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650 fill power series sleeping bags

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We cannot give you a definitive answer as to when we will have sleeping bags back in stock. We do know, due to the production timescales of our sleeping bags, if we were in a position to order them today (and unfortunately we are not) they would not arrive in the UK for at least 4-6 months.

We know the frustrations in continually waiting for stock and this is in part the reason we have currently removed them from our webshop. Until we have concrete news on their delivery, please assume we do not sell sleeping bags.

Any changes to the situation will be published via Facebook, Twitter and in our own monthly newsletter.

Jim goes in to more detail in his Develop post Getting sleeping bags back on track.

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How do I place an order for a pipe dream 800 sleeping bag, If I cant place an order how do you by one of your products, your site is so confusing I will have to buy a mountain equipment sleeping bag instead.

19 January, 2014 by Peter stirzaker

I’m after a long Skyhigh down bag but can’t see them on the site? Am I being a muppet?


16 January, 2014 by Matt Hague

I bought the Skyehigh 1000 for a camping trip up Kilimanjaro in September.  Temperatures went down to -15C and I was as warm as toast in the bag.  I did have a silk liner with me but didn’t need to use it as the bag kept me warm enough.

I’m 5ft 7” and the regular size fitted me perfectly.  Gave me room to move around and keep the next days clothes and camera equipment stuffed inside as well. 

The stuff sack was good, squished down enough to be put in my rucksack, and then fluffed up no bother when I took the bag out after a days walking.  Storage sack provided as well.

Great product for a very reasonable price.  Highly recommended.

Also, I had a couple of queries before I purchased the bag and the company were great to deal with.  Friendly and quick to repsond.

14 October, 2013 by Louise Hunter

Already have the 800 for trekking - couldn’t resist the bargain of a me-sized 600 for normal European family camping trips! As before service and product brilliant. Can’t recommend highly enough.

16 September, 2013 by Frances

I’ve just received the sleeping bag. Delivery is excellent. Bag includes a cotton storage sack and a stuffsack into which, with a bit of practice, it compresses well.  I tried it on in the house, it is very soft and comfortable and wide enough to move my feet and legs around.The ‘short’ size leaves plenty of room at the feet end for my 5’2” length. I’m looking forward to my wild camp in Eryri this week-end. I chose the 800, because although it summer, I’m a chilly person and would also like to wildcamp in cooler weather

29 August, 2013 by ELEN

Was given one for a gift last Christmas and absolutely love it! I use it inside my Hunka. I was initially worried about issues with condensation and had no problems with it at all! I’m 5’6 and it is really nice and roomy for me. When car camping, I also have an old ‘fat airic’ which is the most comfortable night’s sleep ever! Thanks Alpkit!

02 August, 2013 by Emma

First try in my SH1000 on a v tame July weekend made me already fall in love with its fluffability and snuggledown factor. I sleep nesh (chilly) these days so both of these feature gave a luxury feel to a butch bit o outdoor kit. (Can’t be bad!?) The extra bit of width made a huge difference in being able to properly get comfy in my normal curled position with bent legs…quite a revelation. The only thing that woke me from my fabulous slumber was the dog shivering at 5am and trying to get inside my sleeping bag!! You don’t make small ones for pooches by any chance?

08 July, 2013 by Niki

I’m considering a sh1000 for UK usage so that I’m definitely covered for damp nights that go down to -5. I sleep chilly and would rather sleep without layers if possible but I’m worried that I’ll just be too hot in it?

Also what’s the postal time like?

29 June, 2013 by Niki

Just received my sky high 1000 twenty minutes ago and just finished trying it out in the front room.
First impressions are a that it feels good quality.
There was no long or regulars in the 800’s in stock so upgraded to the regular 1000 as that was all what was left.
Being used to synthetic bags, pulling it out the delivery packaging was a shock as the thing blew up in seconds like a hot air balloon and if you roll it up lightly it would easily fill a black rubbish bag size,but can also pack down real small in the compression bag provided.
Great deal on price so stock levels low and going fast so I took a chance on the regular,I initially would of preferred the long because I am a 5ft11, 15 stone big shouldered athletic build, on getting inside I was more than happy with the size as it felt just right any taller than my hight would be pushing it I feel, anyway plenty of room at the shoulders to move,my ambient room temperature was +20c as I jumped in with just a pair of shorts no top on for the test,I got an instant sweat on so jumped strait back out again.
I bivvi bag wild camp, its maybe a bit warm at the minute for this 1000 bag.
All is not lost as it got me thinking about pushing the camping season long into the winter months with confidence, that would be unheard of with my old bag.
Thank you for a good product and great service.

19 June, 2013 by Tony

Had my SkyeHigh 800 now nearly 2 months and have used it a good few times now.

I use the bag whilst carp fishing so this isn’t your “normal” review.

Most bags in the fishing market are synthetic and the so called 4 season plus bags are getting on for 8kgs! I’ve a couple of the traditional synthetic bags, but the weight issue caused me to look at a down bag.

The SkyeHigh weighs next to nothing and packs down really well. I must say I am more than happy with the bags performance and quality.

The only potential worry I had was that the fishing bags have twin zips (one down each side)and these bags do not. I normally sleep on my side, so this type of “mummy” style bag may have caused me an issue. However it didn’t. The SkyeHigh has plenty of room in it to move about and turn over etc… Mind you I am 6ft 2 and skinny!!

All in all well pleased.


03 June, 2013 by Rob

Just been for a weekends camping in Brecon beacons with my new 800 bag, temperatures still cold at night but this time I was lovely and warm. Slept in just tee shirt and shorts , very good bag looks well made and a good price too. Many thanks

01 June, 2013 by Andrew Jones

Great customer service!
Great bag!
Great quality!
Great price!
My wife now wants a Skyehigh 800 too!

25 May, 2013 by Iain M

My son just did 10 tors with your Skye high…..warm in a dry tee shirt and pants in his 1000 bag. We ve down to -14 in our 1000 bags and were snug and I’m always cold….and now I’ve just bought the 5 th member of the family one…..your firm are efficient the little handwritten note…and your product is absolutely brilliant…..and… could not get better i am convinced by paying more…..

22 May, 2013 by Jan bayly

Just got my skyehigh 800. Fantastic. Great service no hassle and a quick delivery. Thanks alpkit.

11 May, 2013 by Karl weidner

I first read about the Alpkit SkyeHigh range of bags on Outdoors Magic Forum - - and I was impressed by the number of independent recommendations there.

I have now used my SkyeHigh 800 during two complete winters and it has revolutionised my camping experience. The bag is very well made and is comfortably shaped for me (5’10” tall, slim build).

More importantly, the bag is very warm. In outside temperatures down to a couple of degrees below zero centigrade, I can sleep comfortably in just a short-sleeved baselayer and socks.

The coldest night I used the bag the outside temperature went down to minus nine centigrade (so about minus five in the tent) and I was warm enough in a long-sleeved baselayer, leggings and socks.

I also own and use other Alpkit gear (including a ‘wideboy’ SIM for car-camping). The firm produces excellent products at very keen prices in my opinion and I’ve found their customer service second to none.

10 May, 2013 by Skip

Finally got to test out our new SkyeHigh 800s. My daughter and I went camping down near Kosciuszko national park. We were both toasty warm which is a very welcome change from last time we were down that way.
The only issue I had is with the zip snagging a couple of times. Overall we are very happy with our purchase. smile
Fast delivery to Oz too.

