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Y Beams tent pegs


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Y-shaped, strong, lightweight aluminium tent peg


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Y-Beams offer better holding power, are lighter and an awful lot stronger than many standard hook style tent pegs. This is our all rounder and the cheapest way to upgrade any tent from cheap skinny pegs.

The Y cross section adds strength without the weight penalty. They can be a little uncomfortable to place in hard ground but they are strong enough to take the hits from a camping mallet or random stone!!

Colin says "I wish I had these on my tent"

Pack of 10 Y-beam pegs

Key features
  • Anodized, silver, aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Red accessory cord to aid removal from the ground
  • Pack size : 10 pegs
  • Y-Beams are 12 mm wide and 180 mm long
  • Weight per peg: 14 g
Vital stats

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

8 Reviews


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Tried and tested

Hi recently used these pegs when I was walking the Laugevager trail in Iceland.
The ground was quite hard like compacted sand and I had to knock them in with a stone. Apart from slightly damaging the top the pegs didn't bend or flex.
I would certainly buy some more.

The dogs bollocks

Ive been camping since I was a young kid and have always battled with cheap rubbish aluminium pegs that bend and soon as you apply too much pressure. I bought these pegs a few years ago and have never been let down by these pegs. I have used them in multiple environments whether that be, normal soil, rocky ground or frozen ground and they have been nothing short of perfect every time. The small bit of cord is also very helpful to pull the peg out after you've smashed them in with the power of thor and cant get them back out.

My opinion? Buy them and never look back!

Andrew Breckill
Light and strong

Bought a pack of these along with the titanium ones, one of the titanium ones broke on first use. No such troubles with these little beauties. 4 grams extra per peg is not worth worrying about over the piece of mind that they wont fail when you are relying on them.

Garry Dutfield
Y beam pegs

Bought a couple of sets of these pegs a few years back absolutely fantastic on lightweight camps never failed !!!!
Out in the lake's on monday evening 12/02/2018 pitched the tent at about 750m high and got caught in a blizzard with wind speeds in excess of 70mph for about 5 hrs before i packed up at 3:30am and got the hell out of dodge with only 1 bent peg out of 8 not bad
What a advert for these superb pegs

Cheers garry Dutfield

Lightweight, sturdy, useful

OK, I don't use these as tent pegs, but I use 4 of them hammered in at angles as a dog tether with the dog's lead threaded through the top loops. The standard screw dog stakes are too heavy. He's a fairly hefty hound but hasn't broken free despite provocation from rabbits and squirrels.

Best pegs I've ever used!!

I picked up a set of these Y beams in January 2015 on the advice of a friend as my previous pegs were coming loose in windy conditions. My tent is not free standing and relies on the guy lines and pegs to stay standing. After using these pegs a number of times I can honestly say they are the best pegs I've ever used. My last trip to the Scottish highlands we had 2 particularly windy nights and the tent was stood just as taut as when it was set up the night before. They are very easy to get into the ground and none of them have bent since purchasing them in January 2015. Even after being pushed extremely tough frozen ground.

The only problem I did have was getting them back out of the ground but I ended up using a spare peg through the string loop for leverage and they came out easy enough. In hindsight this isn't actually a problem but them doing their job - extremely well!

In my experience you can pay a small fortune for a set of good tent pegs but thanks to these Alpkit Y-beams I've realised you really don't need to.

Peter Urwin
Another Alpkit Bargain

These are cheaper than popular and very similar MSR groundhog stakes but every bit as good. Alpkit wins yet again! I did bend one of mine quite badly out of shape so I would advise being careful with them when pushing them in but this is probably the case with any lightweight pegs. This is the only reason I have deducted a star.

Great Value

Excellent pegs!! Although not the lightest pegs out there, I think they provide the perfect balance of weight, strength, and holding power. I always carry 4 Y beams for my hammock tarp corners, and titanium pins for everything else. Compared to other Y pegs I've seen or used these are stronger than most and just about the least expensive I've seen.

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