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Numo lightweight sleeping mat

Numo inflatable camping mattress


  • - Numo inflatable camping mattress

Thick big chamber 2 - 3 season full length sleeping mat weighing just 350 g, packs down smaller than a self-inflating mat saving space in your sack

SALE: £39.99 Was: £44.99

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If you are after the comfort of a thick camping mat without the weight penalty the Numo is the pad for you.

With no foam inside Numo has an extremely compact pack size and is favoured by lightweight Alpinists, bikepackers and trekkers alike. You'll need to provide all the puff to inflate it, but once inflated you'll be rewarded with 8.5 cm of cushioning to see off those lumps and bumps.

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Key features
  • Single valve inflation/deflation
  • Compact and ultralight
  • Wider end tubes for a more supportive nights sleep
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: 210T nylon TPU


Weight: 350 g (inc. stuff sack and repair kit)
Dimensions: 182 x 46 x 8.5 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 8 x 21 cm

Origin: China

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As comfortable as the old airbed!

We bought two of these to use for quick overnight camping- I was looking for something comfy like our old airbed, but much much quicker to inflate. The Numo absolutely did both of those things. We used them on top of rollmats for extra puncture protection. They were also quick and easy to deflate and rolled back up to a miniscule size. All good so far.

Good job it comes with a working repair kit!

Really comfortable mat, had it for a while. Main motivation for writing a review is that whilst inflating it on night one of a multinight trip in cold conditions I managed to hole it.

And I just wanted to say that the included repair kit worked a treat! Luckily....

However finding a tiny hole in one of these is a challenge...

Nice design

I've had a couple of inflatable sleeping mats and hated them always going back to a foam mat, but this is the very first mat I don't roll off due to the larger side tubes, a brilliant design. Its quite narrow but that's fine for me as I'm only 5'6" and average build. The pack size is even smaller than I thought, a perfect addition to my lightweight gear.


Bought this on a whim to replace a 17 year old thermarest, which btw still works fine but isnt quite as pack able as what this Numo was described to be. Wow what a surprise i go when this arrived literally minutes before i set off for my first bothy trip of the year on Thursday. Couldnt beleive how small this was! nearly as small (demensions wise) as the os map of the area i was going and a little thicker than a packet of crisps this thing was seriously pack able! It then dawned on me, i must be sacrificing some serious comfort here...what a daft thing to think that turned out to me. A cold hard bothy floor was turned into warmth and happiness. Without rambling on any more, if you are looking for a seriously pack able but awesomely comfortable sleeping mat, look no further, it has been found. An awesome piece of kit and an even bigger high five to the alpkit crew who got this delivered out to me in time for my trip.

Mr 45
Superb bit of kit

Used this loads in the last few months. A week on the floor while my bedroom was being renovated, a few nights out at -2, and on the floor at a mate's. In all circumstances it has performed exceptionally well giving me a solid nights sleep. Packs very small and quick to inflate


Bought this to replace a NEOAIR and as a quieter one than top of the range Sea to Summit mat. May now get rid of that. This is so light packs really small and gives amazing comfort on hard bothy floors and rocky campsites. Large side tubes keep me in place. Like the blunt arrow shape it allows the dog to snuggle down beside me ( and the wife). Only down side is getting the air out.

Love it

I've tested this through the summer and most recently had a few pretty chilly nights in Snowdonia and it holds up well, didn't let the cold through very comfortable and evens out the lumps and bumps of a less then perfect camp location

Great, light and fab value

bought 2 of this for my boys, they are incredibly lights, and small package, with a nice generous sized bag so no struggling striking camp. They have used now both on campsite light trip & wild camping with no complaints. I have Exped Aitmat Light from before and now wish i'd found these Alpkit ones before to save money and bulk!

Very Pleased

Purchased this recently to take on the West Highland Way. Takes 10-15 deep breaths to fill. Nice firm mat with no loss of air during the night and a comfy nights sleep. Packs down to a small size and takes up very little space in your backpack. Very pleased.

Super impressed

This is ideal for anyone looking for a lightweight sleeping setup that doesn't take up much space. Takes a few minutes to blow up and is really comfy.

The best sleeping mat I've had yet.

Packs very small, blows up easily and is very comfortable to sleep on.

I've had thick heavy, flock lined self inflating mats in XL sizes that are not as comfortable as this.

