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PipeDream 200 Hydrophobic lightweight sleeping bag

Pipedream 200 hydrophobic down sleeping bag


  • - Pipedream 200 hydrophobic down sleeping bag
  • - Pipedream 200 hydrophobic down sleeping bag

Packable comfort for trips in temperate climates. 7˚C limit 2 season ultra-lightweight sleeping bag weighing 545 g with hydrophobic goose down

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Whether you’re running a Mountain Marathon, embarking on an ultra-light self-supported ride, or heading out for a midweek boulder and bivvy; PipeDream will leave you feeling light and unhampered without sacrificing a good night’s sleep.

Fine-tuned for maximum insulation without the bulk, PipeDream 200 combines high quality 750+ IDFB fill power goose down with a minimalist design to create a simple and ultralight bag.

A comfortably spacious cut gives a natural night’s sleep, with adjustable head closure and a sculpted neck baffle for snuggling down to fend off the draughts. Stitch-Thru baffles minimise weight and prevent down migration; hydrophobic down and a DWR coating ensures that the early morning dew won't ruin your bag’s insulation.

With a tiny packed-size, PipeDream stows away easily and lofts effortlessly when you need it.

Product Insight
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Key features
  • 2 season sleeping bag for travelling light
  • Available in sizes regular and long
  • Horizontal baffles reduce down migration
  • Stitch-thru baffle construction saves weight
  • Roomy cut for natural, comfortable sleep
  • Adjustable head closure and sculpted neck baffle for snugness
  • C6 DWR to keep the moisture at bay
  • 750+ IDFB fill power hydrophobic goose down
  • Excellent lofting capacity
  • RDS certified
  • Cotton storage bag and compression stuff sack
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Temperature ratings


AK Sleep Limit
The majority of our customers will find this to be the tipping point between a comfortable and restless nights sleep.

Thermal test results from the lab ABOUT OUR RESULTS
TOG Leeds Comfort EN13537 Comfort EN13537 Limit EN13537 Extreme*
4.8 7 11 7.4 -5.8

* The Extreme rating is the temperature at which the average woman can remain for six hours without risk of DEATH from hypothermia - but can still sustain cold injuries - under EN13537 conditions. We do not recommend using this bag in these weather conditions, or making your purchasing decision based on this value.

This rating is for the PipeDream Regular.
PipeDream XL contains the same quantity of down as Pipedream Regular. As a result, Pipedream XL may be up to two degrees cooler than the PipeDream Regular


Fill: 90/10 Chinese goose down; RDS certified, hydrophobic
Fill power: IDFB 750
Fill weight: 200 g
Inner: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Outer: 20D Polyester, 45 g/m2
Construction: Stitch-thru


  Reg Long
Weight 545 g 575 g
Internal length 185 cm 210 cm
Internal width 80 cm 80 cm
Zip Length 160 cm 165 cm
Stuff Bag Weight 25 g 25 g
Packed Size ⌀15.5 x 20 cm ⌀15.5 x 22 cm
Compressed size* ⌀ 15 x 12 cm ⌀ 16 x 12 cm
*Straps not included

Fitting guidance

How will you fit? Take a look at our Sleeping Bag Fitting Guide for guidance.

Origin: China

Environmental Considerations


Hydrophobic is a water repellent treatment that makes down less susceptible to humid conditions, staying lofted for longer and prolonging the overall lifespan of your down.


We use only RDS certified down; all our down is audited by a third party to ensure that it comes from birds who are not live-plucked, force-fed, or mistreated. That’s good to know.

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

6 Reviews


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Dave Botterill
Great Bag

Just completed the Cleveland way with 3 nights out in Hammocks. The weather was supposed to be warm but suddenly we had a cold snap (last week of October). Min night time temps were -1C. Slept in full kit with this bag and bivvi bag and we were fine. Nice and light and easy to pack for going fast and light. We did use bracken to pack between bag and hammock so, overall this bag with these adjustments did the job of the 400. I'm pleased and, the pack size more than compensates for the insulation value. (Remember its only a 2 season bag)

Peak District In On & Above
We used it we liked it

Wild camped out in less than sunny weather. Super piece of kit, but we pushed it to the limits. The bag is rated to NOT -2 -4 during the night but it still kept me going. packing light is always a balancing act. So did it do the job yes, but i am going for the Pipedream 400 next. Ps we were also in the Hunka which is also a super piece of kit.

Simon Sansnomme
Jolly good

Righty ho I didn't use it, it was Mrs Sansnomme who doesn't like the cold but she likes this bag but said it was too warm for summer so she took her jumper off last night when she used it in a wild camp. A result all round I feel.

It's well made, light, bouncy and packs down beautifully. It's basically half the weight of a synthetic bag it replaced, and warmer too. Well made with good materials, and lofts up very quickly once unpacked.

Constructive feedback: there is no zip baffle, not even an uninsulated one. For a three season bag, not fatal but would be nice as a minor tweak?

A great choice for lightweight summer bikepacking

Really pleased with this. My 1st Alpkit bag, its material feels just as nice as my significantly more expensive rab bag. Really roomy, i can fit my other bag inside this one to make a mega winter bag. It's quite minimalistic, but just right for 2 season, it lofts nicely too. Stuff sack is simple and efficient.

Light and small bag.

I purchased this bag for my partner, since her normal sleeping bag is much too heavy for light weight bike packing and hiking. The pipedream 200 is so small and light - it's a pleasure to pack it away.

This last weekend I had the chance to try it myself. I was camping in the Brecon Beacons and the temperature was around 3 at night (light frost, no ice). With a very heavy dew (so very moist air - which always feels a bit cooler I think. I was camping in a tent (Alpkit Ordos 2) rather than bivvy, and on a short inflatable mattress (also Alpkit). I am a warm sleeper.

At that temperature I was comfortable in thermals, no socks, no gloves and no hat. I didn't need the hood done up.

I'd recommend this bag for lightweight bike packing, kayaking, hiking etc where you are pretty confident the temperature will remain above freezing. You could make it work down another 5 degrees with a down jacket and warm socks, or perhaps with a bivvy sack inside the tent.

For reference I packed the Pipedream 200, the Ordos 2, the sleeping mat, a first aid kit, some freeze dried food, and a bowl comfortably into a 20l bar roll bag - with room to spare.


Nice bag with soft material but too baggy so that it does not retain heat and no shoulder baffle. I was cold at the stated temperatures whilst trekking in the Pyrenees. Good to about 12 C, I reckon.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites


Cass Gilbert from Bikepacking.com takes the Pipedream 200 sleeping bag and the Cloudbase sleeping mat for review on a bikepacking trip.

I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest both for your ultralight summer bikepacking adventures

Cass Gilbert

Bikepacking.com September 2019 - Cass Gilbert

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