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Lhfoon long handled titanium forked spoon

Lightweight long handled titanium spork


  • Long handled spork - Lightweight long handled titanium spork
    Long handled spork

Long handled titanium spork (or foon?) for reaching the bottom of deep bottomed pans, sachets of dehydrated food, and giant jars of mayo (you can never have too much mayo)


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The Lhfoon is great addition to the tools of the camp cook or lightweight adventurer. Not only can you reach the bottom of the hydrated food packs but the 'everything from catering' jar of mayo can be truly harnessed.

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Key features
Vital stats

Weight: 23 g
Length: 22 cm

Origin: China

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Great product

Very good price for a top product. Exactly what I was looking for.

Nordic Mark
Does what you want it to

Great for porridge which the original spork thingy wasn't and the tines are just long enough for noodles. This is perfect for going lightweight or like me am lazy and hate washing up. Its win win with this lovely product.

Paul Mușescu
Great spork!

Great if you have big hands, if there is cold outside or for deep coocking pots or dry food packages


Nice long handle gets right into food packs to eat the last bits weighs nowt.

soft spot for sporks

I always had a soft spot for sporks, and these are damn fine ones. The length is handy - we use two as camping salad servers.

A Bloke

It's long and very spoony.

It's also a tiny bit forky.

lightweight, strong and long

Used recently on a backpacking trip. Perfect for getting every last bit out of a dehydrated meal - important when you are hungry!


Excellent product. Weighs 7/10 of nothing and makes stirring pots with cold hands/gloves much easier - less risk of getting too close to burners. Worth spending a bit of time to polish the bowl - use v.fine (2000 grit+) wet and dry or polishing paste. Makes cleaning that little bit easier (especially oily tomato residue) and feels better in the mouth.

how deep can you go

cracking spork, well made, light and long, no more burnt fingers either when making my tea in my deep insulated mug, you could did to china with it lol

Craig O
Perfect for rations!

This spoon has served me well across many military exercises, it is the perfect 'racing spoon'. Flat enough that it can be stored easily but robust enough that you won't snap it. No metallic taste and quick wipe on your t-shirt and it's good to go without washing!

One tool for all

I already had a good long handled spoon ( Aluminium, not Alpkit ) and I already had a good spork (titanium,not Alpkit). They were both lightweight and the spork in particular was something I had searched long and hard for because I wanted one that was more spoon than fork for porridge etc but with the obvious benefits of subtle tines. It always irked me somewhat though that I had to take two separate utensils to perform very similar tasks. The spork wasn't long enough for packet meals and the spoon was poor at picking up pasta and the like. The weight wasn't an issue as these things weigh grams but it just wasn't 'neat'. Then I discovered the Alpkit Lhfoon. The best of both worlds in one package. Good price, well made and now my only camping cutlery (unless you count a folding lock knife). I am now happy

Daniel S

Coming from a LMF titanium Spork which I love. It looks good and it feels good. Until you need to use both fork and spoon and things get messy, or the reason I got this, eating out of bags.

Lhfoon = Keep It Simple Stupid, just the way it should be.

Except, I would have designed the handle to be bent down (convex), not up (concave)!
If you hold the Lhfoon, you thumb is on a "ridge", I want it to be a "valley". It would feel better, the spoon and the handle would have the same bend and there wouldn't be a inflection point! Especially that inflection point. I'm always afraid that one day, when I'm really really hungry and I dig into some high density goodness, the spoon will bend down at this point and I will die of hunger.
I would not want to be the designer responsible for that.

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