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Hunka Bivvy Bag

Ultralight bivvy bag/sleeping bag cover

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Extend your bivvy adventures with a Rig Tarp

A lightweight Rig tarp is the perfect companion to a Hunka bivvy bag. Available in 3 sizes; Rig 3.5 is perfect for soloists, Rig 7 is just right for sharing nights under the stars and the enourmous group sized Rig 21 has community appeal!

What could be better than sleeping out in the open making wishes on shooting stars, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. The Hunka bivvy bag converts your sleeping bag into a shelter for the evening. 

The Hunka is compact at under 400 g; perfect for all adventurers from alpinists and big wall climbers to minimalist campers and expedition leaders. Lightweight and small enough to be used as an emergency bag but tough enough to withstand roughing it off the beaten track: Bung it in a kayak, stuff it in your rucksack or attach it to your fat bike- wherever you go and however you travel, a bivvy bag is an essential.

Multi-award winning, the Hunka frequently tops the Best Buy and Best Value awards for bivvy bags

Key features

  • 2.5 layer ripstop nylon construction
  • Waterproof: HH 10,000 mm
  • Breathable: MVP of 10,000 g/m²/24 hr
  • Sculptured hood with dual drawcords
  • Fully taped seams
  • Integral stuff sack
  • Light enough to be used as an emergency bivvy bag
  • Tapered shape: 215 cm long x 80 cm wide at shoulders
  • Lightweight : 376 g (average of 10 bags)


Pre-order now for dispatch mid-late July

Origin: China

For now, we will disregard the argument as to whether the Hunka is a bivvy, bivi or bivouac sack (it is a bivvy bag by the way) and focus on the fun you can have with it! If Mr Microadventure himself, Alastair Humphreys, hasn’t yet persuaded you of the wonders of the bivvy bag lifestyle, allow us to tell you a few of the best bivvy qualities.

A bivvy bag will keep your sleeping bag safe from the elements; no more soggy down! And no more anxious nights laid awake worrying if your down bag is going to survive to the morning in a dripping snowhole. A bivvy bag is your answer!

Access to the bag is through a simple drawcord closure system at the head of the bag. This can be cinched down tight to keep all but the worst of the weather out. You will be protected by the waterproof and windproof fabric, it is extremely breathable to minimise condensation build up in your sleeping bag and in clear skies the opening can left open to further help with this. With an integrated stuffsack located on the foot section of the bag, it can be quickly packed away.

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Used Hunka several times alongside Terra Nova Jupiter Goretex bivi. The Terra Nova cost 200 quid. Terra Nova is better, mainly because it has a hoop + mosquito net so you can sleep with your face uncovered without getting it bitten off by mosquitoes. In mosquito-free areas Hunka is great, and if you sleep with your face outside the bag condensation not too bad - not noticeably worse than with fancy Goretex. A version of the Hunka with some kind of netting to cover face would be perfect, and still much cheaper than Goretex.

18 June, 2015 by ben

Great bit of kit. No sign of condensation inside at all. My only criticism is that when slept in with a wee airic inside it too, it can be a bit snug for ‘side sleepers’, sometimes creating a cold spot on your hip. If you’re a side sleeper, go for the hunka XL. Otherwise, a great buy at a bargain price!

08 April, 2015 by Adam Round

Hi there,

I was just wondering when you guys might have the Kelp Hunka in stock again? I’d love to buy one but the Lego and Chilli colours aren’t surreptitious enough!


02 April, 2015 by Joe

Scanned the web for recommendations on lightweight bivvy bag and the Hunka came out top everywhere ! Bought one and I fully understand why. Dry inside and out. What more do you want? It is so good I took back the equivalent I had from a well known store as not fit for purpose given the performance difference. Top kit for #microadventures !

08 March, 2015 by Eryl

Good quality product and marvellously light. Thank you, Degs: prompt, friendly, efficient.

19 December, 2014 by Andrea

I have been using a hunka from the first year they were introduced, there was no XL version then. It’s small when packed into the mesh pocket attached to the bottom and weight wise there appears to be nothing to it.
Being 5’10” the length of the bivvy bag is fine, but I may have to go out and buy the XL version as I have a 44” chest and it’s a little snug.

It does a good job, I have used it year round for well over three years, it’s been used in a hammock and for ground dwelling and it’s pretty much put up with everything mother nature has been able to throw at it.

It compares very favourably with the the current and old issued bivvy bags on price, weight (it’s considerably lighter) and on packed size (it’s really very small in comparison to a military bag).

As far as breathability goes the Hunka copes admirably as well.

In my view there is no Bivvy Bag in it’s price range that could challenge it and at the moment I know of no others at even double the cost that compare with the hunka for performance, size and weight.

27 October, 2014 by Leon Andrews

Hey Alexander - A damp cloth is the best way to clean the bag. if it needs an all over wash and freshen up, we suggest a good scrub in the bath, followed by a spray of grangers/nikwax DWR coating to help the waterproofing. Any more questions don’t hesitate dropping us an e-mail - Jay

20 October, 2014 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

Top piece of kit! Very quick delivery so I took it out last night to give it a trial run. Started with the mat (Vango Ultralite Full) inside the bivvy but took it out as it was making it rather snug! It was quite warm so I used a 2-season sleeping bag and was toasty all night and the hunka kept the drizzle off - if it got any heavier I’d need a tarp but as it was I was quite comfortable. No condensation in the morning at all and other than a slightly damp face everything else was bone dry. Would definitely recommend getting one, if you fancy a bit more room or want to keep your mat in the bivvy go for the XL.

The feet got a bit muddy: what’s the best way of cleaning it chaps? Wipe down with a damp cloth?

18 October, 2014 by Alexander W

Hey Martin, We re-stocked the Hunka and Hunka XL late August. As it is so popular they have now sold out and the next batch is due in October.

This is the Alpkit business model I’m afraid - buy as much high quality kit as we can afford, sell it to you for great prices. As soon as it is sold we can buy more…

They are coming but as always there will be limited stock.

To keep up to date with product news and arrivals, it is worth signing up for our Newsletter which can be done at the bottom left of our homepage (www.alpkit.com). Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter (@alpkit) or ‘like’ us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/alpkit).



