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TiMigos Fork titanium fork

TiMigos fork, knife and spoon


  • TiMigos Fork and friends - TiMigos fork, knife and spoon
    TiMigos Fork and friends

TiMigos Fork titanium fork

Lightweight titanium fork ideal for all adventures and meals

£5.00 Was: £6.00

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Compact and lightweight titanium fork for pinching other people's sausages, scrambling eggs, and putting food in your mouth.

Super light and functional, we'd go as far as to say that the TiMigos fork is central to the range. Work perfectly with most dinners, rucksacks, and in a neat stack with your TiMigos spoon and knife, no traveller should be without one: leave your wedding set boxed up at home and travel light!

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Weight: 8 g
Length: 16.5 cm

Origin: China

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