The way the edges are slightly enlarged keeps you central on the mat, I didn't roll off all night and end up on terra firma, which is very rare for me not to.

I'd like to see a thermal 4 season version with some insulation in the tubes as I could feel a bit of coolness coming through my 800 fill goose down bag on a 1-2 degree C sleep out. Wouldn't want to use it in anything cooler without additional insulation beneath it.

I also like the newer valve types where you blow in and they hold the pressure automatically and they have a mechanism where you push the valve in and it clicks open allowing you to roll up the matt really tight easily.

Still a five star product when compared to the rest of the current crop and bang per buck.

Dan Parker
Fantastic lightweight sleeping mat

I'd been looking for ages for a sleeping mat (or mattress) that was lightweight, small and comfy whilst still within a decent price range.

The Numo satisfied all areas! Took it to New Zealand where it was an absolute beaut. When deflated it folds down to an incredibly compact size and is therefore easy to carry about. It was quick to re-inflate by mouth and held it's shape all night.

Great product and would recommend to anyone

Great mat

I have used the Numo for a long time in bothies and camping adventures. I used it again last night, camping in the Ochils Hills when it was -5c. I was comfortable all night and think this mat is brilliant for being so light.

Good price ultralight & very packable

Great very comfy put enough air in it doesn't bottom out laying in your favourite position & your floating on air.
Easy enough to blow up unless your lazy or got bad lungs.
Packs real small easy to fit into bikepacking bags.

Simple and light

I love this mat - it's easy to carry in a rucksack or bike bag.. Used it for camping, wild camping, bike packing and extra bedding when friends stay over.. Works a treat every time!

love it

fab comfy lightweight does the job sleep mat!!

Excellent bit of kit

Really comfortable, lightweight and packs small. Originally bought this for over night trips in the lakes and other walking adventures. However I ended up using it for 2 weeks when travelling in Australia and every night was a comfortable sleep. Some nights the temperature went to 5 degrees and there was no issues with insulation.
Only issue is that it requires lung power to inflate but that's a very minor point and doesn't bother me. I'd highly recommend one, and its good value too!

Great alternative to foam mats

Picked one up in the last sale on here, have been toying with the idea of a full air bed as opposed to foam mats, certainly wasn't disappointed! Packs down small and keeps heat in quite well, definitely not cold using it! 6'3" not rolled off or ever felt like i would and no problem length wise either.

Nick taylor
What's not to like

Came from the usual run of the mill self-inflating mats but wanted to go lighter, for those overnight mountain bivis. Comfort is on another level to a self-inflating mat, you won't be feeling any uncomfortable lumps or bumps. Extremely lightweight, packs down tiny, just requires a few breaths but for the reward its worth it. Stunning value

Great mat

Lightweight, quick to inflate. Comfortable to lie on, would recommend.


Slept on this mat a few times and it's comfy. A little bit narrow but the baffles keep you centred.

Ian Ball
Nice and comfortable

I've had one for a year, and have had no issues. Comfy and lightweight.

Mark on the Moor
10/10 for service and quality

Purchased this item for my wild camping trips up on Dartmoor , very light very strong and very comfortable , would recommend this to anyone buying this mat .
And the companies after sales is 10/10 .


This product gets a massive thumbs up from my mother, who loves camping but has trouble with sciatica. Everyone functions better after a good night's sleep!

Light and comfy

Just used mine on a week's cycle camping trip. Packs small and is very light. I found it very comfy - but I sleep on my back. Does what is says on the tin.

I love it

This mat is amazing...light, smal packable and does fit my sleeping habits.

I need 15-17 breaths to fill it.
After the first night (-6°C) I thought my matt has a smal leak also, like one of the previous guys mentioned. But it was just the cooling down of the air.
Just think about it...You push a high volume of 35-30°C air inside the mat at first. As soon as it cool down to the surrounding temps the pressure will lower also.
Just make sure to inflate the mat some time before the sleeping and add some more air after the cooling down/right before sleeping...everything will be perfect!

Keep on with your great work Alpkit!


I've previously used the Airo 120 (perfectly fine, did the job well!) but wanted something with a smaller pack size to trim down my existing bikepacking rig.

I was unsure what to expect going for a non self inflating mat after using a competitor's model that was, in a word, crap.

Really impressed with my new mat from Alpkit both in pack size and comfort level. It also arrived super quick on the standard delivery.