30 September, 2014 by Jay Oram [Alpkit]

Just used my hunka on a weekend away in dartmoor
Great piece of kit but I am going to invest in the xl hunka so I have more room for my mat and so I can fully get into it as it was a tight squeeze for me.
Was dry in the morning, no noticeable condensation, would be good to have a larger zip entry and closure so that it can fully cover face at night and zip up

29 September, 2014 by James

Still nothing in stock for one of your most popular products?!

29 September, 2014 by Martin

Great service from Alpkit. The bivvy bag looks great too, though not had a chance to try it yet!

29 August, 2014 by Gail Simmons

Purchased the Hunka bivvy bag in June 2014 for a recent cycling trip to France. Item arrived as promised and on time. Excellent and friendly customer service team helped me with my order. Its extremely light and looked well made so perfect for my weight saving bike trip.
I used the Hunka for 4 nights in varying temperatures between and a very wet thunder storm. The bag remained bone dry at all times and the only water ingress was through the drawstring hood. My fault for not pulling it tight enough around my face.
Only criticism is that I am 5Ft 11 and 80KG and found it a tight fight. I was only using a very light weight and thin 2 x season sleeping bag. If you are of a similar size I recommend you go for the XL size as I found the bag a bit tight for my frame. Will still continue to use it as it worked perfectly well and is I think its excellent value for money.

24 June, 2014 by Martin

Spent first night in mine last night along with 2 friends both of who also use the hunka and was very impressed. the fabric is bombproof and despite sleeping on some very rough gritstone the bag shows no sign of wear whatsoever. the bags kept the wind off all night temperatures were around 3 degrees and we were all perfectly warm using two and 3 season synthetic sleeping bags.

18 April, 2014 by Gabe C

Just spent first night in my Hunka. Tested in the garden on a crystal clear night. Temperatures were hovering around +/- 2C with a light frost in the morning. I’m a hot sleeper, but just had a cheapo 3 season synthetic bag, a fleece and pair of normal socks. Was toasty warm from the start - fell asleep watching planes, stars and even a couple of shooting stars, woken by the cat flap slamming a couple of times, telling the time by the rotation of the stars. Lovely night!

Was still lovely and warm in the morning, except for a chilly nose - my fault for leaving the opening too wide. The was a slight frost on the outside of the bag, which I assume means my heat wasn’t escaping - all good. Minimal condensation - mainly where my toes were pushing a bit hard against the bottom and near where I was breathing. Apart from that, perfect.

Only downsides - I’m 6’1”, and with a chunkyish 3-season bag and my (also excellent) Alpkit mat inside I felt a little cramped, but I guess that’s personal preference - I’m not a big fun of mummy bags anyway, to be honest. Think I’m going to get an XL version too, and use this as a loan to persuade friends to join me on a few microadventures smile

One other feature that might be great would be a small pocket or loop near the opening so you can stow a torch, etc. I like to keep mine to hand inside the bag, but could not find anything to secure it to.

24 March, 2014 by Tim Croydon

Would be cool if you made a kind of military green one? Camouflaged for the more risky wild camps?

03 March, 2014 by Henry Potter

Used this throughout a week’s bike tour recently - it was great! I’m fairly tall, and had my roll mat and sleeping bag inside, along with a fully clothed me and I felt fine for room with the normal sized Hunka. I liked the way it stuffed into the attached pocket, and it packed down very small and light. Although the weather was quite windy it felt like it was cutting that right out and my sleeping bag was always dry in the mornings. You can draw the hood together nicely, although I would have liked it to have closed in tighter - sometimes there would be a bit of wind or some drizzle creeping through the hole at night, although I guess you are supposed to use it with a basher or such which I expect would have cut that out. I did rather comically get stuck most nights - the hood cords had a tendency to loop together quite well which would leave me trying to untangle the knot to open the hood…! But I don’t think that’s a design fault - just one of those things that happens!
I can only compare the Hunka to those huge MoD bivis, so not sure how it compares to similar bags, but I thought it was great! Good purchase. I also used their Gordon 30L bag on the trip which was also a good buy! Will definitely look at their other kit for future buys.

14 October, 2013 by James

Ordered my sons Hunka on Sunday, dispatched on Monday and received on Tuesday. Thanks Ben for the speedy service, will leave feedback after the weekend after our overnight on Cadair Idris.

04 October, 2013 by tami haye

Customer service - I ordered a Hunka XL by phone; the service was excellent and the lady on the phone was awesome, very helpful and patient!
Will do a Hunka review when I hunker down somewhere for the night. Thanks Alkit - smaller companies rule!

17 June, 2013 by Ri

I bought the Hunka bivi bag about a year ago and have been using it in the tent as occasionally my tent will leak in heavy rain I do find it to be a bit snug, I’m not exactly large being 5’10” and 13st. Last night I used it under a micro tarp in VERY heavy rain… the bottom of my sleeping bag was wet. I do not know if this is just because it needs reproofing after a year, but for me it serves it’s purpose well, in the tent. Though next time I’ll get the XL.

01 November, 2012 by Mark Massey

Finally got to test my new Hunka and was pleased to find that it was easily roomy enough for me (5’11”) and my sleeping bag, though I’m going to have to find a smaller inflatable pillow otherwise the drawstring won’t close properly (what you sacrifice for small comforts?!) Technically the bag was very sound, did everything I expected of it and kept me nice and dry.

As for Alpkit - this is the 3rd major piece of kit I’ve bought from them and I have to say I’m a big fan. Products that work well and are good value for money. And equally as important for me, fantastic customer service from very friendly & helpful people. Keep it up!

30 August, 2012 by Ali

Have now tested the bag and I was really impressed, the service was quick and when I emailed them their reply was quick, effiencent and friendly. Only slight issue is the mess bag on the bottom is a bit fiddly to use but this issue can be avoided by keeping your sleeping bag inside you bivvi bag and when packing away stuff both the bivvi bag and sleeping bag in the sleeping bag stuff sack.

Quick efficient service and a good well priced product, would recommend both the company and this particular product.

05 August, 2012 by George

Just had first night in the Hunka. Coolish summer night quite high in Wales with mist through most of the night. Excellent performance, I was bone dry in morning. I was in extremely light sleeping bag and fit was quite snug. I think I’d probably go for the XL for comfort if I needed to use a winter bag.

29 July, 2012 by Jol

Technically sound, it does the job well, keeps you warm and dry, but when you close the draw strings it sacrifices shoulder space, im not broad shouldered either and to be honest I want to return it and upgrade to the Hunka XL.

