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Camping cookware

Things to heat on, things to cook in, things to eat with. Camping cookware is essential for many outdoor activities - literally helping to fuel your adventures. Our cookware sets and camp stoves are purposefully lightweight, compact, minimalist and packable.

Lightweight camping cookware


Durable, tough and great value. Hard Anodised Aluminium Pan set including frying pan, pot and kettle



Hard anodised aluminium kettle with 1300 ml capacity



Reliable and compact meths burner

Mashk Portable Sink

Sturdy and light portable camping sink. Ideal for carrying water, washing up and bathing

Hard anodised aluminium cooking pot with heat exchanger


Aluminium cooking pot with built in heat exchanger for greater efficiency

4 piece aluminium saucepan set


A simple aluminium pan set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip. Durable with a generous pan capacity from which you can serve up a feast

MytiMug 400

400 ml titanium mug, perfectly proportioned for morning coffee and soup at lunch



Smooth brushed titanium for elegant tea-drinking anywhere in the world


Regular Price: £20.00

MytiMug 650

A perfectly sized titanium mug with a lid for the soloist adventurer

Insulated 450 ml titanium mug


450 ml twin-walled insulated titanium mug with twist lock drinking lid


Regular Price: £30.00

MytiPot 900

Titanium cooking pot with lid

Titanium water bottle


Brushed titanium bottle with narrow diameter and screw top lid

3 piece titanium pan set


Lightweight titanium saucepan set for 2

Titanium kettle


This is very special - beautiful titanium kettle. Compact and lightweight with lid and two handles.

3 piece titanium pan set

NoStick MytiStax

Lightweight titanium saucepan set for 2 with non-stick fry pan

Titanium cooking pot chain


Titanium chain for suspending your pans over an open fire

Aluminium camp cooking windshield - Blue


Increase the efficiency of your camping stove in windy conditions with a stove windshield

Kraku titanium stove


The Kraku is possibly the world's lightest, commercially available, ultralight gas stove

Titanium remote gas canister stove


A high powered gas canister stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions and made out of titanium to save weight

Personal cooking system


BruKit is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single pot

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