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TiMigos titanium cutlery set

Titanium knife, fork and spoon set to take on every camping adventure

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Compact and lightweight knife, fork and spoon cutlery set. Ideal as a cooking system where you want everything packed away together.

Lightweight titanium eating irons, the 3 Timigos are a super light yet functional set of cutlery, they stack neatly together but are just as happy used by themselves spreading, piercing or scooping.

Central to the range is the lightweight Timigo fork which is equally at home on expedition or stuffed into a lightweight alpine pack. The largest piece in the range is of course the Timigo spoon, both deep and wide, once you use it you will realise why you can't survive with the knife and fork alone. Equally as important as the other pieces in the range is the lightweight Timigo knife, with its decent serated edge it is the perfect match for your Timigo fork!  It makes spreading a joy, so leave your wedding set boxed up at home and travel light!

Key features
  • Knife: 12 g
  • Fork: 8 g
  • Spoon: 12 g
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Vital stats

Knife: 12 g - Length: 18.5 cm
Fork: 8 g - Length: 16.5 cm
Spoon: 12 g - Length: 16 cm

Origin: China

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John A
Timigos cutlery set.

Just received these as a birthday present. Brilliant. Knocks all my previous lightweight combos ( aluminium, plastic, etc ) into a cocked hat.

Excellent product

These are lightweight, of course, and just as important, comfortable to use. The set is held together with a brass screw thingy, and a mini carabiner, so quite versatile. And they come in a nifty drawstring bag, which I appreciated. An excellent piece of kit.

Ideal travel companion

Wanted lightweight cutlery for our campervan. This set was cheaper than others I had seen but took a chance and glad I did as very pleased with quality and also a good useable size. Excellent value. Immediately ordered another set for my husband!