17 June, 2012 by martin bell

I’ve been using the Hunka XL for a year now. Design-wise it is nearly perfect. It is waterproof and breathable and large enough to let your bag loft fully. I don’t find the mesh bag very useful - I just roll my sleeping bag up inside the bivi and put some elastic webbing around the bundle. I sleep with my CCF mat underneath to reduce wear and tear on the bivi. The only changes I’d like to see would be micro seam tape and a higher performing material to save even more weight. Please make a Hunka XL elite for us fussy ultralighters!

23 April, 2012 by Alex

What a fantastic service, item arrived the very next day. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the Hunka as this was ordered at my son Andrews request. He is travelling around the world on his motor bike, check him out on his blog www.intotheride.wordpress.com.
It is my intention to take the Hunka when I go to meet him in
South Africa, but I will ask him to give you feedback on this item.
Once again thank you so very much for your excellent service
Once again thank you for your excellanr service

14 April, 2012 by Edna Palmer

Kit arrived as usual with Alpkit the very next day. As always a great service. I have used Gortex Bivi Bags in the past when i was in the military but recently and sadly had to hand it in. Gortex was to pricey for me so i went for this after buying lots of other kit from these guys i knew they wouldn’t let me down. I have used this with a decent sleeping bag (Alpkit again) and had a few nights out in the cold and wet. It performed superbly with no wet patches and its defiantly breathable which is just essential. Highly recommend this, great price awesome kit!

29 March, 2012 by Phil

Speedy delivery.
Spot on kit for the purpose intended. Probably be used with a light tarp as it rains a fair amount up north and I’m no fair weather activist.
Thanks to Alpkit for an excellent service and realistic pricing.

24 March, 2012 by Drew

Hi, thanks for a swift dispatch (and a hand-written dedication note), item arrived as described, it feels and looks really sturdy. Tried it in the garden on the day it arrived (+4C, drizzle), and it worked perfectly - no condensation inside, no leaks. XL size perfect for winter camping and if you tend to put you thermarest inside like I do. I am medium build and don’t think I would fit comfortably in the regular sized on.

29 February, 2012 by John

extremely happy with this product,well made and great value thanks

21 February, 2012 by c maclean

great bag got me through a couple of mountain storms last summer, only slight issue is the black seam with the cord inside it is not a water proof material so in the rain when its pulled tight its difficult to seal it completely as the edges soak up a bit of water even if the hole is held closed. Minor issue meaning damp hands in heavy rain thats all though.

29 January, 2012 by Rob S

Incredibly quick delivery to the US, looks like a bomber bag can’t wait to test it in a snow cave in the Canadian Rockies this winter.

20 January, 2012 by Ben

That hits the target dead center! Great aneswr!

19 December, 2011 by Queenie

Initially, not impressed with communication. There was a problem with their payment system, and mine didn’t go through. After a couple of weeks, I’d had no contact so I phoned to ask why I’d not received my order.
They called me back within minutes and explained the situation, though didn’t say why they’d not been in touch to let me know why they’d not proceeded with the transaction. They took payment again, and the next day I received it.
Delighted with the bivvy bag, Packs down to a tiny bundle. Seems a high quality product

17 December, 2011 by jeremy north

Perfect piece of kit, light, small pack size. Speedy delivery. Not had the chance to try it yet.

04 December, 2011 by Jacques

Great piece of kit. Seriously light, seriously small pack size. Some speedy delivery too. Fit is good as I’m a lanky bugger. Not had the chance to try it yet.

30 November, 2011 by Matthew Webb

Irish Buyer.I was looking for a long time a Bivvy bag that I could use with confidence in an emergency. The Hunka XL ticks all the boxes. I am a recent member of a Mountain Rescue team and several seasoned members swear by it. I Have been out twice this November and I’m very happy with it. I normally sleep very hot so the Breathability of the bag is very important. On both nights with rain and without rain the bag worked well. One small improvement I would suggest is to incorporate a hoop in the draw cord. I added this modification and if you place the bag with you head into the wind you are almost assures of a dry face. . Finally great service form Alpkit

24 November, 2011 by Kevin Hallahan

Not had a chance to test it out yet. going to be taking it to the andes for five months after christmas….

however, ordered late sunday night, arrived 0830 on tuesday morning…. cant ask for more than that!

looks well built. attached stuff sack is great as i cant lose it or have difficulty holding onto it in the cold.

all in all looks great! will let you know how it goes!

22 November, 2011 by Jimmy McSparron (Trekkingnut)

Hi Folks just wanted to say thanks for the speed response to my order bought one of the Hunka Bivvy bags last year before heading to the hills at the start of December just returned to buy another one for a friends Chrimbo again thanks for the speedy response and dispatch

02 November, 2011 by John McMahon

Fancied some good walks without the weight of a tent.  Purchased the Hunka XL as I am a bit larger than many walkers.  Bivied out on the South Downs, Brecon Beacon and Snowdonia.  1st class plenty of room, stayed dry and looking forward to further adventures.  Would recommend to anyone as I cant think what more money would do to improve what is a great product.

27 October, 2011 by Kenrick

Ordered my Hunka and received it in less than 48 hours, amazing service and highly recomended. slept 4 nights in my bag and it’s been brilliant, woke up last week and everything around me was covered in heavy dew, including me and my bag, but i was bone dry and very warm. superb product and an absolute steal at the price.

14 October, 2011 by ian

At 190cm my feet often stick out from a tarp. My lovely Hunka keeps me toasty and smug even in the wetest of wet lakeland torrents. (But when can I buy my pipedream?)

03 October, 2011 by John

Ordered my Hunka XL less than 48 hours ago and it arrived today, Alpkit kept me informed via email every step of the way with the order process, great service! Now to test out the Hunka. I’ve used military bivi bags in the past so the biggest noticeable difference straight away is the weight it really is so light this looks and feels like a great bit of kit and at £40 a real bargain. I’m 6.5” and having just climbed inside it’s plenty big enough!

01 September, 2011 by Keith Barrow

spent a night on Northern Rhinogs on 24th august in my skyehigh bag and hunka bivi. the rain was torrential in the night and when i thought it could not get worse it did. seriously thought i would get soaked, but woke up in morning to find sleeping bag ever so slightly wet around hood but the rest bone dry. great bivi and unbeleivable value for money

28 August, 2011 by rod

Well three of us stayed at the lake on Cadair Idris last weekend under a tarp, as you can guess it rained and the wind howled, woke up in the morning dry as a bone. Thanks Alpkit for a great product.