08 May, 2013 by Matt, Sydney Australia

After receiving a long version of the Sky high 600 today, I decided, In the exacting environment of my front room, to try it out straight away. Soon after I realised I’ve been hopelessly dim for many, many years.
Let me expand, I’m a big lad at 6’2” with a 48” chest and weighing in at eighteen stone. I now realise that I had wrongly assumed for years that the business of struggling to get into, out of and sleeping in a bag came with the territory of the plus size guy.
I could not believe it! in 30 seconds or so I was in it, with room to spare and able to turn over without the whole bag coming with me, what a joy.
The bag looks really well made and was easy to cocoon myself away in. I will be setting off to the Cairngorms later this month relying on bothies for some nights out in between Munro’s, if it performs half as well as it fits this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

30 April, 2013 by Richard Brinley

Bought 1 skyehigh 800 and 2 x skyehigh 600 sleeping bags, our first down bags. We used them twice through baltic March - camping and then sailing with ice in the harbour! Fantastic and warm, well designed, great with stuff sack and cotton bag for storage. Also bought dry bags to fit. Would definitely recommend.

29 April, 2013 by Pauline

Just back from seven day hike in Gila Wilderness, New Mexico.  The Skyhigh 600 took everything in its stride including temperatures down to -9 degrees C.

26 April, 2013 by Dorothea Farquhar

Skyehigh 800 just delivered and can’t wait to use it as the last time i tarped with my hunkka and snugpak bag I was freezing, little trip to the Brecon Beacons planned for the weekend so looking forward to seeing how it fares but if its anything like all other alpkit products I own it will be great, keep up the good work.

24 April, 2013 by James

SkyeHigh 1000- got my regular sized bag just under 2 weeks ago and tried it out this Easter weekend hammocking where the tempature was maybe around -3 with light winds and dry. It was fantastic!
I went for the regular even though I am 5’3” as I like a bit of
wriggle room.I can sleep on my back with my arms straight
down at my side. I debated over the 800 and the 1000 as I
sleep very warm indoors, using a 3 tog duvet all year with
open while my husband uses a 13.5 800 fill goose down duvet
and still feels cold.( I do find it strange when they say women
sleep colder than men! although I do seem to sleep ’ normal’
when sleeping outside)
I loved the chilli colour as it makes you feel warm just looking at it.
The bag itself has a tag 5cm less dimensions on it as the sizes
210/75/50 are the external measurements so keep this in mind
if you on the limit to allow for lofting.
It lofts up great and sits about 20cm high when laid flat.Good
distribution of down and loads in the hood although I didn’t use
it as put my thermarest pillow in the hood.
I slept in merino leggings, long sleve merino top and socks and
also used a Katmandu thermal linner to keep my bag clean.
On sale at the moment and the Fiery Red looks as if made to be
a perfect match for the chilli bag)
I am confident I could sleep warm and toasty in tempature way
below what we had of -3 and with wind chill-7 with no bivi
The slight bit of condesation in the hammock did not absorb in
anyway into the bag but if in damp conditions I would have
used a bivi bag, just in case.
I am totally delighted with my bag and also my Filo jacket
which was great sitting round the camp fire. No cold back
where other jackets ride up at the waist,the collar kept my face
warm and the hood was just amazing.
Well done Alpkit.


01 April, 2013 by Mary

After much research and reading of reviews, I plumped for the SH800 for a forthcoming motorcycle trip through the French Alps this September. I’ve never had a down bag before and do feel the cold quite badly compared to my wife(God knows why they think men sleep warmer!) so this sounded ideal. Couldn’t find an equivalent at anything like this price and it seemed to tick all the boxes having spoken to several more experienced users and specialist shops. I used it in my new tent in the garden last night (don’t laugh!), when the temperatures were hovering around zero. As a trial, I just slept in t-shirt and shorts to find out how warm it would be. Only woke and put on a jumper at about 3.00am, but this was probably more to do with the cheap self-inflating mattress than anything else as it was my back that was most cold. When I finally woke at about 8.30am (good nights sleep!) it was only my feet that were a little cold - no socks or anything on as a test. Compared to my last camping trip in Wales last September in similar conditions in a cheap synthetic 2-season bag - where I ended up wearing everything I had and piling anything else on top of me! - I was more than pleased. I had thought that it might have kept me really toasty on it’s own, but that may be my unrealistic expectations about what you could actually get away without wearing inside the bag as much as anything. The bag itself is well made, with plenty of room around the shoulders to allow for extra layers to be worn/wriggle around. It regains it’s loft surprisingly easily and packs down quite small - no bigger than my cheap two-season synthetic bag. The zip does tend to catch easily on the fabric in use, so I would have preferred to have some form or ‘shielding’ around the teeth to prevent this, but for the price I guess something has to give, so I’m being a bit picky really - just take care zipping it up!

30 March, 2013 by Jason Y

I live in Altai mountains and trekking here is a little bit extreme in a term of weather. Even in summer at night temps can be up to -10C. And my skyehigh 800 bag keep me warm in this temps without problems, always sleep weel and warm, never used my thermal underwear. Best sleeping bag I’ve used at the moment.

09 March, 2013 by Yuri

We came from Tenerife camping trip last week. The SkyeHigh 600 bags kept as warm during the night (Who knew that it is freezing in Tenerife). Our friends with old synthetic sleeping bags had to sleep with 3 layers of clothes on…
We even took 1 bag for Teide sunrise and it really helped (it just fell on volcanic air vent and now smells of sulfur).

The zip-together feature is really nice for cold nights wink
What I didn’t like was those two cords around neck. They are not elastic, so they tend to strangle you during the night and getting your hand out of the fully “tied-up” bag.
Otherwise great bag. We bought it before the price increase so it was even better then wink

08 February, 2013 by mouse

I have just bought a skyline 600 and used it that very weekend at a scoutcamp, the temps hit -5 during the night but I was warm and toasty (i do sleep warm). The construction of the bag looks excellent and it lofted very well out of the package. The usual fast delivery and nice note.

18 December, 2012 by Bean

SH600 Long. I’m 6’1” but the long version works really well for me as i roll a lot, which i can’t do in shorter narrower bags.
Quality is excellent, side by side with a friends rab ascent 700 the loft looks the same.
I’d really like a 400/300 Skye high bag that you could also do in long, for summer, under 1Kg for a long bag, down to 0c, for around £150, i’ll buy one!

04 December, 2012 by ian

Used my SkyeHigh 1000 in Skye!! a few weeks ago. Temperature was minus with frost all over the tent but I was incredibly toasty and had a great sleep. The next night the temp increased and I was a little too hot but not complaining!

04 December, 2012 by Lynda

Hi,  after a lot of research I decided to purchase a Skyhigh 1000 for my trip to Everest Base Camp.  Having just returned (26th Nov 2012), I just want to let you all know that this was an excellent purchase.  I went for the long length as I’m 6’3” and it was perfect, most nights I only needed to sleep in my underwer even when the temp in the tent dropped to minus 11.  I just want to say what a great bit of kit, it dealt with the cold superbly, and even though there was a lot of condensation on the outside of the bag and frost, it was perfectly dry and warm inside.  Anyone wanting a warm bag should go with the Skyhigh 1000 10/10.  Thanks for a great bit of kit!!!

28 November, 2012 by Robbie Taylor

Jst ordered a few bits from Alpkit, on a recommendation from the guys at cotswold.
Ordered a mixture of things, but mainly a Skyhigh 1000 and Dozer themarest, all delivered very quickly and am very very impressed, am typing this from the garden laying in the sleeping bag, and it’s brilliant.  Wish I had heard of Alpkit before I went to Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu, as the sleeping bags I had there were useless . And love the nice notes that accompany the orders, nice touch.

31 August, 2012 by Sam Raithatha

Bought the alpkid 250 for my five year old son, but it’s had most use from my (small) nine year old daughter on overnight treks in the Pyrenees this summer. Lovely bit of kit - no compromises or shortcuts, and it was too warm in temperatures above 10C and fine in high-single figures, so the lower limit is probably some way below the 6C suggested (although my daughter is legendarily tough!)

