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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Koala bikepacking seat bag

7 L or 13 L off-road and long distance bikepacking seat bag. Hardwearing and lightweight with roll top closure and 3 attachment points for keeping your gear secure and protected

Koala seat pack for bikepacking
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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Whether you’re touring light and fast on the forgotten roads of Norway, taking in the landscape on the West Highland Way, or commuting to the office… the adventurous, light, and hardwearing Koala is a popular and trustworthy companion.

Available in two sizes, Koala offers secure and light beneath-the-saddle storage with a minimalist design and impressive capacity.

Constructed from waterproof VX21 fabric, Koala is made to meet the demands of adventure without adding weight to your set-up.

Simple to fit and secure once installed, Koala features a 3-point attachment system, with 2 seat post straps, and a bar-tacked seat rail strap.

Roll-top closure and compression straps keep your cargo compact and portable; daisy chain webbing accommodates diverse seat angles.

When cycling in a downpour, we recommend using a drybag with your Koala for added protection. 

"Is it waterproof?"

Although highly weather resistant, this product is not fully waterproof due to its stitched construction. If you are carrying valuables or electronic equipment, make sure to put it in a dry bag. 

Key features
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
  • Lightweight and high-capacity under-seat storage
  • Made to last in the UK
  • Fully customisable (contact support@alpkit.com)
  • Made with waterproof and highly abrasion-resistant fabrics
  • Available in two sizes
  • Roll-top closure and compression straps for stability
  • Simple 3-point attachment system
  • Bar-tacked saddle rail strap, angled for support
  • Daisy chain webbing for versatile attachment
  • Tapered cut doesn’t interfere with your pedalling
  • Compatible with Airlok Tapered
  • Attaches beneath the saddle
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Vital stats

Outer: VX21
Stitched seams
Buckles: Duraflex


Weight: 240 g
Size: 37 x 17 x 13 cm
Max capacity: 7 litres
Weight: 275 g
Size: 41 x 21 x 17 cm
Max capacity: 13 litres

Fitting Guide

Minimum clearance from saddle rail to wheel
Small: 15 cm
Medium: 18 cm

Origin: United Kingdom


A 4-layer, 210 denier laminated nylon fabric with a DWR finish: VX21 (or X-Pac to its friends) is a high tech, ultralight sandwich of materials that is highly abrasion and tear resistant, low-stretch, and waterproof. ​

Living with this product
Product Care Information

​Koala has a C6 DWR coating which helps it to repel water and dirt. After your two-wheeled epic, wipe down your Koala with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

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What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Borsa perfetta, capiente quanto basta(13lt) per caricare tutto ciò che serve per uscite di più giorni. E' molto stabile e di facilissima installazione, si pedala senza sentire il benchè minimo movimento posteriore. Ne acquisterò presto un'altra per la bici di mia moglie


Great design, a bit fiddly to put on and it does wobble a little but thats unavoidable with big saddle bags! Use it for some day rides to bring a camera along but its most at home bikepacking. Top quality materials and craftsmanship and as usual the Alpkit customer service team are great!


Just got my koala and put it on the bike. I couldn't work out where the extra strap went to start with, but the online video showed me. Love it, can't wait to get out and use it once the ice has gone. Happy New Year Alpkit

Nick H

I've had my Koala for a few months now and done quite a few bike packing trips both on my Camino Al and Transmitter Al (bit of an Alpkit fan grin ).
I gave 5 stars as this product works really well at what it's supposed to do which is basically transport your gear with the minimum of fuss. Yes there are other products with more bells and whistles and yes some even claim to be waterproof but for me these are not priorities as bells and whistles tend to break or compromise the design brief and I don't trust just 1 layer of waterproof gear and always use dry bags (an Airlok tapered in this case). This also allows me to leave the Koala attached to the bike and use it as a "holster" as it were.
The other huge benefit of this bag is that with the extra strap, it just does NOT move or sway when riding. Even when on pretty technical downhill sections, it is rock solid.
In it I can also fit a fair amount of gear, namely all my clothes for riding/camping from freezing temperatures all the way up.
UL down jacket
Riding mid layer
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Thermal top - to sleep in
Thermal bottom - to sleep in
Socks - to sleep in
Riding tights
Underwear x 1
Socks x 1
T-shirt x 1
T-shirt long sleeved x 1
Everything is placed in to the Airlok tapered and then in to the Koala, then I stuff the rain jacket and pants in as they obviously don't need to be in a dry bag.
Finally, price wise this bag is pretty hard to beat versus the competition.

