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Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag
Pre Order : 20th October 2019


  • - Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag
  • - Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping bag

Skyehigh 700 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Ideal for big trips further afield as well as microadventures close to home. -8˚C limit 3 – 4 season sleeping bag weighing 1140 g with Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down


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From mountain to forest to valley floor… So much world to explore, so many possibilities, is there really one sleeping bag to suit them all? Maybe not, but the SkyeHigh sure comes close…

Classic and versatile, SkyeHigh was designed to loft its way effortlessly into almost any situation, using 650+ IDFB fill power duck down to balance weight and bulk-size with comfort, warmth, and value.

With 700 g of Nikwax Hydrophobic down, SkyeHigh 700 is ideal for 3 – 4 season use and self-supported travel where you’re expecting a few cold nights.

A comfortably spacious cut gives a natural night’s sleep. Box-wall horizontal baffles with trapezoid side baffles prevent down migration, minimizing heat loss. Adjustable head closure and draft collar lets you to snuggle down to fend off the draughts.

Wonderfully compressible, the SkyeHigh packs down small and light enough to fit in your pack.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • 3 - 4 season sleeping bag for all-round use
  • Available in sizes regular and long
  • Horizontal baffles and trapezoid side baffles reduce down migration
  • Box wall baffle construction
  • Roomy cut for a natural, comfortable sleep
  • Adjustable head closure and draught collar for snugness
  • C6 DWR to keep the moisture at bay
  • 650+ fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down
  • Excellent lofting capacity
  • Internal pocket for valuables
  • RDS certified
  • Cotton storage bag and compression stuff sack
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Temperature rating


AK Sleep Limit
The majority of our customers will find this to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep.

Thermal test results from the lab ABOUT OUR RESULTS
TOG Leeds Comfort EN13537 Comfort EN13537 Limit EN13537 Extreme*
-2˚C -8˚C -26˚C

* The Extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions, or making your purchasing decision based on this value.

*This rating is for the SkyeHigh Regular.
SkyeHigh XL contains the same quantity of down as the SkyeHigh Regular. As a result, SkyeHigh XL may be up to two degrees cooler than the SkyeHigh Regular



Fill: 90/10 Chinese duck down; RDS certified, Nikwax Hydrophobic
Fill power: IDFB 650
Fill weight: 700 g
Inner: 20D Nylon
Outer: 20D Ripstop nylon
Construction: Box-wall


Weight: 1140 g
Internal length: 185 cm
Internal width: 75 cm
Width at footbox: 35 cm
Zip Length: 170 cm
Compression Bag Weight: 110 g
Packed Size: ⌀24 x 35 cm
Compressed size: ⌀25 x 21 cm

Weight: 1360 g
Internal length: 215 cm
Internal width: 75 cm
Width at footbox: 35 cm
Zip Length: 170 cm
Compression Bag Weight: 110 g
Packed Size: ⌀24 x 35 cm
Compressed size:TBC cm

Fitting guidance

How will you fit? Take a look at our Sleeping Bag Fitting Guide for guidance.

Origin: United Kingdom

Environmental Considerations


Nikwax Hydrophobic is a water repellent treatment that makes down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.


We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

16 Reviews


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So warm

Love this sleeping bag. Worth getting sleeping liner. Highly recommend

Great item. Great service.

Picked this up in the Ambleside store, the staff were kind enough to put one aside for me during the sale so I didn’t miss out. The bag is fantastic quality and really warm. Regarding comments about an odd smell coming from the duck down I have not found this to be the case at all.

Solide Sache

Wir hatten den Schlafsack jetzt im Val Grande dabei. Tadellos! Er hat gut gewärmt, ausreichend Platz geboten, seine Hülle wirkt robust und das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis war als Sonderangebot sehr gut.

Kain Dear
Great value and very warm.

Purchased after lots of research and I couldn't find anything to match the specs of this bag for the price. Provided a toasty nights sleep during winter in the Lake District. I'm 6'3" and the longer length version is perfect for me. The storage bag is very handy and the compression sack works very well. Highly recommended!


Really warm, and compact

First sleeping bag I've used where I haven't woken up cold in the night! Really cozy. It packs down much smaller than other bags of similar warmth rating etc that I looked at, and is much more affordable. Comes with a cotton storage sack too, which is handy. As others have mentioned, it had a slight smell when I first bought it (in July 2017), but this decreased after airing it in the sun and a dry room for ~24hrs and now it's fine. A really great bag!

