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MytiPot 900 Titanium Camp Mug


  • MytiPot 900 -
    MytiPot 900

900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space.


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Is it a large pot for one or a small pot for two? Whichever side of the fence you sit on you are on the right one!

Our customers told us they wanted a smaller more durable cooking pot and we agreed. This 900 ml pot is now the defacto standard for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space. Optimised to be slim in profile but still wide enough to fit a gas cylinder and stir up a hearty meal for two.

Drop it in your bike luggage, stuff it down the side of your rucksack or stow it away under a hatch and commit to enjoying the simplicity of cooking one pot wonders.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth.  Lightweight and very very strong.  It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans.  But it also makes for superb cookware as there's no metallic taste.

Key features
  • Large base for greater heat transfer
  • Collapsable lightweight wired loop handle can be used with gloved hands
  • Brushed titanium TA1
  • Flat base for easy cleaning
  • 0.4 mm titanium
  • Titanium lid
  • Curled lip rim is fully compatible with our hanging Chainset
Vital stats

Weight: 94 g
Height: 9.2 cm
External diameter: 12.3 cm
Internal diameter: 11.5 cm
Internal depth: 9.1 cm
Volume: 900 ml


Weight: 26 g

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

22 Reviews


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You wild camp? Get one

Lightweight. Durable. A lot cheaper than other brands similar sized pots in titanium. You can drop a gas canister and stove inside for a lightweight weekend over nighter. Great edition to my pool of wild camp gear. I even use it in the kitchen to do my poached eggs ha ha

Great quality at a great price

this is a well made pot. ridiculously light but robust. the price is a steal as I will get many years of use. I have been looking at reducing weight and to have what I refer to as core camping kit and this makes up part of my cook set. excellent product.

Mark Q
Perfect for tea or 2

I have used this on a few camping and hiking trips. Its compact and light enough for back packing and is the perfect size to boil water for two decent size mugs of coffee before crawling out of the tent.


Bought this prior to ten days in the alps of valley camping and staying in hut winter rooms.
Paired with my koro it was perfect for snow melting through to simmering cassoulet. Not too big to be a mug either. Fitted my mates army boil in the bags in. Cleaned up easily after use. Served as our only pot between two.
Compared to jetboil i can, crucially, get a hunk of bread down the bottom to wipe up sauce.
Jetboil/pcs would be better for sitting bivvys but for camping or huts -perfect.

It's a mug!

It's more than big enough to eat your breakfast from, cook your supper in and you can brew your tea in it as well. What's not to like?

It was perfect for my recent trip to the north of Finland.

Jon D
Great pot for one or two people

I was worried this was going to be too small for two people but it's not, it's just big enough for two decent sized meals and also plenty big enough for one person. This makes it a good one-size fits all pot. What else can be said, it's comfy to hold, it's super light and it's good value.

Alan T
Good pot, handle gets hot

This is a great size pot for heating up and eating food from. The handles of pot and lid get hot enough to burn when cooking. I added some silicon sleeving to mine, which does the trick!
Can you do this Alpkit?

Great Product

Really pleased with the item. Super lightweight, perfect size and compared to other products on the market it's great value.

Mark on the Moor
Fantastic Pot

Amazing cooking pot , able to fit my Meths burner and enough fuel for a over night camp inside .
the only fault I could find and it's only my opinion was I had to add silicon tubing to handles as they were getting hot when cooking .
Excellent value for money 10/10

Fantastic pot

The mytipot 900 is a fantastic pot and easily the best i own. I looked at the msr titan kettle first but it is £15+ more than the mytipot 900 so the money i have saved is going towards a mytimug 400.
Quick free postage and the little thank you letter is a nice touch. Thank you alpkit

Jon Randall
MytiPot 900 One pot to do it all!

Really good quality Titanium pot, obviously super light but not super flimsy like others on the market that can be distorted out of shape with little pressure. Good size if you only want to carry a single cooking vessel/large drinking mug. Another top quality, best price item from Alpkit.

