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The Anatomy of Bikepacking

Bikepacking has been around as long as people have been riding bikes. Its recent popularity can be linked inextricably to the explosion of lightweight equipment now available.

We have been at the forefront of the resurgence of lightweight bikepacking since 2008, innovating ultralight and durable custom bikepacking bags to carry everything you need, no matter the journey, no matter the destination. So we think we know something about it.

What ever bike you ride, however far you want to travel, our bike luggage is designed to carry what you need and keep your riding fun. Our rackless systems utilise all of those little nooks and crannies around your bike. How you set it up is up to you. But here are some of our suggestions and check out our custom pages to create your unique rig.


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Bikepacking kit list

Our Bike Luggage Range - Explained

Tuscany Trail Bikepacking Kit List

Bike packing best sellers the starting point for your own bike packing rig

These bundles are a great starting point to build your own bike packing bag rig and are our best selling combos.

3 Litre Enduro seat pack and 0.75 litre enduro pod

Enduro Pack And Pod Bundle

Ditch the backpack with this fast and light rackless bikepacking setup

£65.00 £75.00 if purchased separately

Tarmac Ultralight Bike Luggage Bundle

An ultralight, minimalist, and tough bundle of bike luggage in our Tarmac UltraLight fabric to get you set up for your next ultralight long-distance race or bikepacking adventure

£175.00 £200.00 if purchased separately
Rando Range Bundle Bikepacking

Rando Series Bike Packing Bag Bundle

Rando range bundle: waterproof and water resistant bikepacking bags for endurance racing, commuting and bikepacking weekenders. Keep your stuff dry in UK conditions (rain)

£159.00 £212.00 if purchased separately
Bike Packing Frame Bag Bundle

Bike Packing Frame Bag Bundle

Hit the open road as soon as the feeling takes you with this frame bag bundle; UK-made to last.

£175.00 £235.00 if purchased separately
Bikepacking handlebar bundle

Bike Packing Handlebar Bundle

Handlebar bags and harnesses to strap stuff like sleeping bags and mats to your handlebar.

£75.00 £89.00 if purchased separately

Bike Packing Cockpit Bundle

Kit out your cockpit with this all-in-one bundle

£65.00 £90.00 if purchased separately

Love Mud Oribt Dynamo Wheelset

Gravel adventure wheelset built around our Juice dynamo front hub for recharging or powering your lights on the go.

£328.00 £379.00 if purchased separately

Toliari Waterproof Pannier Set

4 piece waterproof pannier set for life on the road: waterproof, durable, tear and abrasion resistant

£85.00 £114.00 if purchased separately


"Packed with useful features, extremely sturdy and with options to suit every need, these are superb bags."

Bikes Etc: Bikepacking Gear - read more

"Alpkit is renown for producing extraordinary adventure equipment and has incorporated some really cool design features into its bike luggage."

The Bikepacker - read more

"The attention to detail is quite exceptional, and the quality of the bags, all of which are handmade in Derbyshire top notch."

Mpora - read more.

Custom frame bags for bikepacking

Designed by us. Made by us. Used by us.

Inspired by our adventures on two wheels, we’ve been designing and making bikepacking bags in our Nottingham based factory since 2008; testing them on local and not-so-local terrain.

We innovate and create ultralight and durable bikepacking bags to carry everything you need, no matter the journey, no matter the destination.

We believe in what we do: our UK made adventure kit is backed up by a 25 Year Alpine Bond Warranty.

Simplicity by Design

We've been making custom bike packing bags in our own factory since 2008. Designed by us, used by us, and made by us.

Material and Construction

Lightweight, strong and durable, we use premium materials such as VX21, CORDURA®, VELCRO® and water resistant YKK® zippers.

We understand Bikepacking

Our relationship with bikepacking began in 2008 when we start developing lightweight bike luggage for the challenging Iditarod International race.

Alpine Bond

We have confidence in what we make and give all of our UK made bike luggage a 25 Year Alpine Bond Warranty.


Put your brakes on, grab something cold, sit back and enjoy the flow.

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