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Bear Paws winter pogies


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Cycle pogies with Cordura outer, lined inner with microfleece cuffs and drawcord closure for creating a toasty microclimate for your hands through the winter


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Just like gloves, Bear Paws provide winter warmth and bad weather protection. But unlike gloves, Bear Paws stay attached to your bike… just dunk your hands in and ride.

Bear Paws create a toasty microclimate on your bars, keeping draughts out and your warmth in and giving you full access to your brakes and shifters too. They fit straight and riser bars, and can be used with our hooped Confucius bars (although this may depend on your configuration).

The pile lining is an excellent insulator for UK cold and wet conditions. It retains warmth when wet, doesn’t mind a bit of mud, and should your Bear Paws get saturated, you can turn them inside out for quick drying.

Bear Paws are tapered to give you more freedom of movement when you ride. Elastic drawcord closure around on both ends creates a seal against the cold and helps to prevent water seepage down your arms. A micro-fibre fleece at the arm cuff makes them even more snug.

Bear Paws are made from a tough 500D Cordura outer. The fabric itself is waterproof, and the upwards facing seams are topstitched to face away from the rain. Reflective piping along the top seam helps you to stay visible too.

Bear Paws have been used successfully with our hooped Confucius bars along with other loop bars (including Jones bars) - but your success may vary according to your specific configuration. Bear Paws are not suitable for use with drop bars.

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Key features
  • Bike pogies for toasty hands when cold and wet weather cycling
  • Made to last here in our UK factory
  • Drawcord closure to keep the draughts out and your warmth in
  • Tapered fit gives your hands more space to move in the pogie
  • Fit straight and riser bars, as well as Confucius hooped bars (this one depends on configuration)
  • Reflective piping to help you stay visible.
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Outer: 500D Cordura
Lining: Polyester Pile lining
Microfibre fleece: Polyester


Weight (each): 170 g
Bar cuff diameter: 10 cm
Arm cuff diameter: 16 cm

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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Paul Barrett
Good but expensive.

I used to think that pogies were somewhat overkill for UK conditions, but after going through 2 pairs of gloves in one cold wet winter ride I decided that another approach was needed.
My Bear Paws came from the Hathersage store at the old price (£65). One of the shop staff asked where I was going to need pogies, Buxton I replied. Buying in store meant that I could try them on a bike to see if I liked the fit on the bike and that I could get my hands in and out easily before spending money.
The first time I used them I just went on a short local loop, just to get used to taking my hands in and out before riding further. Initial impressions were very good, entry and exit is easy with no snagging or faffing, feeling safe even when stopping at lights. Since then I have used them a lot, riding around the Peaks in sub zero snowy conditions. They do a good job of keeping my gloves dry when its snowing, and more importantly perhaps protect my hands from windchill. The pile inner lining helps insulate and allows me to wear normal gloves, which I prefer to bulky winter ones. The outer material seems to be pretty tough, surviving a couple of minor crashes without any damage or even any scuffs. Fitting them onto the bars is nice and simple, but does leave a gap around the bar which wind could enter, however so far this hasn't been an issue. I have used them both with a normal riser and with Confucius loop bars.
There is a Velcro strip along the outer edge, which is for a quick exit should you need to get your hands out in a hurry. So far I haven't needed this feature, and would question its worth. It does however make it easy to turn the pogies inside out for drying. Personally I would prefer it if the Velcro strip was left off, especially as this would mean that the pile lining could cover the entire inner surface. With the Velcro the pile stops short of the outer edges.
The only downside is the price. I feel that £80 is a lot of money for these, even taking into account the fact that they are UK made in small batches, which is why I've rated them 4 stars and not 5. Would I pay full price though? The answer has to be yes. Cold hands can ruin a ride, and I like winter riding in the snow too much to turn back early because of frozen digits.
So, expensive but worthwhile if you value your hands.

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