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Kraku ultra-compact titanium micro camping stove

Kraku ultralight titanium camping gas stove
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  • Kraku - Kraku ultralight titanium camping gas stove

At just 45 g this is possibly the world's lightest camping stove, Kraku's tiny pack size makes it perfect for ultralight adventures and flying solo.


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Designed with the ultralight solo adventurer in mind, this high powered camping stove has a tiny packsize but can still deliver the power output of a gas stove twice its size.

Eating well can make or break an adventure, but so can carrying a heavy stove.  A titanium body makes the Kraku possibly the world's lightest, commercially available, ultralight gas stove. Its sleek, compact design perfectly balances usability, pack weight and storage size; qualities which make it a superb choice for the ambitious long distance backpacker, micro adventurer or adventure racer.

Kraku is as minimal as a gas stove gets. Titanium body, twisted wire gas control dial and a small burner head. It screws directly on top of your gas canister which it uses for stability. Partner it up with a MytiMug and a 100g gas cylinder and you'll be cooking up a storm with this compact cooking system that will minimise the pack weight of many gram counting outdoor chefs.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Materials: titanium alloy, aluminum and brass
  • Power output: 2600 W
  • Spring control valve
  • Storage bag included
  • 2013 ISPO Gold winner
  • 3 pot supports fold down alongside the stove body
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 45 g
Folded size: ⌀ 37 mm x height 52 mm
Open size: ⌀ 85 mm x height 68.5 mm
Minimum suggested pot diameter: 6.5 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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worked well for me

As others say, gas can, lighter, Krakau, folding spork, plastic bag and some tea bags fit in a mighty mug.
I've only ever used it for boiling water for tea / dehydrated cook in pouch meals / boil in the bag meals, so can't comment on concentrated hot spot burning beans.
Used it with variety of gas cans from the UK, France and USA with no problems

Kevin Nicholson

A true pocket rocket. Incredibly small, lightweight and powerful.

Graham Geer
Kraku stove

For an ultralight gas stove this is an excellent product. It has its limitations - small pan support / concentrated heat on one spot. But these aside the Kraku deserves its 5 stars.
It boils water quickly and the flame is very adjustable should you need to simmer for cooking a meal etc.
I've combined this with the Alpkit Myti mug, a Primus windshield and a gas cartridge stand to create a stable, wind resistant and very light (for gas) cook set.
I should also add that Alpkit provide outstanding customer service. My Kraku developed a problem after about 1yr. Alpkit replaced it with no questions asked, all post paid. I've also exchanged other products or just sent them back with similar excellent service. We'll done Alpkit, others could learn something from your excellent customer service.

Tiny size, massive punch!

This insane stove has served me well. It's not once let me down, even after I flooded it with volcanic coffee! (Tip: always add the coffee AFTER the water has boiled and not before or it will explode everywhere when it comes to a boil! Who knew!)
Boils a 660ml MyTi mug before you can even get your snacks out of the bag! Insane!
I've even used it with my HAAP set. Looks precarious perched on there but I didn't have any issues with stability but I was über careful.
Shane, bikepacker, adventure biker and charity fundraiser.

Great bit of kit

Brilliant for its intended purpose, boiling water and preparing simple meals for the lightweight solo traveller. If there's more than one of you or you want to do some proper cooking then there are better choices.

James Beedall

Kraku stove , myti mug 400 ando 650 , Alpkit titanium folding fork and spoon , small swiss army knife. All fits together , Small and compact and comes ski touring with me every week. Can't recommend enough.

Brilliant bit of kit, but...

I decided to pop to the Alpkit warehouse to have a look around and picked up one of these little gems for £15 (it was a returned model). I also bought a 'Concertina' wind shield to go with it. I didn't realise that the added height of the gas canister brought the Kraku above the wind shield (bugger).

This thing boils water quicker than my remote canister stove (which incidentally works great with the Concertina) and takes up no space at all.

I would recommend this for anybody getting into lightweight kit, or looking to save space...

ps. The fact that it doesn't work with the Concertina is not an issue at all. It's my own stupid fault for not checking first (in with both feet at all times).

The Mighty Midget!

This little stove is absolutely awesome, seriously lightweight and packs a mighty punch! I've fallen in love with this wee bute and take it on all my trips. One of my favourite bits of kit grin

The perfect package for one

Awesome little stove, as described, packs away into a 650 Mytimug with a 100g gas can with room to spare. Will fit a army style boil in the bag ration pack (just). I partnered mine up with a gas can base support from a Jetboil and a Primus windshield. The perfect package for one person? Just make sure you don't put an empty mug of the stove otherwise you'll have a hole in it in seconds!

