Custom-made VX21 frame bag

James gritted his teeth, pulled up on his bars and pushed hard on the pedals; his tyres jerked against the gravel track as if they were fitted with traction control. As he reached the ridge line, the trees that had surrounded him for the last hour gave way to a full 360 degree vista of mountain tops glowing red from the setting sun. He knew it would only be minutes before the stove was lit and he could really appreciate the view in all its glory.

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About Custom Products

Custom products are hand made to your specification in our UK factory.


Our custom made VX21 frame bags make the most of the storage space inside your frame. Providing you with a low centre of gravity and a secure attachment system, any compromises you may have to make in terms of off-road bike handling are minimised.

Some frames are better suited for bikepacking than others. In general, the simpler and larger the frame, the greater its potential capacity. If you have a full suspension bike, or you prefer to keep your bottle cages on, then the frame bag is inevitably going to be smaller.

Our standard frame bag comes with a single pocket on the non-drive side and sewn in velcro attachments. Edges are foam lined to help keep the shape of the bag and reduce damage from the contents to the frame.

Dimension Polyant fabric and YKK water resistant zippers make a very weatherproof combination but we do not guarantee these bags are waterproof as the seams are not sealed. On a long ride water may eventually seep through the zip and the seams and keeping anything that absolutely must stay dry in a lightweight drybag such as an Airlok is good practice.

We offer a large range of customisable options but if you want something we don’t currently offer, give us a call or drop over an email and challenge us... we haven’t yet been unable to satisfy a customer’s idea.


Frame Attachment
Webbing Ladder - we have been trialing the webbing ladder through 2013 and have found it to work extremely well. So much so that we have introduced it through the entire range. It allows the velcro loops to be firmly tightened around any tube without any adverse effects to the zips. You can choose where to run your velcro loops to avoid bike furniture and ultimately how many you would like. This makes it much easier to adapt frame bags to fit other bikes you may have.

When combining several pieces of bike luggage together you can use the same velcro loops to attach them avoid the usual problems of interference. Put simply it is adaptable.

Traditional Sewn In Velcro Loops - This is our lighter option and works well, however depending on the width of the frame bag and the diameter of your tubes it can rub and move. In an effort to reduce this movement you can also pull the frame bag too tight causing the zips to be put under strain which can lead to failure.

Reflective Piping (+£5)
We can add reflective piping along the zips to increase your visibility at night to other trail users. If you want this feature on both sides of your frame bag you will also need to add a document pocket.

4cm / 5cm / 6cm
Remember that bulky items in your frame bag can cause the sides to bulge out, so while it is tempting to go for a wide bag to fit as much as possible in, it will increase the likelihood of the bag rubbing on your rotating cranks.

Hydration Port (+£5)
We can add an opening along any edge of your frame bag to allow hydration tubes or electrical wires to exit the frame bag.

Document Pocket (+£15)

The size of your document pocket will vary depending on your frame size. We cannot guarantee that on OS map will fit in it. The map pocket is sewn onto the drive side of the frame bag.

Surgeon Pocket (+£20)
Fitting larger items such as pots and pans inside a frame bag can be difficult with a single zipper and can lead to zip failure. Our surgeon pocket is a solution to this, the 90º opposing zips open a Stingray like a patients chest on the operating table. Side panels ensure the contents of your frame bag don’t spill onto the trail when fully open.

Divider Compartment Vertical (+£10) 
This option will divide the main compartment into two sections with a removable vertical insert. Highly recommended on larger frame bags to stop them bulging out.

Divider Compartment Horizontal (+£20) 
This option will divide the main compartment into two sections with a removable horizontal insert. A second horizontal zip will be added to allow access to the bottom section, highly recommended on larger frame bags to stop them bulging out.

Other custom options.
If you would like a frame bag made from different materials or would like to add any other features not on offer on please give us a call or drop us an email and if we can, we’ll make it for you. We love the challenge!

Matching bike luggage sets
We make our bike luggage in batches which means sometimes we sell out of certain colours. If you are struggling to get a matching set to go with your Stingray frame bag try our Combinator enquiry form.

  • Made in the UK at in our own workshop
  • Panels: Dimension Polyant VX21
  • Edge panels: 100 den Cordura
  • Zip: YKK size 5 PU-coated coiled zipper
  • Dimensions (cm) - l x h x w x d

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Production Schedule

We make our custom products in batches, please make sure to place your order and send us your template in good time so you do not miss your slot.

# Deadlines
84: Order by 06 Apr and get your template to us by 10 Apr for despatch by 18 Apr
85: Order by 13 Apr and get your template to us by 17 Apr for despatch by 25 Apr
86: Order by 20 Apr and get your template to us by 24 Apr for despatch by 02 May
87: Order by 27 Apr and get your template to us by 01 May for despatch by 09 May


Detailed Images

If one of our products does not meet your expectations upon delivery or, if during its lifetime does not live up to the demands placed upon it, please return it to us for repair, replacement or refund. If the problem is our fault then we will do this to your satisfaction, if it’s your fault then we will help out the best we can.

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I have been using the stingray now for about 2 months.  Flo Orange with doc pocket. It fits my bikes frame perfectley! Can’t wait to complete my bikepacking kit with.

04 December, 2013 by Patrick Evers, Netherlands

Great UK made piece of kit that does exactly what it’s meant to do. Fatbike sizes available now give this great options.

03 December, 2013 by PETER MAC