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Dumo comfortable inflatable camping mat

Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress


  • - Dumo inflatable sleeping camping mat / mattress

Full-length inflatable camping mat with a built-in foam pump and an off-the-scale lightness to comfort ratio.

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If you are after the comfort of a thick camping mat without the weight penalty the Dumo is the pad for you. 

Dumo comes with an integral foam pump. To inflate just open the red valve and press down on the valve a few times until it is firm, just like giving CPR! Once inflated you'll be rewarded with enough cushioning to see off those lumps and bumps. The other chambers do not have any foam inside ensuring the smallest possible pack size.

To deflate the mat simply open the second black valve and roll to squish all the air out. 

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Key features
  • Built-in pump for inflation; valve for deflation
  • Compact and light
  • Compression stuffsack and repair kit included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Fabric: 240T Poly-pouch Ripstop TPU


Weight: 850 g
Dimensions: 198 x 58 x 10 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 13 x 32 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

20 Reviews


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Ju L
Comfy hips!

Just done 17 consecutive nights on my Dumo, and a total of 26 nights of the last 28 spent on it...it’s the comfiest mat I own, and I could do another 17 nights happily. It is narrower than other mats but I quite like hanging one leg out/over so no bother. As it’s been hot I’ve tucked it inside a silk liner - this has the additional bonus of silencing it, as it’s one downside is that on every tent groundsheet I’ve used it on it ‘sounds like you’re wrestling a balloon giraffe’ according to my camp neighbours. I’ve been a bit chilly on it on winter camps as the big air gap just gets cold, so prefer it for 3 season use and will stick with a foam mat to go inside my Hunka for winter bivvies and camps.

Deluxe cycle touring

For years I have struggled with sleepless nights wriggling about trying to get comfortable. It may not be the lightest or the most compact but it's hardly megalithic. A bad nights sleep can affect the whole trip adversely. I slept like a baby. Full marks from me .

A great nights sleep

Another great bit of kit from Alpkit. Like another reviewer, I was slightly dubious about the foam inflator - I needn't have been! It simply works. After 90 pushes the mat is perfectly firm for a good nights sleep. I'd rather use the foam pump than inflate by blowing - I'm a convert - especially as this mat is 9cm thick!

I have a groundsheet under my two man tent, which means I can pack the tent away dry and also adds a bit of puncture protection for the mat. It feels like it's reasonably puncture proof and I guess they've struck a balance between between lightness and longevity. On that note, I chose this mat over the Therm- a -rest ones and even the Alpkit Cloudbase, because I valued a but more of a robust mat and a thicker sectioned one for a better nights sleep over weight. Even though I'm using it for bike packing, I've got big panniers and I value a great night's sleep over saving 435g and the slightly smaller size of the Cloudbase. It's also very easy to deflate and simple and quick to pack down into the perfectly sized bag.

Mine weighed in exactly at the claimed 850g, including the bag and repair kit.

Excellent bit of kit

had my reservations about the pump mechanism. No need to have worried. This works just fine. Really good comfy mattress.

Comfort in the clouds:-)

Just back from 12 nights camping in the Indian Himalayas, sleeping in real comfort. Dumo is easily inflated, even at 4500m, easy to deflate and pack down. Reasonable pack size and weight, insulated well below freezing, what more could you ask for grin. !

Len 1951
Awesome Sleeping Mat!

Just back from a long cycle tour starting Northern Norway down through Finland and along the Baltic Coast to Gdansk. About 50 nights camping and sleeping on the Dumo! The first 2 weeks were down to -8 at night. It was the most comfortable sleeping mat I have ever used. The once inflated it provided fantastic insulation as well as smoothing out the bumps. It has a generous size and a solid build. It takes a little longer to inflate but deflates very quickly and rolls up with ease. The accompanying bag was well made and a perfect size. Would highly recommend this mat for long trips particularly in the cold.

Ross Philpot

Just got back from a week climbing in Cornwall, used the Dumo for 7 nights in total and it was superb. It didn't deflate despite very hot daytime temperatures and it was more comfortable than any self inflating mat I have previously used. Worth every penny!

