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Airlok Dual 20l dry bag

Airlok dual end closure watertight handlebar dry bag chilli (red)


  • Chilli - Airlok dual end closure watertight handlebar dry bag chilli (red)
  • Black - Airlok dual end closure watertight handlebar dry bag black

Expedition size 20 litre dual ended bikepacking handlebar dry bag. Spacious and lightweight, long distance gear protection

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You’re not going to let a spot of rain stop you from Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things, especially when the Airlok Dual is around.

Inspired by our Airlok range, the Airlok Dual drybag provides waterproof handlebar storage for your two-wheeled adventures, ideal for light and bulky items.

Waterproof TPU fabric and fully taped seams keep your gear protected from the elements, dual-ended roll top closure gives you convenient access to your gear whilst keeping out the rain.

Although designed for use with a harness, Airlok Dual can be attached directly to your handlebars for an ultralight set-up. However as the fabric is less abrasion resistant that VX21, this may wear holes in the bag.

Airlok Dual uses black 20 mm Stealth buckles which are incompatible with the 20 mm Duraflex S.J. buckles on the Roo Pouch or Kanga handlebar harness; new straps are available as Dual Straps.

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Key features
  • Drybag handlebar storage for lighter, bulkier items
  • Waterproof and durable TPU fabric
  • Taped seams for waterproof construction
  • Dual-end closure for convenient access
  • Roll-top closure keeps out the rain
  • Can be attached directly to the handlebar
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Waterproof Construction
Fabric: Waterproof TPU
Buckles: 20 mm Duraflex Stealth
Taped Seams


Weight: 206 g
Flat length: 68 cm
Flat width: 36 cm
Packed size: ⌀ 23 x 51 cm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

11 Reviews


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Great handlebar bag.

Did my first bikepacking trip this weekend using this bag. Simply put it was excellent. Fit my tent, sleeping bag liner and alpkit air bed in with ease. Simple to secure to the bike and didn t move or rattle about at all. I also used the airlok saddle bag. Also very good. Delivery was quick too. For the price you can't go wrong.

This thing is huge!

The bag has more then enough carrying capacity when mounted to the handle bars, could fit loads of stuff in it

A great handlebar bag.

It does exactly what it's supposed to.

Having the dual closure definitely makes it a lot easier than a normal dry bag where you may struggle to get all of the air out while packing and certainly helps you to pack more evenly, packing the sleeping bag in the middle and then balancing smaller bits in each side.

There's plenty of room within as well. I manage to fit a 3 season bag, hunka XL bivvy bag, Cloudbase mat, a pillow, head torch, tarp, long sleeved shirt and hat within mine, and I'm sure I could get a bit more in if needed.

Steve Bate
Great handle bar bag

I used this for my sleeping bag on a recent 5 week trip to Patagonia. I never had a problem with it. It remained water tight the whole time even in some heavy Patagonian down pours with gail force winds, totally bombproof! The only thing I realised while I was away, I probably didn't need the double end access because it was only my sleeping bag. I could have used a standard 20L dry bag from Alpkit. However it's good to have the option, as in summer my bag is smaller which would allow me to pack my down jacket in there as well. Always good to have options smile

Airlok Dual 20ldry bag

The quality of the materials is good and the bag it's really well made: i think it will last for a very long time.
The real capacity is not 20L because you must fold the ends, but it's not a big problem because you have about 15L usable.
For a offroad usage i recommend the alpkit support kanga or you can add a pair of straps in the correct points, so you will make the bag completely stable.
In the end, considering his price, I totally recommend to buy this bag!
Thanks Alpkit for this amazing product!

20L Airlok Dual dry bag

very well made looking forward to putting it to use great size well done again alpkit.

very well made

This is a VERY well made bag, simple but you can feel and see the quality - it actually feels really good to touch! wink
I use it to carry my sleeping bag on my gravel bike, it fits very snugly.

Airlock XTra dry bag

Excellent personal service, delivery was prompt, dry bag works and fits brilliantly, easy to fit and doesn't move around, would use again. Thank you Alpkit.

It would be even better with a purge valve

I already own a fantastic handlebar (roll) bag from another manufacturer but what I need is a dry bag into which I can place my sleeping mat (and other miscellaneous small items as the occasion requires) and hang it off the forward face of my handlebar bag.

On my recent 2200+ mile bike-packing trip I used an ultralight dry bag from another very well know manufacturer of dry bags. It was great except for two things. It only had one roll top and so was difficult to attach to the handlebar bag at the other end. It did not have a purge valve, and as my mattress is a smaller diameter than the dry bag it took quite a bit of skill to both roll the bag closed and compress it to expel all the air from the unused volume of the bag. They produce a dry bag with compression straps and a purge valve, but it only has the one roll top (although it does have a 'handle' at the other end).

So you can see that if this Alpkit bag had a purge valve (and came in a thinner lighter material) I would definitely consider it for my next trip, in preference to the bag I have above mentioned.

Not as tough as the older bags

I bought some airlok extra bags 3 years ago and used them on a long tour. After this time they were wearing out and getting holes. I bought some new ones as replacements but they are thinner and lighter than the old ones. They didn't last 2 months before they were getting holed.
I appreciate lightness as much as anyone but these bags just aren't as tough as they used to be.

Poor customer service when it was faulty

Bought one of these and discovered it was faulty on first use (soaking wet sleeping bag on night 1). This was using it straight after arrival. On examination after my trip noticed none of the glued on patches (inside) were not complete so water got in through the external fastening/ stitching. Faulty products can happen.. But I didn't appreciate the accusatory email responces from Alpkit suggesting that this would be my fault and I'd probably washed it too hotly! Why would I wash it after taking it out of the delivery packet! They (quietly) replaced it once they checked it reluctantly admitting it was faulty. Come on Alpkit please be polite if a product is faulty.

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