Will be taking it out to the Himalayas next Easter (generally tea house use, but I’d expect to get to around freezing, and am confident it’ll cope with this), although the 9yo will probably be at the limit in terms of size and may need a small adult’s bag; I’m really disappointed about this, as there’ll be an inevitable performance dip with the dead space of a too-big bag, not to mention the extra weight and bulk. The pack size on the 250 is WAY smaller than quoted - the specs here are for an uncompressed bag - and it went into the bottom of a 40 litre sac almost invisibly.

Quibbles? None with this bag, but I’d love to see a slightly higher spec version for winter use, and also a bigger version for the 9-12yo demographic. Alpkit have put a unique piece of kit on the market, recognising the fact that kids need real gear too, but then left a tantalising gap between the 250 and the rest of the range. I can’t be the only one who thinks there’s a pretty big market there, waiting to be tapped. (And while I’m at it, how about a kids’ size Hunka and a super-narrow 2/3 sleeping mat?)

A great piece of kids’ kit, which doesn’t patronise its user, and is clearly built to expect some serious bashing.


30 August, 2012 by Martin

Invested in SkyeHigh600 for myself and the wife and SkyeHigh AlpKid250 for our 2 1/2 year old earlier this year as we had a lot of camping trip planned. Been blown away by the quality of them and haven’t felt cosier in a sleeping bag. Kept me super cosy during a very wet and cold week in a tent in April in wettest West Wales.
Highly recommend investing in one.

29 August, 2012 by Stephen Sowden-mabbott

Thought I’d treat myself to a skyehigh 600 for my travels and it blew all my expectations! It kept me warm Throughout my trek in Nepal even at base camp where it was -11 inside.

12 August, 2012 by Neil

Used a sky-high 1000 on my climb up Kilimanjaro and couldn’t have been warmer, it’s an excellent product well worth the money, which is very competitive, i would recommend the sky-high series to anyone and was very pleased with the product

26 July, 2012 by Bill

I ordered the Skyehigh kids sleeping bag for my 2yr old daughter and it arrived 22 hrs later with a lovely note from Alpkit. Impressive.

We opened it together and she thought it was amazing! She immediately ran to get Peppa pig and they snuggled up in the lounge together, so that’s a great seal of approval! smile

I was also very impressed, it’s her second bag (she had her first a 3 months) and this is so much better than her last! A ‘proper’ bag for littlie’s, so important when we camp all year round.

We’ll be trying it out this weekend, in the damp and wet… I’m hoping I need to replace my bag sooner rather than later so I can get a nice Alpkit one wink


13 July, 2012 by Jenny

Skyhigh 800 Sleeping Bag. I used this for the first time at the weekend, was in the minus range but this sleeping back was worth every penny, warm and comfortable in freezing conditions. Excellent.

17 April, 2012 by Lea Westwood

Hi All, just to say thanks for the fantastic night’s sleep I had in my new Skye1000 bag. The previous week I had to put two sleeping bags inside each other and slept in my thermals to stay warm. This week i could of gone naked!Much more comfotable and I love the fact that its short
and fits me wonderfully.I will be getting another one for the warmer weather soon.

26 March, 2012 by Dawn Adam

1st Time I have used ALPKIT, recommended by a colleague. Got My Skye High 600 1.5 days after ordering!!!!That’s really fast, quality kit at sensible prices - Thanks to all at AK

15 March, 2012 by Ally

Skyhigh 800 sleepingbag. Lovely bit of kit, very comfy good quality can’t wait to try it out in the cold!
Thank you very much Alpkit.

13 February, 2012 by Jonathan Stuart

i first bought a sky high 800 and went camping on a day and night were it was below freezing and i was in a hammock, excellent didnt feel any cold whatsoever,now have purchased another skyhigh sleeping bag, well worth the money. p.s. brilliant delivery times too. thank you.

01 February, 2012 by gary mc

Have bought a skyhigh 600 sleeping bag from you, also a base mat. Really pleased with both—great value and quality. Onlt tried out on friends floor so far but heading for NZ later in the year, and they will be perfect!

23 January, 2012 by ali paterson

I got my SkyeHigh 600 for my birthday in June and had to wait until the weather got colder before I could use it - it was just way too warm for summer use.

I have now used it on 4 separate outings (not including tests in the garden) and think that it’s brilliant. The overnight temperature on these trips varied from +8C to -5C and I have never been cold in it.

I have only ever used it out in the open in a Hunka bivi bag on either an old regular Airic or a new Airo 120. I just haven’t had an opportunity to use it in a tent, yet!

23 January, 2012 by Rob Andrews

i purchased skyhigh 1000 on 22nd december and it arrived on 27th dec.. btw 24-25.12 is christmas time and i am from slovakia. that means bag was on long journey to east lands but problably with rocket in ass:)
hey guys i appreciate your approach and responsibility. the bag is well done, comparable to my coleman cloud x pro. value/price is unbeatable.
all my recommendation

27 December, 2011 by cado

Just back from the Cairngorms last weekend with the 1000 bag and slept like a baby for 3 nights in the snow! I only took a 35l rucksack so incl. cooking foooooood, tent, matt, clothes, rope, axe, helmet, harness didnt have a lot of space for a bag…1000 packed down a beaut, no worries! Aplkit is top kit! thank you ***** rating!!

22 December, 2011 by Jack Adams

Blimey! You guys are really on the ball. I ordered my Skyehigh 800 bag late Wednesday evening on line and to-day Friday at midday it arrived. Complete with a cheery handwritten Happy Christmas on the returns slip.
Well if the bag performs as well as it looks you will have to fight me for it back!
Looks and feels an incredible value for money product. Well made and just inviting you into it for a good comfy kip.
Until to-day a good down bag was beyond my means but you have made my Christmas and I cannot wait to try it out.
Thank you Alpkit! You will get very high recommendations from me. Great product and super fast service.

16 December, 2011 by Heather

well every one has said it all i brought two bags a 600 and 800 both amazing i was so impressed i pretty much got every item i could bivi bags big and small, head torch, dry bags ,20l day sack, pegs, cuttlery set, rope, tent bag and i might just be tempted into more would have loved a pipe dream but im off arround the world befor they come in stock so have to deal with extra weight of the skyhigh. but 15/10 rating for alpkit well done

06 December, 2011 by simon jones

I bought my SH800 back in April and left a glowing review then, but I just wanted to pop back and say that I’ve now properly put it to the test on the Inca Trail in August.  It performed amazingly well!  I’m female and while I don’t seem to feel the cold quite as badly as other ladies (must be because I live in Scotland) I do still get pretty cold at night.  But I was completely toasty in this.  For the first two nights I slept in thermals, but on the third night we were at slightly lower altitude and I actual took off the thermals because I was too warm, and just slept in a t-shirt and some stretchy trousers.  This is pretty amazing considering that all my fellow trekkers were apparently sleeping in fleeces, scarves, hats and gloves!

I use it with a down-filled sleeping mat (not by Alpkit, sorry!) and the combination of the two means that I’m almost as comfy and cosy as I would be in my bed at home.

The only thing I’m disappointed by is the fact that I can’t buy a long sleeping bag with a right-hand zip.  I really want to get my partner one and since mine’s a leftie, it would be nice if I could get him one that would zip together with mine!

28 November, 2011 by Alex

My Skyehigh 600 arrived today and goes on top of my wardrode for netx year.
the other one keeps me warm in my bed in the winter.
I used before on acycling holiday to Belgiunm Holland and France and it kept me warm. PacKs down easly, doesnt take up much room. Keep warmer than the Snagpack Kestrel that it replaced.

10 November, 2011 by Seamus King

I’m fast becoming a fan of Alpkit gear, Your customer service is second to none and is often mentioned in the circles I move in (I’m a mountain leader).

I wanted a reasonably priced, fairly light sleeping bag for colder trips and the 800 sounded ideal. I used it a week ago (ordered Thursday, arrived Friday)in a bunkhouse in north Wales and was far too hot really although the temp’s went down to about 6*c - un-zipping it a bit solved this though.