Just the job

Road tested over 5 days at Glastonbury. Comfy, quick to inflate, packs down well. I'm on the large side - 6'4" & 16st. - & it worked a treat.

Sheer brilliance

Upgraded from a self inflating type mattress! Basically this thing is like sleeping at home. Fantastic quality and genius inbuilt pump, it also doesn't deflate, so once it's up it's up!

Spot on piece of kit!!

I've just done a 1 night camp at Edale. I used the Dumo for the first time on the camp. I had a great nights sleep on it, it inflates well with the built in foam pump and packs into my 65l sack no worries. Really impressed and I'll be using regularly! The low weight is perfect for backpacking too.

Excellent :)

Love this mat. Finally found a mat that is light, packs small, easy to inflate (and just as importantly deflate) and is really comfy. I've given up with self inflating mats. This is easily the best lightweight camping mat I've ever used, better than Therm-you-know-who.

Real kit at realistic prices

Firstly I have never left a review for a product.....ever.....but these mats really justify one.

Tossed and turned for ages over which mats to get to replace my old self inflating ones.

Finally settled on these as the specs are better that anything similar on the market and the price is too.

Super comfortable nights sleep even with my 3 year old on his own Dumo next to me - we both slept through to 7 - better than we get at home !

In built pump is a dream takes about two and a half mins to inflate at a leisurely pace and seconds to deflate, goes back easily into bag and I have found that you can use the deflate valve to deflate a little to get extra comfy.

Delivery was quick even to my remote location and people on the phone were really friendly and helpful too.

Great experience overall - a real pleasure !

ps the colour is a nicer blue in reality I think.

Mark Mulrain
One Comfy Mat

I chose this over a NeoAir from thermarest. The Dumo is a bit bigger when it comes to pack size but there is a HUGE saving.
Was I any less comfortable on this? No way.

Great mat

I bought these to replace children’s self inflating mats for my daughters now aged 8 and 6. The mats are narrow (as some reviewers have said) and initially there was quite a lot of rolling off in the night! However, having used them a number of times over a year or so they seem to have got used to them. They pack down small which was one of the attractions for us and are great for cold weather as they seem to provide excellent insulation - we were camping at Easter and there was a layer of ice in the water carrier a couple of mornings but the girls were fine. The integral pump means they can pump them up themselves ( not that they always do mind) All in all, we are pleased. I have given 4 not 5 stars as they could be wider.

Chris L
Great Mat

Mat is very light, small pack size for a full length mat. Could be a little more thermally protective, but extremely comfortable, and easily put up. The pump can become vacuum locked but is easily overcome. Im 6ft4in, and this mat and I get along very well. I use an Alpkit Skyehigh 700 and its perfect for winter sleeping close or lower than 0degrees.

Great mat but could be wider

Recently took my daughter wild camping and we took our Dumo's for the first time, very comfy to sleep on however we both found them not wide enough. (Daughter is 9 and for her to complain takes a lot as she could sleep on a clothes line!)
We both found we fell off the sides quite regularly. Other than that a great mat- worked well with our skyehigh bags! They are easy to roll up and light enough that daughter didn't moan too much when carry her pack with her own gear in.

Dumo Mat

Great mat, but it is not 60cms wide, it's just wider than 50cms.

Comfy but don't roll over

Very comfy but too long and not wide enough. If you roll over you fall off the side. Probably going to replace it with something else.

Comfortable but bing issues

A lovely comfortable bed, but unfortunately on many occasions the black bung just pops out due to pressure leaving s deflated bed. A screw bing would be a huge improvement on this bed. Hugely frustrating and means by bed is not usable.

Deflating experience

In principle the Dumo is a 4/5 star product, small pack size and comfy. Unfortunately after only 6 uses (16 nights) it developed a leak around the outlet valve ie it came unstuck. Unfortunately this was at Glastonbury so sleepless nights were more so! Alpkit were initially v helpful but then, when they realised it was outside their warranty period by a few days, the help ended. My bad, I guess, as I should have used it more than once or twice a year. Or at least pumped it up! So don't buy it unless you view at semi disposable. And don't hope for common sense from the company. A good initial experience gone bad.

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