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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Brukit Wolf fast stove, grey


  • - Brukit Wolf fast stove, grey

Wolf is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single 1400 ml pot

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Wolf is BruKit's big brother, the actual pot volume of 1400 ml is more than enough to make yourself a pint of tea or a hearty soup.

Think of all those occasions where you have had to make do with a stewed Thermos and think how much better it would be if you could have quickly made a fresh brew or nutritious soup for your lunch. Keep one in the back of your Landy, take one to the river bank or become the envy of your mates on your building site this winter with a mug of piping hot Earl Grey!

The built in pot has an actual volume of 1400 ml, however we recommend you fill it to 800 ml to allow for the boiling water. This closed system gives a fast boil time thanks to a built in heat exchanger and windshield which makes sure heat goes into your food rather than into outerspace. With this greater efficiency you can go further and carry less. Wolf excels at heating water fast and rehydrating dried food, a dream come true for anyone setting out on their DofE expedition. A neoprene pot cosy can be left on the pot during cooking making it easier to handle the pot and keep your meal warmer longer.

Wolf comes with a pan support which adapts the burner so that you can use other pans with it. You should never use Wolf with any other pans unless you use this support.

Heat and eat it is that simple. With a built in Piezo ignitor you don't been need to carry a box of matches. No messing around with separate components this is an all-in-one stove system that gives you a complete cooking system.

The following canisters can be stored inside BruKit with the burner:
100/110 g - all
250 g - Primus, JetBoil

Other canisters:
500 g Coleman - fits inside without the burner however the base of the canister just catches on the lip

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Key features
  • 1000W power - enough to cook your food fast
  • Built in windshield and heat exchanger for efficient gas use
  • Butt welded hard anodised aluminium
  • Reverse the neoprene pot cosy for a stealthy black look
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 470 g inc pan support
Height:  232 mm
Diameter: 117 mm
Recommended capacity: 800 ml
Actual volume: 1400 ml


Height: 192 mm
External diameter: 117 mm

Cooking pot (inc handles)

Weight: 190 g
Height: 186 mm
External diameter: 117 mm
Internal diameter: 109 mm
Internal height: 153 mm
Recommended capacity: 800 ml
Actual volume: 1400 ml


Weight: 35 g
Colour: Smoked


Weight: 162 g
External diameter: 99 mm
Height: 59 mm
Power: 1000 W

Neoprene jacket

Weight: 31 g


Weight: 22 g
Length: 100 mm
Width: 40 mm

Pan support

Weight: 24 g
Min diameter: 60 mm
Max diameter: 126 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Jetboil killer

I am a daily user of this stove! I use if for food and coffee nearly every day during my work as a mobile engineer (it stays in my work vehicle). I also do own a jetboil sumo, sol and flash... my friends have told me i have issues! However i am also a keen hiker and use jetboils on my adventures! So i seem to be in a good position to give a very objective review on this product! I have owned it for about 4-5 months and used it well into the hundreds of times now with absolute joy! It is a fantastic bit of kit with quality well beyond its pricetag. It’s actually as good if not better than the jetboil in some regards. The handles alone are a big plus ( although a way of them clipping or held closed would be good). The materials used are identical and performance is similar. A side by side comparison for boiling time is jetboil faster by about 20-30 seconds but that is not a problem as when in use the alpkit is far nicer to use as the jetboil spews out a lot more heat out of the sides making it a bit more hazardous to use. The Alpkit is the opposite, no singing of the pot cozy and no loss of hand hair!! All in all i say this is the best value out there with no compromise on performance! Plus a shout out for alpkit for their very professional product support as they addressed an issue with some models recently but mine i am pretty sure was not affected.

brilliant bit of kit

Just tried it out at home, light weight, all the parts including gas canister fits in the pot. Quick boil. Timed boiling water for 3 cups was 3 minutes,a lot faster than waiting for kettle on gas stove. Handles make pouring safe. Looks easy to clean, can't wait to use in the outdoors. Real value for money

Fantastic bit of kit

Bought this for a 3 day camping trip in the Lakes, and it worked exactly as advertised. Super quick boil time, on a par a jetboil I've used in the past. The lid fits really well so there's no risk of spilling hot water everywhere. Despite a good amount of use the 230g primus can still feels pretty much full so it seems pretty economical. Build quality appears top notch but time will tell.

