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Backpacks and Rucksacks

We've been winning awards for our backpacks and rucksacks since 2005. Innovate multi-sport backpacks to run, hike, climb and ride. Our guiding principles are to minimise weight, maximise freedom of movement with hip/chest straps for load-carrying comfort and stability. Gourdon is our iconic multi-sports waterproof backpack for commuter cycling to mountain marathons, think of it as a dry bag with shoulder straps. With a complete custom design service available we design and make bespoke packs here in our own factor for Arctic adventures to El Capitan and Mountain Rescue. Get in touch to find out more about custom backpacks and rucksacks.

Artlu 10 - 10 L hydration vest for running

Artlu 10

'Best Trail Running Backpacks 2019' 10-litre running backpack for longer trail runs, mountain marathons and ultras

SALE: £35.99 Was: £39.99

Gnarl 15 L trim and uncluttered summit/day backpack

Gnarl 15

15 litre multi-sports day pack to run, hike, climb and ride

SALE: £26.99 Was: £29.99

Ledge 30 L lightweight mountain backpack for big days out

Ledge 30

30 litre lightweight mountain backpack for year-round hiking and scrambling

SALE: £48.99 Was: £54.99

Orion 40 L backpack for year-round alpine, winter and rock climbing

Orion 40

40 litre technical alpine sports pack for multi-day mountain adventures, winter climbing and mountaineering

SALE: £52.99 Was: £59.99

Alpkit Gourdon 20 day sack

Gourdon 20

Waterproof 20 litre roll-top drybag with bungee straps and mesh pockets for added capacity, ideal for anything from adventure races to the daily commute.

SALE: £28.99 Was: £31.99

Gourdon 25 drybag day sack chilli red

Gourdon 25

Waterproof 25 litre roll-top drybag, simple, not fuss clean lines, ideal for anything from adventure races to the daily commute.

SALE: £31.99 Was: £35.99


Gourdon 30

Waterproof 30 litre roll top drybag with mesh pockets for extra carrying capacity. Gourdon is a functional rucksack you can take on any wet adventure

SALE: £34.99 Was: £39.99

Pelmo - 18 litre waxed cotton daypack - for hillwalking and travel


18 litre small grab and go daypack with zip closure for mountain walking and travel, it’s ideal for daily use too

SALE: £49.99 Was: £59.99

Tyrol - 25-28 litre waxed cotton daypack for hillwalking and travel


25-28 litre hillwalking pack in water-resistant waxed cotton with a simple roll top closure.


Brevent - 22 litre waxed cotton daypack for mountain walking and travel 


22 litre technical daypack made from traditional technologies. Waxed cotton construction with dual buckle flap closure

SALE: £69.99 Was: £79.99

Atom - Ultra-lightweight and compact 11 litre activity pack


Featherweight 11 litre activity pack that folds down into the size of your palm

SALE: £15.99 Was: £19.99

Alpkit El Burro duffle style rucksack in Black

El Burro

45 litre roll-top style duffle rucksack with sewn in daisy chain spawned from the legacy of our El Packer big wall stash bag

SALE: £59.99 Was: £64.99

Oryx ultralight backpack


35 litre light, minimalist, and low-profile pack with roll-down drawcord closure weighing 535 g for fast and light alpine climbing

SALE: £64.99 Was: £74.99

Ibex 50 litre mountaineering rucksack


50 + 10 litre lightweight alpine climbing sack with simple but well thought-out features for uncomplicated mountaineering and trekking. Made in the UK.

SALE: £119.99 Was: £149.99

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