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Spikes Tent Pegs

Super strong, long aluminium pegs for hard packed grounds

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Aluminium spike pegs

If you are off somewhere serious or have a large family tent that you need to pin down, then these pegs are the longest and strongest we sell.

At 33 g each they are not the lightest but even one for each corner of your tent will make a huge difference. They are tough enough to nail into breeze blocks, so most French campsites should be okay.

Key features

  • Weight per peg: 33 g
  • Pack size: 6 pegs
  • Aircraft grade Alumium
  • Spikes 22 cm long and 8 mm in diameter
  • Red Accessory cord to aid removal from the ground
  • Watch out for solid rock though as that can still bend them.

£9.00 Regular Price: £10.00

Origin: China

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I’ve been using a set of AlpKit Spikes since June 2007!  I’m still using them.  Most of them look used, with a few scratches here and there and dare I say it two are very slightly curved; but they are still going strong.  I bought them when they were 6 for a fiver!  Wish I’d bought more now.

01 June, 2015 by Grant Borroff

Frustrated, Adam began to hit the peg with a small rock lying near by. The peg bounced about making small indentations in the hard surface of this campsite’s so called pitches. Looking around for something larger he spotted a crack in the ground and set to. The first bash drove the peg a couple of centimeters into the crack, the peg felt solid. Standing up he placed his toes on the head of the peg and rocked over on his heel to drive the peg deeper into the ground. As he gradually applied more pressure he began to feel some movement and it was in. 

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