Dartmoor keith
exactly as described

Ive used this mat for static camping, festivals and a mountain marathon. Down to 5 degree overnight low. Unprecedented level of comfort at this weight and size. At the lower end of the temperature range I noticed the cooler nature of the inflatable mat compared to self inflaters or CCF but when weight and space and comfort are priorities this is really hard to beat.
I've given it 5 stars as it does all that it claims to in spades.

Great, light and quick to inflate

I have only used it a couple of times on bike packing trips: it packs up very small (think a 50cl beer can..) it is light, very comfortable and it inflates very quickly with a few puffs! A great mat so far..

Great, light and quick to inflate

I have only used it a couple of times on bike packing trips: it packs up very small (think a 50cl beer can..) it is light, very comfortable and it inflates very quickly with a few puffs! A great mat so far..

Great but mine has, seemingly, died

I've had mine for about 3 years now. In fact, it's old enough it has the small bit of insulation on the top inside. Anyway, after a trip to Iceland, it has sprung at least one small leak that I can't find, no matter what I do. I've tried submerging it, spraying it with soapy water, etc. All, to no avail. For the price, I can buy 3 of these mats for the price of a 'name brand' comparable mat. So, it's a no brainer to buy another as a replacement.

Envy of all

Bought for my son (14) on a school trek in Norway. Apparently he was he envy of all, as he had the most comfy, lightweight may if all his mates. Borrowed it myself last weekend and loved it. Very comfy for old women too.

Braw mat!

Had this mat for a few months now & used it wild camping on the Scottish hills & at campsites. It is very comfy & I get a great nights sleep on it. It also packs down very small & is lightweight which now allows me to pack my overnight camping gear into my day sack.

I love this thing!

My Numo is a few years old (it had the slight bit of insulation on the inside) and has found it's way around the world bikepacking & camping. Previously, I used a couple different pads from the big T company and never slept well. Since the Numo arrived, I've slept great! Unfortunately, mine now has a very small leak that I can't locate so I might have to 'upgrade' to the newer version like I bought for my wife.

Great bit of kit

Just got back from a weekend camping on Dartmoor. My kids have inherited my ME and Multimat sleeping mats and I decided to give the Numo a go. It's a great bit of kit..very comfortable and packs down very small.. I didn't have to allocate space for it (as I have with my previous sleep mats) as I knew I'd be able to find space for it somewhere. Plenty long enough (I'm 6 ft) and whilst it looks narrow I found I didn't roll off it as much as I do with my other mats.
In summary, it packs down great, insulates you from the ground well and is comfortable.

Best mat I've ever used

I've used this from bikepacking to sleeping on floors of friends all over Europe, and this thing is the lightest, smallest and most comfy sleeping mat I've ever used. Managed to burst it on my break lever whilst bivying, and the included repair pack let me fix it in the dark and snow in less than 3 minutes. Used over 100 times since, no problems. You get used to blowing it up and deflating it pretty quickly and is worth every puff.

Angry Pirate
So so comfy

Cards on the table: I'm old, broken and my back is riddled with arthritis so I wake up stiff and sore and groaning like a zombie with toothache.
I've reached the point where self-inflating mats just don't provide enough comfort and I spent a significant amount of last year resorting to strong pain killers, muscle relaxants and brandy to see me through a night.
Then along came the numo. The extra depth means it is a really comfortable experience. The larger end ribs ensure you stay on top rather than roll off in the night. And it's light too!
Downsides are: the need to inflate it (offset in my belief by the comfort) and the reduced insulation versus a foam filled mat (extra convective heat loss) though that may be partially offset by the extra loft in the underside of the sleeping bag in the grooves. It is a wee bit noisier than a normal mat too.
I love mine as it has stopped me hanging up my backpacking gear. Money well spent!

Great...could be better

Right thickness for inflatable but bit too narrow. Ideally needs to be one tube wider. Valve is OK but not the best type...the controllable quick deflate ones which they had on the now defunct 'nemo'[?] which was a similar mat only way too thin. Hard to beat for size and weight packed...but never know why air mats don't come with a valve at both ends....deflating made easy.

