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Koro mountaineering stove

Titanium remote gas canister stove
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  • Koro - Titanium remote gas canister stove

A high powered titanium camping stove weighing just 124 g for mountaineering in subzero conditions. Compact design and made from titanium to save weight


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A high powered camping stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions and made out of titanium to save weight.

An expedition needs plenty of firepower and the Koro remote canister gas stove has this in plenty. But this is no gas guzzler, a brass pre-heat tube ensures the fuel is vaporised by the time it reaches the burner. The result is a constant and controllable flow of gas which reduces spluttering and works better in freezing conditions. 

A good camping stove is an efficient stove and the wide burner head spreads heat evenly across your pan base. Koro also integrates tightly with our Concertina windshield which can wrap closely around the stove without the risk of overheating the gas canister. This will reduce gas consumption and reduce boiling times in windy conditions. The advantage of a gas canister stove over a multi-fuel stove or liquid fuel stove is the ability to control the flame with a spin of a knob allowing you to cook rather than incinerate.

Based upon a design originally developed for use on Everest expeditions we have exclusively re-specified the stove body in titanium to make it as light as possible. 3 retractable legs ensure the stove remains stable even with a decent group sized cooking pot but can still fold away into a compact size for stowability.

Titanium body and brass pre-heat tube, this stove is only available from us.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Power: 2800 W
  • Stands stably on 3 retractable legs
  • Light and packable, ideal for minimalist adventures
  • Remote canister attachment allows you to use a windshield with the burner
  • Armoured gas hose
  • Large burner head for even heat across the pan
  • Based on a design for Everest expeditions
  • Brass pre-heat tube makes the stove more efficient so you can carry less gas
  • Instructions included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Packed size

Weight: 124 g
Length: 8 cm
Width: 8 cm
Height: 9 cm

Gas hose

Length: 33.5 cm

Burner unit

Diameter: 5 cm
Height: 9 cm
Minimum suggested pot diameter: 8 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

26 Reviews


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Joe Blackman
Light and wonderfully stable

I've just bought my third one of these! With its low profile it is extremely stable, so much less worry about your pot tipping over. Heat output is good up to around 1000m. Above that I noticed it did seem to take longer to brew, but that could be completely subjective.

The first one got a 20 day workout in the New Zealand mountains and performed excellently. I then gifted it to my brother, who loved it on a multi-month cycle tour of Europe. The second one was for a gift and the third is for me, because I like it so much.

I've not had a chance to try it out in winter conditions. I have another, similar cooker without the pre-heat tube, so I'll be interested to see the difference.

Efficient, light and stable

This stove is excellent. It's lightweight, easy to control the flame and is very efficient on gas. I find the extra gram or two is worth it to get the tripod legs and pot stand, as this is much more stable than stoves I've used before that screw into the gas canister.

Great stove

I used this stove for a 2 week cycle tour down to Nice. Used it for brewing up in the morning and for cooking a meal in the evening. Good simmer control too and is very lightweight.

Great Addition

I currently own the smaller kraku stove which I think is great for day hikes and quick overnight adventures, in addition I purchased the Koro stove recently to add to my cook kit set up to provide more stability and options for larger cook pots, I have only used it so far over the recent bank holiday weekend to test out prior to longer excursions, It performed excellently, boiled the water within a few minutes, cooled down really fast, yet another great product from Alpkit well designed and lightweight at a great price.


Great control from gentle easy simmer to flame thrower. Stable. Get on and forget the big names.


Just got back from a 3 month round trip of climbing in Europe. Used this stove at least once a daily, in temps below 0 through to 30+ and it has been faultless. Stored in the van or inside a cooking mug with a gas bottle. The compact folding design (plus the drawstring bag) and light weight are great. The items strength surprised me, carrying very large pots and standing up to a lot of abuse on the road. Besides colour change due to heat on the burner head the stove still looks like new and fared MUCH better than my MSR pocket rocket whose valve bushes have worn out and is missing screws. Also, the price - excellent. tried and tested, would recommend.

In my experience, utterly reliable, what more can you ask.