25 August, 2011 by Darren Moore

Just received a Hunka by recorded delivery - less than 48 hours after placing the order. Was informed at each step - processing, despatch etc - and a nice, handwritten note tucked in thanking me for the purchase. Simple stuff, but great customer service and much appreciated.

Great piece of kit. Standard Hunka is plenty big enough for normal sized people (five-ten and no longer skinny). I’d recommend this one rather than the XL - as then you might feel obligated to share it with your beardy mate in an emergency. And at this price and weight, she can buy her own.

Just wish I’d bought it BEFORE spending a night high on the Dent D’Orlu in shorts….....

25 August, 2011 by martin

Australian buyer here - WOW - received my Hunka XL in record time fro Alpkit and it is a nice piece of kit and will be using on the south coast track in Tassie in Dec this year as an emergency bivi but for those considering purchasing it as a primary piece of kit you will be pleasantly suprised. I am 6’4 and it has plenty of space to fit those larger sleeping systems and Avatar body sizes (which is often a challenge when purchasing kit as fellow Avatars will no doubt agree). So thinking of using this company for online purchases? - go for it - great friendly service, quality kit and fast delivery, what more do you want. Cheers Andy (Tasmania, Australia) grin

20 August, 2011 by Andy

Ordered my sons Hunka on Sunday, dispatched on Monday and received on Tuesday. Thanks Ben for the speedy service, will leave feedback after the weekend after our overnight on Cadair Idris.

Many thanks.

16 August, 2011 by Darren Moore

Slept out in 3 hours of heavy rain last weekend. Stayed dry, and no condensation. Fared better than my son in his military surplus bivvy.

13 August, 2011 by Jeff Zie

Took delivery of my Hunka through a friend, great value for money. My Mountain Equipment Starlight IV fits perfectly,it packs down into its stuff pack a treat no bigger than my MytiPot, I am so impressed so far I’m going to order one for my son as well. We will be using them next week for an overnite on Cadair Idris so will let you know how they performs.

13 August, 2011 by Darren Moore

impressed with my hunka. waterproof and robust but also not heavy. I wish I had gone for the hunka xl as its a bit snug if I try and fit a large sleep mat in it.

11 August, 2011 by KARL

Super service and only 4 working days from ordering to i got my Hunka XL delivered in Denmark. Product looks like great value for money.
Can’t wait to get it tested next week in th Alps.
Pleasure to do business with you guys.

23 June, 2011 by Jens Ostergaard

Great bits of kit.  I don’t think there is a better priced product available for the weight.  Imagine if it was made from eVENT?  It would be more expensive, granted, just as tough but even lighter!!

20 June, 2011 by Leigh

Great product. Really really good delivery!(next day delivery)
I can’t wait to test this bivy cover! In the Alps!

15 June, 2011 by Debbo

Quick delivery, spent a night in the wind and rain on carnedd llewelyn and I was warm and dry in the morning quality piece of kit for the money!

10 June, 2011 by Willis

Ordered at 11.45am, arrived next morning 9.20.

Surprised at how small the packet was (good) and mine came in at 418 grams, just over half the weight of the army bivi bag it’s going to replace - a big saving considering the price.

I thought it stuffed into the sewn-in sack quite easily - I ended up with a ball about the size of a very small melon, though it also folds flat very nicely to about the size of a pair of rain trousers (excuse the metaphors) and you can hear the air being pushed out. It’s very breathable.

Not used it yet, though I’m looking forward to it as dozens of reviews already say how good this product is.

Thanks again Alpkit.

10 June, 2011 by Gerry

Ordered my Hunka, it arrived a couple of days dater. Out in the woods that night.

Brilliant bivvy bag for the money. Would’ve been pleased if it cost twice as much… No condensation, and has served me well in the Surrey Hills in the past month (I’m out a fair bit).

Love the fact that it stuffs small, too. A real lifesaver. Now I have my eye on one of the Alpkit goose-down bags, and maybe some titanium bits…

09 June, 2011 by Jeff Zie

Came virtually the next day and just in time for our latest Wild Camp adventure up in the wilds of Teesdale.

Just what I was after, simple but effective and economical protection for my very expensive down sleeping bag. We have 2 dogs which can be a problem when you’re trying to protect your kit but with the Hunka that’s now history.

Two points worth noting:-

A) No great surprise but the midges did attack and successfully “peppered” my exposed face during the night.

B) Because it’s quite a large down bag when “fluffed up” the standard Hunka was a tad tight causing what I felt to be a couple of cold spots - this could I’m sure be alleviated through the use of the Hunka XL, which I have just bought for my 6’3” husband!

A great product. Thank you.

24 May, 2011 by Amanda Wilson

The usual quick delivery from Alpkit and used the bivy bag for the first time last night on an iron-age hillfort in Scotland.  Very warm and no condensation.  Briliant!

21 May, 2011 by Bryan

Took delivery of the Hunka one working day after ordering then used it on the Cuillin Ridge with a down sleeping bag. I found the Hunka to be light and adequately sized and it performed perfectly on a dry cool night with no condensation problems. Perhaps not a severe test but all in all excellent value and service.

12 May, 2011 by JB

Just spend 4days wild camping in north wales at the top of the gliders uesing my hunka bivy bag! Not a bad word to say about it, i was walm and dry every morning!

23 April, 2011 by Zak Macro

Bought this a few weeks ago and used this when I was walking the West Highland Way in Scotland this week. I got the XL one as I am 6ft 4 and used it with the Alpkit Skyhigh 1000. The reason I decided to get this Bivi bag over others was because I was so impressed by the performance of my sleeping bag. We were in temps of -18 with constant snow and the bivi performed brilliant. I only had a tiny bit of condensation round the opening. This was a lot less than the standard army issue one my friend was using! Overall a very good and cheap product and is defiantly waterproof.  Thanks Alpkit for another great product!

21 December, 2010 by Kris Robertson

we used these last weekend in -18℃ Finland, they performed brilliantly. no noticeable condensation, helps the sleeping bag to loft and helps to keep the heat in. Can’t be bad, Selina slept through until 9:30am!

