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Kelvin titanium drinking mug

450 ml twin-walled insulated titanium mug with twist lock drinking lid for keeping your hot drink warmer for longer

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If you have gone to the trouble of making a hot drink you don't want it to get cold before it has reached your lips. An insulated mug keeps your beverage warmer longer.

450 ml twin-walled insulated titanium mug with twist lock drinking lid and now a titanium wire handle.

Why titanium?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth.  Lightweight and very very strong.  It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans.  But it also makes for superb cookware as there's no metallic taste.

Note: this mug is not designed to be used on a stove. Doing so could be potentially dangerous so don't do it!

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Push fit lid with twisting aperture
  • Twin walled titanium
  • Titanium wire handle
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Vital stats

Weight: 126 g
Height: 105 mm
External diameter: 85 mm
Internal diameter: 78 mm
Volume: 450 ml


Weight: 36 g

Origin: China


New and updated titanium - Jan 2015

Some desirable additions and practical improvements to our shiny titanium range.


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Mystery Lump
The Holy Grail of travel mugs

Finally... a travel/camping mug which is lightweight, keeps things warm and doesn't taste odd.

I have been on a 3-year odyssey to throw money at the next hippest, barista-standard, cork-clad reusable mug to wield on various train trips,larking about the coffee shops of Bristol and even the odd camping trip.

Now my soul can rest easy. This mug is lighter than all those others, the lid seals better AND IT STAYS WARM. And best of all, it doesn't subject my tongue to unusual flavours that taint my M&S Gold or single origin latte as soon as they pass from even glass or ceramic vessels through a plastic lid.

Previous experiences:

Aluminium double-walled flask-cup - warm but odd tastes embed themselves.
I am not a paper cup - correct, but you are china/ceramic and very heavy.
Keep Cup glass limited edition with cork grip band - what a delight to both hold and behold, until something goes in... it's almost too hot to cradle (other than narrow cork band), before magically becoming too cold to drink and tasting odd, which seems to be a side effect of the plastic lid. Fine if you are in a warm cafe and keep the lid off, but not the usual domain of a mug for the busy keep-moving-or die user of public transport or wanderer of the streets.

Thank you, Alpkit. Now we just have to persuade the cart vendors on trains to accept reusable mugs...

Awesome travel mug. Perfect for those who love a fine brew or excellent expresso

My task was to finally enjoy ones favourite drinks on the go without tainting the flavour of the drink.

Having trailed several other cups I was getting a little fed up of having my various Tea Pigs or the double Aero Press shot of expresso flavour spoilt. Then along came Alpkit's Kelvin.

The double-walled titanium construction keeps hot liquids hot (or cold liquids cold) for well over an hour (dependant on outside temperatures) and the external finish ensures a safe and secure grip. The lid is effective at stopping spills.

Its such as good mug, that for the last 2 years its been my daily mug of choice for the office. One day soon, when they are back in stock I will by a second (for my Wife) and a third for the original camping purpose!


First impression out of the box is that this is a well made, sturdy cup, made from quality materials. Very lightweight, bought to replace a much heavier stainless steel thermal mug. Feels comfortable in the hand, the folding wire handle was comfortable to hold with, and without, wearing gloves.
The cup was bought in order to keep drinks warm to the last mouthful whilst drinking outdoors. Essential now the temperature is dropping.
A previous reviewer raised concern over the design of the lid, especially the ability to wash the plastic parts. The concerns raised are valid, but to be honest this is a problem you would encounter with other brands who use this design. This would not be an issue personally as it was purchased to keep drinks warm, not to use as a spill resistant travel mug.

I found that if you twist the lid slightly as you are pressing it on the cup, the seal fits more securely and snugly onto the cup rim. Important if you are using it as a spill resistant travel mug. The key word here is RESISTANT. Don't try and turn the cup upside down.

I look forward using this bit of kit for a long time given its quality. It even comes with a nifty mesh bag to help stop scratches in the rucksack.

I would recommend this bit of kit.

Dave Downs

Love it! Light, well made, keeps drinks warm and comfy rim for drinking. Only down side is price. I bought two for day trips and my sons use them all the time at home so now I've had to order 2 more! But at least they are on offer at the moment. Would be good if Alpkit made a coffee less that fitted them.

Si Dowling
Great but let down by the lid.

Brought 2, 1 for me and 1 for the missus to be used on our day hikes, so not a cheap investment. The double wall is fab and keeps fluids (hot choc) warm, unlike our old mugs.
I did read in a past comment about the lid popping off but thought I would give them a go and it is true. The lid does pop off although not just with hot fluids inside, the plastic tops just need a few more mil to keep em secure inside the mug. So I would not trust the lid staying on but with that said.... I'm gonna keep em as we dont need the lids and may even bin em. If the lads get slightly bigger lids I may get a couple but till then am ok with the mugs.

Poor lid

Lid works only if it's cold. As long as you pour in hot drink the lid is not staying in place and opening up. :(

Let down by the lid design.

Normally a big fan of Alpkit gear but this falls way short of the mark. The terrible design of the lid means it pops off when full of hot drink. I'm on my second Kelvin after the first was replaced with the exactly the same problem so this is not a one-off.

As an aside, even if the lid did not pop off, the lid mechanism is difficult to clean.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. The feedback has been read by the Product Team. I’m sorry that this has happened with your second Kelvin - that is super unlucky. I will send you an email now to arrange a return should you wish.


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Countryfile and Kelvin

Countryfile recommend Alpkit Kelvin Mug

Keep it Piping Hot. Super-light and tough; holds 450ml of soup or tea


CountryFile February 2016 - Countryfile