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Viki coils her ropes ice climbing in Canada. ph Ramon Marin

Filoment micro-rib down jacket and vest

The lightweight micro-rib down jacket and vest is ideal for fast and light activity where you want added warmth but don't want to constrict arm movements. It looks good and feels good. Think of it as a zippable sweater with a light DWR coating. Our go-to piece of equipment as it stuffs into a 1l or 2l dry bag but weighs from just 280g with over 100g of down.

We have been making down clothing and sleeping bags since 2005. Our customers have taken our down jackets all over the world; from the Alps, to the Himalaya to Antartica. Some people go around the world, some never stop. Their adventures are our legacy. Find out more about down clothing on our site.

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Lovely product, brilliant company!

I bought this for watery adventures, scrambling down to hidden sea swims, long days at rowing events but also for hikes. I absolutely love it! The colour is beautiful (I got the Jaffa) and the bag is really well made. I'd specifically wanted a back pack dry bag but not a heavy vinyl one. The fabric is a really nice weight - not heavy but not as thin as the lighter bags on the market. I also really wanted an ethical product. Customer service was great when I phoned to make an enquiry, and the bag was dispatched really quickly. So glad I've discovered Alpkit - I will be buying more.... wetsuit is already on my wishlist!

I love this thing!

My Numo is a few years old (it had the slight bit of insulation on the inside) and has found it's way around the world bikepacking & camping. Previously, I used a couple different pads from the big T company and never slept well. Since the Numo arrived, I've slept great! Unfortunately, mine now has a very small leak that I can't locate so I might have to 'upgrade' to the newer version like I bought for my wife.

Life savingly good

Awesome head torch, multi light choices help when visibility is at zero cant thank this torch enough i'd recommend it to anyone and everyone, great battery life too.

Brilliant bit of kit, but...

I decided to pop to the Alpkit warehouse to have a look around and picked up one of these little gems for £15 (it was a returned model). I also bought a 'Concertina' wind shield to go with it. I didn't realise that the added height of the gas canister brought the Kraku above the wind shield (bugger).

This thing boils water quicker than my remote canister stove (which incidentally works great with the Concertina) and takes up no space at all.

I would recommend this for anybody getting into lightweight kit, or looking to save space...

ps. The fact that it doesn't work with the Concertina is not an issue at all. It's my own stupid fault for not checking first (in with both feet at all times).

Paul S
Perfect cut

Bought as a lightweight jacket for backcountry cycling adventures that doubles as light tramping jacket. Owned for a month now and, it being winter in NZ, it's seen quite some rain.

The cut is perfect - long sleeves and tail, and fitted enough so there's no stomach bagginess when on the bike. Ideally they'd be a velcro tab to roll the hood up and stop it flapping, but I can live without one, or add one myself. The hood works brilliantly too, no drooping over eyes.

Material sheds water and doesn't rustle. Nice. For regular riding it's kept me totally dry. Being able to push the sleeves right up is a neat touch. I have found the limitations of waterproofing though. A 5 hour tramp in constant rain, carrying a full 40l pack saw water seep through to the inside the shoulders and back where the pack was. There wasn't much, and I wasn't wet underneath, but the inside of the fabric was damp. I'm assuming it wasn't condensation as it was blummin' freezing and I wasn't working hard (an easy walk with kids). But I'm putting it down to finding the limits of a jacket not really designed for that level of pack-carrying or NZ rain. I was expecting to find water had got through the zip, as it doesn't have a storm flat. But nope - all dry there.

So. Great jacket, very very happy. I'm now adding a Balance for those days when I need something heavier.

Brilliant bit of kit!

Bought these Thursday, worn them in the Lake District today (Saturday) in driving rain. Completely dry and very comfortable. And as a bonus you don't sound like a crisp packet when you move! Small pack size, great cut, very lightweight and only £50! What's not to love? I always recommend Alpkit to my clients. Nice one Alpkit!!!

M Smith
Amazing quality and function at an excellent price

Excellent quality tarp, durable, lightweight and very good design.

It is fairly small (as the dimensions specify in the description).
Check the size before you buy, don't give poor ratings because it is smaller than you wanted when the dimensions are very clearly stated!


This is an excellent piece of kit and a must have. It is very light yet warm on a windy hilltop. The fit is good and it's great as a windproof layer or as an extra layer in colder weather. I now don't leave home with this jacket as is folds down so small and can be used in so many situations.

Go for the next size up

I am an Alpkit fan but as a six footer I found this item to be too small to be of any practical use as a solo tarp

Cautionary tale.

I bought the Ordos 3 due to it's excellent size to weight ratio and was not disappointed when it arrived. The tent is easy to pitch but you will need to buy more pegs if you want to use all the supplied additional guy lines.
We have only used the tent once to date and herein lies the cautionary tale. The tent was pitched carefully in a Cairgorm breeze and when my wife got inside she noticed two 'runs' in the mesh of the inner tent and a number of other potential runs. These will inevitably soon become tears.
I contacted Alpkit about this problem and they told me that other customers have reported the same issue. They do not believe that the 'runs' are due to a manufacturing problem and that the inner must have been snagged in use. I would dispute this.
I was not expecting the Ordos 3 to be as bombproof as my trusty Macpac Minaret due to it's use of lightweight materials but didn't expect it to show so much wear after one pitching.
In summary if you buy an Ordos 3 do expect it to be light and spacious but treat the flimsy inner with extreme care or it will not last long without tearing.
Alpkit have suggested using sealant to stop the runs becoming worse but take no responsibility for the problem described.