 2015 by Rob

I have bought two of these and now I see there is a cannister support, is there any plan to put the cannister support on sale?

I have used men in Scotland and Dartmoor and can not fault it for the money, I was so impressed I bought my son one.

20 May, 2015 by Steve Marks

From the spec it appears that the BruPot is compatible with MSR’s Pocket Rocket thereby turning it into similar to another well known combination stove/heat exchanger/pot…..am I right? (Will be v tempted if so as have a PR!)

19 May, 2015 by David

Perfect for camping and cycling trips.

Well made pots with nice carrying case.

Most importantly great value.

You make some real good stuff, cheers Alpkit!

15 May, 2015 by Nick R

Would buy this if it fit bike bottle cages and the top was compatible with eg kleen kanteen sports top. Currently use a stainless steel bottle like this on the bike as my only cookset. Would love to save some grams!

09 May, 2015 by J

Right ill try and keep this simple !
If you are looking at the Brewkit stove you will have no doubt looked at the jetboil also £35 V £100
I borrowed my mates jetboil last week for a trip and was so impressed i started looking for one as soon as i got home, then i came across the brewkit for £35 posted with a FREE stand, honestly i thought it was a joke till i read the reviews.
I have bought a couple of items from Alpkit in the past and all i can say is they only sell decent gear so buying this stove is a no brainer.

I’d like to make a few points about peoples comments
The whole point of this stove is size and weight so why are people complaining about the 230g can not fitting inside with the lid shut, although some do fit, the last time i tested the 100g can it will boil 20L of water so why would you carry a 230g at over twice the weight ! unless you are trying to run a bath !!!
Also the brewkit does fit into the mesh bag with no problems i can see it might be a fight if your fingers were frozen but hey warm them up on the stove first !
Ive done my first few boils with a coleman and it worked fine, only used it as it was all i had but i will be using another brand in future, just for piece of mind.
I have tested the jetboil and brewkit side by side and 500ml takes 3min for the jetboil and 3min 15 sec for the brewkit

Look if you are made of money go buy the jetboil at £100 or keep the £65 and get the far cheaper £35 brewkit with FREE post and FREE stand if you buy before the offer runs out !
This is the first review i’ve ever wrote but felt compelled to do it as i’m so happy with this item and the service i’ve received
(cheers guys)

09 May, 2015 by Dave b

I would definintely buy this product if it were made the same diameter as cycling bottles.
Is it likely that you will get them in this size in the future please

Edit: No plans currently - but I will pass it on to the Product guys - Jay

03 May, 2015 by James Shaw

Where do you start? The price - £35 for a cooker, stove with a one litre capacity, a mug with piezoelectric ignition, the neoprene cover or the fact this all packs into itself in one simple package. just 3 parts to it.

I bought one of these as my old cooker had packed up. I was so impressed I bought a load for the youth groups I work with mainly for use for the Ten Tors Challenge and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

They have withstood all the training and abuse that teenagers can throw at them. They have all operated for dozens of hours without fault in cold, rain, wind and snow. Not a single one has had any issues. They have been used for boil in the bags and cooking in with no problems to report with any of them.

30 April, 2015 by Dave

Does this mug fit inside the mitimug? I think my alpkit mitimug is the older one,  650 or 700ml. Thanks

Edit: The Kelvin does fit inside the MytiMug - Old and new - Jay (Alpkit Customer Service)

30 April, 2015 by jay

What is the internal dimensions of this? I want to see if the phlask will fit inside

Edit: The flask does fit inside (Jay Alpkit Customer Service)

26 April, 2015 by Jason

On the net there is some negative feedback on the canister what do do you recommend the 100 size.
I have kept the neoprene on for boiling, surely you are not meant to put it on and off.

24 April, 2015 by Stuart

I have bought one of these second hand, notused it yet .There seems a lot negative feedback on the web about the canisters to use. What is the definitive message.i.e do Colemans fit; should I stick with smaller canisters.

23 April, 2015 by Stuart

Have you thought of doing a bigger frying pan, either as part of the MytiStax set or as a stand-alone? My other half is after something that will do fried brekkie for the 2 of us (and won’t distort like our cheapie non-stick one), so would need to be 20cm or so.  (I like the MystiStax pot set otherwise, sure it must taste better than our current manky alu one!)

