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Exo-Rail Seat pack mount

Dropper seat post compatible and anti-sway seat pack mount for keeping your bikepacking luggage stable and secure no matter the terrain

Exo-Rail Dropper post compatible anti-sway seat pack mount for all-terrain bikepacking
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  • - Exo-Rail Dropper post compatible anti-sway seat pack mount for all-terrain bikepacking

Our bikepacking setups rarely feel complete without our spacious seat packs in the rear to carry all our bulky stuff. Ditch the sweaty backpack and let the Exo-rail take care of your luggage. 

Exo-rail is our unique system for adding stability and dropper seat post compatibility to your seat pack for minimal sway in your bikepacking setup, all the while reducing faff with its simple slide-on, slide-off pack attachment system. Convenient, light, and sturdy – it's ideal for tackling whatever the road, the track, or the trail throws at you... 

The Exo-rail system fits to your saddle rails with minimum faff. The rail itself slots in with your saddle rails and clamps into place with the clamp and bolts provided. Once on it is unobtrusive and elegant, with no moving parts to clang around, so you can leave it on ready for when you need it.  

The Exo-rail’s shape allows for multiple attachment options, depending on your pack, your frame, and your preference. Our Koala seat packs, available in 7 litre and 13 litre capacity, now feature a slide-on, slide-off Exo-rail sleeve that is incredibly simple to use and gives your seat pack setup excellent stability. 

Will it fit my seat post?

Exo-Rail does not fit all seat posts.

It does fit 2 bolt micro-adjust seat posts with the bolts in line with the bike, including Rockshox Reverb dropper and all Alpkit seat posts. Exo-Rail does not work with single bolt seat posts or posts with side-by-side bolts. Watching the video will help you determine if your seat post head is compatible, but if you have any doubts please send us a link or a photo of your seat post so we can advise.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • Dropper post compatible seat pack mount for all-terrain bikepacking
  • Holds your seat pack rigid and reduces sway for excellent manoeuvrability and handling
  • Clamps into saddle rail for a secure, unobtrusive fit
  • Rail offer multiple attachment options
  • Included: rail, clamp, 2 x clamp bolts
  • Designed and made here in the UK
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Vital stats

Pack weight limit: 2.3 kg
Weight: 195 g
Dimensions: 28 x 43 cm
Rail diameter: 6 mm
Material: Steel


Supplied with M6 bolts

Origin: United Kingdom

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Does what it says on the tin

Bolted it in last night and took 2 minutes.
Now I personally hate tail bags, they sway all over the place unless you carry the weight of a tea towel.i went back to panniers but wanted a solution to the sway.
Now I use Blackburn bags for my sins so no sleeve. Works a treat. Just pull the back piece over the rail. Rock solid. Alternatively just wrap a bungie round it.
I ride fast and also heavy and I was amazed today how rigid and I also forgot it was on the bike.
Just buy it and try it.

Top kit! Versatile! Secure!

I bought the rail because I have a bag with a sleeve that the rail can fit into. The rail is solid, really versatile, secure. It takes the faff and guess work out of bag mounting.

Usual quality, beware the fitting!

This looks and feels like a great idea, I have the bag to fit and bought both ahead of a couple of upcoming bike-packing trips. Once on the bike everything feels sturdy. I was hopeful that I could fit to my cane creek thudbuster, but alas no, the thudbusters micro-adjust clamp interferes with the middle cast aluminium peice of the exo rail. Fits fine to my alternative seatpost, however this uses M5 bolts, smaller than the supplied extended bolts, so something to check before ordering as you will need longer bolts!!

Faff to mount

A pain to mount, but once it's on, really helps stabilize the bag. I will use it with my taper Airlok. Only good for 2.3kg but that will work for me. Using my measuring calipers, it adds 8mm to your seat height. It would be good to mention that in the instructions.