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Alpkit Tetri 3 pole geodesic backpacking tent in Green


3 kg 3 pole geodesic backpacking tent

Brukit Jackal super quick lightweight stove

Brukit Jackal

Compact integrated gas stove

Numo inflatable camping mattress


Full length 412 g ultralight inflatable camping mattress

Cloud base lightweight inflatable camping mat - grey / silver

Cloud Base

Inflatable camping mat

Lightweight head torch for walkers, runners and climbers

Gamma II

Lightweight, well-balanced, award winning trail running headtorch

Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic

Lightweight goose down sleeping bag

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Sonder Bikes

Alpkit The Short Story

There was a time when we had a lot of time free, so we stumbled into the outdoors. We worked in an outdoor shop, saved some cash, and got ourselves kitted out. We travelled, did some routes and life was good. Then our kit started falling apart, we were no longer students and we realised the cost of replacing it. As we waited to pick up yet another x-xtra large fleece in the sales we patched up our waterproofs and wore an extra jumper in our smelly sleeping bags.

During this time we realised that the passing years had taught us something, we had the experience to create something new.

And somewhere therein lays the real story of how Alpkit.com™ was born. Born out of the passion for outdoor activity and not accepting the costs involved in getting technical clothing and equipment as superior as the best in our sacks. Four ordinary people trying to make some thing extraordinary. And why Alpkit.com™? it's just a name... we go to the alps, we climb, we ride, we paddle, we swim, we run, we board, we visit our in laws.. we produce kit.. we didn't want it to be complicated.

Ramon Marin
A Mountain Journal Short

Ramon Marin has climbed some of the hardest mixed and ice routes in the world. Balancing a full time job he has an unwavering passion and determination for maximising his time outside of this to embrace climbing in all forms, simply for the love of it. "From winter to summer, in a blink of an eye. No time to be idle, as it always appears. I don't know what it is really, perhaps knowing that there's so much to do, to explore, to wonder. That propels me forward. Always hungry for more."

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Daring Deeds

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12 08 2017

The half-way point: Beauties and the Bog
Continuous Munro Round

Neil Cottam
28 07 2017

Jungle Rumble - Part 2
Sri Lanka mountain bike race

Neil Cottam
28 07 2017

Jungle Rumble - Part 1
mountain bike stage race in Sri Lanka

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09 08 2017

Bivvy Kit List
What to take bivvying

Pete McNeil
27 06 2017

Ultralight Long-Distance Bikepacking: What to Pack
Highland Trail 550 kit review

Me 2
16 06 2017

Tweedlove 2017: In at the Deep End
New event go-er Talyn’s intro to Mountain Biking

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16 06 2017

UK-made climbing packs
Developing Ibex and Chamois

Rando Shropshire Sonder
26 05 2017

Branching out with the Rando Range
New welded bike luggage

26 05 2017

A Blank Canvas for our Tent Range
Good quality tents on a budget

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19 08 2017

Hurly Burly 10k: The Pioneer Year
North Wales swimming race launch

18 08 2017

Continuum Project Summer Campaign
Do your bit and donate your kit

18 08 2017

UBMC Training Volunteer Instructors
Instructor training for university clubs

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