The only slight criticism would be that if the piezo igniter isn't in the middle of the burner it doesn't light very easily. Also, the grey is a bit boring, I fancied one in bright green but never mind.

Great piece of kit

I got this as a Christmas present and it's first outing was in -6 conditions. Even with this temp it boiled water incredibly fast, I was surprised! Like others I purchased a gas stand, but it had never fallen over before this with a bit of care deciding where to place it. Also took me a bit of time to figure out how the pot stand worked. All in all a great piece of kit!

Brilliant, fast, small and light

I received this as a Christmas gift, and had the chance to use it after a couple of days on an exposed snowy hillside. It heated 3/4 litre of water unbelievably fast, before I'd had a chance to get the cups and instant hot chocolate ready! Since then it's travelled everywhere I've fancied hot drinks for the family- by bike, on foot and even by canoe, and made a lot of great hot drinks and reheated soup.

I'm still on the first gas cylinder (250g Primus, fits almost right in to the stove), according to the Alpkit site it should manage to boil about 25 litres from that.

I have added a Yellowstone Gas Canister stand (£2.99 from Amazon when I got it), but not yet had any problems with the stove being unstable even in high winds, I tuck the stand and a plastic spork down inside the neoprene sleeve for transport to keep it all together and take them out before lighting the stove.

I've also repurposed a thin freebie buff to wrap the gas cylinder and burner when stored inside the cup. I was worried it might scratch (probably unnecessarily!), and also the buff makes a good cleaning cloth once cooking is complete.
All in all, I've started carrying this instead of a vacuum flask, it weighs about the same but gives effectively unlimited hot drinks (if a stream is nearby!) and they are properly hot when I want them to be!

Like another reviewer I was mystified by the pot stand, but managed to figure it out without breaking it... it's ingenious!

Very impressed

I've just got this stove today and was happy with it straight out the box it's looks like a solid enough build it's changed on a few things since some utube review nothing major and for the better in my opinion. It boiled a 1L of water in a 4.30 not bad I think the only bad point that I can find is that I think due to it being new when the stove heats up the cup expands so if you put the cup on the stove and lock it in tight ish you have to wait a little while for it too cool a touch so you can release it, I have a feeling that over time and a little wear this will get easier and also learn not to lock it down to tight when it's cold
But overall the stove is well worth the money and as far as I can see no different than a jet boil that are twice the price


Absolutely amazing

Ms R Pinto
The fastest and most fuel efficient affordable solo+ multi-purpose hiking/camping

This multi-purpose Brukit Wolf has gone out with me to music festivals, wild camping, and hiking a few times by now. It performed consistently well at Glastonbury festival as well as hiking trips. With the multi-purpose lid closed tight, It heats way faster than all camping cookers I've previously had (~ 3minutes boiling point of ~700mls water. While solo hiking the Laugavegur in Iceland I wild camped on higher altitude and colder conditions, I noticed then that boiling time increased by appox 1-1,5 minutes. However the cooker still worked faster than my previous cookers, particularly in such conditions, and is very fuel efficient, I was able to use twice a day the smallest and lightest 110gr gas canister for 6 days - till the end of my hike and I could feel the canisters still had a lot of gas left in it (about half).

Fuel efficiency has been the best thing for me because one of the cons of the Brukit Wolf is that it's larger and heavier than some kits but on the other hand it requires less canisters which is cheaper and better for the environment. It is possible cook meals and to warm ration/dehydrated/freeze-dried food bags into the pot, it is possible to eat directly from the pot (Helps if you have a long spoon/fork such as my Igemy wooden spork). The lid offers a "sip-cup" opening on one side and also a colander/drainer on the other side, as well as helping to keep everything warm longer, the neoprene cover helps to keep contents hot longer and keeps the hands from burning when using it as a cup/bowl. It is big enough to boil water in one go, for disinfecting water or cooking meals and drinks. It has two stay-cool folding handles for comfort and safety when handling the pot. It is possible to store its cooker+ most/all kitchenware+gas canister inside the pot.

