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Develop - what's new from the Alpkit Design Team

Alpkit Bikepacking - Little steps…

By Ben Meakin
27, Feb, 2015

Small developments happen every day in the Alpkit factory, Ben runs through some of these

With such a small factory, with short runs and feedback constantly coming in - from customers, team riders and staff - I have the hard job of implementing them, whilst managing to keep up with stock demand and increasing efficiency. 

In the background I work on developing new products, overhauling systems and I work really closely with Nick, our head product designer. But every week I order fabric, thread, binding, webbing, plastic clips and all manner of other small items essential for getting products out; often this is where small changes occur and Jay asked me to summarise these. 

On the Koala seat post bag we have been looking at numerous enhancements, such as re-inforced panels, different buckles and lots of customisation for customers - these should come shortly, but recently we changed the seat post straps to a harder wearing and grippier plastic, to add strength and stability. We've also changed from black to grey...

Overall styling for the range is getting an update to be all dark grey - Webbing, stitching, duraflex plastic parts etc. We think this colour matches our current range of fabric and contrasts/matches bikes and blends in better than all black.

Kanga harnesses will be released this weekend with face colours to match the rest of the bike luggage line - so you can have a true matching set.

Lastly we are testing a new stabilisation method for our fuel pods. Some feedback is that competitor bags are more stable and we have had feedback that our largest fuel pod when filled up can wobble a bit from side to side, this new attachment method should reduce this, if not eliminate wobbling all together. 

I'll try and keep the develop blog up to date with small changes and any new prototype bike luggage we are working on, now back to the sewing machine!

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