Brecon beacons next weekend and Snowdonia for a week at the end of the month - doubt I’ll ever have any concerns temperature wise in the U.K. though there’s always the option of different clothing and a liner.

It’s super comfortable too and that fluffy, soft, squashy down is just the thing after a long, wet day.

01 November, 2011 by Rich

We bought 4 (yes!)Skyehigh 800s - a short,  2regular & 1 long; sizing perfect for all of us, and took them to Ladakh in August. A bit warm at lower levels (above 11,000ft)-unzipped, no problem, but came into their own at -4 at 17,500ft. Really cosy, really pleased. Very good value - we didn’t want to spend loads on a bag that could get deposited in a himalayan river! Every bit as good as the scenery.

07 October, 2011 by Frances

Great service guys - bag arrived next day!! Looks really good and can’t wait to get it tested on the Annapurna Circuit in few weeks time grin

05 October, 2011 by Raymondo

Really fast despatch and delivery - thank you very much. Used the bag on a test camp Saturday and was mightily impressed - good climate control in warm weather and thoughtful design have made this a great buy!

03 October, 2011 by Les Hargreaves

Have used it in Sweden with lowest temperatures being -7 and my SH800 lived up to the task, just a few little remarks (but no reason not to buy it): the two cords around the neck don’t really add much to the isolation and one seems to almost strangle you if pulled too hard, the down filling on the feet is a bit too light and always seemed to let in cold when my feet even gently pushed against the inside tent, but a real beauty for the rest!

21 September, 2011 by Roszten

just recieved my Skyhigh 800. thanks Ben.“Its SO fluffy!!!”. arrived as promised can’t wait to use it this weekend.

21 September, 2011 by dave

A few weeks ago, I camped in the Swiss Alps (Andermatt) using my Skyehigh 600 and Dozer mat for the first time. Had a wonderful, comfortable, warm nights sleep. Woke up in the morning to find frost had formed over my tent! First test passed with flying colours, then! The quality of both my Skyehigh and Dozer are top notch.

19 September, 2011 by Marvin Keeble

Bought a skyhigh 600 this spring and have used it for about month in total since. It’s a really nice and roomy bag, and I’ve used it everywhere from Dartmoor to Svalbard and been as warm as toast.

16 September, 2011 by Sam Scott

Bought the Skye High 600 last year to replace my 1 year old synthetic bag from a well known brand which had let me down whenever it got near freezing.
Tested it in Dartmoor at -4 and woke up next morning snug as a bug. After that I tested it 10 days on the GR20 in Corsica and despite getting wet (For once I did not put it in a dry bag because I didn’t expect it to rain 3 day straight in Corsica in Juli) it kept me nice and warm after a long day.

12 September, 2011 by Will

Just came back from the Pembrokeshire coast camping in a flappy tent literally 150 metres up from the beach. My new SH600 kept me warm there for 17 cold nights, in conjunction with a silk liner for half the time and a cotton one for the rest…Alpkit shop, you are missing a trick not selling these too, I would have been happy to buy liners from you with your great service to me in the past. It was great to be wrapped up in it reading with my Bulb II on it’s side on the airbed beside me. Like the internal pocket which was ideal for a single AAA torch. Still a great value buy even with the recent price increase ( I have looked elsewhere and been unimpressed).

04 September, 2011 by Tao

Got my SH 800 two days after ordering, fantastic service and regular email/text updates. The bag came in the allocated time window.  Liked the hand written note. The sleeping looks and feels fantastic quality for the price. Can’t wait to use it over the winter. Will give feedback in the coming months.

02 September, 2011 by rob

Got my down sleeping bag (Skyehigh 800) one week after ordering (live in Belgium) the price is much lower than in outdoor shops and the quality feels the same, the compression bag is no larger than other models I checked. The only thing that bugged me was that I was first going for a pipedream 600 but that it was sold out until november, which I find a bit on the long side. Will comment in 3 weeks if it doesn’t live up to my expectations because it will be tested severely in Lapland for that time.

29 August, 2011 by Roszten

I ordered my SkyeHigh 600 on Wednesday and it was with me the next day - usual excellent customer service by Alpkit.  By Friday night I was camped out on Speyside and, although not a massively cold night, I didn’t get the 4am chill or sweaty legs that I’ve been used to with my synthetic bag.  In fact it was one of the most comfortable nights that I’ve had in a tent; the bag fit isn’t too restrictive and the zips and drawstrings mean that it is very easy to regulate the temperature.  Now I just can’t wait to get back out there and really test it out.

28 August, 2011 by Mercurykev

Follow up to July 13th post…
Camped on the Isle of Wight in a howling gale and heavy rain.  I was warm as toast - too warm really - but rather that than the opposite.
Bag was small enough to fit in my panniers, but lofted up nicely. Highly recommended.

22 August, 2011 by Steve from Dorset

I bought a SkyHigh 1000 sleeping bag (short). Alpkit service is very efficient and professional. I received emails and text notifications in regards to the delivery. The sleeping bag arrived the following day at the allocated time. Customer service is excellent either over the phone and email.  I like the idea that the sleeping bag has its storage bag. Very reasonably priced especially being 90/10 goose down. I fully agree with Marc Langeskov, the hand written note gives it a friendly touch.
I just came back from Kilimanjaro and had put my sleeping bag to the test. Fantastic! I had to camp at high altitude and cold temperature but I was always nice and warm in my sleeping bag. The short size is perfect for me as I’m 5 foot 1 and still had room to move around. I love it!!
I highly recommend this product and Alpkit!
Kind regards

22 August, 2011 by Muna

I was wondering if Alex has properly informed alpkit of the problem with his sleeping bag? Clearly it is faulty and not up to the usual standard and it seems a touch unfair to complain on a public forum unless alpkit has been informed and given chance to redress the problem. In my experience alpkit’s customer service is excellent so I’m sure they would want to resolve the problem.

19 August, 2011 by Patrick

i purchased a SH600 in July 2011 and have been very disappointed, the seams to the sleeping bag were so bad that the fabric frayed at the seams within a week and had to be stitched up immediately as feathers were everywhere, it was unusable. not realiable at all. most certainly do not recommend this product, will need to be replaced . i am curious to see how Alpikit respond.

14 August, 2011 by alex Curti

Bought a Skye High 600 Excellent quality sleeping bag - well thought out product - storage bag an excellent idea.  Delivery was spot on with email and text notifications. Arrived at allocated time slot.  What a great way to buy excellent kit at a good price.

18 July, 2011 by Andy Hardstaff

I recently purchased a SkyHigh 800 sleeping bag for the wife.  We have been looking for a down filled bag for some time as my wife feels the cold ( yepp even in summer!!). A really great piece of kit at a great price.  On the last couple of weekend camping trips, she has been totally comfortable.  Well done Alp Kit for another outstanding product.

15 July, 2011 by Dave Rasdell

Ordered on 12th, and arrved at the halfway point of the time on the delivery notification email.
Bag looks great, though I won’t be using it for a week or two.  Acn’t wait for that cycling trip.  Bag really fluffs up, and has a big storage sack and a stuff sac which will get it into one of my panniers.I may repost after the road test.

13 July, 2011 by Steve from Dorset

Just spent two nights in my SH600 out on the Welsh mountains.  Was very warm and cosy.  Also used the lightweight 3/4 mat, very comfortable experience.  Excellent product grin thanks very much.

01 July, 2011 by Fiona Cheyney

For years I’ve put up with synthetic bags in cold weather (often using two, one inside the other). But after the bitterly cold weather in January this year (2011) I decided to take the plunge and move to down fill.

After a lot of reading round online reviews, forums and bulletin boards I opted for the Skye High 800 - not only did it get good reviews but it seemed to offer the best compromise between comfort and cost.

