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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Brukit Jackal integrated gas stove

Jackal is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single 900 ml pot

Brukit Jackal super quick lightweight stove
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  • - Brukit Jackal super quick lightweight stove
This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Jackal is BruKit's little brother, it packs down 23% smaller and is just enough to make yourself a pint of tea or a hearty soup.

Think of all those occasions where you have had to make do with a stewed Thermos and think how much better it would be if you could have quickly made a fresh brew or nutritious soup for your lunch. Keep one in the back of your Landy, take one to the river bank or become the envy of your mates on the building site this winter with a mug of piping hot Earl Grey!

The built in pot has an actual volume of 900 ml, however we recommend you fill it to 750 ml to allow for the boiling water. This closed system gives a fast boil time thanks to a built in heat exchanger and windshield which makes sure heat goes into your food rather than into outerspace. With this greater efficiency you can go further and carry less. Jackal excels at heating water fast and rehydrating dried food, a dream come true for anyone setting out on their DofE expedition.

A neoprene pot cosy can be left on the pot during cooking making it easier to handle the pot and keep your meal warmer longer. The neoprene is also reversible, so that your Jackal can keep its look fresh.

Jackal comes with a pan support which adapts the burner so that you can use other pans with it. You should never use Jackal with any other pans unless you use this support.

Heat and eat: it is that simple. With a built in Piezo ignitor you don't even need to carry a box of matches. No messing around with separate components this is an all-in-one stove system that gives you a complete cooking system.

International stove instructions

Instructions are provided in English, if you would like a translated version please get in touch.

Key features
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
  • 23% smaller and 18% lighter than the old BruKit
  • 1000W power - enough to cook your food fast
  • Built in windshield and heat exchanger for efficient gas use
  • Butt welded hard anodised aluminium
  • 100 /110 g gas canisters can be stored inside the cooking pot
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Vital stats

Weight: 425 g inc pan support
Height:  205 mm
Diameter: 107 mm
Recommended capacity: 750 ml
Actual volume: 900 ml


Height:  164 mm
External diameter: 107 mm

Cooking pot (inc handles)

Weight: 160 g
Height: 157 mm
External diameter: 107 mm
Internal diameter: 99 mm
Internal height: 125 mm
Recommended capacity: 750 ml
Actual volume: 900 ml


Weight:  31 g
Colour: Smoked


Weight: 162 g
External diameter: 99 mm
Height: 59 mm
Power: 1000 W

Neoprene jacket

Weight: 22 g


Weight: 22 g
Length: 90 mm
Width: 40 mm

Pan support

Weight: 44 g
Min diameter: 60 mm
Max diameter: 126 mm

Origin: China

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Great Value

I was interested in one of these integrated gas stoves but put off by the £100 price points of other systems. Given that my current stove was a tiny £12 titanium thing I wanted something more robust. Overall I cannot fault the Jackal, the pot is a perfect size for one person, the stove attachment makes it multipurpose and the built in ignition negates matches / lighter problems. You can fit a small gas canister and some other bits and bobs inside the pot and the whole thing fits neatly into the side pocket of a decent sized pack. For less than £40 its perfect.

Cheaper'n chips

I'm giving this wee marvel 5 stars on the price. If it was a Jetboil I'd be a tad disappointed at the quality and 'feel' but at this price - £39 instead of the cheapest 'A' line equivalent at around £100 - there are no complaints. There IS a stove like this at similar price elsewhere, but I suspect it is the same stove badged with another name. Mine is, however, a replacement for the first one which just didn't work. Look at the burner head and how the flame appears - even on my new one the flame spread is uneven across the (obviously very cheaply made) burner. The holes are off-centre, and clearly no attempt has been made at quality control, yet it still works very well! It is the most efficient stove I have by far. I, unlike one or two others, like the loose-ish fit between stove and pan, no wrenching or grappling necessary to undo the two. Why would you want it to be a tight fit? It's just preference I guess, like so many other elements of any outdoor gear. It may be a hint heavier than some similar stoves, and it might, in the end, not wear quite so well, but it is worth a punt, and you will still have the heat exchanger pan which you could easily pay 39 quid for elsewhere. We all know, mostly, you get what you pay for, and most decent screw-in stoves alone cost this sort of money + or - a tenner. Yes, you lose a little gas when screwing it in or off, you can see a more-than-usually prominent détente device, but better that than no gas despite screwing a stove in hard as can happen. Rarely, but it has happened to me when I didn't check a stove and gas can before a trip. No brew! Just get used to it and keep the can upright so you don't lose liquid gas and freeze yer digits off. I still can't fault gas consumption despite this small loss. The thread does, however, feel a tad slack, I can see deflection when tightened hard, indeed the stove can be moved relative to the gas can when tightened. I wonder why the 3 plastic 'wings' under the stove aren't designed to, just, touch the gas can which would make the whole caboodle more stable? Well, that about covers that. Buy this stove and just use and enjoy it (~:

Great for a quick cuppa

Took this on a 5 day backpacking trip. Easy to use, takes no time to boil 300mls for a brew or a bit more for a dehydrated meal. Stands up well and can be safely used in tent porch. Not super light but does the job.