20 April, 2015 by Liz

What are the internal and external diameters in cm?

17 April, 2015 by Jase

Awesome little stove, as described,  packs away into a 650 Mytimug with a 100g gas can with room to spare. Will fit a army style boil in the bag ration pack (just). I partnered mine up with a gas can base support from a Jetboil and a Primus windshield. The perfect package for one person? Just make sure you don’t put an empty mug of the stove otherwise you’ll have a hole in it!

07 April, 2015 by Mal

Awesome little stove, as described,  packs away into a 650 Mytimug with a 100g gas can with room to spare. Will fit a army style boil in the bag ration pack (just). I partnered mine up with a gas can base support from a Jetboil and a Primus windshield. The perfect package for one person? Just make sure you don’t put an empty mug of the stove otherwise you’ll have a hole in it!

06 April, 2015 by Mal

Very pleased with it, been using it for more than 6 months and it performs like a champ, cools down quickly. Light, easy to pack 5/5.

Some images:

Thanks Alpkit team,

03 April, 2015 by alba_hiker

Just had x2 of these great little mugs delivered this afternoon and I’m impressed with my first purchase of titanium cookware. Added some silicone tubing to the handles that allow a thumb/three finger grip without getting burnt, so that’s made it that little bit better. Tea tastes ok when made in them, looking forward to the first meal made in them outdoors pretty soon.

01 April, 2015 by Mr Bubbles De Vere

Hi Steve - The pot is not non-stick

27 March, 2015 by Jay Oram

I got a load of these for use by cadets in the Ten Tors Challenge. Wow! The simple rugged construction is great. I went through the safe operation of it with them in a couple of minutes and off they went.

Within ten minutes all of the kids were munching on their meals.

As a real life test, I had a build off and boil off between a Brukit and my other half’s Jetboil. I won the build up. With only the three parts, I was ready to boil water in less than 30 seconds - a lot faster than her Jetboil.

We boiled 500ml of water. The jet boil won by 9 seconds in around about 2 minutes.

Price wise, you cannot beat the Brukit.

The only thing I have done is buy gas bottle stands for them to make them more stable.

Reading some of the comments below, I am surprised people have had issues with the canisters fitting. Get a c100 leave them on the cooker and put them in the pot, canister first. No problem.

23 March, 2015 by Dave

I have had my Brukit for three days. I am very pleased with it. The 230gm. Primus gas canister fits inside the body with out any problems. It all fits easy into the carry bag.
500ml of water will boil in 3 minutes, and use 6gm of gas.
The team at Alpkit are a credit.  No problems with the Brukit. would recommend it., and the team.

18 March, 2015 by James Etchells

Hi, could you tell me of this pot is non stick please?

16 March, 2015 by Steve

Good kit, especially for price:100g, 230g perfect.

Had been eyeing up the ‘other version’s’ available on the market and to be fair if id have falked out for them I wouldn’t have been any more impressed.  Alpkit works well, tested it out on an absolutely Gopping snow covered moreland, was verry happy to have some hot scoff.

Had read a few reviews, one complained about hot water shooting out of the sippy bit… but for a bit of kit that grownups use at a great price deffo worth it. (If you’re worried about hot liquid shooting out the sippy cup bit, just get your mam to blow on it to cool it down).

14 March, 2015 by Neil Partridge

Who says you can’t fry an egg in the frypan?
Providing your stove can turn down enough Koro do, all you need is a small piece of baking tin liner or oven liner, ask wife/Mum or a baking girlfriend. It needs to be the everlasting kind, big poly bag firm in the lakes have it. You cut a round to fit the base, no oil needed and keep the pan moving on the stove or it burns on the hot bits, half way through turn the egg over for a wee bit. Works great, and pancakes should work as well. A good time absorber for a really bad day or fester day.

13 March, 2015 by Denise Carroll

Hey, have just received BruKit and tested it in the back garden, seems like a really good piece of kit. Great price too. A 230g Highlander fuel cartridge fits in nicely with the lid on (it’s a tight but good fit, no rattling), so it may be a better choice than Coleman and Primus cartridges, which some people report problems with. Cheers.