I bought the bag in March (and got quick delivery and friendly personal service from Alpkit by the way) so it hasn’t yet been used in really cold weather.

However, I’ve been out on a few frosty nights and so far I am really impressed. The bag is well made, light, packs small and - compared to my previous synthetics - it’s incredibly warm and cosy. With the temperature around zero(ish) I sleep comfortably in just a long-sleeved base layer and socks.

I keep the bag loose in its storage bag at home but when I’m out on trips I’ve found that it lofts up fully straight from the compression sac.

In summary, the Skye High 800 is an excellent sub-zero sleeping bag at a really competitive price which I have no hesitation in recommending.

29 June, 2011 by Sceptical Camper

Recently bought the SH800, as had been looking for a value for money down ‘bag.  Alpkit was recommended by a friend, who has a SH600, and he couldn’t praise it highly enough. I opted for the ‘800’ (long version as 6’2”) as I wanted something that would see me through bivi-ing in the winter; although my first use was a week in June (So not a real test of its capabilities!). It’s uber warm and really cosy - it was lovely sleeping in the ‘bag under a tarp for a week.  My ONLY suggestion for improvement would be to change the zip for a chunkier quick release one similar to those used on military bags, as I found the current one snagged a lot and was a little difficult to use inside a bivi.  It would also mean unzipping the bag would be a doddle.

However, overall a fantastic piece of kit and coupled with great customer service means I have and will use Alpkit again - in fact friends and colleagues have been so impressed with the kit arriving in the office that they have ordered stuff too.

Keep up the good work.


PS - I love the hand written notes.  Makes it all feel very friendly!

22 June, 2011 by Marc Langeskov

I needed a good warm bag for a camping trip with my wife so she wasn’t put off by getting cold at night

I went for the Sky High 800 and am not at all disappointed with my choice

the long bag for me is spot on and was nice and warm when I first used it

the short I bought for the wife is a little snug and maybe she’d have liked it a bit wider but she’ll not be cold

all in all very pleased

21 June, 2011 by Ian Porter

It’s not meant to be a garbage / bin bag, just a plain economical grey bag thats cost effective for us to send things in and means we dont over package our deliveries. We’d rather write a hand written note than spend ££ on fancy packaging.



09 June, 2011 by Nick from Alpkit

Bought my SH600 about a month ago. Delivery was pretty fast to holland. I was a little bummed when it arrived in a garbadge bag(?) but when i opened it up, there was a hand written note. Not much, but its something, right?.

Tried it in Belgium 2 days later and i felt like toast. It was so nice and comfy and warm i just had to open the foot zipper. I immediately felt a cool breeze blowing through the bag, but not too much. Great bag, love the size too. I’m a 6.4ft guy and pretty slim around the shoulders but I feel nice and snug in the bag. I was worried that it would feel like my old synthetic blanket style bag but it turned out to be just fine.
Can’t wait until July, when i can test it on the Hardangervidda of Norway where the night temps can go to 3 of 4 celcius.

09 June, 2011 by Jurgen T


Brilliant product, brilliant communication regarding when my Skyehigh and Hunka XL Bivvy was going to arrive.. Told delivery would be between 9.38am and 10.38am.. It arrived at 10.19am.. How brilliant is that?.. I live out in the sticks and most couriers pretend that they have dropped a card, when they don’t usually bother to try and find me.. But DPD were also brilliant..

The quality of the bag looks great, it’s a shame it’s not a cold day or else i’d be outside having a practice snooze..

Many thanks Alpkit

i’ll be back for more

09 June, 2011 by Tom from Pendle

There’s not much to add, other than the 600 is a superb value for money down bag… I sleep warm(ish) but have used this through-out the winter in a hammock down to -8 (+UQ/Bivi) and been very, very comfy. Its diffucult to get out of in the morning, its just too snug!

06 June, 2011 by Aaln

Replaced a very good but now old macpac down bag that has seen better days so took the plunge and ordered a skyehigh 600 regular. The bag is superb I was not sure on sizing so gave Alpkit a call and they were extremely helpful so i ordered a regular and its fine for size im 6’1” tall and 48” chest and its perfect
Thanks Guys - well done

06 June, 2011 by Phil

SH600? Excellent product, brilliant service - what more can I say?

05 June, 2011 by Huw Evans

Ordered on a Thursday, arrived Friday AM and used that night at 10 under the Ben cycling event at Fort William.  The SH600 kept me roasty toasty all night and is by far the best sleeping bag I have used.  At 6’5” I went for the long and it was great to not waken through the night with my feet jammed and twisted in the foot of the bag.  Can’t recommend enough.  I’m looking forward to using it with my Hunka XL on a Highland Trip later this Summer.

27 May, 2011 by Alan H

I bought the SH800 primarily for an Inca Trail Trek I’m doing in August, but I decided to try it out this weekend at the Roadburn festival in Tilburg.  I didn’t push it to its limits by any means, but with night-time temperatures around freezing I was completely cosy.  Every morning I woke up to hear my fellow campers talking about how they’d woken up at 4am, too cold to sleep, and how they’d all been sleeping in thermals, hats and scarves.  I had to keep quiet!  I’m usually a fairly cold sleeper but I was fine in just a t-shirt, and actually had to unzip the bag a little in the mornings when the tent had warmed up a bit in the sun.  A brilliant sleeping bag all round.

18 April, 2011 by Alex

I bought the SH800 primarily for an Inca Trail Trek I’m doing in August, but I decided to try it out this weekend at the Roadburn festival in Tilburg.  I didn’t push it to its limits by any means, but with night-time temperatures around freezing I was completely cosy.  Every morning I woke up to hear my fellow campers talking about how they’d woken up at 4am, too cold to sleep, and how they’d all been sleeping in thermals, hats and scarves.  I had to keep quiet!  I’m usually a fairly cold sleeper but I was fine in just a t-shirt, and actually had to unzip the bag a little in the mornings when the tent had warmed up a bit in the sun.

I’m around 5ft 8 and the regular sized bag has plenty of room for me.  It compresses down pretty small (smaller than my boyfriend’s much colder synthetic bag) and is nice and lightweight.  I’m really pleased all round.

I also have to commend Alpkit on their brilliant customer service.  There were some problems with the delivery of my sleeping bag which were beyond Alpkit’s control, but they worked really hard to resolve the problem with the delivery company and didn’t once try to fob me off even though it wasn’t their fault.  A great company!

18 April, 2011 by Alex

SH800 Skyehigh. Initially I’d had my eyes on the SH1000 after pondering ‘coldest’ scenarios that I may end up in,but heeded the Alpkit warning that it will usually be too warm for most people and their situations. Being restricted to use in the extremes wasn’t my interest so I chose what seems to be the middle option. The SH800 has been out on a couple of wild camps since (April 2011).

On the first camp,the bag was baking but this was a camp in an open forest area with no breeze after a roasting sunny day,and the recent hot meal and hot drink inside was simply reflected by the SH800 (a testament to its effectiveness). Opening up the side zip,the sleep was then fine.

On the second camp on open coastal cliffs,the SH800 was truly perfect and particularly cozy to be zipped up in with the front of the tent wide open to a sunrise and a cold ventilating morning coastal breeze coming into the tent. Weight wise,the bag feels super light compared to synthetic bags,and is lovely to handle. Known before ordering,stuffing the bag for trips fairly lightly as recommended and not squashing the living daylights out of it with over compression,means the packing dimensions for outings are acceptable. Not tiny,but acceptable for most rucksack outings. By mid summer it will probably be too hot to use and an old synthetic will do for that season. But it will cover Autumn,Winter and Spring and that’s what I sought. Light weight,various features and the warmth means a ‘quality’ bag at a good price.

