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Finding our way in the Holyland

By Paul Errington
07, May, 2014

Toward the end of 2013 Paul heard about a new bikepacking event, a 1300km self supported race across Israel

Finding our way in the Holyland

Toward the end of 2013 Paul heard about a new bikepacking event, a 1300km self supported race across Israel

Steve enjoying real mountain biking in the Welsh countryside

WRT 2014 - In at the deep end

Steve steps out his comfort zone to experience his first time bikepacking on the Welsh Ride Thing

Sunny winters morning in Mid Wales

There n Back

The Kanga and Airlok XTra combo removes the faff from a chilli winter start in Mid Wales

Doing battle on the beach

Vin’s Battle on the Beach 2014

Bike racing battles on the beach

Scott stops for a brew on a bike packing trip.

What is Bikepacking

Bikepacking is cycle touring off-road, a discipline that has been around as long as people have been riding bikes. However its recent popularity can be linked inextricably to the explosion of lightweight equipment available now.


Ultralight bivvy bag and sleeping bag cover

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag

Rig 7
Lightweight waterproof tarp with lifters

Koala seat pack for bikepacking

Lightweight seat pack



The Arrowhead 135 Ultra is a challenging endurance event. Temperatures drop as low as -50 ºC and racers must carry a mandatory amount of food, water and gear to cover a potential 3 days and 2 nights outdoors. Alpkit athletes Paul Errington and Lee Peyton have both tackled the event by bike and by foot, here is some of the kit they used.

ArcticDream 1400
-48ºC goose down sleeping bag for extreme conditions

Hunka XL
Ultralight large sized bivvy bag

Fat Bike Stingray frame bag

Fat Bike Stingray
Custom-made frame bag for your fat bike

Stem Cell
Stem mounted accessory bag


26 07 2016

A Summer French Divide
cycling across France

28 06 2016

Mountain Podcast
a show about adventure in wild places

20150124 9243
15 10 2015

A whole host of bikepacking goodness…
With Winter upon us we have upped stock and made sure we have all you need.

05 08 2015

Doubling up
Alpkit mountain tandem

Bike Set Up
10 06 2015

Paul Errington’s Long Distance Steed
Mr. Errington tests out a new set up

Rich and Tom Highland Trail 550
27 05 2015

Rich and Tom - Highland Trail 550
Rich and Tom have set off on the trail and are half way

Sneedham basquetrip 026
30 11 2016

Pyrenees Traverse – Mules, Munitions and Million Star Hotels.
6 days in the mountains

09 11 2016

A wild night
The experience of a night out

24 10 2016

Rara Hurrah
Riding to Lake Rara, Nepal.

Yak16 pre4
27 09 2016

Coffee, curry, cake, beer and a bicycle
last minute trip for Yak Attack

10 09 2016

Pips Tour De France
Cycle touring through France on a tandem

29 07 2016

Adventures of a Swig Bottle Part 1
A Jura Cycle Tour by Harry Bloor, aged 14

Kendal basecamp.
16 11 2016

Kendal Mountain Festival 2016
Its Film Festival time

10 11 2016

Hut Living
the delights of staying in huts

Ap b-packing into best - 1 of 69
27 06 2016

Adventure Pedlars - A company born out of a 20,000km bike ride:

02 06 2016

Catch Nature off Guard
Travel Quieter, Lighter and further, and stay out longer

18 05 2016

Bikepacking what to pack
What to Pack for 100 miles over 2 days

Ukmade luggage
21 12 2015

UK Made Adventure - Stingray
UK made adventure bike luggage

01 11 2016

Seat pack developments
2 new seat packs

Stem Cell bike luggage
20 04 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 3
Stem Cell updates

18 03 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 2
More UK made bike luggage developments

01 03 2016

2016 bike luggage dev part 1
Updates to our bike luggage range

06 02 2016

Sonder Camino Alloy prototypes have arrived
Dropped bar alloy travel bike proto

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 09.43.41
03 11 2015

Love Mud 650b+ wheels bars stems
Introducing Love Mud Bike Components

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