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Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens] swimming wetsuit

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]


  • - Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]
  • - Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Terrapin Natural Swimming Wetsuit [Womens] swimming wetsuit

Swimming suit designed to give a natural position in the water with maximum flexibility for a greater range of movement and uninhibited swimming action.

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While purists may argue there is nothing as liberating as the feel of cold water flowing over your smooth, naked skin, the less hardy of us are more than happy to trade off some of that natural feeling for the advantages of a swimming suit. Designed in collaboration with industry guru, Dean Jackson,  Terrapin has been designed with open water and adventure swimming in mind whether it be the Great North Swim or daily dip in your local river, lake and sea.

For the intermediate to strong swimmer a pure swimming wetsuit can extend your open water swimming experience. For the swimmer making the transition from pool to open water, a wetsuit can simply help you cope with the cold, increase your buoyancy and give you confidence.

Terrapin is the thinnest, most flexible suit in our range. It provides enough buoyancy to help you move swiftly and efficiently through the water, adding a layer of temperature retention to keep you warm swimming outdoors whilst leaving enough freedom of movement, particularly in the shoulders, to assist your stroke.

Compared to Lotic we have reduced the neoprene thickness around the back of the leg to get closer to your body's natural buoyancy. The lower buoyancy reduces body roll giving a more natural swimming position. Underarm panels help increase flexibility and extend reach for long powerful strokes.

Stronger, more experienced swimmers may appreciate Terrapin over our other more buoyant wetsuits for a more natural swimming position.

As you propel yourself through the water drag is further reduced by the Glideskin neoprene. Making up the majority of the suits surface area it streamlines Terrapin's movement through the water and give it excellent dirt and water repellency. Glideskin also reduces heat conduction from the body increasing warmth over standard neoprene.

The wrists, shoulders and neck feature flashes of blue for better visibility with a nylon skin covering the lower leg for durability in this high abrasion area.

Access to and from the suit is via a deep back zipper with lanyard to ensure you can get in and out by yourself.

A great affordable suit for a natural swimming experience.

Terrapin also comes in a Men's specific fit

Key features
  • Lower buoyancy suit for a more natural swimming stroke
  • Neoprene where you need it for durability
  • Buoyancy in the legs for greater speed and energy conservation
  • Glideskin outer for reduced friction and easier maintenance
  • High flexibility around shoulders for unrestricted arm movement
  • Blue flashes at wrists for visibilty
  • Integrated pouch for valuables
  • Comfort neck with fully standard nylon lining
Vital stats

Small - 4’10” to 5’3” and 49-55 kg
Medium - 5’0” to 5’6” and 53-60 kg
Large - 5’5’ to 5’11” and 63-70 kg
Short and Strong - 5’2” to 5’9” and 63-70 kg
Tall and Strong - 5’5” to 5’11” and 66-75 kg

Panel Construction

Neck: 2 mm Standard Neoprene
Chest: 3 mm Glideskin
Back: 3 mm Glideskin
Shoulder: 2 mm Glideskin
Lower Sleeve Cuff: 1.5 mm Standard Neoprene
Butt: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Crotch: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Armpit Panel: 1.5 mm Standard Neoprene
Upper Leg: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Lower Leg Front: 2.5 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Back: 2.5 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Cuff: 2 mm Glideskin

Care guideance

When you are pulling on your suit take care not to use your finger nails.
Check your suit for fit and range of motion. Your suit will feel different when wet.
The neoprene collar and cuffs can be trimmed with scissors if they extend too far.
Rinse your suit out with fresh water after each use.  Hang the wetsuit inside out and allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.
Store your suit in a cool room on a wide plastic coat hanger.
Roll your suit when transporting rather than fold.
Don’t use petroleum products with your suit as this will damage the neoprene.
Small tears can be repaired with neoprene cement/glue.

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Great wetsuit!

I'm vertically challenged... But sadly not challenged in the waist department. Buying wetsuits previously has resulted in me looking akin to Nora batty. But this fitted really well. Despite me being 10kg over the max ideal weight. (I'm sure I'll grow in to it). It is a tad tight on the neck but otherwise it's the best swimming wetsuit I've had. Especially for the money.

Baggy knees

I bought the WSS which is intended for 5ft2-5ft9 (I am 5ft4) and up to 70kg (I am 68kg) It is always good to find a wetsuit for shorter people who are not skinny (I am not very fat either!) But this is baggy around the knees and tight in the crotch to neck (it needs a slight longer torso. Such a shame as otherwise a good buy.

Turned out not to be a good fit for me around the neck

Bought this for more neutral buoyancy but despite wearing my usual rash vest and using body glide, I had raw sores all around my neck area after the bantham swoosh event. Reluctant to cut the suit but can't see being able to use again unless I do this

Too short in the body

Bought an extra large to accommodate thicker thighs/calves and 5"8 frame - bottom half of the suit fits well. But it is way too short in the body, I'm about 28 inch from crotch to shoulder and this suit pulled and the neck fitting felt very restrictive. Unfortunately going to need to send back, really disappointing as I had high hopes for Alpkit products after hearing great things.
Maybe this shorter torso should be included in the sizing info? Would definitely buy again if sizing was right. Great quality wetsuit if you can get inside it!!

Ju L
I'm not Tall and Strong...

I love the look of this suit, online and out of the box. But despite being 5'7'' and 70kg, 'Tall and Strong' fit is too tight round/across the shoulders (I'm a swimmer!), too short crotch-to-neck by an inch or so, and yet baggy around the knees (I've got slim leg:-)). I love Alpkit kit, but a wetsuit HAS to be right and this one won't be comfy, sorry. Hope the feedback is useful for future product development.

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