Tough bag for adventures

I've been using this bag since 3 years, with a road bike, during summer tour in the Alps between Italy, Austria and Switzerland. I rally like this bag because it satisfies two features that I consider essential when traveling; the bag seams really indestructible and built to last for long time. I also appreciate the extra strap (that others brand don't have) that almost avoid the swing movement of the bag when pushing on the pedals.

Just buy one!

If you are looking at bike bag options this is the daddy. The strapping design is second to none meaning the bag will remain locked to you bike no matter what abuse you give it. You'll need a dry bag inside as the material isn't waterproof but let's face it, we all do that anyway with any bag we use on our backs.

The only upgrade Alpkit could do to this now is take the excellent material from the Rando and craft a Koala from it. If they pull that off then they'll need to add another star to their rating system.

Ps. If you're considering this and the Rando Fiana; I say this wins hands down. Having watched a friend ride all day with his Fiana fully loaded i think the strapping system on that particular bag is a much lesser design

Practical spacious saddle bag

purchased a Koala Saddle 13l bag for a 700km trip (yet to do) This bag is deceptively big and will just about fit the bare essential clothes in for the journey, (3 sets of bib shorts, cycle tops and dry clothes for the evening it's tight but they fit. I've tested it out on several commutes to the office and it not only prevents mud from the bridal way spraying up my back, it ensures my work clothes arrive dry and dirt free, which is fantastic as I hate cycling with a rucksack.

I'm planning on getting the Tivaro 13l handlebar bag before I set off on the ride at the end of August and then hopefully next spring the Camino Al.

Customer service was great, helpful and clear, definitely recommend.

Duncan Roberts
Great Product great Service

Ideal for Light Touring - Five Star Service from Alpkit


LETJOG and other 3 day rides... This thing is blooming great!

Good seatpack

The koala surprised me by how much you really can put in this thing and when it's secure I can't see my stuff ever falling out. It does sway quite a lot when it's heavy but you soon get used to it. The plastic buckles to strap it to seat post are a bit awkward to move around and I ended up tearing one slightly (Probably due to my fault)

Great pack but you need to pack it well

The overall design is easy to fix the bike, clip in and away you go.. you just have to make sure you load your gear closest to the seat post otherwise it will sag.. the slight reinforcement within the bag needs to be made a bit stronger to offer more stable packing.. but it's no bigger and takes a few goes to get it right. Once you do - it's a bloody good product. It would be good if this was waterproof particularly to withstand the back wheel splash!

I found Alpkit after trawling through websites to find good gear locally (I'm based in NZ)... great stuff Alpkit - you need to consider stocking your stuff down under smile

Seems well made. Doesn't fit my suspension seatpost.

Ordered this bag for a long XC trip. Unfortunately didn't fit my bike because I am using a parallelogram type suspension seatpost. The straps are not long enough to go around the parallelogram (not big deal) and the 50mm of travel in the suspension compromises my saddle-tire clearance (deal breaker). Can't blame Alpkit for that. I wish there were more designs for short riders without much saddle-tire clearance. Four stars for 1) service, 2) return process and 3) design and quality of the bag. I had to decide between having rear suspension or using the Koala, and with 120 miles per day of bumpy trails for three days the decision was clear.

Koala review

Have had this bag for over a year now with moderate usage.Fits a lot of stuff in but straps are quite fiddly and top buckle often caught under saddle.Light for its size.Would give it better rating but shows more wear than expected from structure material coming through outer given it hasn't been given a hard time.

What They Say: Kudos - Product Reviews from independent magazines and websites

Koala seat pack questions answered

Stuart Wright of Bear Bones Bikepacking gets his hands on a Koala seat pack and takes it for a 100 mile round trip.

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a 'Rough cut' pre-production Koala and last week took it on a 100 mile ride to the BNO in the Peak District and back again.

Stuart Wright

Bear Bones Bikepacking October 2013 - Stuart Wright

CTC - Seatpack Test - Koala

Dave tests seat packs for touring cyclists and finds the Koala the lightest, most versatile for capacity and stable seatpack.

Well designed and lightweight bag that's ideally suited to off-road touring.

Dave Barter

Cycle - CTC magazine June 2015 - Dave Barter

Best In Test

Bikes Etc: Bikepacking Gear

Packed with useful features, extremely sturdy and with options to suit every need, these are superb bags.

Bikes Etc

Bikes Etc October 2017 - Bikes Etc