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Women’s Outdoor Swimming Wetsuits for open water swimming

Tested in UK lakes, rivers and seas they are designed by swimmers for great temperature retention, comfort and using buoyancy to promote a natural swimming style. We've developed a range of outdoor swimming wetsuits collaborating with wetsuit design legend Dean Jackson and the Outdoor Swimming Society.

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit 2019 [Womens]

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Swimming wetsuit designed for natural position in the water, with thinner more flexible neoprene for a greater range of movement

Sale: £99.00 Was: £119.99

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit 2019 [Womens]

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Fine-tuned to maximise comfort and time in the water; a combination of flexibility, thickness and stretch makes Lotic our best all-round wetsuit for swimming in open water

Sale: £129.99 Was: £149.99

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit 2019 [Womens]

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Increased buoyancy and thermally lined, Silvertip is the ideal wetsuit for swimming in cold water

Sale: £179.99 Was: £199.99

Womens Duel SwimRun Wetsuit

Duel Swim Run Wetsuit [Womens]

SwimRun specific wetsuit to swim, run, swim, run and do it again

Sale: £149.99 Was: £169.99

Huub Swim Gloves

Neoprene swim gloves ideal for open water swims and triathlons


Terrapin [Womens] - Try Before You Buy

Try Terrapin for size in the water and experience how our thinnest, most flexible wetsuit aids your natural swimming position

Sale: £99.00 Was: £119.99

Lotic [Womens] - Try Before You Buy

Try Lotic for size in your local swim spot and see what makes Lotic our best all-round wetsuit for swimming in open water

Sale: £129.99 Was: £149.99

Silvertip [Womens] - Try Before You Buy

Try Silvertip for size in your local water and experience the advantage of increased buoyancy and thermal lining

Sale: £179.99 Was: £199.99

Womens Duel Swim Run Wetsuit

Duel [Womens] - Try Before You Buy

Try Duel for size in your favourite SwimRun spot to discover its true versatility

Sale: £149.99 Was: £169.99

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