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Bikepacking Rear Seat Packs

These fellas cling on securely beneath your saddle. Smaller cycle saddle bags are ace for carrying tubes, tools and spare clothes on a day ride, whilst larger seat packs make a lighter and more streamlined alternative to your traditional rack and pannier setup when bikepacking or cycle adventure touring. Seat packs perform best when carrying your lightweight, compressible stuff (think sleeping bags and down jackets).

Couple a Koala seat pack with an exo-rail seat post mount for easy-on/easy-off anti-sway riding.

Exo-Rail Dropper post compatible anti-sway seat pack mount for all-terrain bikepacking


Dropper seat post compatible and anti-sway seat pack mount for keeping your bikepacking luggage stable and secure


Bato 0.5 litre weather resistant seat pack


0.5 L low profile cycle saddle bag for your tools, tubes, CO2 and mini essentials. Waterproof construction for protection against the elements


Airlok tapered bikepacking watertight dry bag 10 litre chilli - red

Airlok Tapered 13l

10 L seat pack drybag liner with roll-top closure and fully taped seams


Enduro Seat Pack 3 litre seat pack red

Enduro Seat Pack

3 litre day ride saddle bag for ditching the weight in your backpack and lowering your centre of gravity for better handling on steep and technical terrain

From £49.00

Fiana 12 litre water resistant welded seat pack with roll top


12 L seat pack for endurance racing, touring and weekender bikepacking. Waterproof construction, welded seams and roll top closure for maximum water protection


Wax Cotton Koala 13

Wax Cotton Koala

Waxed cotton bikepacking seat bag with roll top closure, stable and Exo-Rail compatible. Available in 7 litre and 13 litre sizes. Limited Edition, UK Made.

Sale: £80.00 Was: £95.00

Koala 13 - Chilli


Bikepacking seat bag with roll top closure, stable for carrying your gear securely. Exo-Rail compatible. Available in 7 litre and 13 litre sizes

From £85.00

Big Papa Large capacity seat pack black

Big Papa

17 litre expedition bikepacking seat bag. Hardwearing, large capacity, exo-rail compatible with additional bungee cord for keeping your kit secure and safe

From £105.00

Koala 13L Exo-Rail System - 13 litre bikepacking seat pack and mount

Koala Exo-Rail System

Bikepacking seat pack and mounting system for a dropper post compatible and incredibly stable setup, no matter the terrain

£95.00 £101.00 if purchased separately

3 Litre Enduro seat pack and 0.75 litre enduro pod

Enduro Pack And Pod Bundle

Ditch the backpack with this fast and light rackless bikepacking setup

£75.00 £82.00 if purchased separately

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