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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

BruKitall-in-one cooking system

All-in-one cooking system requiring minimal setup, ideal for those grab-and-go adventures where everything you need fits into one pot

Brukit all-in-one camping stove

BruKit all-in-one cooking system

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Those stewed flasks of tea are starting to take their toll, but what’s the alternative when you’re on the trail? When you’ve got a checkpoint to make, painstakingly assembling your cooking system isn’t always an option.

BruKit was built on the basis that sometimes you just really need a brew, and quickly. It’s efficient, fast, and simple.

A closed system, with built-in heat exchanger and windshield, minimises heat loss, making your fuel canister go that bit further and speeding up heating times.  

All the BruKit’s bits can be stored inside its own pot, including a 100 g canister, so you have minimal components to juggle. The built in Piezo ignitor makes lighting the BruKit faff-free; detachable rubberized handles and a neoprene cosy can be left on during cooking for easy handling. The included pan support makes the BruKit compatible with other pans too.

Heat it and eat it: it’s that simple!

International stove instructions

Instructions are provided in English, if you would like a translated version please get in touch.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • 1500 W integrated cooking system, ideal for boiling water and making dehydrated meals
  • Pan support for compatibility with other pans
  • Neoprene cosy keeps food warmer for longer
  • Easy to adjust gas control knob, even with gloved hands
  • Built in windshield and heat exchanger
  • Sealable silicone lid
  • Detachable stainless steel handles with rubber sleeves
  • Integrated Piezo ignition for hassle-free lighting
  • Interior volume indicators make measuring out quantities easier
  • Self-contained: the burner and a gas canister can fit inside
  • Fast and efficient boil time, great for melting snow at winter
  • Comes with a nylon storage bag
  • Compatibility: 100g/230g/450g Butane/Propane gas canisters conforming to EN417 standard. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other gas container types
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Vital stats

Gas category: Butane under vapour pressure
Jet size: 0.22 mm
Power: 1500 W
Lindal valve

Compatibility: 100 g/230 g/450 g Butane/Propane gas canisters conforming to EN417 standard. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other types of gas container.
CE certified


Recommended: 750 ml
Actual volume: 1370 ml


Packed: ⌀12.3 x 17.2 cm
Assembled: ⌀12 x 34 cm
Cooking pot (external): ⌀12.3 x 17cm
Cooking pot (internal): ⌀11.5 x 14 cm
Lid: ⌀13.5 x 0.9 cm
Burner: ⌀11.5 x 7.5 cm
Handles: 2.5 x 11 cm


Total: 559 g
Cooking pot: 192 g
Lid: 34 g
Burner: 186 g
Neoprene cosy: 27 g
Handles: 26 g
Pan support: 31 g
Pan stand: 63 g

Origin: China

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Works well

I've had this stove for a while, used it quite a bit, and generally am very happy with it. When it arrives the bag is a bit tight but it does stretch after use. The neoprene sleeve doesn't help in that respect but you wouldn't want to be without it as it means you can pick the whole thing up immediately after heating. The size means it's ideal for boil in the bag type meals. I mostly heat water in mine, and put meals in the water or make them with it. For that it's ideal. Gets a litre of water boiling in no time. Piezo ignition is great too. The way the stove is designed to clip onto a gas canister when in transit means the whole thing packs away pretty small. I've got quite a few stoves and this one is my current favourite. Can't fault it, excellent value for money.

Awesome Kit

I've read negative reviews on the web and I reckon the peeps writing them would never be satisfied with anything! The Brukit is a complete winner: price, build, quality and performance. Those that are complaining about boil times taking a few odd mins and secs more than a jetboil: get a life, jeez!

Top notch BruKit

Ordered late on the 1st, delivered on the 4th, and used on the 5th, the new BruKit certainly doesn't disappoint. Made to Alpkit's usual high standard, it actually knocks spots of the competition by being perfectly capable of doing the job it was designed for at a third of the price of others (and it will pack a bigger gas canister). But then I wasn't really expecting anything else coming from Alpkit.