03 December, 2010 by Ben and Selina

Recently came across the Alpkit website, just had a Gamma headtorch delivered, was looking at a petzl at twice the price, and just ordered a dirtbag mat, so hoping thats as impressive as your other products.

10 October, 2010 by John

I dont rate this bit of kit,the inside coating is very slick so if you add a self inflating mat,as soon as you move in the slightest the mat turns inside the bivi not in alignment leaving you uncomfortable allnight

21 September, 2010 by Jason

Used my hunka in the Highlands and it was great, kept me toasty warm all night.

31 August, 2010 by Soph

Tried my new Hunka out last night in the Cairngorms. Dry fairly warm night and I was both toasty and dry, with no sign of condensation on my down bag.

I did get woken up at 0530 by the midges trying to devour my face! I think I’ll be experimenting with some old mosquito net and sticky backed velcro.

Great deal none the less.

08 August, 2010 by Peter Beatty

Best buy I’ve ever had!
Great price and brilliant performance, I’m some what a portly fellow and found it a little snug with my sleeping bag, could do with a hoop to add to the hood and allow the hood to fully close,but all in all a great piece of kit.
Thanks guys.

18 January, 2010 by JP

I replaced my 1985 Goretex bag with one of these as it was showing how old it was .

So far , this is performing better from new .

I like it.

13 January, 2010 by ian

I have bought two of these, one for myself and one for my friend, we have used them all over scotland almost every month of the year which naturally means just about every weather condition possible. Even one night in bog type ground.I am so impressed with this product, great price, great performance just all round brilliant. I have recomended to many, many people.

Well done alpkit, cheers.

01 December, 2009 by Garyth

The breathability of the bag is great but unfortunatly the hood cannot be closed completley resulting in a wet night’s sleep if it rains! I had an epic in the alps this year when water was gushing down my arms at 2.00 am!!! Also I’m 5 ft 11 and i can hardly fit in the bag length ways!!! All in all a good bag for summer use with light rain

16 November, 2009 by Tom Coulthard

purchased one recently, and recieved an excellent service. i have now used the bag in both very heavy dew with out a face cover and heavy rain with small tarp over head. fantastic intro to the bivi bag and can recommend it. thanks

18 October, 2009 by Steve Stringer

Bought 2 of these at the Cliffhanger 2009 in sheffield. They were selling ‘factory seconds’ for £10 - apparently the waterproof laminate hadn’t bonded properly to the outer layer. They reckoned it wouldn’t stay waterproof for very long.

I used it for summer alpine bivying and it worked brilliantly. I’ve previously used a £200 goretex exchange bag and to be honest the Hunka performed very well. Condensation in the Hunka wasn’t very different from the goretex bag and it stoof of to fairly heavy rain (using a seperate raincost to cover the face opening.

04 October, 2009 by Virgil

Spent few good nights in wet, windy and cold conditions. Hunka seems to do the job. It is waterproof however I noticed quite large condensation inside. My sleeping bag got wet, I was also using survival bag (also breathable) between sleeping bag and hunka. Survival bag was also wet outside. It was really cold night. . Advice: if it rains heavily and you are getting wet through the ope, turn your bivvy upside down with the ope towards the ground.this position can also help with everything what flys. Overall Hunka does a good job as bivvy bag, and together with a great price it makes me very happy owner.

29 September, 2009 by Jack

I bought this as my first bivvy, and used it last week . . . fabulous. A great night’s sleep, comfortable, warm, dry (even though the condensation all around me was appalling) and brilliant value. I’ll be using this a hell of a lot! Thanks, guys. Excellent service as always.

18 August, 2009 by Mike Jecks

I’ve had three nights out now in my Hunka including one very wet evening on Buckden Pike; it’s an outstanding piece of kit. Fantastic value and usual excellent Alpkit service - keep up the good work guys!

01 August, 2009 by Andy Kitts

next day delivery!! i am so pleased with this product i have just purchased two more after mine grew legs and went exploring on its own ( how rude of it)!! one for me and one for my bros birthday.

slept under the stars, under a canoe in a tree and used in an emergencey to keep a casualty warm this is an amazing bag. if you have to wait.. it is worth it trust me!

original flovour Hunka did me a treat!
I previourley had a cool black but this time a chilli will stand out in the crowed!

thanks Alp Kit peeps!

29 July, 2009 by Lewis Reford

Nice bivy cover. I would definitely suggest a bug net. It would made a world of difference in a world of black flies. Cheers, Mr. Portage

30 June, 2009 by Mr. Portage

Just got my Hunka and can’t wait to use it, especially in the light of further internet browsing: my 380g bivy bag’s 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head totally blows my 1600g Gelert Solo tent’s 1,500mm out of the water!

27 May, 2009 by Trevor

Used my Hunka XL in anger for the first time this weekend. Slept comfortably through one night of ‘proper’ Lake District rain and only got slightly damp where some drips got into the opening. Really impressed with the breathability - pit remained bone dry throughout. Nice one alpkit!

08 May, 2009 by Hal

Bad guy !!!!
I’ve just seen you made an XL one !!!
GREAT !!!!! I’m gonna take one !!!!!

08 April, 2009 by Johann

I bought it last year and used it last summer in the Pyrenees, on the HRP. I’m really satisfied of this product : really waterproof (you could say “stormproof”), really breathable (even with the head inside the bag).
Just two regrets :
- a little too small for me (I’m 188 cm), so if you plan a tall size, tell me.
- a bugnet ?
It would be PERFECT

08 April, 2009 by Johann

just bought hunka with wee airic in chilli thinking it was the green one as in green chilli ‘plonker’ Anyway iam so impressed with service and qaulity iam goin to use it and get another at a later date in ‘kelp’and keep has spare for a mate.Can it be sprayed with insect repellent ?