Steve Fellows
Koro Gas Stove

I bought the Koro stove around 2 years ago for my wild camping trips, it's been used dozens of times through summers in Wales and winter in Scotland.
The Koro has been an absolute treat to cook or boil water with on all my trips without issue, however after all this time the burner head has cracked and the stove is now unfit.
One email to Alpkit is all it took to replace my favourite stove and to get planning the next adventure!
The service with Alpkit has always been fantastic and this proves they are still number 1 with customer support.
All the best ⛺

Mickey T
A great compact stove

Use this multiple times to boil water only over seven days on the Cape Wrath Trail. Highly efficient using only a single 100g canister. The stove actually fitted inside a 300 ml titanium mug that in turn fitted inside the a Mytimug 650. No issues with stability or controlling the flow of gas. A great product..

First impressions

Arrived today so only tried out at home. Chose it over Kraku for stability and winter suitability (pre-heater). Seems excellent: well made, powerful. Great service from Alpkit with nice little personal touches along the way. Trying it out next week in forecast Siberian weather.

Cracking stove

Worth the extra compared to a canister top type in my book for the stability and flexibility. It's light, packs small (a bit fiddly to get in its bag) and works well.

The head is a decent diameter. I use with a ceramic Bunsen mesh to spread the flame even further for the bigger Alipots.

Almost too powerful; regulating it down to avoid burning food is a touch tricky but doable.

Preheat tube supposedly will help it work in cooler temps but I don't have enough experience to comment on effectiveness. Certainly delighted with mine so far.

Long term winner

I've been using this stove for several years on wild camps in every season. Paired with the concertina shield it rivals friend's petrol stoves for speed, whilst being easily controllable and really gas efficient. I love it.

David S
Very Pleased

Bought this for when I need something bigger and nastier than my minimalist meths setup. Seems perfect for the job! The only improvement I'd like is one of those wire-type extensions on the valve control knob for easier operation with cold/gloved/clumsy fingers, but that's a minor matter and I'm looking forward to using this beast in anger!

Great stove

Love this little stove, control knob is a little stiff but hopefully this will loosen a bit over time.


Wow, just bought one of these and used it for the first time on a one night Bikepacking excursion. Bought it to replace a campinggaz Tristar stove that I bought in 1995 which had finally given up the ghost. Think I paid about the same as th Koro, which was a real investment at the time. The Koro is more compact and lightweight, but my gosh it packs a punch. Very powerful, easy to use and store. Great. Let's see if it lives up to the Tristar ?

Great Product

Really pleased with the stove. Build quality seems great and I think compared to others on the market it is definitely value for money. Another great product from Alpkit.

Lightweight and powerful

I used the stove on a recent backpacking trip in the Cairngorms, found it to be excellent, lightweight, stable and very powerful. Inside a bothy I was able to boil 500ml of water in less than 3 mins. The stove also packs well into a small primus alloy pot, with room for a MSR tinfoil windshield set.

John-Paul Bell
A Really Sweet Piece of Kit

I bought this to replace my cheap and ageing Coleman Pz burner and took it for it's first wild camp test last weekend on Skye (I'd also purchased the Bru-pot to use with it). Absolutely no complaints at all, the whole thing feels solid, reliable and with it's anodised red aluminium look is also more than a little stylish. It was certainly put to good use, as I had to melt snow for water, and also provided the boiling water for the finest cup of coffee i've ever had.

Peter Deeks
Really pleased with this stove

Bought this stove recently as an upgrade to my old Epigas Alpine and Optimus Crux, and used it last weekend on the OMM.
Perfect little stove, stable, compact, lightweight and well engineered. Highly recommend it.
It weighs 11g more than the Crux plus legs, and for that I get superb efficiency due to the preheat and easier wind shielding, and much much greater stability.

A great little stove

I had seen the MapleFire models in Ti stove and a stainless with the pre heat tube but Alpkit had the good sense to combine the two
Its a great little stove with a low profile on the ground and you can drain your gas cans to just about the very last drop which cannot be said many other stoves

Dave M
Really well made

I've had this stove just under a year now and I've used it all over the place. I got it in a bundle with the AliPots and wind shield. They all pack together really nicely. The stove is powerful, light and above all is relaly nicely machined, feels like it will last a lifetime.