Dead comfy

Bought as a lighter alternative to my full length thermarest. Fantastic in warm weather. Get a good night's sleep and plenty long for a 6'3" me. Had it a few years and never got any leaks. Only on the WHW last Easter did I have slight issue. There was snow on the ground and it was cold. I had to buy an old fashioned foam mattress in Tyndrum to get that extra insulation I needed. It doesn't sell itself as to be used in that weather so just a minor point


After my first order didn't arrive, Alpkit promptly sent another, which arrived next day, which is great service.

I wanted a mat that packed down small, and that's what I got. It's smaller than a Nalgene, and doesn't weigh much.

It is a relatively narrow mat, so I thought I might struggle to sleep on my side, but the wider side baffles help keep me on the mat - I've not fallen off in 3 weeks of use.

It's really comfy, as it is quite a deep mat, and deeper at the sides. I wouldn't think it offers much insulation, but could be paired with a foam mat underneath.

The material seems flimsy, but I guess that's in the name of lightweight, so I wouldn't be confident sleeping on rough ground with it, under a tarp say. But in the tent it seems fine.

The weak spot would be the area near the valve, in order to close the valve you have to twist, which is normal, but, this ends up twisting the fabric around the valve too. Unfortunately this is where mine sprung a leak, an awkward repair later and it leaks only slightly now, enough for about a night without re-inflation.

The repair kit provides plenty of material to use, but could perhaps do with slightly more glue for the awkward edge repairs.

I slept soundly for 3 weeks, the customer service was brilliant. A good price, small pack size. I would probably want a foam mat for insulation, but then I don't often camp out in such conditions.

Thanks Alpkit.


Comfortable and warm mat. Very little friction between the mat and the tent floor which initially makes using it a little exciting.

Desperate dan
Very comfy

Have had the mat over a year now. Used it in menorca walking around the island for a week. I lived it.. Very compact and dead comfy.. Never sludge of it and plenty long for me at over 6ft. However I have just used it during this Easter on the WHW in Scotland were they unfortunately got snow and temperatures at night dropped to about 0. I was freezing and had to buy a cheap foam mattress to add some insulation. I knew it had limited thermal properties but not as bad as expected. I had a good down sleeping bag and had never had cold legs before camping. So good for summer mild weather but not when temperatures drop. I may buy new one for trip to Iceland later in the year.

Comfy but hard to deflate

Used this for various trips including a week of wild camping in Greenland. Temperature went down to about -15 at night and this was fine with a thin foil/foam mat placed underneath. Very comfortable even on uneven frozen ground. Top inflation tip: use a 30l dry bag with a bike inner tube glued into the base as a sack pump. Only issue is that it's very hard to squeeze all of the air out when packing up: if the air chambers were linked at both ends it would probably resolve this. Otherwise a great bit of kit.

J MacBikey
One for the back-sleepers (but still very good!)

This is a very nice mat which does a great job of smoothing out the bumps and insulating you from the ground. Inflating takes < 1 minute and it deflating is just an exercise in sitting on it from different angles and working air back towards the valve. Surprisingly it goes back to it's original pack size and you don't feel like you're wrestling an angry crocodile, trying to fit it back in the stuff sack. Low weight and bulk are great when you want to travel light.

As Winter draws closer I think I'll twin this with a DIY Tyvek groundsheet to further increase insulation. Should be a good combo.

My only issue with the matt is that it's shape is best suited to back-sleepers and I'm not one of those; so my only negative point is a personal one but I'd still buy the mat again as it's quality/weight/price take some beating.

great we thing

ive had mine for aeyar and even let my son use it for his dofe exped. ive had the micro leak issue and it took ages with very soap water to find it only appeared when alot of weight was put on the mat very glad the repair kit worked becuse duct tape wont stick to it

apart from this it comfortable and smoothes out the usual bumps very well i always sleep well.

Great comfy mat that packs small and light

I've used this mat a lot and find it perfect - it packs very small and light, and is easy to inflate and roll up afterwards. it's good at insulating you from the ground and is very comfortable although it may be a bit narrow for wider people. only slight issue is that it is a bit slippery so your sleeping bag can tend to slide around on it - maybe some rubbery strips would help with that...

Great mat, valve lets it down

The mat is fantastic, however I have used it considerably over the past three years and over time the hard plastic of the valve has worn through the mat material and it is now irrepairable. A slight change in the mat design would ensure this mat kept it's 5 star rating from me.

