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PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag


  • Nemo - Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag
  • Nemo - Pipedream 400 hydrophobic light weight goose down sleeping bag

PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Ultra lightweight 3-season hydrophobic goosedown sleeping bag ideal for moving fast and light or lining your winter bag. Box wall construction with a -6ºC sleep limit and weighing just 865 g


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The PipeDream 400 has a box-wall construction to give a lightweight fine-tuned sleeping bag with the adventurous traveller in mind. Optimised with 750 fill power down to get the most warmth, yet weighing only 865 g. With no unnecessary features, this specialist bag uses 400 grams of 90/10 750+ fill power goose down and is suited to 3 season use or as a liner bag for winter trips.

The bag has a water-resistant DWR coating so the odd drip of condensation or early morning dew won't ruin your bag’s insulation and the dark colour scheme absorbs heat from the sun - so if your down is unlucky enough to get wet, it will dry quicker.

Supplied with cotton storage bag and lightweight stuff bag

Product Insight
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Key features
  • 3 season lightweight goose down sleeping bag
  • Horizontal baffles reduce down migration
  • Box-wall baffle construction
  • Roomy cut for natural, comfortable sleep
  • Adjustable head closure and sculpted neck baffle for snugness
  • Full-length zip baffle keeps out the draughts
  • C6 DWR to keep the moisture at bay
  • 750+ IDFB fill power DownTek Water Repellent goose down
  • Responsible sourced goose down
  • Cotton storage bag and compression stuff sack
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Temperature ratings


AK Sleep Limit
The majority of our customers will find this to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep.

Thermal test results from the lab ABOUT OUR RESULTS
TOG Leeds Comfort EN13537 Comfort EN13537 Limit EN13537 Extreme*
11 -13˚C -4.2˚C -10.8˚C -29.5˚C

* The Extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions, or making your purchasing decision based on this value.

This rating is for the PipeDream Regular.
PipeDream XL contains the same quantity of down as Pipedream Regular. As a result, Pipedream XL may be up to two degrees cooler than the PipeDream Regular



Fill: 90/10 Chinese goose down; RDS certified, DownTek Water Repellent
Fill power: IDFB 750
Fill weight: 400 g
Inner: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Outer: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Construction: Box-wall


  Reg Long
Weight 865 g 910 g
Internal length 185 cm 210 cm
Internal width 80 cm 80 cm
Zip Length 160 cm 165 cm
Stuff Bag Weight 30 g 30 g
Packed Size ⌀18 x 25 cm ⌀21 x 28 cm
Compressed size* ⌀ 19 x 14 cm ⌀ 21 x 15 cm
*Straps not included

Fitting guidance

How will you fit? Take a look at our Sleeping Bag Fitting Guide for guidance.

Origin: China

Environmental Considerations


DownTek-treated down absorbs less water than untreated down. This means it retains its loft better in damp or humid conditions, dries quicker, and recovers better too, keeping you warmer in damp environments than untreated down.
DownTek is environmentally safe - Bluesign approved, PFC, PFOA, and PFOS free – and uses only RDS certified down sources.
Remember, it’s better not to get your down wet – even water repellent down is no substitute for a waterproof shell!


We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

12 Reviews


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Ken Rowan
Initial thoughts on PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic Long

Just done a dry run on the bed and this bag seems to be all it promises to be; snug, good fit with plenty of riggle room despite the warning of a tight fit and feels like it will be adequately warm for 3 season UK use. The supplied stuff sac isn't up to much so put mine into a 10 lt sea to summit dry bag with plenty of room; weight 941gms. I'm fair chuffed!

Glenkens Bobby
First rate piece of kit.

To be fair I haven't used this product yet, but can't wait as I have just taken delivery of it.
Very quick delivery and secure package.
The feel and workmanship of this sleeping bag is excellent and the provided storage bag and stuff sack are nice touches.
Thanks to the Alpkit team!

Iceland Adventures

great sleeping bag, light warm perfect, saved me on my trip. 10 days in a tent in late September in Iceland and i wasn't cold once. For cost/weight/size i think its one of the best on the market. and British! cant recommend more. I work as a rep and hear great things about Alpkit products in general from everyone i meet. also very good customer service, very helpful people so thank you very much smile

Brilliant sleeping partner

From bikepacking to wild camping to sleeping on a friends sofa, this is a quality sleeping bag and worth every penny.

terrific bag

terrific light weight bag - fab for bike packing

Brilliant bag

Bought this for winter use with a cloud cover, and for those colder months around summer. So far haven't needed the cloud cover. Camped in subzero temperatures on the Yorkshire three Peaks and was so warm it was unzipped all night. Then on the summit of Snowdon where it was -6˚ and blowing a gale. This time zipped it up but was still warm and comfortable.

