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Sleeping Bags
From the original AlpineDream over 10 years ago we have been designing the best down sleeping bags and been using them for many more. Our designers have come full circle with the new ultralight PipeDream for fast and light backpacking, SkyeHigh for essential warmth, AlpineDream for year-round lightweight camping; and expedition ArcticDream for extreme conditions. Whether it is for just a quick summer overnight bivvy, winter wild camp on a Scottish mountain or an expedition to the Antarctic, we demand the best from our equipment. The sleeping bags are designed with bike packers, campers and mountaineers in mind and made with the best goose and duck down from only non-force fed and non-live plucked farms, the best top end fabrics and leading synthetic technologies. We sell with the minimum fuss so our gear is maximum value.

Most Popular Sleeping Bags

We have over 35 sleeping bags in the range, one for almost every conceivable situation. If the choice seems bewildering then these are the bags to look at first, check the weight, warmth and price-tag. They are our best sellers. They are the bags that we and our customers come back to time-after-time and are the foundation stones of our sleeping bag range.

Cloud Cover
750 fill power hydrophobic goose down quilt. A lightweight and versatile alternative to a full sleeping bag


SkyeHigh 700
3-4 season spacious duck down sleeping bag making it a great all-season all-rounder. -8ºC 650 IDFB fill power duck down sleeping bag weighing less than 1300 g


PipeDream 200
2 season ultra-lightweight goosedown sleeping bag, highly packable and weighing just 525 g it appeals to minimalists


PipeDream 600
The all year adventure bag. Box wall 750 fill power goosedown sleeping bag. -12ºC limit and weighing a kilo


AlpineDream 800
An ultralight 4 season winter mountaineering bag filled with 800 g of goose down. -22ºC limit weighing 1300 g.


ArcticDream 1400
-48ºC polar and greater ranges goose down sleeping bag weighing 1900g


PipeDream Ultra-lightweight Goose Down Sleeping Bag Range

PipeDream provides insulation without the weight. Think of alpinists on little mountain ledges or mountain marathon runners who think cutting their toothbrush in half is going to save them vital minutes on race day. These kind of people love PipeDreams because of their tiny size, weight and comfort: not for snuggly lie-ins.

PipeDream 200
2 season ultra-lightweight goosedown sleeping bag, highly packable and weighing just 525 g it appeals to minimalists


PipeDream 400
Ultra lightweight 2-3 season goosedown sleeping bag. Box wall construction with a -6ºC sleep limit and weighing just 840 g


PipeDream 600
The all year adventure bag. Box wall 750 fill power goosedown sleeping bag. -12ºC limit and weighing a kilo


Point 5
Lightweight goose down half length sleeping bag for demanding adventures where every gram is counted


Cloud Cover
750 fill power hydrophobic goose down quilt. A lightweight and versatile alternative to a full sleeping bag


A lightweight liner designed to be used as a travel sheet in warmer climates or as a liner in your sleeping bag

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Silk sleeping bag liner, Mantua packs down to a tiny 25 cm circumference and is lightweight at 100 g


SkyeHigh Lightweight Duck Down Sleeping Bag Range

Whether you are travelling around the world, walking along the tracks of the Lakes with a pack on your back, or just kipping over on your mate's floor at Uni, SkyeHigh makes the perfect partner. SkyeHigh is our most versatile bag; light enough to carry up a mountain, compressable enough to stuff in a kayak and warm. It achieves the balance by using durable technical fabrics with a light DWR coating. Being made from 40D fabric, the SkyeHigh has the most attractive price-tag maxing the warmth for your wallet.

Sold Out

SkyeHigh 500
2-3 season spacious duck down sleeping bag. -4ºC temp limit with 650+ fill power duck down and weighing 1 kg


SkyeHigh 700
3-4 season spacious duck down sleeping bag making it a great all-season all-rounder. -8ºC 650 IDFB fill power duck down sleeping bag weighing less than 1300 g

Sold Out

SkyeHigh 700 Long
3 season extra long down sleeping bag for taller people. -6ºC 650+ fill power down sleeping bag weighing less than 1400 g


SkyeHigh 900
4 season spacious duck down sleeping bag for Scottish winters, Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp trek. -13ºC 650 IDFB fill power bag weighing under 1500 g

Sold Out

SkyeHigh 900 Long
4 season extra long down sleeping bag for taller people. -11ºC 650 IDFB fill power down sleeping bag weighing less than 1600 g