Good for weight and money

I used one for about a year, had two punctures, easily repaired. However now the mat deflates overnight... and no punctures to be found, nor the valve seems to leak... Slow puncture mystery, I'll have to do away with it. Also the mat is extremely slippery, in slight inclines I was waking up with my head in the midpoint...
Pros are that it's light, packs remarkably small and held up at -8°C (I could slightly feel a chill but that was it).

If you don't expect the mat to last for more than a year and are ready to deal with frequent punctures, go for it. Good value for money.

Visconte Cobram
Cheap, long, light but not very durable..

This pad is light, packs very small and is long enough for me (1.94m tall).
It also inflates crazy fast, maybe less than ten big puffs!
The one way valve also is great, as it doesn't allow air to escape between puffs.
The downside for me has been durability: I must admit I've been using it in not the best condition but I always managed to put it above/in my ivy or an emergency blanket to protect it. That said it recently started leaking and about 2 hours into the night I would find my back on the ground. I have patched it in more than 8 spots and still can find micro leaks if I submerge it. What puzzles me is that most of the leaks are located at the foot end of the pad and between the rolls, where they join.. not somewhere one would expect holes to develop.
Maybe I was careless and/or unlucky and you may get better mileage out of it.

Small Lightweight Cold

This is a great may which packs down very small. Lightweight so ideal for multi day trips.

Downsides are it's cold. Only to be used in half decent weather.
Sometimes a bit of a struggle to get all the air back out.

That said, great value and would recommend.

Super lightweight but not very comfy

I really like that it packs away so small and weighs hardly anything, therefore it's great for microadventures, backpacking and wherever you have a bit of a walk-in. However, I don't find sleeping on it very comfortable - it feels like sleeping on one of these old school pool air matrasses and I end up not sleeping well, waking up frequently and feeling stiff and sore the next day.

Good summer mat but not suited to cold conditions

I bought the Numo to replace an Exped Synmat UL 7 S that had failed after 6 years intermittent use (One of the internal baffles had split the length of the mat, leaving an uncomfortable bulge).

It is definitely a 2-3 season mat and I find it considerably colder than the Exped mat, similar to a standard foam mat (Although far more comfortable). A lot of the cold comes through the gaps between the ribs where the top and bottom surfaces connect.

The Numo also requires far more effort to inflate than the Exped as it takes sometime for air to pass from the first tube to the subsequent ones. So you end up blowing at a higher pressure for longer, which is harder work, especially at altitude.

All in all a good, lightweight entry-level or summer bikepacking / microadventure mat. However if you are looking for something to use winter mountaineering or in cold conditions I'd recommend picking something warmer.

I've attached a photo of the amount of snow melt from a single night camping between the Numo (left) and a therm-a-rest self inflating mat (right). Not overly scientific, however my climbing partner and I are similar height and build and were using similarly rated sleeping bags in the same tent.

crazy english
not a bad mat untill it springs 40 leaks

I bought this mat 3 years and 9 days ago.
it is light weight, comfy and packs down to bugger all.
How ever upon testing my gear before a big ride i found my mat had gone down over night. so i performed the usual test of sticking it in the bath to look for the hole. I was not expecting to find 5 on my first dunk.
I found about 20 holes just on one side all along where fabric is welded to create the air pillows.
So i phoned customer services expecting the service i received after my first order (over five years ago) which was amazing,when i was told how to fix it and sent out a replacement next day. That customer service made me a cutomer for life.
Now all i get is sorry its 9 days out of warrenty we carnt replace or repair it. Alpkit did offer a 50% off a new product but if they are going to argue over 9 days, im going to shop somewhere else from now on.
It's a real shame, i used to sing this companys praises but now i think i'll tell people to avoid it.
I hope keeping the cost price of a lumo sleep mat was worth loosing a lot of potential future customers.

Good at first

First multiple night trip it worked amazing.
Second multiple night trip following year it was soft by Morning
Third trip i had to blow it up every two hours.

Shame really as it's comfy light weight and packs small but not very robust


Very light and small pack size. Comfortable if sleeping flat on your back/front.

It deflates overnight as it gets colder so you need to wake up to add more air. The vertical baffles make sleeping on your side uncomfortable as you just end up in-between baffles where there is no padding. Durability is poor as it's extremely easy to puncture, I have only used it in a tent and it still got a hole in it. It doesn't offer much insulation at all - really only good for spring/ summer camping in a tent.