13 April, 2011 by Adam

Hi, just came back form an unseasonably hot weekend in Coniston , first time I have had opportunity to try out my Skyehigh 800
the bag was very warm (to warm!! )packed up a lot smaller than I anticpated so I took more gear! unfortunately my closed foam airbed had a leak so cold from the ground did seep a little into my back - so just bought the base mat in an effort to counter the problem, cheers for a great, friendly and most of all personal service , love the product information sewn on the bag by the way , ps used a Kelly kettle for cooking and hot water , shame you cant market something similar, my food and a brew cooked on dry bracken , bonus!!

11 April, 2011 by Joe Hamilton

Ordered SH600 yesterday afternoon, just arrived this afternoon. First impressions are very impressive, looking forward to using it over the Easter holiday. Will report back

07 April, 2011 by Paul B

Ordered the SH800 yesterday at 1130am. Received it today at 1105am. Last minute panic at 14 yr old daughter going on first Nepal trek. Only to Namche Bazaar and maybe a bit higher. But hey?
Kit appears first class. Will report back in three weeks on return. But now Mom and I are feeling more confident. Well done Alpkit.

06 April, 2011 by Chris Ross

I am planning a two week trip to Scotland in April - May so went for the SkyeHigh 600, tested it in the Lake District with temperatures at about -1.  The bag kept me very warm and comfortable.  The pack size is small and just what I wanted from a down bag.  Good value and very warm.

30 March, 2011 by Dave McDonald

Slept in a snow-hole with my new Skyehigh 800 last week in the Cairngorms, and it kept me warm and cosy. While others kept waking up throughout the night when their bag (other brands) was too cold, could I wake-up well rested for the next adventures in the morning. Great bag! The only down side I can think of is its packing size. It’s bigger then my old TNF Black Kazoo (similar specs). But nothing beats a warm bag when you need it.

26 March, 2011 by Tijssen

After long deliberration I went for a Skyhigh 800 bag - order processed quickly, prompt delivery, well-packaged. As for the bag? Haven’t had a chance to test it out in extreme conditions but I was warmer than I ever could have hoped after spending a night out on my local hills when clear skies meant chilly conditions and frost. In short the SH800 kept me perfectly warm but: the only downside is it’s too warm for watching the T.V in the living room - even with the heating off! smile Recommended

24 March, 2011 by Les Hudson

I’d been searching for a fairly good quality down sleeping bag (cheapish) for a few days until I came across the Alpkit website in my internet searches, previously I knew nothing about down sleeping bags and I had been researching that side of things as well. After a few days of searching I was rewarded by discovering the Alpkit website which seemed to tick all the right boxes and answer all my questions with it’s very informative pages……..Anyways, Thanks again to all the Alpkit Guys & Girls, I’m off to the Irish hills fishing with my new SkyeHigh sack! Will definitely be back to shop again, Cheers Sean.

06 March, 2011 by Sean Mac

I’ve had my Skyhigh 1000 a while and took up to Everest Basecamp on a 18 day teahouse trek this month (Feb). I sleep cold so I put a thermal liner into it and was snug as a bug in just my merino thermals whilst the temperatures outside hovered around the -20C mark. I highly recommend it - there were quite a few of us on the trek flying the Alpkit flag with our Skyhigh 1000’s, Filos and Fillets!

28 February, 2011 by Steph

Bought the sh800 last week for a weekend in the lakes. had the best nights sleep outdoors that iv ever had. thanks very much! product excellent and the service was outstanding.

23 February, 2011 by Rob Hetho

Just received my Skyehigh long bag. Very efficient service and personal note to thank me for my order, brilliant! The bag is great value, especially for a long bag and packs down small for backpacking. Immediately began planning to use it earlier than originally planned. Fantastic company and highly recommended.

17 February, 2011 by Mark

I cannot rave enough about these sleeping bags.  My son and I both used the SH1000 on a Kili trek last September and we were never cold in fact we needed to unzip on a couple of occasions!  I am a challenge events organiser and since then have recommended the SH1000 to all my fundraisers who need a down bag.  A few will be put to the test in Arctic Norway in March!  Whilst I’m at it I might as well tell you that the Filo jackets got us to Uhuru (-20 and we were toasty), we slept like babies on the dirtbag and dozer sleeping mats and the Gamma headtorches challenge the Petzls any day at a fraction of the price - Alpkit you are brilliant!

10 February, 2011 by Jo Wiggan

Bought Skyhigh 1000 and just hiked 40 days round Everest including 2 passes and Island Peak. Great bag only coulsd once at base camp about 5000m and I was ill that night so that didn’t help. Stuff sac straps fell apart twice and had to be sown up. Apart from that niggle spot on as was your head torch as well which is very good as always.
Have fun.

11 December, 2010 by Greg

Bought a Skye high 800 a while ago now and I’ve used it many times in all weathers and I have to say it’s an amazing bag. I’ve just come back from a weekends wild camping in wales with night time temperatures of minus 13 and I didn’t feel the cold at all. Top bag at a great price. Buy one you won’t regret it.

05 December, 2010 by Matt Martin

I took my SkyeHigh 600g bag on a cycle-camping tour for three weeks in September.  I’m a very cold soul but my sleeping bag performed outstandingly well.  I slept under the stars and on some nights the bag got pretty wet.  Nevertheless I stayed toasty and warm every night, without exception. 

Features like the neck baffle and little internal pocket are very useful, but there are no unnecessary ‘extras’ that would only add weight and bulk.  An important consideration when carrying everything in panniers.  A fantastic product.

13 October, 2010 by Jo

Bought my Skyehigh 1000 a while back, but only used it in anger for the first time last week.
Wet, windy and cold west Scottish highlands in october - very comfortable!
Bag got damp on the second night, but still performed admirably.
Working in an outdoor shop I get plenty opportunities to recommend Alpkit gear!

07 October, 2010 by Euan Long

Sick of getting cold at night when camping (I get VERY cold when sleeping!), I finally forked out for a down bag and wasn’t disappointed! I first tested it in Belgium in May - surprisingly there was groundfrost but whilst my friends were freezing and having to sleep in hoodies, I was snug and warm in just a t-shirt. I used it again for a fortnight in Lapland over the summer, with night temperatures down to freezing with not a hint of being cold.

I was concerned that the price was cheap compared to comparable spec. from other brands, but have not been disappointed at all! Have recommended to other friends looking for their first down bags, and they have also been impressed.  Great product!

01 October, 2010 by Lynne

Hi got my skyhigh 800 nextday, great service looks great, tried out and very warm as good has the top bags at half the price highly remmended.
will buy again infact going to buy a filo jacket

10 September, 2010 by Ewan Turnbull

Ordered my Skyehigh 800 yesterday and it has just arrived, about 24 hours later.  Where else would you get such a swift turnaround, without paying extra on the postage (or more specifically, paying any postage at all?) I am delighted with the bag, and can’t wait to try it out next week in the Peaks for a couple of nights to test some kit, before heading for a three month walk/hunt/gather along the west and north coasts of Scotland the following week…  Thank you!

02 September, 2010 by Alexander Crow

Just bought a sh600, great customer service/advice on the phone, delivered the next day as promised, can’t wait to try out this quality bag. Cheers

01 September, 2010 by Andy White

Ordered 2 Skyehighs last week and I recieved them nicely packed and with a personal note within a week in Holland. Great service. Also, my partner´s Skyehigh right regular 600 fits perfectly zipped together with my left short 800. Just brilliant, he doesn´t sweat out his bag while I´m still shivering. Now I can finally reduce my 5 layers of clothing.

Just wish you made them in green, so I could quickly switch it with my military bag wink

Thanks guys!

24 August, 2010 by Janita

*** Snowdonia *** Sorry.

M Russel

17 August, 2010 by russel_1204

Bought Skyhigh 800 few weeks ago. Been used once in camping in Snodonina. Was too hot for August!!! Bought it to use in Kilimanjaro trip in sept. Hope it will be comfortable.