Warm as toast

I missed out on buying the Skyhigh 700 during last weeks sale as it was sat in my basket as the 6.30pm deadline ticked past - I was gutted - however I went ahead with the purchase at full price and have just come back from the lakes where at -5 in Langdale it kept me toasty warm. Very comfortable with soft lining. A great bag.

At last a (Excellent!) bag which suits a side sleeper

As a Side sleeper (with mild claustrophobia) who doesn't stay still in the night, I've yet to find a bag which suits me, well until now! I find the majority of bags I've tried over the years too tight (of course that has insulation benefits by minimising air pockets which you have to heat up) and as I've aged I find I've become a bit claustrophobic about this which is unpleasant, to say the least. I ordered an XL SkyeHigh to give me even more room in the length (the width is the same but is impressively roomy.) to move about and it's proven excellent. Plenty of room to twist and turn and the bag doesn't tangle me while I do so. It's nice and warm, very well made and packs down very well, especially with the aid of a dry bag!
To help with a comparison if you're looking for a roomy bag, I'm under 6ft and have a 40" chest.

B Hoskin
Excellent Sleeping Bag

Purchased this bag recently and used it for the first time last Saturday at -2 degrees on Dartmoor. I used to wake up through the night feeling cold in warmer conditions in my old sleeping bag, but in this I was toasty and slept through the night. Appears to be very well made also. Highly recommended.

Great bag!

Cant really fault my skyehigh 700. Used on several trips including a 9 day motorbike trip to switzerland. Super warm sometimes too hot! I cant wait to try it in the winter and see how well it does. There was one issue with the down not being treated right, which alpkit acknowledge and offered either a gift voucher or a return of the product. I love my bag so much i went for the gift voucher, and was super impressed with alpkits honesty. Great company, Great bag!


Used it this week for my ML assessment and it kept me toasty warm.
The lofting bag it comes with is a great idea, and compresses down nice and small, for the temperature rating. (probably a third bigger than my 2 season bag)
The inside is so soft as well!! some bags you get into and theyre cold and hard material. this was lovely.

simple but oh so effective

Top kit

Great bit of kit. I needed a new sleeping bag before tripping up to Scotland and plumped for this as my last AK down sleeping bag was excellent (but finally gave up the ghost after too many years of abuse). It also packs down really well - not the smallest bag ever but certainly a long way from the largest. The large bag to avoid storing in compression for long periods is also a nice touch.

In base layers and a bivi bag, this gave me a comfortable night in a snowhole on the Creag Meagaidh circuit.

My only criticism is the lack of a pull tag on the zips, but I thought this might be the case and put a set of AK Zip Grips in the order, so it's now rectified.

As with all AK stuff, highly recommended.

Devon camper
Light and Toasty

Great bag - warm camping out this autumn looking forward to winter.
Only issues for me are lack of zip pulls - solved with a bit of cord - I'd have bought glow worms but they are no longer available and the mad duck smell (see other reviews) which dissipated after a couple of outings so all good now.

Excellent sleeping bag but smells

First of all the SH700 keeps you comfortable and warm even at temperatures near or below zero. And I for this price I didn't find anything comparable. But even after airing several days in the bright sun this sleeping bag stinks like thousand ducks. Hopefully this will end someday.
And which freak has selected this signal red colour ? If you plan open air camping to observe wildlife, forget it. Every animal will see you with your bright red bag and will flee long before you can take notice of it. Only for the Grizzly you will be attractive, because you are a big strawberry.

Disappointed camper
Smell let’s down an otherwise decent sleeping bag

Have been advised that the obnoxious down smell will fade over time, having returned the sleeping bag for inspection. However, given the use it has had and the length of time I’ve had it, I’m not overly hopeful. On the basis of the smell, would not purchase this make or model again.

I was cold in UK in August :(

I was really disappointed when I bought the this 3/4 season . I camped in August in England and was shivering nearly every night. I camped another time in summer and had the same problem. If it was anything less than balmy I was really cold and couldnt sleep.

I have previously used Alpkits 3 season and 4 season sleeping bag in their original (then only) range which were absolutely brilliant and toasty warm even with frost on the ground in late September. This bag was not a patch on their original range. I ended up using my broken original 4 season bag as a duvet over this newer substandard bag - which doubled my carrying weight :(

Having spent a good chunk of money I was very unhappy.


2 short for the average tall person. stay away


Alpkit Response - Our standard length sleeping bags are suitable for people up to 6’1”. We make a range of longer sleeping bags for people up to 6’7”

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