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Fuel Pod Top tube bikepacking bag

Fuel Pod 22 top tube-mounted bag for snacks, gels, tubes, GPS and tools


  • Chilli - Fuel Pod 22 top tube-mounted bag for snacks, gels, tubes, GPS and tools
  • Black - Fuel Pod top tube-mounted bag for snacks, gels, tubes, GPS and tools
  • Lego - Fuel Pod top tube-mounted bag for snacks, gels, tubes, GPS and tools

Lightweight top tube-mounted bikepacking bag in 2 sizes for snacks, gels tubes, GPS and tools. With cable port for keeping your bits and bobs to hand

SALE: £25.99 Was: £34.99

1. Colour / Size
Fitting guide
22 25
Cordura Black
22 25
Cordura Jaffa
22 25
22 25
22 25

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When all you want to do is ride, you need a partner who’s ready when you are, who slides into step with minimal interference, and who keeps your kit safe but has it to hand the moment you need it. Or failing that, you need a Fuel Pod.  

Fuel Pod is a stable and lightweight top tube bikepacking bag that sits securely on your top tube to keep your stuff within reach whilst riding. With zip closure and a front facing cable port, it's ideal for storing that dynamo cable, your light battery, or those gloves you want to access without grinding to a halt.  

A YKK Aquaguard zip and large glow-in-the-dark zip puller gives one-handed access to your phone, light battery, and snacks - even with gloves on.  

Constructed from lightweight and abrasion resistant fabrics, Fuel Pod is made to endure the demands of your two-wheeled epics without giving you a weight penalty. Like all our UK-made bike packing luggage, it’s backed up by our 25-year Alpine Bond warranty.  

The velcro steerer strap is sewn into the seams for longevity and can be cut to size to fit neatly below you stem. Grippy Hypalon tabs attach to your top tube with the velcro straps provided.  

"Is it waterproof?" 

Although highly weather resistant, this product is not fully waterproof due to its stitched construction. If you are carrying valuables or electronic equipment, make sure to put it in a dry bag.  

Key features
  • Top tube mounted bikepacking bag for quick access to your stuff whilst riding
  • Made to last in the UK
  • Fully customisable (contact support@alpkit.com)
  • Made with waterproof and highly abrasion-resistant fabrics
  • Large enough to fit a spare Hadron bike light spare battery
  • Minimalist design for ultralight storage
  • Foam-lined to prevent damage to the contents (VX21 only)
  • YKK Aquaguard zip and large glow-in the dark puller for one-handed use
  • Steerer attachment: velcro strap sewn into seams
  • Top tube attachment: hypalon tabs with velcro straps
  • 50 cm velcro strap provided
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
VX21 (Chilli, Lego, Yellow, Steel, and Black)

A 4-layer, 210 denier laminated nylon fabric with a DWR finish: VX21 (or X-Pac to its friends) is a high tech, ultralight sandwich of materials that is highly abrasion and tear resistant, low-stretch, and waterproof.
Weights: 22: 65 g; 25: 110 g

500D Cordura

500D Cordura is heavy duty, waterproof and highly abrasion resistant, so we often use it to make hardcore bags without adding extra weight. The clear PU coating repel dirt and water too, giving your stuff a bit of protection and making it easier to wipe down. 


Zips: YKK AquaGuard size 5, Gloworm Phosphorescent Zip Puller
Stitched Seams

Fitting Guidelines

Fuel Pod attaches securely to your top tube at the seat post or at the steerer.

Origin: United Kingdom

Product Care Information

Fuel Pod has a DWR coating which helps it to repel water and dirt. After your two-wheeled epic, wipe down your Fuel Pod with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

Size chart Fuel Pod
Fuel Pod 22 Fuel Pod 25
Capacity 1 litre 1.5 litres
Dimensions 22 x 11 x 6 cm 25 x 13 x 6 cm
What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

20 Reviews


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Well made, good product

Very pleased with the Chilli 25 Pod I purchased, fits well, well made. Excellent Customer Service from Alpkit.

Gordon Jackson
Great top tube bag!