04 March, 2015 by Kuba

I agree. My perfect set for everything would be a Mystix and a 2ltr pan ? Frypan as well. There is a company out there that has a brill system for making cosies for any pan and it is very lightweight so can we have Alipots single please

27 February, 2015 by Denise

Got mine on Thursday and heading North to try it out. First impressions are once again a great bit of kit. However not being able fit a Coleman 250g canister is a great disappointment. At my local Winfields I picked up a non brand 230g canister which as the correspondent below found still would not allow the lid to sit fully without one side or the other popping off. Alpkit is usually bang on, this product with the canister issue feels…....... well not quite Alpkit to me.

27 February, 2015 by Mark Stapleton

Been buying off you guys for years and never been dissapointed. Love my older myti mug but needed something bigger. This is perfect for a big solo meal or for my wife and I to share. It often goes straight on the fire, sometimes my honey stove (fits perfectly) or on the pocket rocket. Takes loads of abuse and will probably never need replacing. Love it

20 February, 2015 by Jay

Thanks for the fast delivery of the Brupot which arrived yesterday.
I use a Trangia Mini stove so decided to do a test on the performance of the pot. Using a half litre of water, thats all the Trangia pot will hold, the water taken from the tap I timed to boiling point. 10 mins exactly.
On using the Brupot withe same quantity of water at the same starting temperature the boiling point was just under half 9 mins 40 secs.
So roughly speaking using half the fuel. The results speak for them selves.

19 February, 2015 by Tony Holmes

very pleased with my mytipot 900, just perfect size for solo backpacking and weighs next to nothing,10/10.a bargain at only £25.

18 February, 2015 by cumbriancamper

very pleased with my koro stove, extremely lightweight and has powerful flame,tiny pack size makes this ideal 4 backpacking. 10/10

18 February, 2015 by cumbriancamper

Hi, Thank you so much for my MytiPot 900ml - which was delivered fantastically fast and is a delight.
Am I missing a point - but might it be marked off with say 250/500/250ml levels please?
But if this is a stupid idea/ I haven’t looked closely enough then sorry and bye, Dave

17 February, 2015 by Dave Boyer

Hi Chris
I am pushing gas right into cooker past dimples but still can’t keep lid on. As I push one side on the other pops off. Just millimetres too small.
Concerned about your igniter. Will take a lighter in case.

12 February, 2015 by Caroke

Hi Carole,

If you clip the bottom of the canister into the burner area it slots in and the red lid has a recession in it to accommodate the top of the gas canister.
It does stick up slightly but stays put.
I always keep it in the mesh bag to stop it getting damaged.
My igniter doesn’t ignite any more, that’s stopped working quickly tbh so I always carry a lighter.

10 February, 2015 by Chris Potts

Hi Chris
I have bought a Primus 230 gas as per your video. This can be pushed past the lugs to fit inside the cooker part but it is still millimetres too tall and the lid will not clip on. Keeping it in the bag will keep it all together but it is a shame that what could be a great but of kit is ruined by being slightly too small

09 February, 2015 by Carole

This little , and i mean tiny!!! gem is amazing, My new bike packing kit is super light now with the cooker, small canister and Ti 650ml cup. Lighter than the jet boil sol ti and just as quick. A real treasure to have in your outdoor kit,

04 February, 2015 by rick

Finally managed to get out on a day hike and use this pot with my solo wood stove, which seems a good combo. This pot is 100 grams lighter and four pounds cheaper than the solo stainless steel pot. The solo wood stove fits neatly inside the mytipot but the lid needs to be inverted to fit flush.
After use it has cleaned up very well with a Brillo pad and Fairy power spray.

03 February, 2015 by David Middleton

I was so fed up with foil blowing around. This is so much better. Solid and stable and neatly folds up small and flat. A hidden bonus is that you can remove individual panels (by carefully removing the long pins) to make it smaller and also lighter. Mine now fits neatly around my alcohol stove. I use it at full length when cooking on gas though. Also the best bivi? Hunka XL. Thank you Alpkit.

03 February, 2015 by Richard Thorne

Hi Carole,

The 230 is slightly smaller and does fit, they sell them at Decathlon.

Hope this helps.