Peter Urwin

Half the price of the MSR Titan Kettle, lighter and slightly larger volume. Another bargain from Alpkit.

Scottish wanderer
Best pot i have ever had and i have loads

i have had my pot for about a year now i use it all the time best pot i have ever had i have loads of camping pots and pans when i got this one i have never stopped using it it is well worth the money i have a video on youtube if you would like to watch scottish wanderer

Fave pot by far

I've only had the pot around a month but in that time it has cemented itself as my fave go to pot. I ordered it along with a Mytimug 400 to slim down my cook system. Having used a Caldera Cone with a 1350ml pot for so long it was great to get everything I need on one pot.

Its lightweight, built very well and its a great size for those who use dehydrated food, plenty of boiling space for a meal and a brew.

Inside the pot I am able to get the new windsheild, the Mytimug 400, stove, lighter, spoon and fuel measuring cup smile

100g Wonder!

For about 100g, the MytiPot 900 takes care of all of my solo cooking needs. Easy to clean, extremely light and can nest a 230g gas canister nicely (such as the coleman 250) - but wrap the canister in something before you put it in the pot so it doesn't scratch it. I've cooked pasta, boil in the bag stuff and omelette so far; in addition to the usual tea and coffees.

It heats water reasonably quickly but also conducts the heat away reasonably quickly so you can find your tea cold before you finish. I recommend pairing it with an insulated mug to enjoy your brews at the proper temperature at length.

This pot now travels with me on all my hikes, even for day trips. It's so light and you really appreciate a brew/cuppa soup once you stop and your body heat drops.

Highly, highly recommended.


Excellent pot, and I can store both a 230g cylinder and Primus clip-on windshield in it. Primus recommend an air gap above shield which is probably to allow exhaust gases to escape.

Jay Mears
Miti Pot

My go to all rounder for over 2 years. Ridiculously light, brilliant lid, big enough for a meal or LARGE tea (which is obviously great). Made a pot cosy for it, standard gas can fits snugly (use the net around the gas can to stop it marking the inside of the mug). Also I use plastic spork, not titanium for the same reason. This thing has been all over the world, Jungles, Deserts and everything in between. Last trip was 3 days ago to the reservoirs in the Elan Valley, Wales, made a cracking cup of tea as usual for the wife and I. 5 stars again Alpkit

Paul Dixon
MytiPot 900

“Ive got quite a collection of Alpkit gear now and I can't fault them or their products, "absolutely superb"There's a saying "You get what you pay for" well with this company that statement is so wrong.! because you get so much more.”

Cracking piece of kit

Light, strong and the perfect size for cooking a meal with enough spare water for a cup of soup or tea to go with it. If there was one thing I'd change or improve, it would be to emboss some measuring marks on the side.

A Bloke
Top Dog

I've owned a 750g MytiPot (no longer available I think) for ages and wanted something that was more pot than mug for brewing enough water for two cuppas and for cooking when wild camping with my kids. It's a great piece of kit. I only give it 4 stars because you can't fit a hot dog sausage in it.

reuben slater
good size pot, room for improvment

really nice size pot, really well packaged but the lid is a very loose fit and feels cheap. There is no pouring lip or graduation marks on the pot itself. Its a shame about the lid being loose, if it had no steam holes in it one could probably just about fry an egg on it so it would have a dual purpose at least. Fortunatly I also have the Bru Pot, the lid from this fits tightly on the Myti Pot, so one can store stuff in it while on the move. In return, the lid from the Myti Cup fits very well on the Bru Pot!! Its a very nice cup?pan other than the lid though.

Big and beautiful

Use with a pot cosy and its excellent. Summer gas is great and winter enthanol also. Its greatest assets is it is light but big. My brew kit fits in perfectly with strike iron tea bags and the rest of the stuff.

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