I've had my 2L fuel pod for a while now but it proved itself last weekend when I did the C2C in one day.
It was packed with the battery pack for my front light, jacket, bars, gels and keys. We set off at midnight and got soaked until 5am but everything in it stayed dry and it's big enough to carry everything you need.
Great product

Christ D.
Superb !!

Fuelpod attaches very nicely to the frame thanks to the 3 velcro straps. It's sits firmly and does not sit in the way. Happy and very satisfied customer. All my gear is from Alpkit wink

Mal Grey
Very good quality

Well made, a nice size, and stays in place well once secured. A bit fiddly to get the velcro wrapped around and through the webbing loops, so takes a little longer than you expect.
Perfect for keeping my Hadron light's battery in, plus a few extra bits, though an extra benefit could be a rear "cable entry point" as well as the front one, to make it easier to run the rear light at the same time.

Dario Troglos
Fuel Pod Medium

ottimo prodotto - perfetto per un randonneur !

Jason Leavy
Needs some meddling!

I bouth one of these in steel colour, size large, many years ago. Very frustrated with it flopping to the side. However any fuel pod would do this, it dependso n stem height etc. I have oone bike - perfect fit -another bike - needs a lot of attention.
The fix is easy though - I cut a piece of plastic (from a A4 display folder) and folded it inside the fuel pod in a U shape. It gves great stiffness. Further to this i places a zip tie through the last/highest loop on the stem daisy chain loops and zipped it tight against the stem This works really well and has kept it very solid.

Please bring back steel colour as I need another for my hardtail.

Flopping solved

As other reviews, love the bag, frustrated it can flop sideways. The problem is the front straps are attached to the corner seams which is wider than the bike's steerer which they wrap around. One strap stitched centrally would work better. I've used a small piece of foam pipe insulation around the steerer to make it the same width as the bag which is now much more stable.

Dead handy

I used this on a week long trip in Morocco. Really useful for a phone and a couple of gels, saving you taking off your rucksack, or ratching in a jersey pocket. It stayed pretty upright but make sure you cut the Velcro to size before you set off as the excess is a pain. What to do with the empty gel wrappers though? Sticking them back in messes everything up. Worth the dosh for convenience all the same.

Great Little Pod

After reading many reviews and peoples stories of going correctly equipped I opted for a medium fuel pod. Packed with kit that I needed readily available, fuel gels, hairbo, etc I was ready to go. After some adjusting the pod fitted well to the bike, teasing the velcro through, was at times a little tricky, but persevere and you won't be disappointed. The pod stayed in place over a long and arduous ride, held up well to the elements and all my kit stayed dry.

Fuel Pod Medium

Recently purchased one of these in black. It sits quite high on the frame but once secured firmly stays in place well. I secured it with 3 Velcro straps. The webbing allows multiple straps to be used to help make more secure. Lots of capacity. Not sure about waterproof nests yet, I did have a couple of showers on first ride and water beaded off so under lighter rain conditions fine. I waited for black to come back in stock and pleased I waited. Overall I am pleased with the fuel pod and would recommend.

Andy Pryke
Just right

Have got the medium, and its great for charging the phone on the go, and storing snack bars etc.
the hole for taking the charging cable is great, and well thought out.
Loose 1 mark for the Velcro, But I swapped these out and they hold so much better, much less slippage than the velcro

Very good quality

The product looks very nice, is of very quality and has a good size. i miss a manual on how best to install it. Eg: do you cut the velcro straps to lenght? i am reluctant to do so in case it won't fit another bike. maybe there's a clever maner to put them around the tube nicely so the doesn't stick out. It would also be nice with two long internal storage rooms running the lenght of the bag. This could help to keep your stuff a bit more organized.


Hi Coppi, Glad to hear you like your fuel pod. The velcro straps are all cut to the same length on all our bike luggage. You can cut them down to the right length to fit your tubes.