17 March, 2009 by dave adams

That was me at the top of Leith Hill on Saturday morning at 6.45am. I’ve never slept in that long; probably because I’ve not been that comfortable before in a bivvy. But the combination of the Hunka XL and hipflask of Jack Daniels did the trick. Although I’m a shortie (but not a dwarf: no offence dwarfs and elfs),I found the previous Hunka too tight: the XL was more like sleeping in a tent, albeit a small one, like a TN Laser. Very impressed: small changes, massive difference. Vive La Alpkit! ZZZzzzzz…

03 March, 2009 by mac

I bought his bag for sailing - sleeping in a yacht full of condensation with the possibility of wet sails coming tumbling through a hatch at any time I though some waterproofing would be wise. I was very pleased to find this bag at this price - I thought that I would have to spend £100 plus for a gortex one. It worked like a dream - the damp stayed out and no condensation on the inside. I had a smug moment when one of the other crew was complaining that their very expensive bivvy bag was trapping condensation and thier sleeping bag was damp. 
Great product - I’m very pleased with it. I like the fact that it stuffs down fairly small as well. The service was very friendly and efficient - I’d highly recommend both the product and the company.

14 December, 2008 by Jo Budd

Hey there,

The other week I bought a Hunka along with a 30ltr Stealthy Gourdon bag.  This weekend I had a great opportunity to try out the Hunka bivi bag. I spent the weekend down in the Midlands at Knightly Park on a weekend bushcraft course run by Jonny Crockett of Survival School. The first night was cold and damp. Thick fog with temps down to around freezing. the following day was a bit warmer but night time temps dropped to minus 2c or minus 3c. The area was never dry, continually wet. So this was a great place to see how good the Hunka was.

There are loads of factors that will affect the performance of any bivi bag. Your sleeping bag, what type of mat you are using( if any ), how hot your body is, how much you sweat, humidity of the air, any breeze etc. I used a rather poor Gelert sleeping bag, which in previous outings hasn’t kept me warm at temps around plus 3c, a 3/4 length Gelert selfinflating mat and a silk liner.

The first night was under a tarp, with my feet end on the ground. Next morning my sleeping bag was 100% dry top to tail, Hunka was slightly damp feeling but I reckon that was more the cold that actual wetness. Second night was spent in a kennel or A frame shelter, same gear. Woke up in the morning 100% dry again even the foot end which was on the ground again and touching the shelter.

Rolled everything up and got home, some 12 hours later, unpacked. The Hunka was damp at the foot end when I packed it away - I keep my bivi, sleeping bag and liner together so that it’s a doddle to set up. The damp had made it’s way through to the sleeping bag but not by much. To me this isn’t a problem, I packed it away damp, didn’t dry it at all or air it which if I really was thinking this morning I would have and should have.

The Hunka is fairly light, mine weighs in at around 395 grams. The full stats are available from Alpkit here other reviews can be found here. The integrated stuff ‘pocket’ is a good idea, but is very fiddley to use. The material seems to be strong enough to handle the average forest floor, but as with most sharp pointy things will puncture it. Some people have mentioned the size of the bivi being a bit tight. If you want to have a bivi bag that you can store kit in as well as your sleeping bag, this is not for you. This bivi is strictly for your sleeping bag (and you of course) If you want your kit dry use a drybag of your choice.

30 November, 2008 by Nagual

Got my Hunka last week, overall quality seems great. I had a good nosey at it, turned it inside out and examined the stitching and taping. Everything seems good. Although a tiny, and I mean tiny bit of the proofing tape was not sealed down fully, one of the areas where the two lines of tape meet the shorter length was on the top when ideally it should have been underneath.

In reply to Keith Hayman who posted on 28 August, 2008, one way to stuff your bag into the mesh, is to fold the bag up rather than roll. You need to fold it so that the first fold is twice as big as the other folds ( sounds complicated but it’s not in practice ) this allows you to press the air out as you go and once fully folded up you can slide it into the mess pocket, thus the reason for the double length fold at the start.

18 November, 2008 by Nagual

Fantastic bit of kit! Highly recommended. Less than 24hrs for delivery, excellent customer support. Will be back here for more kit! Cheers

18 November, 2008 by Andy

To keep water out of the hole if it is REALLY raining, turn the bag upside down before climbing in, so the hole faces downwards. Not as comfortable a night, but very dry.

05 November, 2008 by Marcus

Super fast delivery and i use this in a tent to alleviate condensation probs ,Ive used many other Bivi bags and for price weight and a good design this beats them all , If you need a light bivi bag at a great price Get the alpkit Hunka

05 October, 2008 by SJ

Thanks for the prompt delivery. Looking forward to trying it out. It really is Light and compact enough to carry all the time as a survival bag. Only crit, I would prefer the mesh pouch to be at the Head end. Can’t roll it from the head, as there is always trapped air by the time you get to the tail - I Don’t like to just ‘stuff’ it all in from the Tail. I’m not sure crushing up a waterproof/breathable fabric is that good for it, but it does roll up to nice small size for the rucksack. I’ll get a wee bag for it myself, no problem.

28 August, 2008 by Keith Hayman

My trick for keeping the water out the hood is to use a couple of suitable branches bent over and wedged into the ground to hold my coat over it - a sort of mini tent for my head. You can decide yourself how far above your face to set it.

01 August, 2008 by Mike

I thought I’d try out my Hunka as soon as I got it, sleeping in my tame English garden, only to be awoken at 2am by a huge thunder storm pounding down!
The Hunka did very well and completely protected me from the elements. The only problem I found (which I guess you get with all bivies of this design) is keeping rain out of the hole at the top. Any suggestions?

01 August, 2008 by James

Used my Hunka under a tarp one wet night in the woods, stayed dry warm and comfortable, simply a brill bit mof kit.

03 July, 2008 by Ian Race

OK just had a response from Alpkit support - the trick is to flick the pocket inside out first then stuff it into the pocket - looks a lot neater. Easy when you know how?

24 June, 2008 by Mike Halliwell

Looks good, arrived today as promised. Not had chance to use it yet, but can someone explain the trick of how to get it into it’s stuff sack please - I can’t work it out?

24 June, 2008 by Mike Halliwell

I used my Hunka along with a very lightweight bag (my skyehigh400 was just too warm) in the desert while deployed in Afghanistan. We managed to be out a bit of storm. As we live in shell scrapes (small holes dug in the ground to avoid shrapnel from explosions) they tend to fill up with water.

As I was using my bergan(big rucksack) to rest my head on the opening to my bivvi bag was above the water line. I was unaware as I woke up to the fact that I was asleep in what was fast becoming a muddy swimming pool. My bag was totally dry and fortunately my rifle was too as i slept with it inside the Hunka too.