Good little burner

I've owned this burner for over a year now and take it with me mainly on quick lightweight overnighters in all but winter conditions as it fits alongside a gas canister inside my msr ti kettle with a canister stand, ti spork and ferro rod. I use it predominantly on a low setting with ti pot for best results otherwise it rapidly overheats the ti pot (titanium downside is conductivity) causing boiling liquid to erupt over the pot which extinguishes the flame. On its lowest setting you must have very effective wind protection or it blows out. It is effective at what I need it to do in the particular circumstances I apply it to. Buy one, accept it for what it is and you won't be disappointed if you use it properly. Another solid alpkit offering that ticks many boxes.

Works some of the time

Great wee stove except I constantly have to fiddle with canister thread tightness to get it to go full bore, then it will gradually lessen to a low pressure so very annoying. I can't leave it to boil any water as it will never stay on full for long enough.

Cooker or gas canister issue?

I don't have a Kraku, I have owned one with similar flame pattern though. I have a Vango lightweight cooker, which exhibits the same issues reported by Kraku users when using it with Coleman gas canisters! I have to overtighten to get gas. I do think too that Alpkit should consider selling a stove with a wider burner like the Vango, to avoid burning food.

Mmm.... undecided. ..

Recurved this little thing today and thought I'd give it a whiz with my MytiMug to cook up some beans to go on my toast. I'd read somewhere else that the tight flame pattern could cause food to burn so I was careful to stir the beans continually until they were hot, which didn't treasure long even though it was on as low a setting as I could manage.

Lovely, impossible to clean off burn mark on the inside of my lovely new MytiMug. Sad to say the least, I so wanted these things to be awesome.

Doesn't work with Coleman canisters

Doesn't work with Coleman canisters. Sputters, cuts out. Alpkit aware of the issue but fail to list it on the website unlike other stoves they sell.

Really wanted to love this little guy...

...however I was left with a piece of gear that would only perform about 1/4 of the time. Not necessarily something you want to rely on. Long story short I had tested upon first receiving, then again before a trip to Oklahoma, well it worked fine when I first received (did not over-thread and used with proper fuel), but before leaving I always test gear thoroughly. It wasn't working. I dismantled and noticed that it seemed to have some residue build-up (from one time use!) so I cleaned and reassembled. I purchased new canisters and the Kraku fired right up. Left the next morning, stopped for a meal...hasn't worked since. It's just sitting in my gear closet. I've messaged Alpkit about the issue and they said they've had other's reporting the same issue over here in the US, but can't replicate it themselves. I've looked at the two different canisters marketed by Coleman in the US and UK, they look significantly different in design and possibly threading. So while this is no doubt an excellent product, exceptionally lightweight, I wouldn't recommend to American buyers. I feel Alpkit should make this compatibility issue known. I purchased as part of the Micro-adventure bundle so feel a little bummed out I'm left with an item that doesn't work properly.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Kraku in Outdoor Photography

Our micro Kraku gas stove is reviewed in the Gearing Up section of Outdoor Photography.

The 45 g Kraku is possibly the lightest gas stove money can buy..

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography March 2014 -

Kraku features in Canoe and Kayak

The Kraku is featured in Canoe and Kayak as they have a look at the newest products on the market.

The Kraku is possibly the world's lightest, commercially available, ultralight gas stove.

Canoe and Kayak

Canoe and Kayak March 2014 -

Active Traveller: Lightweight Cookware

Superlight, multi-function, long-lasting kit


Active Traveller October 2017 - Active Traveller

First use of the Alpkit Kraku Backpacking Gas Stove

Lightweight backpacking enthusiast Clive Catton chose the Kraku as a personal backpacking stove where weight is everything finding it to be considerably lighter than the MSR Pocket Rocket.

Overall (so far) I am very pleased with the Alpkit Kraku stove – it is very small and light. Well made and efficient – boiling a mug of water significantly quicker then if I had used my meths stove. Because it is so light I may be changing my backpacking habits and using a gas stove more than the ultralight Vargo titanium meth stove I currently use.

Clive Catton

Clive's Blog January 2014 - Clive Catton


Cass Gilbert from BikePacking.com reviews the Kraku Stove and MytiPot 900.

Who said minimalism can’t be affordable?

Cass Gilbert

BikePacking.com September 2019 - Cass Gilbert

Titanium Cookware Review

Hands down our favourite are the utterly bonkers (and awesomely-named) Miyagi chopsticks which weigh a mere seven grams each


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