This is my second alpkit sleeping mat but both experiences have been negative and the products haven't proven to last the test of time, which is a shame as my other alpkit stuff has for the most part.

I must be doing something wrong...

I loved this mat when I got it as it ticked all the boxes. Comfy, yet compact and lightweight - that being really important for me. The first one I got developed a leak almost immediately and Alpkit were great in replacing it. The second one was almost the same. I've had to repair it several times and it lets me down (literally!) as many times as it works well. It's only ever really been used for camping in fields and in bothies, nothing particularly extreme. I feel like for it to be guaranteed to work I've got to use it with a foam mat under it to protect it, which kind of defeats the object. I really wanted to like it, but it's just been too unreliable. I think the time has come to sack it off and try one of the other mats that Alpkit has to offer. Strange, given the generally great reviews that this product has, that I've had the opposite experience!

Dougie Walker
Multi leaks

First 3 or 4 uses were amazing. Really comfy mat and, when paired with a foam mat for insulation, was fine during winter in Scotland.

Sadly, after only a few uses it had sprung leaks at the corners of the vale where they overlap the mat material. I thought the repair kit provided hadn't fixed the issue so bought a good repair kit on here for a fiver which seemed to do the trick. It appears however that the mat has multiple small leaks at the seams separating the air tubes. I've fixed around 8 areas on the mat however it still doesn't stay inflated for an overnight sleep - let me down out in the highlands in a very cold October.

Really disappointed at the resilience of the mat which otherwise was a great, lightweight solution.

I am 5' 7'' and weigh an unimposing 11.5 stone - not a load I would expect to overly challenge the mat.


Hi Dougie,
We have contacted you directly as your sleeping mat would appear to be faulty and will be covered by our 3-year Alpine Bond.

Lindsay M
Seriously disappointed

I have used the Numo on 2 bike bike packing trips so no more than 8 nights, on the second trip it deflated every night requiring to be blown up 2/3 times a night. I put in the bath and found one leak(no visible damage) which i repaired but it still appears to have a leak. I have all Alpkit bike backing gear and it has been awesome but this is the worst product I have ever had - i look after my kit really well so i can assure it was not damaged or mistreated. This was compounded by my daughter who bought two of these to do the cape wrath trail one for her and one for her pal - my daughters failed after 3 days and she had to sleep without for

Excellent...at first, but let down by build quality.

Unfortunately after long term testing this mat is simply just poorly made and as many reviews are based on first use it’s unlikey you’ll hear about it.
I made my purchase of the numo around 2 years ago, not as my primary pad but as a lightweight option for the few multi day excursions that I partake in every year. Before you read further I thought it would be important to mention that I don’t inflate mine with lung power, I use a pump sack which prevents moisture, and after every use it is inspected, and well cared for as I appreciate that you have to with inflatable pads. I’m also at 64kg not really a challenge for any pad.
My first trip with the numo was a 5 night trip to Dartmoor where the pad performed faultlessly, it’s comfortable miles from the ground and easy to use, unfortunately though on the next trip the pad began to deflate over night, slowly at first only needing one top up a night but the leak became a little worse with every night until multiple deflation’s. Naturally I blamed myself for careless pitching and began looking for the puncture but rather that a puncture I found the multiple leaks to be from the ends of the channels where the pad is heat sealed so it was returned to alpkit (first class service by the way) as I needed a repair or replacement and the provided repair kit is useless in the location.
Swiftly I was sent a replacement for a planned 6 night trip by the faultless customer service team and out I went with the new one.
The first thing I noticed was that once inflated the replacement Mat appeared to have a twist to it, once your bag is in it though it didn’t effect its use so I thought to carry on regardless. But...round two was more of the same, excellent for the first 4/5 nights then slowly increasing top ups were required before I finally got around to floating it in the bath after a recent outing to Brecon where the multiple top ups became unbearable. Again the
6 leaks found at the ends of the baffle channels and one along the side seam hilight an obvious quality flaw during the mats construction. Although the side seam pinhole is repairable the multiple leaks in the channels are beyond the repair kit and even a good finger full of seam sealant will need regular reapplication due to the flex in this area so unfortunately another lightly used mat has been retired.
While I appreciate that it’s only a £40 mat, it’s one that can’t be relied on, much past it’s initial unboxing, and although alpkit has first class service (I have several other purchases that I’m happy with) I would not recommend this particular product to anyone.

