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TiMigos Spoon titanium spoon

Titanium spoon that is lightweight, compact, adventurous, and ready to fulfil your stirring and scooping needs.

TiMigos Spoon, knife and fork
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  • TiMigos Spoon and co. - TiMigos Spoon, knife and fork
    TiMigos Spoon and co.
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Compact and lightweight titanium spoon for stirring goulash, scooping icecream, and general spoon related tasks.

The TiMigos spoon is super light yet functional. the largest piece in the TiMigos range, it is as wide and deep as a spoon should be, and it will happily spoon the TiMigos knife and fork for extra compact packing: leave your wedding set boxed up at home and travel light!

Key features
Vital stats

Weight: 12 g
Length: 16 cm

Origin: China

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