AlpineDream Ultra-lightweight All Year Round Goose Down Sleeping Bag Range

Some bags are for dreamers, AlpineDream is for dreamers who do! We have taken 10 years of manufacturing expertise and updated our original mountaineering design sleeping bag to keep you warm and mobile in Scottish and Alpine winter conditions or Patagonia and Kilimanjaro treks. A fusion of extreme performance and extreme value without the catch. AlpineDream is made from uber lightweight materials. It has the warmth, the looks and the weight making it our go-to technical sleeping bag for year-round use

AlpineDream 800
An ultralight 4 season winter mountaineering bag filled with 800 g of goose down. -22ºC limit weighing 1300 g.


AlpineDream 1100
High spec winter mountaineering bag filled with 1100 g of goose down, AlpineDream is an ultralight ultra-warm performance bag. -28ºC limited weighing 1600 g


ArcticDream Extreme Goose Down Sleeping Bag Range

ArcticDream is for the extreme, harsh and most serious cold weather environments. Engineered to combine low weight, small bulk and incredible warmth these bags are ideally suited for extreme camping around the world. The bags are for true adventurists going to places where just taking a pee can be life threatening. With a more generous cut and with the vertical baffle detailing in the chest and foot which holds the goose down in place for longer, these are the most comfortable bags for extended time in a cold climate.

ArcticDream 1000
-18ºC goose down bag weighing 1500 g for high altitude or winter camping in Patagonia, New Zealand or the Alps in winter conditions


ArcticDream 1400
-48ºC polar and greater ranges goose down sleeping bag weighing 1900g


Mountain Ghost Synthetic sleeping bag range

A range of lightweight, packable synthetic bags for spring / summer backpacking, canoe touring, bike touring or world travel. Comfortable, soft touch polyester fabric reduces that clammy feel in warm weather and Primaloft Silver insulation in the 200 and 300 models ensures leading performance in the cold.

Mountain Ghost 140
A 1 - 2 season synthetic sleeping bag weighing in at just under 1 kg


Mountain Ghost 200
A 1 - 2 season Primaloft synthetic sleeping bag weighing in at just over 1 kg


Mountain Ghost 300
A 2 - 3 season Primaloft Silver synthetic sleeping bag weighing in at just over 1 kg


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Viper original review...

I'm sure this guy is a bit better than the original, but figured I'd add my review anyway. Nothing else to do today! I have two of them and so far they're great. I carry lithium batteries as they last longer in colder temps and are lighter to carry as well. Even after falling asleep with my headlamp on one night in dim mode, I awoke at five AM to find her still no where near drained and used the batteries for another two days. Other headlamps I've owned didn't have a memory, I always had to scan through the other light settings to shut it down, ultimately wasting precious battery life. The Viper shuts down with one button push after you've had it on one setting for a period of time. I like the ambient light setting, I used to have to carry another solar lantern to hang for night use that wasn't a crazy blinding, SOS, or dim red light for things like reading and playing cards. Now I've reduced weight by just carrying this little guy.

Figured I'd rate ye little foon...

It let's me eat my food.

If you're not very bright like me and keep wondering why it keeps bending on you- push the little clip down to the spork part...duh...I felt mildly goofy after taking a week to figure this out.

Great, hands down, solid titanium!

This is my only bit of cooking kit while out on solo trips. It's the perfect size for all of my dehydrated meals while holding approximately 2 1/2 cups max water. I can easily fit my snapwire foon, my Trangia, steel scour pad and measuring cup inside! Since most titanium cups/pots only come in 550ml-800ml graduations I really do appreciate Alpkit making an in between option. I've used over open-fire, alcohol and fuel only stoves. Cleans easily with a scouring pad. Titanium cools quickly so I'm usually able to just grab it by the handles no matter what I'm cooking over (don't burn ye-self just because I haven't yet) BUT while that's good, remember titanium doesn't hold heat as well so insulate the mug if you're trying to conserve on fuel by just bringing to a boil and letting sit.

I do wish it came with built in measurements on the side, and an insulating kit. Most pre-made options are for other mainstream manufacturers and I'm terrible at DIY!