This stove/pot combination is an animal! Fast boiling and half the price of similar quality competitors!! Ideal for lightweight camping (I am an expeditions assessor for the DofE scheme) because of its compactness and weight.
Otherwise, it will live in our motorhome or car for short-stop brewing.
No need for additional kit either - just water and a gas canister. Brilliant!.

Fantastic bit of kit!

I've been using the Brukit for just under a year and I love it.
Fast, efficaiant and keeps me and a friend or two fed quickly whether I'm on a campsite with DofE groups or biving at the top of a munro.

Angry pirate
Awesome kit

I bought my brukit after a very length do I/don't I need it internal debate and I'm really glad I did.
Firstly, the bad news. It's a lot heavier than my mytimug/pocket rocket combo and takes up a fair bit more space in a pack. The storage bag is too tight too.
Onto the good news: it's a joy to use. It's very gas efficient (I've emptied gas canisters before disposal by boiling copious litres of water in it and it doesn't suffer much performance drop off - certainly not like the online comments would have you believe - it was boiling litres in sub five minutes with nearly empty canisters). The set up is very stable and the large pot means cooking big meals is a doddle. I've dropped mine into an Alpkit xs mesh bag which fits the stove, brew and washing up kits and mug nicely.
Mine has been out with me virtually every weekend this year and is going strong. Love it!

Kept 6 guys in tea every day

Bought this for a trip trying to take 5 fifty year old Land Rovers to Monte Carlo via as many pointy bits of the Alps as possible.
It was such a good stove it made nearly every cup of tea for all of us on the trip as well as many meals.
Easy to use, always lights first time and boils very fast.
I used the 450g canisters and only used 2 for the whole trip.
One suggestion might be to offer a spacer ring/pan support so it can be used with regular pans?
Only negative is that the neoprene sleeve has started to seperate from it's outer layer but it still works fine.

So thanks for all the tea Alpkit.

Ps. we made it to Monte Carlo! Pic is making tea at 8000ft in Fort de la Turra

Brukit stove

I use the the Brukit mostly for campervan camping and quick drinks on long car journeys; good stove speeds up breakfast preparation.

Dan B.
For the price, Probably the best Kit available

I did a LOT of research before purchasing the Brukit. I also have done some extensive testing on boil times & durability.

Using isobutane, 0.5L of cold tap water, at 0-100ft elevation: The stove reaches rolling boil in about 2 minutes and burns roughly 5-8 grams. There was no notable difference in boil time between a full 1 turn valve open and max valve open (about 1.5-1.7 turns). Water loss from steam was negligible when fitting the red top firmly and indicated boiling by visible steam plume from the top's slit. The neoprene cover allows you to hold with bare hands even after boiling. The stove itself cools enough to touch in roughly 2 minutes. The ignition tip glows red hot but has never failed to ignite the fuel on the first button press. The stove is louder than some other but when I say louder, think whispering child vs whispering adult. Not much at all.

Alpkit also shipped to me in the USA and cost half the price of a competitor brand. The pot itself feels durable and shows zero damage after I scraped baked-on eggs with a titanium spoon from the bottom and sides. The locking feature of the pot to the stove was difficult to release out of the box, so I used a vise grip on the 2 "bumps" and now it's perfect.

It's not the lightest or the fastest boiling kit but the price-point is hard to beat. The kit doesn't come with all the "extra items" that other kits do so you can spend the money you saved on actual GOOD accessories, if you even need them.

I was not paid or given anything for writing this review. This is just me, and my findings / opinion. Hope it helps you decide what's best for you.

Robert Graham
Great piece of kit

I bought my Brukit a couple of years ago now and it has given great service in that time. The only thing it lacked was a pan support. However, as I know the Brukit was a rebated Firemaple FMS-X1, I started lookin at Firemaple gear on AliExpress and I found a seller who sold the FMS-X2 (same dimensions as the X1 and Brukit) pan support for just over £8.00.

I now have a complete cooking system. grin