Self-inflating camping mat options

Self Inflating Camping Mats

Self-inflating camping mats work hand in hand with your sleeping bag to keep you warm. They are the choice for anyone who wants a comfortable night's sleep in the great outdoors. Self-Inflating mats are designed to see you through lightweight alpine dashes, endless treks and epic sleepovers.

Ooh an updated range!

You may well have noticed that Wee, Reg, Slim and Fat Airic have been replaced by 8 new Airic models. The new range is bigger and better than the old range many people have come to know and love. If you want to check out the new range click here.

If you have an old Fat, Regular, Slim or Wee Airic and you are looking for the closest equivalent in the updated range read below for our recommendations..

I've been recommended a Fat Airic but you've changed the range!
Easy buy a Dozer, it's a bit more expensive but quite a bit better despite similar appearances. It has a new soft touch peachy feel fabric, it inflates quicker, it is warmer and still retains the legendary Fat Airic comfort.

The Slim Airic was your lightest full length mat, should I go for an Airo 180?
If money is no object the Airo 180 is your best choice, if money is a little tight then don't discount the Base 180 as it's only a tiny bit heavier but more durable and a little bit warmer.

I have lost my Wee Airic, what's the direct replacement?
As with Slim you have two choices; spend more money on the lighter / less warm and less durable Airo 120 or save a bit of cash on the warmer, more durable but heavier Base 120.

The Regular Airic seemed to be the best all round mat, which is the one to go for now?
This is perhaps the trickiest choice, if you want comfort with packability go for the Dirtbag, if you like to stretch out and still need comfort with a bit of portability then go for the Wideboy.

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