Small, efficient, light and packs a punch

Very pleased with it, been using it for more than 6 months and it performs like a champ, cools down quickly. Light, easy to pack 5/5
Obviously the wind screen highly recommended!

Jake Loveday
Superb product

As I've said above, superb product! Very lightweight & small enough to not even notice it in your pack. A 240g gas canister lasted for 3 days, making several cups of tea a day, cooking bacon & eggs in the morning & soup each evening.

Very good price for such a well built product. Very impressed.

Well travelled

I've used this little stove tramping (Hiking) in New Zealand for 10 months, in huts and bivvys as well as general camping and coffee at the crag in the UK. Super impressed and has been thoroughly reliable. Stable on most terrains and kicks out the heat. Only issue is possibly sometimes it is a little fierce and it is hard to get things to only simmer. A very minor gripe and some different pans would probably solve that!

It's OK

Used with the cylinder upright, it's a decent stove - stable, low to the ground, good power. The gas hose could do with being bit a bit longer but it's fine.

The problems come with using the cylinder inverted - which is required in properly cold weather and probably the main reason one would buy this type of stove. Firstly it doesn't come with any kind of cylinder stand so you have to make one, otherwise your cylinder won't stay inverted. Secondly, the hose doesn't rotate on its fittings, so when you do invert the gas cylinder, it applies a twising force causing the hose to coil and will flip over the stove if there isn't a pot on it. it's a pain to be honest and could be solved by a rotating coupling or even just a longer, more flexible host.

martin h.

Although i think this is a lovely little powerful stove it has not been without problems, the first worked very well for 10 weeks on an extended trip before the flexible hose started to leak, the replacement stove lasted about 10 uses until the brass insert in the canister connecting mount detached itself and remained on the gas canister. Both times this caused the stove to be unusable in remote areas and the eventual additional purchasing of cheap and heavy stoves as substitutes. Not ideal for a product i need to rely on! Against my better judgement i'm now on a third stove but feel the need to carry a back-up! ( alpkit replaced the stove with no problems but it would have been nice if they had thrown in their little kraku stove as a back-up as a goodwill gesture for the extra cost and inconvinience i suffered!] Hoping for better luck with this third stove.

stephen potts
Koro Stove.

First time I used the Koro stove the o-ring fell out so I couldn't use the stove for the rest of the camp. I sent the stove back to Alpkit and asked for a refund. They replaced the o-ring and said there was no fault with the stove and only give me 50% refund. Alpkit do not seem to class the o-ring falling out a fault. Alpkits costumer service is bad. I know of other people who have had the same problem. I would never buy Alpkits products again.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Country file and Koro

Countryfile recommend Alpkit Koro Stove

Cook up a storm. Stash this tiny fold-up titanium stove in your pack for a brew-up on the hill. It weighs only 124g and unlike many stoves will work well even in subzero conditions


countryfile.com February 2016 -

Koro Makes ‘Gear of the Year’

The stove has been going strong since I got it and is one of my go-to pieces of kit for adventures.


BikeRadar December 2017 - Aoife Glass

TGO - Best Buy

Koro - TGO Best Buy

When put up against a large range of top camping stoves available to buy, the Koro won the coveted 'Best Buy' award. To make the review even better it was undertaken by backpacking and camping expert Chris Townsend, who over the years has used a large number of stoves. A high accolade.

The Koro is light enough for solo use year round and strong and stable enough for use by two or three too. It really is an excellent stove at an amazing price.

Chris Townsend (TGO Gear Editor)

The Great Outdoors Magazine (TGO) June 2015 - Chris Townsend

TGO Magazine Koro Review

Very light, fuel efficient and compact this low profile titanium stove is extremely good. The Koro is quite powerful and fuel efficient. It really is an excellent stove at an amazing price


TGO Magazine March 2016 - Chris Townsend

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