Chris Potts

03 February, 2015 by Chris Potts

Hey Ben,
We haven’t thought about that currently - but I will pass on the feedback to the Product guys - Jay

03 February, 2015 by Jay Oram

Hey George - all of the information is under the “Discover what makes this product great” tab above - Jay

03 February, 2015 by Jay Oram

Does everything the premium brand titanium mugs can do at less than half the price. It’s lightweight, it holds my fuel & stove when packed & the handle and rim stays cool to pick up and drink. Lids fits perfect and the mesh bag holds it all together nicely to stop things rattling about in the backpack. Great product highly recommended.

02 February, 2015 by cola

Come on Guys a brilliant product like this with no mention of capacity, yes I could look for Youtube reviews to find out what it holds but that`s not really the point is it, just one of the photo`s with the measures on the side will suffice, by the way I have lots of your gear and I really do love it all but if I need something from your site like the Brupot I think a little more description would work don`t you, ATVB, George.

02 February, 2015 by George

Bought a brukit at Christmas , used it for 3rd time today on Cadair Idris , cannot fault it,

01 February, 2015 by Andy

Following up to my initial review, I got out this week during cold, snowy, windy conditions. It was into the low single figure minus degrees, around -5C to -7C (including wind chill factor) with a 15-20 mph wind in the Peak District. I boiled up 0.5 litres with the BruKit with the flame being considerably buffeted by the wind. The Brukit took 10 minutes and 15 seconds to come to a rolling boil. Not bad on a half full canister with a strong wind. My full review update is here:


31 January, 2015 by Marc Stupples

Just took delivery today and wish I had read these reviews first. The video gave the impression that a medium gas canister would fit inside but the Coleman 250 is millimetres too big. It is the exact same diameter as the cooker so will not fit inside and this would give enough clearance for the lid to fit. You say a 230 will fit but the dimensions for a coleman 250 and Primus 230 are both 10.5cm so which make will fit and where can I buy one?
When designing the cooker surely the place to start is with a standard gas canister and the Coleman is most readily available.
Also you state that it has a sip slot in the lid. The slot is good to let out steam or for draining but is too far from the edge to sip through.
Great value and nicely made.
As it is supposed to be a compact system it would also be nice to be able to buy in a smaller size. I don’t need 1 litre of water for 2 drinks. It would be nice to have a 600ml version or at most 750ml, that accommodates a 100 gas canister, maybe available without the cooker so you could choose whether you wanted the larger pan for a meal or the smaller one for a warm drink on a day walk.

29 January, 2015 by Carole

One of your competitors does a bottle that’s also a pot (like a pot with a screw on top), but it doesn’t have a folding handle, is this some thing you’ve thought of doing?

23 January, 2015 by Ben

ok so i received my KELVIN insulated titanium mug on weighing it on my digital scales it was heavier than alpkit said on the page 158/162 grams which worried me somewhat ,but on the other hand similar mugs made of steel are 256 grams . It is very well made as is the case with all alpkit products ,so i did a test using a snow peak 300mil titanium mug single walled and the kelvin (double walled) i made a cup of tea in both put the snow peak 300mil ti mug on the window ledge it was 3 degrees c within 5 minutes it was too cold to drink,.but i have had this problem with titanium single wall mugs they cool so quickly that there a waste of time using were as the kelvin mug kept the drink very hot for quite a long time so despite the weight ( which is about the same as a snow peak 450 mil double walled mug but cheaper as its alpkit) i do have other plastic/lexan mugs with a neoprene cozy and they weigh inat 88/99 grams,which are great but my concern with those being plastic is they could break were as the alpkit kelvin titanium mug isnt going to break so all in all i think its brilliant. It does fit inside the old 750ml and 650ml - you just need the net bag to hold it all together.