J MacBikey
Amazing bit of kit

This is a must try bit of kit for anyone needing a compact lightweight cooking system without wanting to spend (hefty) prices from alternate brands.

After a few uses I'm very impressed with the Jackal. It's light weight and low volume are a massive bonus for when traveling light is a primary consideration. The base and a 100g canister fit inside the cooking pot (I use some cut up inner tube to stop things rattling). I also forego the supplied pan stand as I don't use it.

Cooking times are great with 500ml of water taking ~3 mins to boil in a 15ºC ambient temperature, on a low setting. I can then add half the water to rehydrate a pre-made freezer bag chefs special and use the rest of the water to brew up. One pot cooking and very little to clean up. Perfect.

I've bought multiple bits of outdoor kit over the years and this is my standout favorite so far. So simple in it's design but performs impeccably.


Just received two of these compact little marvels. They've yet to be used in the field - bought them for Te Araroa in NZ - but carried out a kitchen trial. Successfully brought 500ml of water to a rolling boil in under 2mins 20s. Digital scales say that this took less than 5g of gas.Seems pretty efficient to me. The stove is seems very well made, lightweight and robust. It cools very quickly too. Love it.

Scott from Ireland
The business!

I've had my BruKit Jackal for almost 4 months now and I've used it successfully a number of times while walking hills and mountains with my better half. All I can say is that for the price this is an excellent product - it's the business. You can't beat a fresh hot cuppa while you're out, and with the Jackal you can get that anywhere and anytime.
I use a 100g stubby gas cylinder so I can keep it in the mug and carry everything together. The good people at Alpkit have kindly made the drawstring bag that comes with the Brukit Jackal about 20% bigger than needed, which means you can keep a few extras in the bag - I can fit in two Tesco coffee filters, a tripod gas cylinder stand (for uneven surfaces when boiling a larger volume) and a microfibre cloth so I can dry everything before putting it back in the bag.

I'm very happy with the design of the Jackal and the way it works and I have recommended it to friends. For the quality you get relative to the price point I think it's great value for money.

Fantastic compact burner

I've just used this whilst hiking the Pembrokeshire coast and it was great! It's very compact and fits nicely into the side pocket of my rucksack. It takes around 2-3 mins to boil 500ml and works well even on a very windy cliff top. Very pleased my with my impulse buy, and much cheaper than equivalents.

This is my first buy from Alpkit and they provided excellent customer service, what a top brand

Perfect one man bikepacking stove

I love my Jackal!

I've used it for overnight bikepacking, and just stopping for a hot drink on the trail. It's not the most compact system you could go for, but it's got everything you could need and it does what it does perfectly.

I've yet to use it for any more than boiling water so far, which it does blindingly fast. But will definitely be trying a few one pot recipes with it soon. The pot has plenty of room for two cups worth of water, and the scale in millilitres on the inside is dead handy when needing to add an exact amount to dehydrate meals and the like.

The quality is great and everything fits so neatly together. I've had no problems with the piezo ignitor and the bag it all comes in has plenty of spare room for a few odds and sods like a teabag or emergency lighter.

A total bargain for the money.

Well bugger me!

I just received the Jackal when I got home from work with a hand written note of thanks inside the box and a quick easy order and delivery experience. Well done gang. The Jackal has been filled with 750ml of water and boiled in 3 mins for a huge cup of Yorkshire tea and I'm a happy man. My old trusty Trangia has been demoted to emergency reserve! Good kit good company and a good brew too!

Absolutely brilliant

This neat little cooking stove is perfect for one pot meals, soup or a good brew on top of the mountain.

Great kit

Bought this as I got tired of lugging a flask around. Why not buy this for both food and hot drinks. First tried it in Dec top of helvellyn around the -5 wind chill boiled 500ml in a few mins. Had a very happy freind who came with me. This product from Alpkit works as described with no downsides. Well built, light and packable, what more could you ask for.

Great piece of kit!

I got bought one of the earlier Bru-Kit stoves. Basically the same as this, just a slightly bigger flask and less lairy jacket. It's a great piece of kit that works just as well as similar (well known) examples from other brands. Why is Alpkit's better? Because it's less tha half the price of it's branded cousins. Perhaps it's a little rougher round the edges in terms of finish but it works just as well.

