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Dozer sleeping mat

Dover self-inflating luxury camping mattress comfort - green


  • Cactus - Nemo - Dover self-inflating luxury camping mattress comfort - green
    Cactus - Nemo

At 7.5 cm thick this is the most luxuriously comfortable camping mat we make, ideal for camping where comfort is the priority


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Fat pad camping doesn't getter better than this. When carrying it is not an option then this is the only option. The mat for car based comfort.

At 7.5 cm thick, this is the most comfortable sleeping mat we make. It is so fat that some people claim it is even more comfortable than sleeping in their bed at home. This camping mat has been developed for maximum comfort so the surface fabric is a heavier, more luxurious, soft touch polyester for next to the skin performance. The foam has been cored laterally through the mid section of the mat to reduce weight whilst retaining insulation and support. To reduce weight further the foam has been die cut in less load bearing areas to further reduce pack size.

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Key features
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • Cored and die cut for reduced weight and bulk
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: Soft-touch polyester


Weight: 1900 g
Dimensions: 194 x 62 x 7 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 22 x 66 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Absolutely glorious

Many years ago, I graduated from a basic foam mat to an Alpkit Airic. The Airic was nice, but not as nice as my bed.

Dozer has just returned from its maiden voyage to Nant Peris, and what a revelation it has been. I cannot fault the comfort at all.

I'm a bit on the large side (90kg, all pies) and have occasional back trouble, but the Dozer was just like being in a proper comfy bed.

I've camped with all sorts (metal framed canvas bed, foam mat, Big Brand self-inflater, Numo) and I can honestly say that this is the best I've encountered. Top marks!

Thank you Alpkit!

Princess camper gets best night's sleep

I am extremely fussy. Faced with a week camping I decided to splash out on the thickest self inflating mattress on the market. I have just returned from camping and slept EXTREMELY well.. some nights I slept through, which doesn't even happen in my own bed at home. I am a very fussy camper (duvet and pillows for me) and am thrilled with how comfy the mattress is. The secret is to not over inflate it, so that it has a bit of give.

Best camping mattress, ever!

Great product, camped for 10 days and Dozer mattress was very comfortable. No aching back, unlike airbeds didn't deflate and need topping up. I would highly recommend this product for quality and comfort.

Dale C
Fantastic Sleep Mat- Extremely Happy with Purchase

After extensive reviews I purchased the Dozer. As I’m 6’, 17 stone & broad shouldered many mats that I tried just weren’t up to the job. Self inflates well (just needed a couple of breaths on first inflation after unpacking but fine since), extremely comfortable even if a side sleeper. Great quality bit of kit & excellent service/delivery. Used 3 times already & slept well every time. Not for lightweight hiking, but if using a motorbike/car then this is definitely the one for you. Highly recommend.

Alpkit Dozer

Just received this from Alkpit as I wanted a decent sized mat due to me been 6ft 3 and 18 stone, The mat is really comfy and I am very happy with my purchase...
A lot say it's for car camping but I can quite easily fit it in my 70 litre rucksack with my other stuff grin

Dozing at the foot of Mt Blanc

I have worked in the Alps for over 7 years and so have a great understanding of what I expect from my kit, working as an endurance coach and adventurer Kit is always a high priority.

Choosing kit when going to harsh environments is critical to comfort and even enjoyment of your trip, Lily myself and the two huskies where heading to the alps to stay close to the foot of Mt Blanc just on the edge of Chamonix. We would be camping in -10 temps and so wanted to make sure we had the best sleeping mat possible. After lost of research we went with an AlpKit Dozer each, unlike many mats this one is self inflating and also has thermal properties built in, with some thin air mats the air just gets super cold inside the mat but the Dozer has great insulation and this meant 4 nights on top of frozen snow we did not feel the chill.

This Mat is not lite weight and we were luck to be able to camp not far from where we had parked so carrying was not an issue, we specifically were not worried about weight it was all about warmth.

If you are heading to the cold or just love a super comfy mat then Would recommend the Dozer.

Jimmy the mower
Probably the greatest sleeping mat money can buy

As the title suggests, I think this dozer self inflating sleeping mat is a real winner.
I'm 6ft4 and 17 stones and this mat is really comfortable for me, I used it while camping on a 3 day expedition on the river Wye and it performed extremely well.
Overnight temperatures were around 7°c and I didn't feel any cold from the ground underneath. The flock outer layer on the top gives a bit of grip for your sleeping bag so you aren't sliding off all night and the sturdy valve let's you inflate and deflate the mat with ease.
I have also used this mat while bushcrafting in the woods and yes it is large and bulky but the comfort rating is well worth the effort of carrying it, especially if you are only going a couple of miles.
I wouldn't say it's as comfy as my bed at home but it certainly adds a touch of indulgence to an overnight camp

Excellent car camping mat

I've spent about 20 nights on this mat, 14 of those were camping abroad, this one really is as comfortable as my bed, spacious and the thick foam in it means the air doesn't slush about as much when you move.

Mat is also warm and has never lost air during the night

Way too big to backpack, but we have traveled with it on an airplane

Sometimes I do toy with the idea of taking it when I go backpacking anyway, its that comfortable!

Miles better than an air mattress

This product is extremely comfortable to sleep on. My problem with air mattresses has always been that my butt ends up on the ground by morning, regardless of how expensive the mattress was. This mat is more comfortable than an air mattress, and I didn't end up sinking to the ground. I would never buy an air mattress again. I highly recommend this.

Seriously comfortable sleeping mat

I do a lot of hiking/biking/canoeing and prefer light and compact sleeping pads. I also spend many nights car camping, in cottages and in camp centers. I realized fast and light equipment is not necessary the best choice for indoor use and bought the Dozer. It is heavy, large and very comfortable. I have slept on it maybe 15 nights so far - anything from camping site, frozen ground to cottage and even at home when mother-in-law is visiting and occupying our master bedroom. It is more comfortable indoors than 10 cm foam mattress and warm enough to sleep on frozen ground. Surface material has smooth textile feeling and build quality is good. Only downside is the size and weight - large but still possible to haul on large rucksack for short distance. Highly recommended!

Land Raver
'The Dozer'

Used the Dozer mat for the first time this weekend and I have to say it is excellent. I purchased it for sleeping in a land rover and it did not disappoint. Slept like a log with the mat protecting me from the cold hard floor.

So comfortable!

The most comfortable nights I've ever spent in a tent have been on this mattress, and it self-inflates most of the way as well, just needing a quick topup. No more camping-backache for me!
Obviously this isn't the smallest mat and not suitable for hiking, but it is just about small enough that I would take it to a weekend away by train, not just in the car. And the outer skin is thick enough I'm not constantly worrying about piercing it.

Albacore 1878
Van camping

I bought this secondhand..... I unfortunately live in my van 365 days a year due to unforseen circumstances..... It's a fantastic piece of kit comfortable and tough... Thank you so much. Mark

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