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PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic lightweight sleeping bag

Pipedream 600 hydrophobic down sleeping bag
Pre Order : 20th October 2019


  • - Pipedream 600 hydrophobic down sleeping bag
  • - Pipedream 600, a lightweight hydrophobic down sleeping bag

PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic lightweight sleeping bag

The winning combo of warmth, comfort, weight and highly packable. -12˚C limit 3 - 4 season lightweight goose down sleeping bag weighing 1085 g


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Quite simply Pipedream 600 s is one of the warmest bags available that weighs 1kg. Optimised with 750 fill power hydrophobic goose down with box wall construction to give the most warmth, yet only 1050 g. This specialist 4 season winter sleeping bag uses 600 g of 90/10 goose down and is suited to all season use.

The bag has a DWR coating so the odd drip of condensation or early morning dew won't ruin your bag’s insulation and the dark colour scheme absorbs heat from the sun - so if your down is unlucky enough to get wet, it will dry quicker.

Supplied with cotton storage bag and lightweight stuff bag.


Hydrophobic is a water repellent treatment that makes down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.


We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

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Key features
  • 3 - 4 season sleeping bag for maximum warmth for 1kg
  • Horizontal baffles reduce down migration
  • Box-wall baffle construction
  • Roomy cut for natural, comfortable sleep
  • Adjustable head closure and sculpted neck baffle for snugness
  • Full-length zip baffle keeps out the draughts
  • C6 DWR to keep the moisture at bay
  • 750+ IDFB fill power hydrophobic goose down
  • Excellent lofting capacity
  • RDS certified
  • Cotton storage bag and compression stuff sack
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Temperature ratings


AK Sleep Limit
The majority of our customers will find this to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep.

Thermal test results from the lab ABOUT OUR RESULTS
TOG Leeds Comfort EN13537 Comfort EN13537 Limit EN13537 Extreme*
13.5 -21˚C -10.5˚C -18.1˚C -39.1˚C

* The Extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions, or making your purchasing decision based on this value.

This rating is for the PipeDream Regular.
PipeDream XL contains the same quantity of down as Pipedream Regular. As a result, Pipedream XL may be up to two degrees cooler than the PipeDream Regular


Fill: 90/10 Chinese goose down; RDS certified, Hydrophobic
Fill power: IDFB 750
Fill weight: 600 g
Inner: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Outer: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Construction: Box wall


Weight: 1085 g
Internal length: 185 cm
Internal width: 80 cm
Width at footbox: 35 cm
Zip Length: 160 cm
Stuff Bag Weight: 30 g
Packed Size: ⌀21 x 30 cm                          
Compressed size (straps not included): ⌀ 21 x 18 cm

Weight: 1145 g
Internal length 210 cm
Internal width: 80 cm
Zip Length: 165 cm
Stuff Bag Weight: 35 g
Packed Size: ⌀21 x 30 cm                            
Compressed size (straps not included): ⌀ 21 x 18 cm      

Fitting guidance

How will you fit? Take a look at our Sleeping Bag Fitting Guide for guidance.

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Perfect for the Annapurnas!

This is the most amazing sleeping bag! It is so worth putting the money down on a good bag to get a perfect night’s sleep. While others on my trek complained of the cold I was always snuggly warm - even when the temp dropped below 0c.

Absolutely brilliant!

Extremely light and very comfortable and most of all WARM!!

My new favourite possession

I just purchased the Pipedream 600 2017 model sleeping bag last week and I am in love with it. I have only had the chance to use it twice but they were a good test of the bag. It kept me super cosy and warm over the weekend in a bothy in icy conditions and another night camping where there was a lot of dampness in the tent. Both situations the sleeping bag performed even better than I had hoped. It is very light and, although not as small as the Pipedream 400, it packs down to a impressively small size which makes carrying it easy. It comes with one small compression sack and a larger storage sack. It feels high quality and really cosy. I can't wait to sleep in it again! Features such as the insulation behind the zip and the fitted neck piece are a brilliant design. Thank you alpkit!

My personal experience of the PipeDream600

Late last year 2016 I needed a new winter sleeping bag as I wanted to embark on a winter camping trip in the lake district with a friend. I chose the Pipedream 600. I have purchased a number of sleeping bags in the past some of which were really expensive such as those produced by the Marmot Company. Now the one thing I really hate about down sleeping bags is when they bleed down and the Marmot was no exception. Considering the high price of the Marmot the down should have stayed in the bag but I was finding down plumes everywhere every time I put it in its stuff sack. I got rid of that bag fast. The Alpkit PipeDream 600 cost less than half the price but I was pleasantly surprised to find that down loss was minimal. Certainly within acceptable levels and low enough not to alarm me. I have used the Pipe-dream 600 over a good range of conditions both damp and dry and I think it is probably the best sleeping bag I have ever tested. Certainly for the price. Before engaging on the camping trip itself I did a small test at home. Me and my friend camped out in the open in February 2017 using nothing but the PipeDream 600 sleeping bag, a Big Agnes SL inflatable matt and a thin base layer. It was a very humid and wet night with temperatures down between about +4C to +5C according to the reading on my digital thermometer. There was a very light shower which lasted about 4 minutes so the shell of the sleeping bag got soaked but there was no noticeable water penetration and I slept comfortably until we woke early next morning. I have also tested this sleeping bag in warmer temperatures just to get a measure of the comfort range of this bag. Personally I find that this bag is a bit too warm when the temperature reaches about +11C and I need to have it open a bit.
On holiday in the lakes, the temperatures dropped down to around -3C in a humid atmosphere and I had absolutely no problems. At this temperature I was very comfortable using only a base layer and the sort of clothes that you could go walk abouts without feeling chilly for half an hour. Very basic clothing. The camping trip lasted six days in these conditions and I can safely say that I was as comfortable as in my own bed at home. According to my own personal experience the comfort temperature for this sleeping bag would be about -5C with wearing some clothes. My experience with other manufacturers is that I need to add at least 10 degrees on to get a comfort rating that is anything near my own experience. When I talk about the comfort rating, I’m talking about being very comfortable without even a hint of chill. Obviously, the warmer your clothes the more comfortable you are going to be as the temperature drops. With warm clothes and a liner added, you could possibly reach down to about -12C. It is a very good sleeping bag but there is just one slight niggle I had with it. The draft collar for the zip seemed a bit minimalist because I could feel a cold zone down the zip at around about +5 to freezing. This is in the region where the liner and shell meet at the zip. The wedge shape tends to push the down away from this area. However, I find that it can easily be fixed by lightly slapping the down in the baffles towards the zip with the ends of my fingers.
I am so pleased with my experience of the Alpkit PipeDream 600 that I am seriously thinking about upgrading my equipment with the AlpineDream 800 for camping on top of the mountains next winter.
I have grown keen on the Alpkit range of sleeping bags but there is one thing on my wish list which they don'd as yet do. An ultralight sleeping bag such as the PipeDream 600 with very high 850+ fill power down.

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PipeDream in the Press

With the PipeDream 600, they’ve created a lightweight sleeping bag that can be used through the autumn and well into winter.


Mpora December 2017 - Mpora Staff

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