My suggestion for improvement is that the "heating exchanger" should not be attached to the pot, if it is separated from the pot but attachable to the cooker, allowing any flat based pots (such as frying pans etc, to be put above to benefit also from the heat exchanger and wind shield. This would also eliminate the need of the currently produced spare pot holder for generic pots and would make the Brukit cooker equally efficient on other generic pots and pans. I've tried using the spare pot holder but due to its design, it doesn't offer the same protection from the wind and it looses a lot of heat and as a result takes longer to cook/uses more fuel etc. Creating a "universal" like heat exchanger will have the same features but lighter in weight given it would not require the spare pot holder. Also, a plastic cheap canisters holder would be very much appreciated with the kit!

Needs a bit extra

Alpkits equivalent of the Jetboil is a superb piece of kit for day walks or overnights where a Trangia is overkill but a brew a necessity. Super fast and very easy to assemble. But why no plastic stabiliser? As it is tall and top heavy it is prone to fall over unless carefully levelled. The addition of a cheap plastic platform would make all the difference. Fortunately, you can buy the jetboil accessory from ebay. Unfortunately its £6 plus postage. For that reason only it doesn't qualify for the usual 5 stars.

Broke down on 1st use !

Looked good & quite well made everything fitted inside,I'd recomend a bag or something to protect from scratching. Sadly upon 1st proper use it failed,rounding off my gas cylinder, it's screw threads where poor I see this has happened before reading bellow.
Maybe a few slip the QC ? Alpkit refunded me no problem.
I brought the genuine JB cos I wouldn't want to be miles away & ruin a camp !

Ell, Somerset
Not good quality

Very disappointed. This was a replacement for the original Alpkit Brukit, which served me without fault for many years - an excellent piece of kit.

Now onto the Brukit Wolf.....

The biggest issue is the poor thread on the burner element. It has a manufacturing defect (oversized hole and bad thread tapping) and failed after approximately 6 uses.

The next issue is the pot cosy. The material is very thin, does not hold its form and is prone to stretch, even when just being transported in a backpack.

The last point is the lid. It is extremely tight to fit/remove and could be potentially unsafe if removing the lid with boiling water inside. I get around this by placing the lid loosely on top.

Conclusion. This has the potential to be an excellent product. If only corners were not cut in some areas with material and manufacturing quality.

I am sending this unit back to Alpkit for replacement and will re-evaluate my review after receiving the replacement model.

I will be posting a comprehensive review of the Brukit Wolf on YouTube once I have received the replacement. I welcome any comments that Alpkit would like to make.

Stove leaked gas and nearly Burnt my face

I went on a climbing trip to Yosemite and after about 10 uses the threads on the stove looked beat, flames came out of the threads due to gas leaking and nearly burnt my face badly! I emailed alp kit and was told I would have to return the product to get a refund or replacement even though I have pictures of the threads. Unable to bring the product home due to not having room after having to buy another stove while there, I did not get a refund.


We like to get potentially faulty products back to AKHQ in order to assess,  investigate and test the product. We did not realise that there was an issue with returning the BruKit so we have contacted Eric for the photos and more information - Alpkit.


I ordered this with such high expectations but i was truly let down. First i think the colours are a little extream and could offer diffrent ones. But now onto the big one... the boil time was shocking it took over 8.45 minutes before it was even simmering never mind boiling (500ml of water. Using 100g jetboil jet fuel). Which is truly dissapointing. Maybe i got a defected one who knows. I would of liked to see more instructions especially with the pot stand. Might sound silly but it took me ages to figure it out (twist the supports wink so i have had to return it. Such a shame too. Really looked forward to using it out in the hills.


Alpkit Returns Team: “After receiving this BruKit back for testing, we found the stove to be faulty and have processed a refund for the customer, as requested.”

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