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Carbonlong Backpacker Twins XL trekking pole

CarbonLong Twins Lightweight long carbon fibre poles for long distance treks and taller hikers


  • Regular - CarbonLong Twins Lightweight long carbon fibre poles for long distance treks and taller hikers
  • Extended handles - CarbonLong Twins Lightweight long carbon fibre poles for long distance treks and taller hikers
    Extended handles

Backpacker poles with carbon uppers to reduce weight and a lower alloy section for strength and load carrying over rough ground. 150cm long for stability and rigging tarps on long distance routes


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Whether for support on those long days of hiking or rigging a tarp for a good night's sleep, trekking poles are a worthy addition to your kit list... especially if they weigh as little as the CarbonLongs do! 

CarbonLongs are 3-section trekking poles that extend to 150 cm and weighs just 215 grams. We designed it to have a greater extension range for two main reasons: to give a better fit for taller trekkers and to let you rig your tarp high enough to sit comfortably underneath for a bit of shelter. They're lightweight, easily adjustable, incredibly sturdy, and ace for hike-thrus and long-distance trails. 

Constructed from carbon fibre, CarbonLongs are highly corrosion resistant and durable, with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Longer trekking poles can be more prone to snapping as the stress placed on the lower section is greater, so we've used aluminium for this section to make the CarbonLong incredibly strong and durable.

The EVA foam handles absorb less water than other materials, making them ideal for those not-so-fine weather days. What they do absorb is shock and vibration – making them super comfy on long treks and effective in injury prevention. An optional extended handle is available to save you from adjusting your pole length every time the gradient changes. 

The CarbonLong has a stiff and durable tungsten tip to increase grip and avoid slipping on hard and rocky surfaces. It also comes with a rubber tip and trekking basket, so you can change your setup according to the terrain. 

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Key features
  • Extra-long carbon fibre pole for the taller trekker
  • A longer extension lets you rig your tarp for a comfortable and spacious shelter
  • An aluminium lower section makes the CarbonLong super durable and strong
  • An optional extended handle saves you from adjusting your poles every time the gradient changes.
  • Made up of three sections, shrinks down to 67 cm when you want to pack it away
  • Chamoix trekking baskets and rubber tips included
  • Comfy and stiff EVA foam handle with adjustable wrist strap
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight (per pole): 215 g
Length range: 67 – 150 cm


Carbon fibre shafts, aluminium lower pole section

Origin: China

Product Care Information

After use (especially on muddy or wet terrain), take your poles apart and wipe down each section. Allow to dry completely before reassembly.

Download the PDF trekking pole instruction sheet.

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

6 Reviews


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Neeman Callender
Excellent whippy and nimble

Very light weight and very strong
light in the hand almost whip like
They have 150 cm, which I use for pitching a HexPeak tent
They are also great for bivi camping, the height give a lot of more possibilities
An excellent light weight strong set of poles at fraction of the price of other sticks

Ultralight, strong & well made

Bought these as an upgrade for some aluminium Leki poles a few years old that had bent a couple of times, went for the carbon fibre/alu mix to avoid any snapping/splintering I’ve seen on pure carbon poles but these seem as light as total carbon anyway so yet another good design from Alpkit. Clasps for each extension work well and very secure once tightened.

carbonlong twin poles

I don't usually use 2 poles but these were brilliant over 350 miles tough use in the Pyrenees coping with mud, boulders, snow and pistas/roads.
The extended foam handle was essential on variable steep slopes.
Lost a tungsten tip somewhere but this didn't affect performance.
Alpkit impressively replaced the whole pole when I asked if this could be repaired.
Any other poles I've used would have fallen apart with the hammering I gave them. Now in my irreplaceable kit list.

Awesome Poles

Just completed the John Muir Trail in California: 216 miles, total elevation of 43,700ft. From rugged, abrasive, rocky terrain to grassy meadows. These poles were abused to the limit and they were as tough as they come. I lost count of the times they got stuck between rocks and my momentum nearly snapped them but they didn't break. The locking mechanism meant they stayed extended to where I wanted them - only had to tighten them up twice in 17 days of tough abuse. They prevented many a twisted ankle by being solid and reliable. These poles were truly awesome and the envy of many a fellow hiker because of their lightweight. Recommended unquestionably.

Mike Jecks
Long handled version

I bought these to replace a pair of Compact Ultra poles. Nothing wrong with them, but I wanted to get lighter, which means getting a tent which uses my walking poles rather than carrying tent poles with me. These, compared to the Compact Ultras, are well worth the extra money. They fit together more firmly than the Ultras, with the thumb locks, but are ridiculously light in the hands. I like the handles - very comfortable - and the added length makes them more useable when climbing a steeper hill. Very useful for me here on Dartmoor.

They look superbly well made and robust, as I'd expect from Alpkit. I like the way that the baskets fit with a screw-thread rather than a push-fit - which I always found a pain.

If I have one niggle, it is that I cannot see how to adjust the straps. That would be very useful. But it's a very minor point since the straps seem to work very well for me.

Light, strong, replacing my tent poles - 10/10, Alpkit. Delivery within a couple of days? Perfect!

Save your knees....

Really light, even with the smallest section being aluminium. Used so far over some very rough ground on two Scottish trips. Comfy handle and loops. Great for the price. Would be nice to have an option for a larger ski-style basket to stop them getting stuck in bogs/rocks/snow. Otherwise, excellent.

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