Thanks Alpkit

20 June, 2008 by Royal

I had one of the first Hunkas and although it looks good, i’ve sold it on to a friend as i’m just too large for it. With an AD500 the down is compressed and it’s very uncomfortable, i’m not even that big! When the XT version comes out i’ll buy another. How about a fully enclosed version with a single pole and midge net? that would be good!

02 June, 2008 by Paul

I bought a Hunka before an attempt to walk the WHW in 2 days so i could travel light and lose the tent.  I slept at the head of Loch Lomond and it rained almost solidly from 7 until 5 am.  This was my first experience of bivvying, and whilst i had an uncomfortable and sleepless night i cannot blame the hunka.  By using a coat to cover the head section i kept m and my down bag dry and warm.  I had both my bag and thermarest within the bivvy and as a result suffered slightly from condensation at the foot end of the bag.  However my Dad who was using a Terra Nova bivvy with a pole worth £200 suffered worse than the Hunka!  Very impressive performance for the price and hopefully the next time i use it ( lakes next weekend) i will be blessed with better weather!  Thanks Alpkit

27 May, 2008 by Matthew Dowson

Used my Hunka for the first time sleeping in a snow shelter in the cairngorms. It was below freezing in the shelter all night and spindrift was getting in through the door and roof. I managed to fit a thermarest prolite 4 and alpkit alpinedream 500 in the bivi bag. I think this may have been a mistake though as it ended up very tight and the down was overly compressed so I was a bit cold. Next time I’ll just put the sleeping bag inside the bivi bag and put the thermarest straight on the snow. In terms of performance, the hunka was brilliant. Totally windproof, waterproof and no problems with condensation. Kept the continual snow off me and by pulling the draw string tight I was able to keep my face pretty sheltered.

04 April, 2008 by Will Smith

Any news when these will be back in stock? What will be different about the Hunka XT? Thanks very much for the tifoon smile

02 April, 2008 by Pete

I second the above comment about when you will be getting more of these bags in stock, I’m desperate for one for the coming spring & summer months.

01 April, 2008 by Roger Armstrong

Are there plans to make a storm proof version of the hunka ?

01 April, 2008 by Craig McDonald

Was just wondering when you were going to get more of these bivy bags in stock, my boyfriend and I really wanted to buy two at the outdoor show but you had none left :( they look really good, please can you get some more.

30 March, 2008 by Helen Smith

any idea when the new batch of Hunka’s will be available. I need to get one for a trip to the lakes in april. These things are like gold!

24 March, 2008 by scott

I have now used the Hunka on two Mountain Leader Trainings and two Assessments. All the snow holes where generally in good conditons, cold and dry, and the bag worked very well in these conditons.  I have found the draw cord to do up tight enough for protection within a snow-hole but it may need a little modifying outside in rain or drizzle.  I have put my Thermorest inside the bag with a 4 season sleeping bag and this is bearable but more comfy with the mat outside of the bivi bag; however this does then mean a wet mat (not so good on multi day trips)  All in all a top piece of kit for 25 quid and a top delivery service.

18 March, 2008 by dave

Bought the Hunka and was amazed by the build and quality of it. I am 6ft 6 and found the hunka slightly short, also found the hunka restrictive when trying to move. I am really interested in the larger version, can a extra piece of material be attached to the open section to cover the face as the rip cord does not close tight enough. Cheers for such a awesome piece of kit

17 March, 2008 by Simon Pinnell

I ordered my Hunka one day and it arrived the next. I used it on two consecutive nights in conjunction with a ME Xero 350 down bag under a tarp. It was dry cold, down to -3C both nights. In the mornings, there wasn’t a trace of damp inside the bivy whilst others I was camping with, most using Hilleberg Aktos, were suffering from much condensation. A brilliant product.

12 February, 2008 by Litehiker

Got mine a while ago, (next day delivery, brilliant!), and its been great.  Im only 5 feet 11 so no problems with fit, no condensation at all and seems to work very well!  I put my waterproof jacket over my face in the rain, no problems at all.  Excellent bit of kit!  smile

31 January, 2008 by Dan

Just thought I’d comment on Alpkits excellent delivery service, next day delivery.

Having only chucked it out on the floor at home I cannot comment on it’s performance, but it looks to be a simple, well-made product.  I will be using it in Scotland next week, whilst snow-holing, so will post better feedback after that.

I am interested in whether a hood/shield could be added with little increase to price or work-load?

29 January, 2008 by Dave

I am currently working on a Hunka XT. First samples should be ready some time in March. Fingers crossed we’ll have one at the outdoors show for the bigger folks among us to wriggle into and ensure we are on the right lines for size. Cheers, Jim.

29 January, 2008 by alpjim

Bag seems good. When used with my AD 500 it is a bit restrictive and the bag doesn’t loft. Seems this bag is only made for whippet shaped people. Make a biger one and i’ll buy it.

29 January, 2008 by Paul

I’ve just used the hunka for a week in the wilderness and although very well made and waterproof I found it a bit restrictive. I am a big lad and my down bag was restricted and could not fully loft so if you guys make a bigger version I would be interested.

29 January, 2008 by Brendan

Just come back from 4 days snow holing used the Hunka!  Spot on in the snow holes NO condensation which was a bonus.  If i was really picky another 1ft would be nice but then i just think it was £25!  Where the logo is the two seams maybe a zip,  No zip makes it hard to urinate into your Nalgene when in a snow hole!!!

24 January, 2008 by Stu

I need one of these in Chilli, any idea when they’ll be in?  Or should I be a little more patient?  smile

10 January, 2008 by Dan

More Hunkas arriving at the start of January..

31 December, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Please get some more in stock. Iv herd good things about these bags and i realy want one:P
please reply with any info.

30 December, 2007 by Andy Bell

Hi Tom, sorry for the slow reply but we tend to use this section for feedback rather than sales enquiries. The Hunka packs down in to a 15 cm sphere.

29 December, 2007 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

Thinking about buying one of these bags , how small does it pack down to?

