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Bruler lightweight meths camping stove



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Meths camping stove weighing just 150 g with a flame regulator, a simple and reliable cooking system for worldwide adventuring

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Bruler camping stove system for lighweight use around the world.

Denatured alcohol and meths is more reliable and more widely available than gas. If you’re looking for a reliable, compact and lightweight meths burner with stand, the Bruler camping stove is just for you!

A convenient flame regulator cap allows you to control the flame, making the set up super safe and easy to use. Simply pour meths into the burner, light and cook away! 

The stand has an efficient air flow system, spreading heat evenly across the base of your pan. Three retractable legs ensure the stove is stable on any ground. After use, the burner can be stowed away in the stand for storage and to save yourself precious pack space.

Denatured alcohol is a renewable fuel source, and its vapours are non-explosive. Eco Fuel gel can also be used. Meths is also easy to carry as it can be transported in virtually any plastic container. Do not use with fuels developed for pressurised stoves such as Primus Power Fuel.

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Key features
  • Variable fuel camp stove: meths, denatured alcohol or Eco Fuel gel
  • Cap with sliding adjuster to regulate flame
  • Screw cap to seal for transportation
  • Compatible with MytiPot 900.
  • MytiMug 650 is not compatible due to being too narrow for the Bruler supports.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Vital stats

Total weight : 150 g
Stand : 60 g
Burner : 90 g

Diameter: 9 cm
Height: 8 cm

Meths burner material: Copper

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

13 Reviews


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john clarke
my bruler

i have just received this and decided to to do a boil test using 600 mil of cold water,and a 850 mil hard anodized pot set the lid was about 500 mil initially i think it is better suited towards the the complete set that alpkit do .As there was a bit of heat escaping up the sides of my 850/900 mil pot.the temperature was 18 c wind speed was 15 kmh i used a trail designs vari vent wind screen the boil time was 10.07 minutes that is quite good oh and the weight on my digital scales is 153 grams all in all very good well made

M Smith
Brilliant Stove

I have had mine for quite a while, since it was first released I think. Absolutely fantastic stove.
Lightweight packs into a mytimug 650 no problem.
At first the mytimug 650 does not fit on the supports too well, you have to balance it. Once the supports have worn in with a bit of carbon it will grip the 650 easily just by leaving the supports slightly raised.
I have boiled water and cooked for more than 20 minutes with no issues.
The regulator works just fine on mine.
I have had many stoves, gas, woodgas, wood etc and this is by far my favourite.
Love it. Thank you Alpkit.

Peter Urwin

This is an eternally reliable piece of gear, much like the very popular trangia stove. What sets this apart is that its a slightly lighter stove and the fact it comes with the stand. The stand is great coupled with the mytipot 900 and when you're done cooking the stove nests neatly inside the pot with room for a fold up knife and spork.

andy mac

Thanks Alpkit, arrived in no time. Sweet sturdy kit that fits inside mytipot900 with teabags of room spare. Fits 400ml mug with top supports tucked in, will try flipping the shield upside down as well and see what happens. Easy to pop out the bottom supports if not needed. magic!


I recently bought this and ally pots, brilliant buy, easily compete with the traditional trangia, and a lot lighter. Overall excellent item

Solo hiker
Mini Trangia

I normally use a Trangia which is rather bulky and heavy. This stove is only the size of a large mug and weighs next to nothing. If you marry this up with a pot which this will fit inside you have a light weight compact cook set.

Rich McG

I purchased this partly due to curiosity, as I usually use a small BRS3000T stove, but wanted to try the spirit cooker option. It's lightweight and the main housing seems to work fine, the spirit cooker itself is similar to other makes although the lid that is meant to be able to partly close to regulate the flame intensity is very stiff. Be careful if trying to free this up, any pressure on the fold out bar will just damage it. I did free mine up without much difficultly and it does seem to work in reducing the flame when cooking. On the whole, it's an affordable way to try the spirit cooker alternative to gas and I'm pleased with the purchase.


An improvement on the Trangia in terms of weight and bulk. Without a breeze need to offset the burner to the large widow in the shield so the flame centres. With a breeze the small windows balance this drift.
It fits the MSR titan kettle and brings a panful to the boil in 10 minutes using about 30cc meths.

