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Full length ultralight inflatable camping mattress

The day had been a long one, tea of sorts had been eaten and the bike kind of cleaned. Jon was looking forward to a good night and with his legs still striped with mud, he crawled into his bag and cinched up the hood. As he closed his eyes and listened to the makeshift campsite retire for the evening he couldn't help but join in the giggles as the odd balloon pop echoed up into the night sky

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WMB Value
WMB Value
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WMB Tests MytiMug, Hunka and Numo

What Mountain Bike March 2013 - Andy McCandlish

WMB tests and reviews all the essential kit for adventure biking. The MytiMug and Numo are both awarded 4 out of 5 stars. The Hunka is awarded 3 out of 5 stars.

You can do just about everything with [the MytiMug] - cook in it, eat out of it and drink from it. Now that is space saving!

Andy McCandlish

Another suberb value offering from Alpkit... We used [the Numo] down to 0°C to great effect.

Andy McCandlish

For the money [the Hunka] really can't be beaten ... The small pack size and built-in stuff sack are a very welcome bonus.

Andy McCandlish

If you are after the comfort of Fat Mat camping but the weight of some of the lightest pads around, the Numo is the pad for you. As there is no foam inside, the mat has an extremely compact pack size, however you'll need to provide all the puff to inflate it.

Once inflated, you'll be rewarded with 7 cm of cushioning to see off those lumps and bumps. Constructed from TPU coated 33D Ripstop Nylon it is burly enough to ward off unwanted punctures but light enough to forget about.

The upper portion of each tube is filled with a hollow fill fibre to help trap and prevent movement of air thus improving the insulation of the mat. The insulation is bonded to both the top and the bottom of the tube to minimise air movement during use and maximise insulation.

  • Upper Fabric : 33D TPU Coated Ripstop Nylon
  • Base Fabric : 33D TPU Coated Ripstop Nylon
  • Single valve inflation/deflation
  • Length: 180 cm, width: 50 cm, thickness: 7 cm
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • Weight : 470 g

  • Black

  • Chilli

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