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Double Dozer

Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus
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  • - Double dozer double luxury self inflating camping mat - green / cactus

Luxurious double self-inflating sleeping mat. Sleep in 5-star comfort.


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Dozer is an institution. Known for its unrelenting pure comfort and hours and hours of blissful sleep. It has converted many an apprehensive camper into a zealous regular. Double Dozer is double the comfort and double the fun. In fact, it is just double the everything.

For unadulterated comfort, Dozer is designed for those people who want to share the comfort around- sharing is caring, you know? But also ideal for those that don’t want to share and just want to starfish. Perfect for those who want optimum comfort and weight is not an issue. The foam has been cored laterally to reduce weight and die cut in at less load bearing areas to reduce pack size. Composed from soft-touch polyester for that extra ‘ah’ factor when you settle down for the night.

Double Dozer is only 10 cm slimmer than a standard double bed and at just over 5 kg, it is far more portable.

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Key features
  • Cored and die cut for reduced weight and bulk
  • Perfect for 2 people or 1 very fidgety person
  • Designed for optimum comfort
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: Soft-touch polyester


Weight: 5 kg
Length: 196 cm
Width: 129 cm
Thickness: 7.5 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 35 x 66 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

9 Reviews


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F Tocher
Unbelievably Comfortable

Used this for a week car camping out of my Kangri tent and this is hands down the most comfortable sleeping mat I have ever used. Didn't need to ever re inflate it and it was warm and soft the whole time.

It does come in a very compressed state so I would highly recommend blowing it up and leaving it for a few days before using such that it will self-inflate upon first usage.

A Revelation in Camping Comfort

This is the most comfortable camping mat I have ever used. I've got several Thermarests but they don't come close to this. I've slept on many beds that are nowhere near as comfortable.

We normally put a double fitted sheet on it and use a double duvet and proper pillows with it. It's just like sleeping in a proper bed.

The build quality is also excellent.

Tim Reid
Like a real bed! Super-comfy.

My wife and I decided to invest in this because we're doing a lot of camping this summer. We slept on it for the past 14 nights in Netherlands and Germany, and it blows away all competition for comfort - it's like a proper mattress! It can have the softness of an airbed but without the annoying 'If I move my leg slightly my wife gets wobbled up and down' situations, but also is firm and robust - feels like it would take a major incident to puncture it. It's massive and clearly not for hiking long distances with, and it's quite laborious to roll it up, but that's a small price to pay for a brilliant nights' sleep. Looking forward to using it again. We may also use it as a spare bed because it's much comfier than the couch.

Very, very comfy

I go away with the family and my Cub pack several times a year. Decided to treat myself after another leader recommended the double dozer. After playing with it home a few times and going away for the weekend I can confirm it is really really comfortable. Easy to inflate, as it does it for you and whole thing has a quality feel. Little things like the two the brass valves and the bag it came in. I have a two man tent when I'm away with the family and it just about squeezed in. Only downside is the packed size, it's big but then again it's a big, thick comfy double mattress so it would have to be! It's also tricky to pack away but the bag is big so you can squeeze it in. Very happy and would reccomend.

Extremely comfortable

I bought this last year having read good things about it and was not disappointed! It is so comfortable and affords a great nights sleep. As far as self-inflating mattresses go, it is unbelievably efficient. As soon as the valves are opened you can hear the air rushing in and inflating. It takes about 5 minutes to be fully inflated and you could just sleep on it like that, but i prefer to give it about 10 good breaths so it is really firm.

With regards to the comments about deflating, you need to keep closing the valves every time you take your weight off the mattress during deflation. Otherwise it will keep re-inflating as it is so flipping efficient! So the best thing to do is roll into half or thirds open with your weight on it then open the valves to let the air out. When it has stopped close them again and then fold it again and put your weight on it again. Then open the valves and let the air rush out until it stops . Close the valves and repeat, repeat until it easily fits into the bag.
Then open the valves again once inside. Whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Brilliant product, very comfortable.

So much comfort

Have had trouble getting comfy while camping before now, so decided to bit the bullet and go for Alpkit's biggest. It's huge, but fits nicely in my 2/3 person tent. It's very thick and very comfortable to sleep on. It inflates pretty quickly, and was perfectly inflated without having to blow into it at all. I was also quite pleased that I managed to compress it again on my own (and I'm only 60ish kgs). Fold it in half, and then squeeze and roll, kneeling on it as the roll gets bigger. Open and close the valves to help with getting air out when you want to without it self inflating as you reposition things. Just wish I'd got one sooner!

More comfortable than my bed

This is my spare bed and it's super comfortable. However, I agree with the other reviewer, it's virtually impossible to get it back into it's elastic straps & bag single handed. Perhaps a large heavy person could, or two people, but I'm 58kg and I just can't squeeze enough air out. But they say it should be stored flat anyway.

Fab to sleep on, faff to deflate.

This is a supremely comfortable matress. Easy to inflate and no rolling off the sides. Nice feel to the fabric and it seems sturdy so less prone to damage. My only gripe is how difficult the beastie is to deflate. It's a 15 minute job with two people. Maybe we don't have the knack, any tips greatfully received. It comes in a good strong bag with straps to keep it contained which you will never get back on after the first time you use it!

Faulty product, Alpkit avoiding warranty!

Mat split down the seam after just a few months ownership and a few uses. Although indisputably a manufacturing fault Alpkit didn’t offer a refund or replacement, but tried to avoid the warranty. Disappointed with the product but shocked at Alpkits response to the problem. I honestly thought Alpkit customer service was going to be excellent, turns out it’s nothing if the sort.

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