22 January, 2015 by John Clarke

Hey Chris,
We will send you through a picture, it is designed for the 230g canister, check out the video here: http://youtu.be/vMPsAU3bApk

Hope this helps - Jay

20 January, 2015 by Jay Oram

Hi Alpkit, I have the lovely Brewkit.
Great bit of kit, the larger pot gives more options than the equivalent Jetboil but a med gas canister doesn’t fit in the pot needs to be 1 cm higher and it will be perfect.
The gauze fell out of the burner and I’ve put it back in, could you send me a close up pic of the burner head to check I’ve done it right.
Many thanks.
Chris Potts

20 January, 2015 by Chris Potts

Hi Guys, Have you got the dimensions for the Phlask? Cheers

19 January, 2015 by Mart

I bought one of these just before Christmas and it had it’s first day out today in the freezing cold.  It was brilliant!  I can’t recommend this piece of high quality kit enough!  Why anyone would want to pay over twice as much for a jet boil is beyond me!  It hardly used any gas as well.  I only took a 100g canister and boiled around 1.5 litres of water over the course of today and it’s hardly used any gas, and it was only around 0-1 degree celsius today out there in a slight breeze. i didn’t time the boil but I estimate it boiled 500ml water in 2-3 mins it seemed.  I couldn’t believe it was ready when i saw steam coming out of the lid vent until i checked it and it was at a full rolling boil.  And customer service is second to none.  Just buy one!

16 January, 2015 by Neil Matthews

One of the best pieces of kit I’ve bought in a long time. Lightweight and large enough to cook some decent food as well as being able to put my gas, stove, spork, lighter and some coffee in when not in use. Perfect

13 January, 2015 by Iain Airth

The only thing stopping me buying this, is it don’t have a plastic cup you can clip on the bottom, for all it would have cost, but made a huge difference, and ditch the bag. Also, why the handle if you have the neo protector round the pot, if that was left off you could slot into other mugs or pots more easily. Just my thoughts, nice stove and price, but just needs a few things changed, for me. Thanks

09 January, 2015 by Nick

From a military point of view this is perfect, it fits 2 bag meals in and cooks them quickly it also fits perfectly into a utility pouch.
If I’m being picky it could be 3cm taller to fit a Coleman 250 gas canister inside with the lid closed. This is just for space saving reasons.

09 January, 2015 by Scott slater

It might not be quite as quick as the main competitor, but it is just as efficient and an awful lot cheaper! It’s only missing a canister stand and a small hole in the lid to make pouring easier (and that is easy to make yourself). All in all a great stove and by far the best on the market for this price.

05 January, 2015 by Hamish

Hey Mark - They don’t come with a tripod gas canister support, but we are working on one - Jay

05 January, 2015 by Jay Oram

I bought one of these a while back, and if forms the the carry-case for a small kit that goes literally everywhere with me. Packed inside it are a 100g gas canister, an Alpkit Kraku stove, an Alpkit Snapwire spoon, a lighter and some coffee sachets in a poly bag, and a sheet of kitchen paper. As it’s so small and compact (the largest dimension being a tough over 10cms) it literally does goes everywhere - even when travelling light and using a 13 litre back-pack, it’s there. Possibly one the most vertsatile bits of kit I’ve ever bought.

04 January, 2015 by Alex

Great solo sized pot. I bought this to use for fast and light trips and it suits this use perfectly (for me). It is a very durable pot. The handles work well and don’t get too hot when using my alcohol stove, easily removable as well if you don’t need them.

Filled to the brim it holds a little over 700ml and boils up to 500ml without spilling.

The lid is good, fits a little loose but that’s how I prefer my lids. As with all ti pot lids it is over built. I will be making a new one with ti or al sheet to save around 70% of the lid weight.

My measured weight is 68g (pot only) 5g per handle (total 78g) and 19g for the lid, so a little different from what is stated and a little annoying for us gram counters.

03 January, 2015 by Craig

This looks great and just what I’m looking for. Just want to know though, does it come with a tripod stand for the gas canister or do you sell these separately? Thanks in advance, Mark

27 December, 2014 by Mark

Bought with Kraku stove for small brew kit. Its the first titanium item I have bought and I first thought I had been sent an empty cardboard box! Very light, and strong. A lot cheaper than the MSR version and well made. Nice to have the lid too. Great bit of kit.

23 December, 2014 by Steve W

Difficult to see how you could make a gas stove any smaller! I bought as an emergency brewkit with the mytimug. Well made and puts out adequate heat. The flame/burner is very narrow so I would imagine you would need to keep your food stirred if you are not boiling water. Overall a great purchase if you are after as small as stove as possible.

23 December, 2014 by Steve W

Got the Brewkit and have to say, how do you do it at this price,it’s well made,similar to one’s more expensive,I will be shopping again with you very soon,and thanks for the handwritten have a merry Xmas message,have a merry Xmas yourself,many thanks.