Will update after come back from Kili.

M Russel

17 August, 2010 by russel_1204

Just bought another two Skye High sleeping bags for our kids - now we are all Alp-kitted out! We all love them!

Great customer service as well - I can only recommend it!!

21 July, 2010 by Ulrike

Just how big are these bags ? will I be able to fit one into my 25 liter adventure racing pack ?

17 July, 2010 by setho ,11

Just bought a SH600 for my Duke of Edinburgh Gold in northern Spain. I’m over 6’5” and the long is perfect (probably up to 6’7” maximum) Really warm and incredibly light and small. Using the compression sack i got mine a lot smaller than in the picture (don’t know if its good to keep it light that for a long time. Great buy especially for £95

08 June, 2010 by Michael Ardron

I LOVE it! I’m a 5’7” girl and the small size is just about perfect, I could probably just about afford to grow another inch, but it’s brilliant! It packs down really small, to about a ft square, and inflates like masd when you get it out of the bag - and it’s so snuggly that I won’t even miss my teddy! smile

26 May, 2010 by Becca-Jai

ok so now i have one of these (SH long) and i reckon you can say 6’7” is a good fit for the long bag as i don’t need to tuck up inside. as mentioned i ‘m quite big too at 18.5 stone and i found the bag really comfy. happy to provide testimony / chat to any other big folk.

06 May, 2010 by Nick M

Fantastic, just bought the SkyHigh 1000 for a climb up Kili. Placed order on Friday and it arrived Monday am. Forget paying £300 for a big name bag, these are as good at less than half the price. Thank you Alpkit.

26 April, 2010 by Glen Dobson

I ordered a SH1000 one day and it was delivered the next!!! Having previously owned a Rab Ladakh 1000 I was looking for a similar comfort rating….......found one!!! This bag is equal to the Rab in every respect except the price; which is at least 50% cheaper. Look no further if you want a -16 four season bag. Excellent product and service, many thanks.

14 April, 2010 by Frank Lindsay

The best purchase I have ever made - the Skyehigh 1000!  My son and I ventured out onto the Black Mountain on Jan 2nd 10 form Carreg Cennen Castle at -6.  Two nights later and we caught in a major snow storm with visbility down to less than 6 feet.  We had to dig through 2 feet of snow to secure the tent as the temperature dropped to -10 in the tent!  With bag inside my Hunka I slept throughout the night warm and cosy - thanks guys these have to be the best value bag market!

26 March, 2010 by Ian Wilson

Had my new shiny Skyehigh 600 delivered for a (hopefully) toasty weekend away at the national student rodeo in Nottingham, where I must say it performed admirably with temperatures reportedly down to -5 or below I was as snug as a bug! Im 6ft and rather skinny so it ended up being rather large around the shoulders, but even so it was surprisingly warm once all the cords were pulled closed.

Keep up the good work!

17 March, 2010 by Harry

Bought the 400 to stop the Wife stealing my ME dreamcatcher.  Now we fight over the Alpkit bag even though the ME has stretchy knees.  Great service and quality as you would expect from the Alpkit crew.  Fantastic lofting, gets twice as thick as the ME for the same fill power.  Mainly used in cold summer and autumn nights and not really tried it sub zero yet but I have no doubt it will keep the toes toasty.  Planning a snowbound trip on my own so will get the choice of bags and have to say first choice will be Skye high.

Keep up the fantastic work.  Great products and great service, don’t lose the values and sell out like so many quality companies have in the past.

02 February, 2010 by Jonny Rock

I had been looking for a sleeping mat and a down sleeping bag for a couple of months and came across Alpkit after reading some reviews of your products over the Web. I bought a slim Airic followed by a Skyehigh 600 (instead of an 800 to keep the cost down and save the 227gms difference in weight). Next stop was camping in the Lakes in December at Wasdale Head, then up to Scoat Tarn the following night. Temperature dipped to -7 Deg, so I left the thermals on just in case and am pleased to say I had two great night’s sleep, no complaints whatsoever. In fact I was that pleased with your performance and quality I bought the Down jacket as well!! Well done Alpkit, it’s refreshing to see a company like yours providing a cracking product with a sensible pricing structure. Keep up the good work.

31 January, 2010 by David Nolan

I have just returned from the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek having taken the SH1000. Wow! Fantastic value for money, not only did it keep me warm and cosy at -15 but not one person on the trek could even come close to value for money with the products they had purchased. £125 for a down sleeping bag is excellent. Please, as you become more popular, do not lose site of these realistic and sensible prices!

15 January, 2010 by Andy Munnings

I wrote to you just before Christmas asking if your SkyeHigh 800 would be warm enough for some Christmas time camping in the South East. Thank you for your prompt answer by the way, and you were quite right. The extra large version of the sleeping bag fits me really well, and I’m 6’8”.  The same goes for the Hunka XL, which has plenty of room. Its great to find kit that fits tall people properly.

I’ve now been out a couple of times, probably no colder than -3, and been warm as toast. In fact the first time I was too hot and was perspiring. I used a crappy Millets foam sleeping mat, and a 3/4 length inflatable in a bivvy bag (Hunka XL), with thermals and some extra leggings on, and was unbelievably warm. I know -3 isn’t cold for you Northerners, but its amazing to be so comfortable when there’s snow and ice on the ground. Oh, and I like the fact that you cut your bags so they have big enough foot areas. Us chaps who need XL length sleeping bags tend to have large feet. (14 in my case, and your bag sizing is fine.)

I would never have thought that down bags could be so fantastic, as I’ve been a synthetic man to date. They do need a bit of a fluff up the next day (not a pornographic term), but other than that, fantastic. I still wonder what a weeks worth of rain and damp would do to one, but I’ll need to test that.

Tempted to go out for a camp on the Downs this weekend now. How many other nutters are up there I wonder?

12 January, 2010 by Jonathan

Waited since July to get a 600.  Its the first down bag I have owned but researched and tried out (on the shop floor) many.  Being 6ft 2in and broad meant the long suited best.  What can I say.  It is as good as the reviews I read prior to buying suggest.  Great kit, sold at a great price, through a great bunch of people who deserve my praise and thanks.  I think its a down jacket next!

23 November, 2009 by Adrian

I took this bag to Peru, where we did an 8 day andean trek and i was nice and toasty smile Not once did it let me down! A very good quality bag at a very reasonable price, others i looked at were far more expensive for a similar product! I would reccommend it to everyone!!

24 September, 2009 by Hannah

I am always cold & due to this am a fair weather camper. After waking up shivering yet again this June in a sleeping bag supposed to be ok to -10 I was recommended by a friend to get the 600. He said the 800 would be too warm so I bought that instead. I am testing just how cold I can be toasty in this but so far so good - camped last week-end near a canal & temperature was freezing overnight but I was baking! So happy!!!

21 September, 2009 by Jackie Sears

Just received my Sykehigh 600 long. I cannot believe the quality for the price. If you are looking for a performance sleeping bag look no further - these are not budget products - extremely good value, the most generous bag I have ever tried -I am 6’2” and it is massive! brilliantly warm and comfortable. Very fast delivery and unbelievable value. Thank you.

05 July, 2009 by Andrew Lee

I’m not a regular outdoor pursuitist these days but last year we camped on the first weekend of May with 2 season sleeping bags with fleece liner, with thermals, with blankets on top and were miserably cold. I lusted after a SkyHigh but didn’t take the plunge (due partly to no stock this April)and this year, same weekend in May, froze again. Not to be accused of being a slower learner we called and then popped into Alpkit one afternoon with the intent of spoiling the wife and I with SH800’s even though in my heart of hearts I knew it was excessive to our needs - I just liked the colour… The crew at Aplkit were exceptionably accommodating and helpful, even tolerating an excited small child running around whilst they tried to work and after lengthy discussions and prodding and demonstrating of bags we settled on a couple of 600’s. The build quality is first class and having never had a down bag before I am really impressed. They pack so small and yet are very light but “fluff-up” to be big and cosy. 2 weekends after we froze we camped again and this time I had to sleep with the hood off to avoid over-heating and yet the tent thermometer read 0 degrees! We had a lovely nights sleep where 2 weeks previously we had been up and shivering half the night in similar conditions. Amazing difference and we are very pleased with our purchase! I think I have found my new life long (well as long as possible) sleeping partner. My only comment would be that we are using silk liners (about £20 from Decathlon seemed a good buy) and having loops to tie them in at the bottom would have been good.
Thank you people at Alpkit - outstanding product at a good price and admirable company ethos/culture.

