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Hunka XL bivvy bag

Hunka XL bivvy / bivi bag blue - lego


  • Lego - Hunka XL bivvy / bivi bag blue - lego
  • Chilli - Hunka XL bivvy / bivi bag red - chilli
  • Kelp - Hunka XL bivvy / bivi bag green - kelp

Hunka XL is breathable, packs down small and weighing just 500 g is a favourite of many weight conscious bikepackers and alpinists

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Just when you thought the Hunka was the perfect bivvy bag for you, we came up with the XL. 

Sleep can make or break your long awaited adventure. A solid night of warm, dry sleep will ensure that you can tackle the challenges of the following day with strength and motivation.

Lofting space is a fundamental. The Hunka XL is in its element when protecting mountaineers from wind and water. The spacious construction allows plenty of room for a big 4 season down bag to loft and keep you toasty warm. No more squashed up down! Hooray!

For users over 6’1” and those with broad shoulders, we recommend the Hunka XL. It has been particularly popular with rugby players for this reason! The extra space allows you to store belongings at the foot of the bag or have your sleeping mat inside the bivvy bag, keeping everything lovely and dry. Who wants to put a sopping wet sleeping mat covered with slug trails back inside their rucksack- not me for sure! 

Despite this palatial spaciousness, the Hunka XL still weighs in at 500 g and rolls up to a teeny, some would even say microscopic, 23 cm x 27 cm size. This makes the Hunka XL an ideal choice for expeditions, bikepacking or any imaginable adventure where space is a consideration.

Made from ripstop nylon and with a handy drawstring closure, the Hunka XL is your best friend when out on a wild camp.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Lightweight, breathable, and waterproof
  • Tapered shape, sculpted hood with dual drawcords
  • Fully taped seams enhance water resistance
  • Non-zip for minimalist bivvying
  • Integral stuff sack
  • Ideal for tall bivviers, or small bivviers putting their mat in their bag.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: 2.5 layer Ripstop nylon
Waterproofing: HH 20,000 mm
Breathability: MVP of 10,000 g/m²/24 hour


Weight: 490 g
Length: 235 cm
Width: Shoulders - 98 cm; Feet - 72 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 16 x 23 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

4 Reviews


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Great bivvy!

The Hunka is my first bivvy bag, and I got it as a budget lightweight shelter for a 19 day through hike of california's john muir trail. Combined with a small bug net (which I barely used) it made a fantastic shelter: allowed me to look up at the stars on clear, dry nights and held off the elements on the wet ones. It kept me dry through thunder and hailstorms at 10,000 feet and kept the frost out on freezing nights. I had very little condensation inside if I was careful to cinch the hood tightly and not breathe in the bag. This product has me sold on bivvying, I would definitely recommend it.

Blonde Two (twoblondeswalking.com)
A First Bivvy With The Hunka XL

“Well, for a girl who is a bit afraid of the dark, my Hunka XL was perfect for my first ever bivvy. Am seriously considering A-Bivvy-A-Month because it was so warm and comfortable (and that was in Dartmoor mist!) In fact, I liked it so much that I wrote a blog about it! http://wp.me/p2OiIR-1E2
Cheers Alpkit!”

Tim Croydon
Performs well, excellent value.

Bought an XL after finding the standard one a little cramped. I'm 6'1" (185cm) and found my feet pushed against the bottom of the smaller one which made it difficult to keep the face opening where I wanted it. Definitely preferred the space in the XL and would happily sacrifice the weight.

I actually think a 'medium' one would be a good size - perhaps a few inches longer than the standard but without quite as much extra width as the XL.

In terms of the fabric, I've slept outside (garden only so far) in -2C frost and 14C conditions and was toasty warm in both situations. More condensation at the warmer temperature obviously (you need a temperature gradient for the moisture transfer to work) but not enough to soak my sleeping bag.

Perhaps only minor niggle I have is the drawstring - I find the string itself felt quite wiry and abrasive against skin and the drawstring clamp is quite small so I can see it being fiddly to find or use with cold or gloved hands.

All in all, this is excellent value and I'd highly recommend - the important thing is it offers a good night's sleep.

Edit: Since reviewing this originally I used mine for my 'year of microadventure challenge's so slept on hills, in woods, in fields, in a hammock in blazing summer, snow, frost and of course loads of rain and it is still working well and let me sleep in every case.

Initial review and one year on.

My first impressions... "Alpkit had my Hunka shipped the day after ordering and postage rates where very reasonable. The Bivvy is very well constructed and the personalised note and sticker where a nice surprise. Thanks Alpkit”
After a year of use... Im still use and strongly recommend the Alpkit Hunka. It has served me well on multiple nights out. I have to note that I added a insect screen after been eaten alive by the Queensland mosquito's and sleeping on ants nests.
As for waterproofing I have never had a problem with the rain. I simply fold the head section so as to keep the drizzle out.
I keep 2 XL bin bags in the mesh section for storing my backpack and if needed to construct a small shelter for my head.
Sum people have trouble with condensation in bivy bags but I have never had issues.
After all this time the hunker still looks new apart from some slug trails and a bit of mud hear and there.
Thanks Again Alpkit.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Hunk XL Used and Abused in Trail

Oli treats himself to a Hunka XL for his first ever bivvy. He chose Catbells in the lakes and it sounds like he loved it!!

I honestly can't fault it so far. Verdict - Bargain bag with top-end performance.

Oli Reed - Trail

Trail July 2014 - Oli Reed, Associate Editor

Best Buy

Walkhighlands award Alpkit Hunka with Best Buy

Walkhighlands' Phil Turner reviews a range of bivvy bags from budget to premium and awards the Alpkit Hunka with Best Buy

Probably THE beginners' bivvy bag, popularised by Alastair Humphreys as part of his Year of Microadventure campaign... but this price tag doesn't really do the product justice

Phil Turner

Walkhighlands July 2013 - Phil Turner

Faraway Visions review Hunka

Faraway Visions review the Hunka

It packs up nice and small in its very own little integrated home, which is wonderful if you’re an untidy camper. No need to go looking for some cute little drawstring sack when you’re up before dawn freezing your nuts off.

Faraway Visions

Faraway Visions April 2016 - Faraway visions

TGO Review Hunka

Chris Townsend reviews the Hunka for TGO

the Hunka is an excellent bivi bag. It does everything needed at an amazingly low price

Chris Townsend

The Great Outdoors Magazine February 2016 - Chris Townsend

WMB Value
WMB Value
WMB Winner

WMB Tests MytiMug, Hunka and Numo

WMB tests and reviews all the essential kit for adventure biking. The MytiMug and Numo are both awarded 4 out of 5 stars. The Hunka is awarded 3 out of 5 stars.

You can do just about everything with [the MytiMug] - cook in it, eat out of it and drink from it. Now that is space saving!

Andy McCandlish

Another suberb value offering from Alpkit... We used [the Numo] down to 0°C to great effect.

Andy McCandlish

For the money [the Hunka] really can't be beaten ... The small pack size and built-in stuff sack are a very welcome bonus.

Andy McCandlish

What Mountain Bike July 2011 - Andy McCandlish

Wilderness Skills Rig 3.5

Joe's Rig set up

My minimalist tarp set up using the Alpkit rig 3.5. Absolutely crazily small pack size but full coverage. This set up was similar in size to a typical hooped bivi tent so only really suitable for overnight.

Joe OLeary

Wilderness Skills October 2015 - Joe O'Leary

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