18 December, 2014 by Scott Blackadder

Only need 1 word to describe it… AMAZING!  works really well. Love using it and have recommended it to friends and price amazing for the quality that you get.

16 December, 2014 by Peter Savage

As I cleaned my Mytimug today (all blackened and used looking) I realised
how much I love it (weirdo). I use it, my Kraku stove and Skyhighe 1000 a lot and as well as being brilliant bits of kit that tick all of the boxes that they
need to, they are each a pleasure to use giving that ‘money well spent’
feeling with each use.

Ps note to anyone looking to purchase a mytimug, the kraku stove and a 100g gas cannister fit tidily inside a mytimug - brilliant
Keep up the good work, never change

11 December, 2014 by Kevlar

Thanks Jay, I thought I’d covered the whole thing, obviously not. next will be to get the math head on and work out if it’ll go with my click stand.

05 December, 2014 by Leon Andrews

Hey Leon - all of the information you asked for are under the ‘Discover what makes this product great’ tab above -


04 December, 2014 by Jay Oram

This is not a criticism of the kit, but before I buy anything like this I would need to know how high it stands and what the total length of these panels are. Yes I can see it in relation to anothers hand, but I don’t know if that person has small or large hands. A bit more detail would be nice thank you.

03 December, 2014 by Leon Andrews

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the great review. If you would like a replacement bag, please drop us an email at support@alpkit.com and we can get that sorted for you.

Many thanks,
Alpkit Customer Service

25 November, 2014 by Ashleigh Naysmith [Alpkit]

Hopefully I sum up the BruKit here

It is an excellent stove for the money with respectable boil times and very good fuel economy. Highly recommended.

24 November, 2014 by Marc

I’ve used the BrewKit twice now, in the field and it’s fab.
Water boils quickly and it even coped with a slow simmer when I cooked a rice dish in it at the weekend.
As Matthew says, a 250g gas canister doesn’t quite fit, but a 230g canister does.
The storage bag is lovely quality, but just too tight. I left the bag at home on the BruKit’s second outing and didn’t regret it.

17 November, 2014 by Rob Andrews

Best priced quality kit I’ve bought and seen in a long time. Say no more!.

05 November, 2014 by James Williams

What is the real reason you’re not selling the BruKit outside the UK/Eire?

05 November, 2014 by Frans Somers

Ive got quite a collection of Alpkit gear now and I can’t fault them or their products, “absolutely superb"There’s a saying “You get what you pay for” well with this company that statement is so wrong.!  because you get so much more.

27 October, 2014 by Paul Dixon

I teach bushcraft and survival for a living, this now gives me the option to use a number of pans that I bought when I used to do a lot of walking and climbing over an open fire. It’s an excellent idea and there is probably enough chain in the bag to make a couple of sets, there are also 4 split rings (I have no idea why, but spares are handy). The only downside is that you can’t use the pot lids due to the clips, but that’s a minor point.

24 October, 2014 by Leon Andrews

Having brought a few items over the last couple
of years its about time I left some feedback,you cannot
fault this company for service,quality items,great prices and free postage,this item is up there
with the very best pots you can buy at half the price,
will buying from here again soon,keep up the great work guys.ps,like the little hand written message left in box.

18 October, 2014 by Stephan

I bought this to pair with a Toaks 1100 mug/pot for an ultralight but practical 2 person cookset. 
The 2 nest perfectly and both double as mugs with combined weight of 237g. 
I can now retire the MSR Titan set and 2 titanium mugs combined weight 400g.

13 October, 2014 by Dave

My first bit of Titanium potage, light ( my little scales say it weighs 100g with lid ) and tough compared to my aluminium stuff.
No nasty tastes in use, handles work fine with a full cup and stay cool. If the cup is full then the lip does get hot, if its 30mm short with lid off then its cool enough to drink, right away or just wait.
Comes in a little net bag with a cord grip closure.
Very happy with it, thank you.

11 October, 2014 by Andy long

The 1 liter pot+pan combo looks very nice. 2 Liter is just too big when you’re just on your own (good for 2 persons though).

