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Synoment Jacket [Womens]

Womens technical lightweight synthetic insulated milder

Alpine Dreamin' t-shirt

Alpine Dreamin [M]

Organic cotton tee


A 200l camping lantern that floats

SkyeHigh down sleeping bag

SkyeHigh 700

Roomy 650+ fill power down bag

Airo 180

Full length lightweight self inflating mat



Ultralight bivvy bag/sleeping bag cover

Bikepacking cockpit offer
Big Shakeout festival
Introducing the Alpkit Foundation

Find out more about who we are and what we do

Broken road
23 08 2015

Riding the Broken Road
A Sunday ride on the Broken Road

Start Line
27 07 2015

Tryweryn Festival and Cardboard Canoe Race 2015
Alpkit Sponsored the Cardboard Canoe race at Tryweryn 2015

Father's Day Card
03 07 2015

#Alpkit dadventure - The Top 3
Favourite #alpkitdadventure competition adventures

02 09 2015

Socks, lights, poles, rucksacks, sleeping bags and bikes
Arriving soon!

19 08 2015

Eating Out - Alfresco Summer Dining
Get out and have a summer evening dinner party.

Take a hike
17 08 2015

Take a hike
Tips for using our lightweight Alpkit walking poles

Cairngorm gear testing
27 02 2015

Alpkit Bikepacking - Little steps…
Ben describes some small developments in our UK products

25 02 2015

Sleeping bags 2015
Jay finds out what Alpkit's sleeping bag developments for 2015

12 02 2015

Mantas are sold out? What’s coming next…
Our range of lights is increasing, we take a closer look

04 09 2015

FixeRoca Siurana rope tested
Testing the FixeRoca Siurana rope

Dart 10k
27 08 2015

Dart 10K - OSS Event
The Adventure Swim Series from OSS

Video wall
05 08 2015

Alpkit Foundation needs you
Join our team of trustees