Lucy k
Burst after second use

Used a couple of times, third time using was totally flat. Patched it up with the kit given (small hole near the mouth piece). It didn't work and I am now very uncomfortable and cold after having spent a night sleeping on the ground. I wouldn't recommend this, thermorests seem much better quality.


We’ve contacted Lucy to request this Numo is returned to us for testing & repair or replacement.
The emergency repair kit included should be effective in straighforward punctures but for those looking for something a bit sturdier, I’d recommend carrying the Stormsure Repair Kit for Inflatables https://www.alpkit.com/products/stormsure-repair-kit-for-inflatables - this includes sealant that can repair punctures in awkward locations on inflatable mats.

Great but doesn't last long

It's lightweight and very comfertable BUT...

Now on my 3rd replacement. Continually gets holes along the seams after about 20 uses. Each of the 3 replacements fail in the same places. These are impossible to repair. Very disappointing as was relying on this for a 6 month bikepacking trip, leaving me without a sleeping mat in the middle of nowhere.

OK for the odd night, but not for prolonged use nor reliable.

happy camper
Great until it punctures, which it will.

This mat was the best mat I'd ever used (so comfortable, so light) until it punctured, which it did after only a few uses.

I take good care of my kit, so this was disappointing. However it wasn't a one-off -- after repairing one puncture, it punctured again. I have now repaired 7 punctures, and have run out of repair kit, and the will to persevere. Two friends have this mat, and have had the same experience.

The light weight comes at a price, and that price is flimsiness. Tiny bits of grit can't really be avoided in a tent, and given that's where you use a camping mat, this isn't fit for purpose.

Alpkit helpfully offered to sell me another repair kit.


We contacted Happy Camper and it turned out his mat was failing at the seams rather than getting punctured. This is covered by our 3 year Alpine Bond warranty - Alpkit

Only lasted three nights unfortunately

Amazed at how light it is, and how small it packs down. Used it sleeping in the back of my van, which has a false floor. Had two really comfortable nights sleeps, but unfortunately got a puncture on the third night. There is a small scratch across the surface that is proving difficult to repair, but am sure is repairable. I think it scraped against the corner of the hinge of the false floor, which on close inspection has a slight edge, but nothing that I would expect to rip a jacket or similar.

The problem I have though once I've repaired it, do I use this mat, which got a puncture very easily (it would be a much bigger issue if it punctured miles from anywhere). Or do I go back to my >10 year old thermarest (which I've used in the back of my van many times without incident)...


Constantly slipped off them all night when using a sleeping bag on top as its slippy material on slipper material, after sending back the company they would only offer a 60% refund despite being used once, so completely out of pocket for a rubbish product. Might as well use a pool lilo.


The Numo is very lightweight and packable sleeping mat but the compromise for lightweight materials is that they can more slippery. When Lucy tried to return the mats we were unable to offer a full refund as they had clearly been used and were dirty. We did however offer her a credit note for 80% of the value of her Numos or a 60% partial refund.

I really wanted to like it, but....

The sleeping mat is lightweight and compact and seemed to tick all the boxes, sadly that wasn't the case for me.
After using the mat for the odd night here and there it seemed fine, but having recently spending several night around the Lake District (even visiting your shop), I was experiencing really bad lower back pain, to a point where it pained me to move.
I swaped the mat for another sleeping mat and that resolved the issue.

Not sure why or how, but it caused me lower back pain, I suspect it was the design and the air tubes not agreeing with my back, but not 100% sure.
Gutted about it and now the search continues to another mat

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites
WMB Value
WMB Value
WMB Winner

WMB Tests MytiMug, Hunka and Numo

WMB tests and reviews all the essential kit for adventure biking. The MytiMug and Numo are both awarded 4 out of 5 stars. The Hunka is awarded 3 out of 5 stars.

You can do just about everything with [the MytiMug] - cook in it, eat out of it and drink from it. Now that is space saving!

Andy McCandlish

Another suberb value offering from Alpkit... We used [the Numo] down to 0°C to great effect.

Andy McCandlish

For the money [the Hunka] really can't be beaten ... The small pack size and built-in stuff sack are a very welcome bonus.

Andy McCandlish

What Mountain Bike July 2011 - Andy McCandlish

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