A good entry level bivvi bag

As stated in the title, the Hunka is a great entry level bag. With that being said it's a bit hard to get into. A simple half length waterproof zipper would be something I think most people would happily pay extra for. Also purchase a head-net! It's moderately lightweight, sometimes I simply use it to keep condensation off my down quilt. Thinking about adding a few mods to it myself. I do think this is a great buy for someone starting out in the bivvi option. If you want to keep your gear inside the bivvi with you, I'd opt for the XL option.

Really wanted to love this little guy...

...however I was left with a piece of gear that would only perform about 1/4 of the time. Not necessarily something you want to rely on. Long story short I had tested upon first receiving, then again before a trip to Oklahoma, well it worked fine when I first received (did not over-thread and used with proper fuel), but before leaving I always test gear thoroughly. It wasn't working. I dismantled and noticed that it seemed to have some residue build-up (from one time use!) so I cleaned and reassembled. I purchased new canisters and the Kraku fired right up. Left the next morning, stopped for a meal...hasn't worked since. It's just sitting in my gear closet. I've messaged Alpkit about the issue and they said they've had other's reporting the same issue over here in the US, but can't replicate it themselves. I've looked at the two different canisters marketed by Coleman in the US and UK, they look significantly different in design and possibly threading. So while this is no doubt an excellent product, exceptionally lightweight, I wouldn't recommend to American buyers. I feel Alpkit should make this compatibility issue known. I purchased as part of the Micro-adventure bundle so feel a little bummed out I'm left with an item that doesn't work properly.


Excellent quality and surprisingly warm. Compresses very small. The foot end when cinched up tight is actually warmer than normal down bags of equivalent fill as it encases the feet very well. Have used it successfully over the top of an ALPKIT Cloudcover in conjunction with a down jacket to have toasty legs. Having a choice of horizontal or linear baffles on top is a great idea as you can offset with the Cloudcover baffles eliminating any cold spots. The only downside is that when the foot end is closed up it is very short. I am 5' 7'' and it only came to hip level. ALPKIT need to add an extra baffle for an additional 6' of length. Interestingly if you leave the foot end open it can be used as a kind of very effective torso sleeve from the armpits to the knees. Interesting product and if a little longer with maybe an integral zip to join to an ALPKIT down jacket they could be onto a real winner for lightweight enthusiasts.

I'll never be cold again

Ok, It's my first "proper" outdoor activities bit of clothing, so I can't compair it with what else is out there, but the clever design features are self-evident, like the little folded over bit of material at the top of the zip so the nasty cold metal doesn't touch your face. I was wearing a jumper under my normal outdoor jacket, had to take it off, too hot. Just sat outside in the cold October Scottish evening, drinking a coffee and grinning like a loon. Hurry up and get your winter stock in, I'm coming back for more!

Simon Day

Can we see a kit list and more about the bike?

Makes me feel like a UL ninja

How very rude of me, I bought this ages ago and never bothered to sling a review onto the website.... shame.

This is the perfect ultralight cooking and sipping companion. I purchased a separate meths stove that fits inside along with a wind shield and now this cup follows me everywhere.

It brews well and doesn't give a metallic taste to your beverage of choice and because of the super efficient heat transfer of titanium it means after your drinks finished brewing you only have to worry about the drink scalding your mouth not the cup burning your lips... anyone who's ever used a steel cup on a stove will know exactly what I'm talking about here haha

It packs away and takes up so little space and weighs practically nothing. The mesh bag is a good fit and shrugs off dirt well, it also doubles well for grabbing the mugs handle which sometimes get a wee bit toasty but soon cool once taken off the stove.

only other thing I can think to add is that it cleans up well but let's be honest we all like the outside of our camping cookware to look a little charred because it proves that you use it and your not just a collector of very nice kit.

And in conclusion that's exactly what this is, we all spend a fortune on tents, sleeping bags and mats and a plethora of other camping kit but sometimes it's the little items that change the expariance and really make you smile. This is one of those items and I thoroughly recommend it ^_^

GP Basnett
Great all rounder sleeping bag

Bought this as an all-rounder I could use throughout the year. Used it in February in the Cheviots where my water bottle froze inside my tent and I slept very comfortably.
It's been exposed to light rainfall when the tent was open and seemed to shrug it off.
It's also proved comfortable and suitable for warmer weather and lowland/ valley camping. It compresses really well and also came with a storage sack. Seems a very good product.

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There are no shortage of sleeping bag manufacturers so why might you consider an Alpkit bag over the others? Well one good reason is that we design our own bags, work closely with a factory to get them made and then sell them directly to you from this website.