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CarbonLite Bend

By alpjim | 08, Apr, 2005

In this test Jim sets out to find the breaking point of our 3 section carbon fibre trekking poles. At only 195 grams each Jim thought he would be back home in time for 'Home and Away'. During the test the pole was extended to the maximum recommended limit.

As you will see from the video Jim under estimated the strength of our poles.

To view the film you will need Quicktime installed. [3.3MB]


The trekking pole reached a maximum deflection of 57mm under a load of 22kg. This was not sufficient to snap the pole so the test will be repeated once the test equipment has been upgraded.

Further information

Due to a price increase in raw materials we have decided to discontinue this product in the short term. We hope it will be possible to reintroduce this product in the future.

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