28 December, 2007 by Tom

Looking for a reasonably priced, breathable bivvi bag and this seemed to fit the bill. Very quick delivery and I liked Alpkits ethics. Used it on a trek along the Drakensberg Ridge in S Africa,11000 feet, sleeping in caves, in “unseasonally wet and cold weather”, in at the deep end then! I’m just over 6ft tall and there was plenty of lenght but wasn’t room for me and a 3/4 thermarest without the bag being to tight so the mat had to stay out in the cold! The draw string was a bit fiddly to get comfy but ok. After a night in the cloud and mist I had a coating of frost by the morning and a lot of condensation(enough to be concerned about drying out sufficiently during the day) To be fair, that was the worst night and the Hunka probably isn’t designed for those conditions so I would have no worries using it at other times. Bit more width so you can take a mat inside with you would be nice though- but for 25 quid you can’t complain

16 December, 2007 by Foggy

Firstly, great service, delivery super quick as usual. I bought this a few months ago in the summer, but never got round to using it. Finally got a chance to use this last weekend. Really pleased with it. Far less condensation than my mate’s Rab Survival bag, but I think he is a bit sweatier than me! It really pissed it down during the night so I did the drawcord up which worked fine, then I opened my jacket and put that over my head. Had a great first bivy experience. Thanks very much Alpkit.

12 December, 2007 by Graham Taylor

Tried out my Hunka on a wet November on Dartmoor, kept me and my precious down bag warm and dry, not a hint of condensation. Only slight problem is the first time I put it into it’s stuff sack the drawcord detatched itself so now I’m unable to properly close the stuffsack - any suggestions on how to fix this? Otherwise, great product and great service.

02 December, 2007 by Liz Miall

got hunka while ago used once with down bag (from tesco £35) toastie gelert 3/4 mat good fit cheers for great kit

20 November, 2007 by alan simpson

Spent the night on the nantlle ridge early november found the bag to be superb keeping out the fierce wind was as snug as i could be fastning cords are ok
& as others have mentioned breath through the small gap that you leave & condensation shouldnt be a major problem .

09 November, 2007 by Mark

I bought this Hunka to protect my ad900 whilst in my hammock. Luckily I haven’t tested its waterproofing but it worked wonderfully in very windy conditions, not a breath managed to get though. As I’m so small I could fit my 3/4 thermalite into the hunka and there was no condensation in the morning.
My only problem was that the draw cord has snagged a little, but it still works fine at the moment.

09 November, 2007 by Charlotte

Oh, sorry its not air permeable so if you sealed it absolutely air tight it would be same as putting your head inside a plastic bag wink

24 October, 2007 by alpjim

You can pull the draw strings in as tight as you like but you’ll never get a complete seal. This is a minimalist bivi bag rather than the full Gore-Tex style replacement for a tent style.

24 October, 2007 by alpjim

is there anyway to stop little beasties from getting inside the bag as i prefer to leave my face open to the air?

if i was to shut it completely would i suffocate?

24 October, 2007 by si a

British company, cares about the environment, great price, fast free delivery and impressed when I recieved it - so had to try it out for size in the lounge!!!  Used for a lightweight scramble over Tryfan and overnighter nearby (Mid September, damp, cloudy with odd spot of drizzle, probably 8-10 degrees C.  Used with a ME firewalker One synthetic bag and full length Thermarest prolite 3.  All fitted together well with the Thermarest on the INSIDE.  More than warm enough (with baselayer jimjams worn to help keep the bag clean.  Some condensation but not extensive - will try again with Thermarest on outside to increase breathability.  Friend with similar set up but with Rab Survival Zone bivi bag had appreciably more condensation (but maybe he sweats more).  So, very happy to sport my Alpkit hunka in lakes and look forward to the next colder night on Dartmoor with a down bag.  Hope one of my other mates orders one double quick so he can join me - come on James it’s only £25.

11 October, 2007 by Adam Cookson

Used my Hunka for the first time this w/e, primarily to bolster the performance of an old 3 season synthetic bag I was using whilst testing a 1 man tent and my new Wee Airic. The tent was crap and had to be left wide open to prevent me drowning in my own condensation (yuck!) but the Hunka was excellent. I stayed dry (and warm) all night with no trace of condensation on the inside at all. Great piece of kit!!!

08 October, 2007 by Nick Brown

Super-fast delivery. This is a quality piece of kit-seems to be hard wearing rip-stop material.  (Not obvious from the pics/description). Tried it last night and stayed bone dry inside in the damp (misty rather than actual rain) with a heavy dew. Seems to be breathable enough, no noticable condensation at all, air temp was about 10 deg.c according to the met office.
  Fantastic price, great bag.-Recommended. Thanks Alpkit!

02 October, 2007 by Symon Rowland

Was advised to buy one of these on a forum-
Ordered it yesterday, arrived today..
Just wanted to say a massive thanks.
Can’t wait to give it a go.

Will definatly point others in this direction…

25 September, 2007 by Nick Wallis

I tried mine out recently - although the weather was scorching hot in the day I had been quite cold in my tent the night before as I was only using a lightweight synthetic bag and there was only me in the tent *sob*
Anyway, I was very snug in my Hunka, the only issue I had was that my 3/4 length Thermarest is too wide (I had this long before Alpkit came along) so I might have to get a Wee Airic to go with it, and perhaps a new bag too…...

07 September, 2007 by Mick Dann

I ordered one of these ot go over my XL Apline dream 900. I ordered it at 17:10 one friday and it arrived by 9:30 the following morning. (usual tops service.) Unfortunatley the Hunka was too short and not wide enough to accomodate my XL sleeping bag and me. A real shame as it looed a really good bit of kit, especially for £25.

Can’t wait for a slightly bigger one to come along…

03 September, 2007 by Kevin Poulton

Excellent service and delivery. A first class product at a great price.
Thanks alpkit.

13 August, 2007 by Daniel Evans

Just bought this (delivery excellent as usual)
so not had chance to try it outside.However the only weak part as I can see is the shoe lace used to close the bag,it is flimsy and akward to use
The rest seems first class

07 August, 2007 by Geoff Mann
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Walkhighlands July 2013 - Phil Turner

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Probably THE beginners' bivvy bag, popularised by Alastair Humphreys as part of his Year of Microadventure campaign... but this price tag doesn't really do the product justice

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Andy McCandlish

Another suberb value offering from Alpkit... We used [the Numo] down to 0°C to great effect.

Andy McCandlish

For the money [the Hunka] really can't be beaten ... The small pack size and built-in stuff sack are a very welcome bonus.

Andy McCandlish

The cow was curious and stood watching as we prepared our evening meal. It would have been serene if it wasn't for the constant clanging of the enormous bell hanging around its neck. An approaching storm was our only hope of a peaceful night tucked up underneath the large boulder in Val Bodengo.

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