Sam G
perhaps not quite as robust as the Trangia, but useful all the same

The windshield that comes with the housing is well made, though the pot stands dont seem very well placed for holding small mugs over the flame. I have rebent them and turned them round as it gives me better options for standing things ontop.
The burner is fine - works well with the correct fuel in (which is I suspect is what went wrong with another reviewer's burner performance on here) and the simmer damper is actually quite good. It'l roar up a mug of water quickly, but I also got enough of a gentle simmer to cook up some nice risotto without burning it or taking ages - just takes some practice. the little wire handle also gets hot - be careful.

My grip is that the lid is now splitting. it still seals enough to keep fuel in it, but i would hope the brass is kept thick enough so it wont peel apart when someone makes sure they don't get their contents of a bag stinky with meths.

All in all - I use the burner a lot, and its fine (though I'm going to experiment with a trang lid), the wind break i don't use anymore. little bit cumbersome, pot stands aren't ideal, and I have a firebox nano which works better as a wind break.

A lovely cup of tea!

I chose this item as had fond memories of using Trangias and i wanted something compact and simple. I obviously still need to get used to it as the heat intensity varied between aggressive flame thrower and gentle fondue regardless of fuel level or wind conditions. Its a neat little package, fitting comfortably into the 1L pan of my Alpkit Alipot with room to spare for lighter/wind proof matches/spice pot etc. The build quality of the stand is good but the spirit burner had a few sharp edges on the seems and the flame regulator needed some work to get it operating correctly. As expected, it's not as speedy as a gas stove but can be set to one side after pitching up and left to boil the water for a much needed cuppa (Yorkshire tea!) while you get the tent sorted. I'm only intending on using it to boil water at the moment but i'm sure i'll get the hang of it and look forward to more adventurous cooking in the future.

silver darling
Needs design/quality control

Used this for couple of treks in morocco. Nice, compact and light and enough heat if all you need is the odd cup of tea and bit of hot water etc. Teams well with mitimug 900.

But the 'flame regulator' is too stiff and doesn't clip strongly enough to burner to work properly. I called Alpkit to discuss this and guy on phone agreed there was an issue with one he tried his side. I tried 'modifying' the regulator. That just bent it.

Without a working regulator the stove is hard to use and dangerous. The regulator needs to go over burner closed if you blow to put the stove out. With my version the only way to do this is to drop the regulator neatly onto the top of the stove. Success rate about 80%. So once a day I'm trying to fish a red hot piece of tin off a wind spread meths flame.

'Super safe and easy to use' it is not. For real fun you could add 2 stoned teens cooking in the rain in a tent vestibule.

Trangias are relatively heavy/bulky/pricey but they are solid quality and pretty safe. Why not up the price a fiver and sell something of better quality to compete with trangia?

Was expecting a lot better

I was pleased to receive the stove when I saw how light and compact it is, but unfortunately its good points ended there for me.

The flame regulator is incredibly stiff (even after trying to lubricate it with some oil), rendering it virtually useless when the stove is burning. The flame is dangerously large when lit and flares up at even the slightest breeze. Despite this, its cooking abilities aren't up to scratch - when heating anything but water it's impossible to get your food up to temperature - the best I managed is lukewarm at the top and burnt underneath.

While it fits nicely in my Mytimug 650, the mug isn't at all stable when resting on the Bruler's pot stand clips, meaning you have to take the mug off to stir your food, which is necessary if you don't want it to burn.

To top it all off, the fuel leaked out once too, despite my double checking that the stove lid was screwed on correctly.

I had high hopes for the Bruler but am now looking out for a more useful and robust stove so I can use the rest of my meths.


Not sure how this has such good reviews. It flared everywhere once up to temperature. Flames shooting a foot out the side. Melted the pan handles on large alpkit pan set. Flame controller useless compared to trangia as you can't adjust it when warm. Actually dangerous to use as a fiery inferno kinda defeating the point of a nice safe trangia replacement

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Bruler Meths Stove - Cameron McNeish

Cameron reviews our lightweight meths burner

The Bruler is simplicity itself. Three retractable legs provide stability and there are three fold-down pot supports. You simply our pour some meths into the burner, light it and start cooking. A convenient flame regulator cap allows a fair degree of flame control (a meths stove that simmers) and once you’ve finished cooking screw down the burner cap for safe transportation. For £20 it’s a real bargain.

Cameron McNeish

Cameron McNeish Blog November 2015 - Cameron McNeish

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