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Develop - what's new from the Alpkit Design Team

What’s so Genius About the Jeanius and Sequence Jeans?

By Ronnie Legg
02, Oct, 2019

Design Manager, Ronnie, discusses Alpkit jeans development and our new superpowered denim fabric

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02 10 2019

What’s so Genius About the Jeanius and Sequence Jeans?
Designer Ronnie discusses denim development

17 07 2019

Ronnie makes it better
interviewing Ronnie about making better design

16 07 2019

Making Clothes for Movement
Designer Ronnie takes us through our new summer clothing

18 03 2019

How often do you wash your socks?
Reducing water consumption through clothing choice

08 03 2019

New Sonder Transmitter: Q&A with Neil Sutton
We catch Sonder Bike Guru Neil to quiz him about the new Transmitter

11 02 2019

Our New Bouldering Pads
Hebe talks us through the new Bouldering Pad range

22 10 2018

The scoop on softshell
Ardent and Resolute: our new softshell garments

18 10 2018

The Squalline Story
Developing our new run/ride showerproof shell

26 09 2018

Illuminating our Head Torch Development
Developing a new range of head torches

19 09 2018

Keeshond Hybrid Fleece
Warm, light and breathable high loft fleece

18 07 2018

Bags more packs in our range
New packs for you to put your kit in

30 05 2018

Gripping Developments In Gloves
A whole new glove range: the inside story

04 05 2018

New UK Made Bikepacking Bag Range
UK-made bike luggage shifts up a cog

15 03 2018

Light, Strong, Simple: the Oryx Backpack
UK-Made pack for fast and light alpinism

09 03 2018

Our New Gaiter Range
Spreading foot happiness, one gaiter at a time: the why, the how, and the what?

05 02 2018

What’s So Great About Merino Wool?
What's all this fuss about Merino wool?

20 12 2017

Sonder Evol: Q&A with Bike Guru Neil
Sonder's new 140mm trail bike

07 12 2017

The deal with Microfibres
Q&A with Ronnie from the product team

10 11 2017

Performance Days, Munich
Doing our design homework

03 11 2017

The low-down on Polygiene™
Wear more, wash less: you can't get simpler than that!

28 09 2017

Designing the Argonaut Jacket
Creating premium performance without the price-tag

16 06 2017

UK-made climbing packs
Developing Ibex and Chamois

26 05 2017

Branching out with the Rando Bikepacking Bag Range
New welded bike luggage

26 05 2017

A Blank Canvas for our Tent Range
Good quality tents on a budget

13 03 2017

New Griffon hooded mid layer
Lightweight grid fleece layer.

06 03 2017

Sonder Bikes Camino AL
The Camino: now in Aluminium

24 01 2017

2 new Sonder bikes
2 new bikes set to join Sonder

03 11 2016

12 years in the making: the Definition Jacket
Designing our top-of-the-range mountaineering jacket

01 11 2016

Seat pack developments
2 new seat packs

13 09 2016

Primaloft garments this Winter
Primaloft outer garments for Winter 2016

05 07 2016

Where do we get our waterproof fabrics from, and why?
Selecting the right fabric for the right job

15 06 2016

New Swimming Wetsuits
Thinny and thermal swimming wetsuits being tested now

20 04 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 3
Stem Cell updates

18 04 2016

Midlayer developments
New mid-layers coming soon

18 03 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 2
More UK made bike luggage developments

01 03 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 1
Updates to our bike luggage range

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