Odd choice of updates

It’s a nice wee thing this bag. Velcro isn’t great as you can feel it snag you slightly whenever you brush past it, but I get the feeling Alpkit are expecting you to change to decent straps anyway. Otherwise it’s well made and very light.
However taking the daisychain away seem like a mistake. No longer can you use something like a DeWidget to hold the top of the bag which is a real shame. The big Velcro strap can be trimmed to size but if you go to far (or change bikes and need more) then you’re stuffed. Would be fully awesome if there was something supporting at the top

Great addition to a bike!

A great idea, and I was pretty happy with it. Quality of construction is good however it constantly flops to one side even though my top tube is pretty square. I have to say I ended up getting a mag tank which is much better and doesn't move/flop at all. Alpkit you should have a look at it's construction as I'm sure yours could be made more rigid/stable. I do like your products.. just trying to give feedback that could help improve design and function. Thanks

Does NOT stay upright

I really wanted to like this (25) cockpit bag because it packs lot and has opening for electronic wires. But, racing Tour Divide and bikepacking some smaller trips, it gave me lot of frustration because it tilts to the right - lot of slapping and pushing toward left. It takes some focus from riding and enjoyment from troublesome riding.

Don't get the big one

Bought this to help me survive a multi-day Scottish bikepacking trip later this year. Received delivery a week and a bit ago and eagerly took it on an 8hr MTB ride through some pretty technical Lake District terrain (starting with Grasmere Common). On the plus side, it's pretty capacious, well built, easy to open and close and the velcro attachment straps are very strong. It keeps the muck out (but not the water, unfortunately). On the minus sign, attached to my Canyon Nerve AL+ top tube and headset at least, it suffers from severe flaccidity. It just can't maintain an upright position. The smaller version would probably stand erect for longer (why oh why didn't I buy this version?) but you only have to look at the physics involved to see that the larger version has an uphill struggle to maintain its position on the bike. I'm actually thinking it might work better hanging underneath the top tube - except of course everything will come tumbling out when the zipper is undone...

Paul Miller
Poor Quality or Manufacturing Defect ?

I have the older medium sized fuel pod which I really like, but wanted something a bit larger, so ordered the Fuel Pod 25. Expecting it to be basically a larger version of what I already had, I was extremely disappointed at the quality, in particular the aperture where you would thread charging cables. It looks like it has been stitched by a 5 year old and the aperture is almost closed. Nowhere near the quality of my older pod. Price-wise, it is up there with more premium brands like Topeak, so I would expect better from Alpkit. Returned for a refund.

Fuel Pod Medium

Quite disappointed with this product. I bought it for the London to Brighton off road ride and had constant issues with trying to keep it vertical. I seemed to have it strapped on ok but it kept needing constant adjustments to be vertical and then it would flop and I would bang my knee against it. Advice please, am I doing something wrong?

Not a good fit

Bought this for my CdF but while it was a perfect size for what I needed it didn't fit particularly well. The velcro strap could not be arranged neatly under the stem as shown in the product picture. This meant when the handlebars were turned the bag leant to the side and this was worse once the bag was loaded. Fitting the velcro strap in the top of the web ladder made little difference. I tried the bag in a few different configurations to get a good fit which resulted in some fraying on the bag. I bought an Enduro Pod instead which being that much smaller is nice and stable although cannot be closed with one hand. Only time will tell if it proves to be durable given the wear on the Fuel Pod caused by several attempts at fitting it to the bike.

Floppy bag, doesn't stay upright

I have tried this bag on two bikes, thinking maybe my top tube geometry on the first was the problem. But alas... this bag doesn't stay upright, and instead flops to either side. This is fine on my mountain bike, but when on my road bike, the bag smacks against my knees and makes for a wholly unpleasant experience. Perhaps adding an anti-slip or sticky bottom would help? Or stuff sides? Regardless, their are competitors who make bags that don't flop around and get in the way.


Hi Cew.37

Thank you for your feedback, the Fuel Pod should most certainly stay upright and have a stable fit. So long as there is enough clearance on the steerer and the width of the bag aligns with the width of the frame the fit should be secure.
I’ve emailed you for a little more information on your set up so we can resolve the issue.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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