Now £20 for the entire set is a good price I think, but I just hate the thought of buying something and already knowing I’ll never use 50% of it. Seems such a waste of resources hmmm

08 October, 2014 by Peter

Ordered late on the 1st, delivered on the 4th, and used on the 5th, the new BruKit certainly doesn’t disappoint. Made to Alpkit’s usual high standard, it actually knocks spots of the competition by being perfectly capable of doing the job it was designed for at a third of the price of others (and it will pack a bigger gas canister). But then I wasn’t really expecting anything else coming from Alpkit.

05 October, 2014 by Alex

First impressions were how much bigger it is than anticipated. Fantastic for my needs though. One disappointment is that I can’t put lid on pot when storing the burner and a Coleman C250 within . If the pot was 2mm taller it’d fit. It’ll still fit in the storage bag though which is a tight fit. Overall very pleased especially at this price

04 October, 2014 by Matthew Cooper

Great stove, glad I got my order in quick! It’s going to see loads of action as I tick of the Wainright’s. But…guys… could you have made the stuff sack just an inch wider! It’s a right struggle in the warmth of the home. Winter time, cold fingers on the side of a hill. There’s gunna be sum cussin’.. wink

04 October, 2014 by Andy Tromans

well the price was unbelievable!
i thought it will be like a wee jetboil type stove and maybe nit as good but hey worth a shot.
You guys need to up your forecast! its a great wee stove much bigger than i thought. My pal has a jetboild and its always comes out at the end of a cycle at events or beached for a wee bru on fishing trip. they are SO usefull. this one has a litre pot which is big enough to boil up a ‘look what wee found’ cassesrole and have water spare for some tea/coffee, great stuff guys. just be confident in your sales and up the forecast next time!

03 October, 2014 by steph

Brilliant lightweight pot/mug. It replaces a battered cheap alu pot used during mountain marathons to cook for 2 and will be perfect. It feels lighter than the mesh storage bag it comes with! Alpkit’s postage and packing was excellent, very fast and free!

03 October, 2014 by Paul

Alpkit… Wow…. Yet again stunning piece of well thought out and engineered kit at a proper price. Build quality seems top drawer, and the included delivery was fuss free and fast. A whole load of awesomeness in a little mesh stuff sack, what more could anyone need?

03 October, 2014 by Timbo

Hi Having used something similar really intrigued do you have a hanging kit and will there be an option for a titanimum pot

02 October, 2014 by stephen wilson

Hey Peter,
Thanks for the feedback - I’ll pass it on to the product manager. I think it would be better if you didn’t boil the water over the top in the first place, but I get what you’re saying grin

24 September, 2014 by Jay Oram

Hi, Nice looking ‘Brew Kit’ - Just a thought, and I’m sure others will said this before now, but would it be possible to change the black plastic ‘On/Off’ knob with a foldable lever-type wire ‘knob like that on your Kraku stove? As a long time user of a jetboil this has always been a bugbear - when you leave a wayfayrer meal heating away as you do other things, it usually boils over and getting to the knob to turn the heat down is a right pain, literally.

22 September, 2014 by Peter Macleay

A bit fiddly- if you have to move the stove (uneven ground, bit windy etc) then the arms fold in on themselves very easily. Fine if its cool but not the easiest to put back when they’re glowing red!

06 May, 2014 by Richard

Outstanding.  This thing is not just light, but also really, really tiny, especially when it’s folded.  takes up no space at all.  Perfect for lightweight backpacking.  The tight flame pattern is perfect for small-diameter pots or my Ti mug and the heat output is impressive.  It was slightly disconcerting at first to see the pot support glowing red with heat, but it doesn’t do any harm and it looks cool - especially on a dark winter’s evening.

31 January, 2014 by Matt

Love this stove - it’s tiny and weighs nowt but boils you a brew super quick. Fits nicely in my alpkit titanium cup, too. Can’t believe it only cost £25 - a bargain! Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

15 January, 2014 by Si Woodward

A great little stove that puts out a huge amount of heat when opened up but can still be easily controlled to a lower flame when needed. It has already been out on a couple of trips and despite its size is quite rugged. What’s more, I can happily fit the stove alongside a small gas cylinder and freeze dried meal in my Mytimug.

15 January, 2014 by Andrew Hulse

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