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Airo 120 lightweight self-inflating camping mat

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g it is lightweight, durable and extremely packable Airo 120 is loved by lightweight adventure seekers

Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating
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  • Black - Airo 120 black lightweight sleeping roll mat self-inflating
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The Airo 120 was designed to help you go a little bit further and travel a lot lighter, at 450 g it can dramatically decrease the weight of your sleeping kit. 

A lower weight and smaller pack size than the larger Airo 180 this 2/3 length mat is designed to keep your torso insulated. The tapered design, lightweight fabric and aggressive die-cut foam trim the mat down so that there is no excess weight - compromising on length and comfort, but helping you get a good nights sleep when you need it.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Single valve inflation/deflation
  • Aggressively die cut to save weight
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
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Vital stats

Fabric: 40D diamond Ripstop nylon


Weight: 450 g (inc. stuff sack and repair kit)
Dimensions: 120 x 52 x 2.5 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 10 x 27 cm

Origin: China

3 Year Alpine lite Guarantee Your mat is warrantied for 3 years against defects in materials or workmanship. If the mat is found defective under the warranty we will repair or replace it at our discretion free of charge. Mats may be replaced with a fully guaranteed but cosmetically irregular replacement. Normal wear, puncture, misuse, alteration or abuse is not covered. Please follow the care instructions below to ensure the maximum life of your mat. The lifespan of an incorrectly stored mat will be considerably shortened. When you get your mat open the valve and let the mat self-inflate. Add a couple of breaths then close and store overnight. Next day open the valve and store as normal. Inflation Open the valve and allow the mat to inflate naturally. Add a few breaths to add air pressure for the de- sired level for comfort. Close valve. Your mat is now ready for use. Deflation Open the valve, fold the mat into 3 or 4, sit on the mat until all the air is squashed out. Roll from one end towards the valve end. Close the valve and pack. Storage All brands of self-inflating mat should be stored the same way. Make sure the mat is stored dry, unrolled, with valve open and full of air. If the mat is stored rolled up then mildew may form on the cover and mois- ture trapped inside may result in delamination. This is not covered by warranty. Cleaning Every now and then to make sure that food, damp and other materials do not degrade the mat. To clean, inflate the mat and close the valve. Wash with techwash and rinse. Leave unrolled to dry, and don�t forget to open the valve. Tips * Always check for puncturing hazards under mat area when setting camp (sharp rocks, thorns) * Use a ground cloth beneath mat if not sleeping in a tent * Its not a flotation device * Do not pressurize or inflate with a pump * Do not leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods

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Gareth&Zoe; Wildcamps
You'd struggle to get better for the money

We bought 2 of these mats and have used them on a few wildcamp trips now. We've not found them to be slippy on the surface at all but that could be dependant on the type of sleeping bag one uses. They're really comfy, warm and pack up small. What more could we ask for!? We also made a more detailed review video from us here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2YvJuA_0d8

5 out of 5 from us. Well done Alpkit, another brilliant product!

Comfy & compact...but...

I'm fairly impressed with this little mat. It's properly tiny when packed away and inflates to a fairly decent thickness. I slept out on this in November just to check out my gear tbh. (It's been a while since I camped in the garden!!)

I do have a few issues though... For a self inflating mattress it ... well... doesnt! I've tried letting it relax for a few days but it still basically needs blowing up. The foam is there of course which provides reasonable thermal protection from the floor and as I am prone to curling up the 2/3 length doesn't bother me.

The other issue is it is slippery, my tent is a lightweight with silky nylon groundsheet so that doesn't help and a combination of the two means I spent as much time trying to climb back onto this mat as I did sleeping on it; and that was on flat ground.

This mat would be perfect for ordinary camping in a regular tent, particularly for juniors, but as an ultralight option, adding stuff to stop it sliding about seems an annoyance and having to blow it up just seems like a design fault.

Still way cheaper than its competitors and does a pretty good job for the money.