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Airlok Tapered 13l drybag

Airlok tapered bikepacking watertight dry bag 10 litre chilli - red


  • Chilli - Airlok tapered bikepacking watertight dry bag 10 litre chilli - red
  • Black - Airlok tapered bikepacking watertight dry bag 10 litre black

10 L seat pack drybag liner with roll-top closure and fully taped seams

SALE: £12.99 Was: £14.99

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Cornwall, Ireland, New Zealand… Whether biking close to home or further afield, we’re bound to encounter rain at some point - may as well be ready for it!

Inspired by our Airlok Xtra range, Airlok Tapered is a 10 litre drybag shaped to line tapered spaces, such as a Koala seat pack or a kayak bulkhead.

Waterproof TPU Taslan Nylon fabric with taped seams keeps your stuff protected from the elements, roll-top closure provides easy access whilst keeping the water out.

Although designed to fit inside the Koala seat pack, Airlok Tapered can used independently for an ultralight set-up. Daisy chain webbing on the length of the bag offers multiple attachment points. However, as it is less abrasion resistant than the Koala, heavy use may wear holes in the bag.

N.B. - A recent sizing error means some Airlok Tapered are labelled as 13 litre (actual capacity is 10 litre).

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Key features
  • 10 litre waterproof storage bag for bikepacking
  • Tapered drybag with taped seams and roll-top closure 
  • Waterproof fabric with waterproof construction
  • Roll-top closure keeps out the rain
  • Daisy chain webbing for versatile attachment
  • Hypalon tabs for added functionality
  • Webbing strap and buckle for additional attachment options
  • Fits perfectly inside a Koala seat pack (size regular)
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Waterproof construction
Fabric: 320D TPU Taslan Nylon
Buckles: 20 mm Duraflex Stealth
Taped Seams


Weight: 150 g
Capacity: 10 litres
Flat length: 55 cm
Flat width: 28.5 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 18 x 39 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

14 Reviews


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Great bag and very long lasting!

The short of it is that I would really recommend it, light weight, cheap, waterproof, easy to attach and can fit a surprising amount in it!

Now for the longer version...

Been using this for a few months both for my daily commuting (for which I stash a multi tool, spare tube, pump and leavers as well as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt of shirt and lunch box) and for longer weekend trips including some mini 2-days touring (along with the AirLok 13l bar bag, also great).

With a couple of velcro strips and the two straps provided it's incredibly easy to secure and adjust according to the load - no idea how some reviewers are lamenting having had a mare fitting this, it really is simple! Though admittedly, since it relies on straps it's not the quickest to take on/off for quick nips to the shop, but definitely not the stuff of nightmares either!

It's been totally waterproof in drizzle, rain and downpours and shows no signs of wear after hundreds of miles of use on its own (though I do use fenders which will protect it from water and grit coming from the back wheel).

Review update

I have used this product on two bike rides as a seat bag to test it and it works amazingly well!

I have added two velcro straps (€3,-) because they are more easy to compress the bag as the deliverd straps.
The bag held on extremely well and there is really no wobling around, It is completely sturdy.

Beside this is a good dry bag, it will also work damn fine as a light weight (or cheap) seat bag!


Have used this a lot. the webbing loops provide multiple anchorage points. It fits neatly to upper frame, seatpost and seat without sticking out backwards too far which really limits any wobbling. It is waterproof, well sewn and the fabric is tough enough without being made out of truck curtains like much more expensive Ortlieb bags. What's not to like?
I use 4 velcro straps and a webbing strap with clip and leave it on my bike when camping as it can be accessed and re-stuffed without removing it.
Please make something rubbish, I love a good moan!

Great products and service

Put my order for a 13l tapered dry bag, a gourdon 20 backpack and koala straps last saturday and received the items this wednesday (even with a personal note!).

First of all great service!

Second, the backpack looks and feels amazingly good!!!!!!
I have tried to attach the drybag on my bike, but it is a little bit moving around. I will look for further solutions and if that will not work out, I will certainly order the Koala!

Third, I will certainly will buy more Alpkit items in the future!

Definitely fit for purpose!

I rode from Ireland to Cornwall with this bag and had no problems. I used a velcro strap to attach to the seat post and two straps, one to the top of the seat post and the other under the saddle rails....didn't budge and inch over a few hundred miles. Usual great built quality you expect from Alpkit....well done.

Awesome lite low cost option, recommend

Was doing a 1000k Bikepacking Event in New Zealand, had a bigger seat bag but wanted to go smaller, lighter = faster. Know this isnt really promoted to have heavy use by itself but used it for the event and worked awesomely! Did leak a little but that was after 10hrs riding in the wet and by the end of the event did have a small tear on the daisy chain loop where sat between the seat rails but considering the use i'm happy. Will get it repaired and think will just run an extra webbing loop around the bag and seat rails but not the daisy chain just to give it a bit of extra support for next years 1100k mission. Oh yeah, i used it for training missions beforehand.

Good as a drybag

As others have mentioned this bag can be awkward to securely fix to a seat post and keep it there. I have now changed to use a Wildcat Tiger seat harness and use this Alpkit bag as the insert/ dry bag for the wildcat harness and this works a lot better and is more sturdy than the Wildcat dry bag. The tapered nose suits the wildcat Tiger harness and the ability to remove the dry bag from the harness to compress off the bike suits my uses better.

Simple but effective

I find it hilarious reading about other people's failings with this bag. The koala is £70 for a reason. You are not going to get the performance of the Koala for £21! That said, it is a simple affair to attach to a bike, again other reviewers clearly have no idea as it is really simple. I would suggest that 2 velcro straps are used at the bottom to hold to the seat post, the long strap goes around the the saddle rails, and I would add a further strap to the front of the saddle rail. The bag won't budge. As for waterproofness it is ok but I always put my gear into seperate ultralight compression sacks for more storage capacity and I can organise things at the same time as keeping everything dry. In response to panniers ... I wish you luck with the extra weight of your rack, panniers, overfilling etc ... I am sure you will spend many happy hours unclogging the mud from around your rack and wheel. Honestly, it's a good buy as long as you know what you are doing.

Great value

Amazing piece of kit for the price. I used whilst doing the Cairngorm Loop over 4 days. My recommendation is to get an extra strap or 2 to help eliminate the wobbles and to keep it wedge shaped just under the saddle.


This item needs simple manual. Attached picture is the best way to fit.

Fed up
Not like the ones in the pictures

Pictures show that the roll top strap is much longer. Mine isn't. No way of attaching it Needs loads more straps. Why can't alpkit selll something that works and doesn't need loads more straps and faff. Have wasted two hours of my life trying to fit this. Don't buy.

nice concept but absolutely not dry

purcheased the bag with 2 others 1 year ago. the concept of attaching the bag directly to the seatpost is nice but after riding 1 hour in the rain in the austrian alps my whole luggage was wet. so don't use this "drybag" in the rain, absolutely uncomfortable.

How to I fit this?

I can't fathom out how to securely fasten this thing. Seems like "bikepacking" is a fashionable faff - panniers would be so much easier.

Mike S
Not fit for purpose

If you want a 'lightweight luggage solution' as the picture states don't waste your money on the airlok. I have yet to find a way to attach this bag to my bike in a way that is satisfactory. I have tried adding velcro straps, zip ties and bungees but all fail to stop the bag moving around. If you attach it to your bike as Alpkit have suggested the movement and instability is simply laughable. I think someone at Alpkit needs to reword the blurb on this bag and remove the misleading photos. Quite simply I now have two unwanted drybags and am £42 poorer for it!

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