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Balance [Mens]

Highly breathable mens waterproof jacket


Filo [Mens]

Premium warm duck down jacket

Bright, compact and light the Viper is perfect for climbers and mountaineers

Viper II

Lightweight 280 burst lumen LED head torch


PipeDream 600

Goosedown all season sleeping bag weighing 1kg

Microadventure Brukit Bundle

Hunka, Brukit Jackal, Torch and Tifoon Bundle

£110.00 £142.00 if purchased separately
Bikepacking Cockpit Bundle

Essentials to outfit the cockpit of your bike all in one bundle

£60.00 £78.00 if purchased separately

Alpkit The Short Story

There was a time when we had a lot of time free, so we stumbled into the outdoors. We worked in an outdoor shop, saved some cash, and got ourselves kitted out. We travelled, did some routes and life was good. Then our kit started falling apart, we were no longer students and we realised the cost of replacing it. As we waited to pick up yet another x-xtra large fleece in the sales we patched up our waterproofs and wore an extra jumper in our smelly sleeping bags.

During this time we realised that the passing years had taught us something, we had the experience to create something new.

And somewhere therein lays the real story of how Alpkit.com™ was born. Born out of the passion for outdoor activity and not accepting the costs involved in getting technical clothing and equipment as superior as the best in our sacks. Four ordinary people trying to make some thing extraordinary. And why Alpkit.com™? it's just a name... we go to the alps, we climb, we ride, we paddle, we swim, we run, we board, we visit our in laws.. we produce kit.. we didn't want it to be complicated.

Outpost 3. The Alpine Issue. Obviously
make short winter days last forever

Outpost is our in house magazine, a chunkier version of our normal newsletters and a distillation of all things Alpkit. For Issue 3 we went to the Alps; we drove, we slept, we drove some more, we camped, we ran, we rode, we climbed, we went up, we rode back down, we had some ice cream, we had amazing coffee, we started in the valley, we went to the summit, we celebrated with a couple of beers, we slept some more and then we drove home... we can't wait to go back. This is just a taste of what we got up to... more to come.

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Daring Deeds

Sweden e1 5
09 10 2016

A change of pace
days 62 to 66 through Europe

03 10 2016

To the Montañas…
taking on a three series race in Peru

29 09 2016

Alpine Igloo
Igloo basecamp in the Alps

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Dave's intro and a husky
14 10 2016

Crazy arctic nights and pulling on the trail tights
Introducing new customer service hero, Dave

19 08 2016

Moskstraumen Maelstrom
Swimming whirlpools

Getaway home
19 08 2016

The Perfect Getaway Guide
Plan for your getaway

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13 09 2016

Primaloft garments this Winter
Primaloft outer garments for Winter 2016

05 07 2016

Where do we get our waterproof fabrics from, and why?
Selecting the right fabric for the right job

Alpkit nov 15 shoot- c0a4353
15 06 2016

New Swimming Wetsuits
Thinny and thermal swimming wetsuits being tested now

More Develop


30 09 2016

Keeping up with the exchange rate fluctuations
Slight price increases to some products

Bso16 25
28 09 2016

Big Shakeout Shakedown 2016
another Big Shakeout comes to an end

17 09 2016

Final sale weekend creates backlog
Team working at warp speed to despatch your orders

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