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Self Inflating Sleeping Mats for camping

Our camping mats provide better insulation and comfort for longer or colder trips and perfect for people who enjoy all-round comfort away from home. All our mats are guaranteed with our 3 year Alpine Bond.

8 mm closed cell foam camping mat


8 mm closed cell foam mat for camping; a simple roll mat to use alone or as an insulation layer under a regular mat on frozen ground

SALE: £7.99 Was: £8.99

Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating

Airo 120

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g it is lightweight, durable and extremely packable Airo 120 is loved by lightweight adventure seekers

SALE: £29.99 Was: £34.99

Numo inflatable camping mattress


Thick big chamber 2 - 3 season full length sleeping mat weighing just 350 g, packs down smaller than a self-inflating mat saving space in your sack

SALE: £39.99 Was: £44.99

Cloud base lightweight inflatable camping mat - grey / silver

Cloud Base

Lightweight inflatable camping mat weighing 395 grams and 5 cm thick to soak up uneven ground

SALE: £37.99 Was: £41.99

Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress


Full-length inflatable camping mat with a built-in foam pump and an off-the-scale lightness to comfort ratio.

SALE: £44.99 Was: £49.99

Airo 180 self-inflating roll mat / sleeping mat - chilli ( red )

Airo 180

Your full length lightweight and compact self-inflating mat


Dirtbag sleeping mat


The fattest baddest self-inflating mat for all those dirtbag moments in your life, weighing just 900 g it is comfort you can carry

SALE: £49.99 Was: £54.99

Dover self-inflating luxury camping mattress comfort - green


At 7.5 cm thick this is the most luxuriously comfortable camping mat we make, ideal for camping where comfort is the priority


Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus

Double Dozer

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort.


Mora - Single hammock for camping


One-person hammock for camping with hanging straps; a compact, comfortable and easy-to-hang addition to your sleep system

SALE: £34.99 Was: £39.99

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