30 June, 2009 by Adrian Leeming

This is an update to my earlier review. I bought a Skyehigh 600 and last year and have now used it for 6 weeks under canvas.. including the Highlands,Skye, The Outer Hebrides and various other trips. It is a BRILLIANT sleeping bag! It kept me warm in frosty and windy conditions.  Down bags seem to have a wider tempreture range where you sleep comfortably and I found even on warmer nights, the bag seemed to regulate the heat well. It is very well made with excellent zips and velcro and still looks new! The construction (box wall) really makes the most of the down and gives great comfort.  I sleep better in this bag than I do at home!  I thoroughly recommend a 13l drysack for storage whilst camping as this gives peace of mind against the wet. A silk liner means you won’t have to face the horror of washing a down bag… for a while anyway.

11 June, 2009 by Tom

I bought a Skyehigh 400 and used it on the 30th TGO Challenge Coast to Coast across Scotland on foot.
Just an awesome sleeping bag, stood up to challenge well

24 May, 2009 by Steve

Just a quick note to say I used my skyehigh 800 in a snowhole in Romania at 2100 metres in Romania over easter.
I couldn’t have been warmer or more comfortable. All moisture/ condensation beaded off the bag and mine was much dryer than the 2 much more expensive bags used by my friends.

So a big big thank you for a great product. (any chance of doing the PipeDream in a long length?)

Cheers keep up the good work.

30 April, 2009 by Charlie

I took the SH800 to the north of norway in february and was warm enough in -20 in both a tent and a snow hole (although I admit I kept my thermal base layer on). Very good sleeping bag.

26 March, 2009 by Suzi Wallace

My partner and I used the SkyeHigh 1000 sleeping bag for an ascent of Kilimanjaro three weeks ago; at Barafu, the last camp before the summit, the night time temperature dropped below -15 ºC and everybody was freezing.  Except for the two of us, who had to unzip because we were so warm!  A luxury bit of kit and worth every penny - the people we climbed with were blown away by the quality vs. price. Ditto for the down jacket. Two thumbs up.

10 March, 2009 by Alastair

Bought the Skyehigh 1000 for a trip to Bolivia in May 2008. Used it up to 5,700m without a liner. Toasty warm. Absolute bargain.

12 February, 2009 by Alex

i’m interested in the skyehigh 1000 and just wondered the exact pack size dimensions, looks too good to be true for £110!!


09 February, 2009 by tom

I’m going trekking in Southern Peru for a month and will be spending a week in the Andes. Will this bag keep me warm in the cold temperatures and high altitude? It looks like exactly what I’m after, just wondering if there’s a catch

07 February, 2009 by Hannah

I ordered the SH400 for an xmas pressie for myself from SWMBO - love it!  So far only used it to sleep on the sofa when been out on the raz as SWMBO doesn’t like being woken by a drunken me (either that or my wandering hands!).....anywho, absolutely fab bag.

Can’t wait to get it out onto the mountins, my son and I are keen on a bit of wild camping in the Lakes and this’ll be just the ticket.


24 January, 2009 by Craig Mulvaney

My SH400 arrived next day(!)  I am so pleased with it. I am no expert but it justs looks and feels like great quality for the price.  It was a bit tight round the chest, but a smaller mate was happy to buy it from me. I immediately ordered the large version. This is a better fit. I’m 5’11”, 40” waist (ahem), 46” chest, 14+ stone.

Okay, everyone has a different shape and everyone sleeps in a different position (I lie on my back, hands clasped over my belly), but I personally would make a change to the design: Make it slightly wider from the shoulder to the belly, then narrower from there on down.
Of course, if you are pear-shaped, you wouldn’t agree.

05 January, 2009 by Andrew

I ordered a SH600 friday, and it was delivered - in Italy - wednesday morning. Great service, and
very high quality at a great price!

19 December, 2008 by Tommaso

I bought a skyehigh 600 to replace my synthetic bag which was supposed to be 3 season but wasn’t! The 600 was delivered in superquick time (next day) and I’m really pleased with it. It is very well made and the down lofts really well. I have been camping a few times late Autumn (5 degrees C) with it and it has kept me really nice and warm even when just in boxer shorts. My synthetic bag (made by a well known brand beginning with S)required me to wear full thermals and a hat just to get down into single figure tempretures. The fit is nice and generous and the box wall construction means it has plenty of height. Excellent product at a great price!

25 October, 2008 by Tom

Just got back from trekking in the Mongolian steppes (in October) and despite the -7 degree nighttime temperatures my Skyehigh 1000 kept me nice and warm (a feat considering I do not tolerate cold temps well). Thanks for such a great product and your super fast shipping!

14 October, 2008 by Casey

Just bought the SH 1000, waiting for it to arrive, Going to be used in southern Afghanistan possible high altitude through the Winter months, will let you know how i get on…. OH went for the Hunka bivvy also “KELP”...

29 August, 2008 by Ian Gunner

Just come back from a trip under canvas to the Altai mountains in southern Siberia, Used a SH800 and was toasty warm every night. Even spent a night bivvying on a 2500m ridge in a Hunka Bag in the snow! Great kit, even better prices.

17 July, 2008 by Jourdan Bounds

used this bag in probably the most extreme place so far. svalbard in the high arctic for 3 months, temps as low as -25. as long as your still wore most of your clothes. most of the guys in my group were using the me iceline, which is £306. it might not be quite as light, but it seemed about the same warmth . (that was with a silk liner)
the only prob was a small rip in the stiching about 2/3 the way down, but that was sorted with a bit of duck tape. did send atlot of down into the tent though.
a arctic sleeping bag for £110, a bargin. go for it

23 June, 2008 by tom

Fantastic bag for the money, I have the 1000, incredibly warm, and the best fitting sleeping bag I have ever owned. Being 6’4” sleeping bags are normally a poor fit.

28 March, 2008 by Paul

The SH1000 (short) weighs 1614g or 1758g with the compression bag.

13 February, 2008 by Kenny Stocker [Alpkit]

I bought the Skyehigh 800 yesterday, and it was delivered by 9.30 the following morning - great service!

Quality feels and looks great - am testing it out in Roybridge this weekend!

12 February, 2008 by Andy Malby

What is the weight of the Short Sky high 1000?

03 February, 2008 by lostsheep

Got the 800 for winter camping/bivying. so far it’s been really good. very good quality and very comfortable.

29 January, 2008 by paul

Got an 800 at christmas used it on a cold wet night bivvying on bodmin moor with a hunka bivvy bag was delighted to wake up the next day warm dry and comfortable! im very impressed! well done

31 December, 2007 by Matt Rowe

Bought the 800 and used it in the Lakes at the weekend, temperature on the first night was down to -5, can’t fault the bag, warm, no leakage and lofts well.
A real bargain !!

26 November, 2007 by Jim Winn

well just got this bag and i am impressed!looks good and feels good.the loft of the down is fantastic,much better than my last down bag which was the same spec.isnt leaking down either when i move it unlike my last bag.the bag looks well made which was my concern because it was so cheap.can wait for some cold weather now.i know its early days but i am very happy with what i have got for £110.00.

21 November, 2007 by ray saunders