Highly recommended

Garry H
Great value for money

Used this for the first time last night. Super quick boiling time. Ultra-lightweight. Plenty big enough for two. I didn't measure the boiling time but it was fast for the recommended 750 mls. I also boiled a standard 1 litre kettle on it, although this was done out of the wind in a bothy, it was still pretty quick. A great buy. I have to praise alpkit for the cost, a massive saving in comparison to similar products.

amazing bit of kit

owned an original brukit 1200 for a year now, can only say how impressed with it iam, brought it last year to get me through the winter at work, was sick of eating luke warm soup out of a flask, that went cold within seconds of opening. when i 1st used the brukit i as amazed just how fast it warmed up my soup or other foods, everyone at work was just gobsmacked. have now used my brewkit throughout the summer on various camping trips, walks and generally just being outside, boils 500ml of water in record time, enough for 2 mugs of tea or coffee. overall cannot fault this stove, great work alpkit!!!!!

Dine like a VIP

I've got the original brukit and it's ace. I use it all the time instead of a flask as I can have soup to start chilli for main and custard for dessert with piping hot coffee to finish. Try putting that in your flask. As usual from Alpkit, all the quality of the market leader but about half the price. Great service too!

Great price for a top item

Used this bad boy on a recent wild camp in the lakes recently am very impressed its similar to my jet boil zip but at nearly half the price, am not one of those gear testing freaks who times it racing to the boil with my jet boil zip times to short for all that carry on.So its a winner nice one guys.


Just received the Brukit Jackal today. Have been looking at the original American version for a few years but always thought they were too expensive. So was super happy to see the Jackal for sale the other day at a great price. I'm a bit of a stove junkie, 20+ and counting, ranging from 12g Esbit stoves up to top of the range multi fuel stoves. The Jackal is supposed to fit my moto camping needs, as to be honest for what it does, the Jackal (and all of these types of stoves) is pretty heavy (439g as delivered and 638g including a 100g gas canister) for basically a water boiling system. Therefore it will not be taken bivvying. So either moto camping or when out and about with the family in the car.
Where this stove really does shine is in it's efficiency. I did a few boil tests with water temp at 10C and air temp at 17C.
Each time I was able to boil 750mls of water in just over 4 mins and using 6 grams of fuel.
With a 100g canister, this means about 16 boils of 750mls = 12 litres.
I never need more than 750mls per meal (tea/muesli or tea/noodles),
So in theory I can get 8 days use out of a 100g gas canister during my summer travels.
All in all, I'm extremely happy with it grin

David Barclay
Update on a classic

Alpkit have listened to their customers and adapted the Brukit - Jackal to make a new classic compact stove. Although it's significantly smaller (38% apparently) it's only 17% lighter about 50g on my scales, than the larger Brukit 1200.
The quality of the construction seems a bit more robust. The handles of the Jackal are a better design - they make it more cup like - the smaller capacity lending itself better to a solo trekker. The handles are welded on to the outside of the cup so there isn't a rivet on the inside, making it easier to get really clean so your next cuppa doesn't have last nights curry remnants lurking in it. The neoprene sleeve is easy to remove with a velcro tab and again seems slightly better quality. Lid is of a better material, with a straining slot as well as a sipping slot- it also has a pressure release valve in case you are not watching - great idea. Finally the bag is a better fit and is of the more traditional stuff sack type nylon - not such a tight squeeze. Only a couple of negatives - it's smaller so it can only hold the 100g canisters inside - though you would know that from the blurb. The other is that mine was a bit tricky to get the cup on and off the stove - the bigger Brukit was not that tight, I didn't think that this warranted a star deducted.

Sad man that I am I also calculated gas usage and measured boil times comparing both stoves. Larger Brukit 1200 took 2min 25s to boil 500ml of cold tap water and used 6g of gas. Jackal took 2min 47s to boil 500ml of cold tap water and used 7g of gas - so your 100g canister should make you a healthy 25 cups of tea. I used the 500ml as I would normally be making tea for a mate and I on fishing trips and 500ml makes 2 large mugs allowing for a little spillage which inevitably happens with freezing hands. I was going to give the Jackal away as a gift but it's staying with me - at the price that Alpkit are charging I'll just buy another

Matt J
Great value, does as advertised

Ordered and delivered to Australia within a week. Tested during a 2-day hike and it worked as advertised. It is a compact unit which enables the storage of all key elements plus a small gas canister within the main vessel. Boiled water quickly and the measurement markers made accurate apportioning of hot water to dehydrated food sachets very easy. Seems to be robust. Happy with my purchase.

Simon Sansnomme
A grand wee thing

OK I have been using the original Brukit for well over a year or so now. I bought Mrs Sansnomme the smaller version on on the strength of the original big Brukit, and then I bought myself one too. This explains the four stars. Star number five is missing because of how the stove attaches to the container. Unlike the big Brukit it uses two slot/studs instead of three, and I don't think it locks in firmlet enough. Mrs Sansnomme used hers and as the container was not attaching, and felt loose and kept coming off; a random helper decided to help and twisted it off the wrong way. When I got my own, I felt the same way - it's not firm enough. My solution was to wrap a bit of tape around the base of the container outside of the heat exchanger bit so it removes the slack from the system, and gives a nice tight firm seating to the thing. Preferred solution: use the same triple system as per the original big Brukit that really does lock the stove and the container together.