It's lightweight, roomy, packs down well in a stuff sack, is warm and really well priced. Recommended.

Spring trip to NZ South island

I used this bag through November 2016 in the S.Island NZ for backcountry fishing exploits - down to around 0 degrees some nights. This bag is made for such a climate and as an all round solution for world travellers avoiding Alpine conditions below around -5 min it must be one of the very best out there. Very comfortable dimensions for me 5'11" 98kg broad shouldered and superb pack size / weight. No frills so long term test will need appraisal a few years down the line. If it's anything like my old skye-high for durability it will pass with flying colours - would love one in Dark grey, Olive or Black. Alpkit colours a little bright for me generally. Also watch the price as usual guys.

Well made but not the warmest

This bag is certainly very well made and light. Having said that I wish I'd gone for the 600 as I found this bag pretty cold in the Balkans in Spring and the Lake District in Autumn. I definitely wouldn't want to be camping in -6!

Definitely not -4°C comfort

I bought the sleeping bag because I was looking for a bag for around 0°C. I used it for 9 nights in October 2018 in the Balkan mountains and I finally brought myself to write a review. Temperatures during nights varied from 1 to -4, I slept in one person tent and unfortunately not a single night was comfortably warm. I used light polyester liner and wore long baselayer. When temperature dropped to -4, a night was pretty much sleepless, even with filoment hoody on. I know everyone feels temperature differently but still, with -4.2 comfort, I would expect to be cosy warm at least at 0°C.

Not even close to a sub zero bag for myself

My first night in this bag was 7 deg and I wasn't warm. I put it down to my sleeping mat and invested in an xtherm mat. I'm ok now down to about 4 deg ( with a silk liner, wearing running tights and a couple of base layers) but below this I had to resort to adding my waterproof trousers and insulated jacket to get comfortable. The bag also has thread coming out in 3 places, nothing too major but its obviously not a well made item.

really not the warmest

hi! I have used the old PD400 in France,in summer it's good outdoor under the stars,or the rain with Goretex bivy and a 1/2 mat.
But in autumn it's not with 1or 2°C, I was freezing even with underwear in wool,inner bag and the bag all close, the hook and all. this bag is just for mid and warm seasons but absolutely not for under 0°C
for that I've just bought a Carinthia Defence4 at really good price 50% off.
Alpkit is not really serious for rating right confort temperature.
2stars for the lightweight an really tiny place it takes in the Backpack.


The sleeping bag is light and compact but I am constantly cold in this bag, even indoors and with temperatures several degrees above zero. The down seems to move easily when moving or sleeping on the side which creates cold spots.

There is only a small neck baffle on the top (it does not cover all around your neck) and there is no string to tighten around your neck. This becomes an issue when it's too warm to sleep with the bag closed around your face, yet too cold without as a lot of warm air will go out at the neck area.

I bought the bag for temperatures down to 0°C, and with the rating given on the site I thought it should be more than enough. The first night I was cold and after that I looked for the fault in clothing, mat etc. and experimented until I was left to see it is the bag that is cold. I contacted Alpkit with a wish to return it but was neglected and offered a terrible deal. I have had many (many!) cold nights since then as I am a long term traveler and this is the bag I have had to rely on. It has been fine for cold late summer nights or so, but not much more than that. I feel I was completely fooled by the temperature rating and would have spent the extra money for a warmer bag if I knew what to expect in the first place.

Comparing bags from other brands with same amount of down with the same fill power or more you will likely see a higher temperature rating, which leaves me to question the sincerity of Alpkit's given rating.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Active Traveller: Pipedream 400

An excellent value, high specced sleeping bag with water-resistant down a bonus.


Active Traveller October 2017 - http://www.active-traveller.com/gear-reviews/326-camping/alpkit-pipedream-400

Trail Magazine Best Value

PipeDream 400 Awarded Trail Mags “Best Value” Bag

Outstanding value when you compare it to other options

Trail Magazine - Spring 2018 Issue

Trail Magazine - Spring 2018 Issue March 2018 - Graham Thompson

Active Traveller Review Pipedream 400

A superb all round sleeping bag at an excellent price

Active Traveller

Active Traveller June 2017 - Active Traveller

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