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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Tippla stainless steel hip flask

Tippla Stainless steel hip flask


  • - Tippla Stainless steel hip flask

Polished stainless steel hip flask to carry 170 ml of your favourite tipple

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Perfect to slip in the top of your rucksack Tippla will carry 6 fluid ounces (170 ml) of your favourite tipple.

Strong and dependable - your knight in shining armour, Tippla will be there to share in your moments of joy, desperation, friendship and celebration.

Key features
  • 18/8 Stainless steel
  • 6 fluid ounces
Vital stats

Weight: 165 g
Volume: 6 fluid ounces
Engraving: Alpine Dreamin

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

3 Reviews


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Best hip flask ever

Just the right size the rounded edges make it pocket friendly. Even in a hip pocket it’s unnoticed, ready for a quick nip.
Only negative is the cap, isn’t attached so care needs to be taken so it’s not lost. Great hip flask buy one


Really nice quality, good weight and a screw cap that seals really well. Thanks

Great, but a bit fiddly to fill up

Nice to use, rounded edges so easy on the pocket. Seals well too.

Only downside for me is that the hole is very small, and it's hard to fill up with your favourite tipple. Ok if you've got a teeny funnel or jug to hand. Was a problem for me on a trip abroad recently with a bottle of the Good Stuff from Duty Free.

When I got home, I remembered a wine pourer thing that we had at the back of one of the drawers. It's a small plastic disk (10cm?) that you roll into a tube, and then put into the neck of the spirit bottle. It acts as a spout. Google for "dropstop wine" to see them. Cheap to buy, super lightweight, and mine now lives in the bag for the hip flask. Otherwise, this flask does everything that you'd ever want. Cheers!

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