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Apex titanium V peg


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Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs


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The perfect balance of weight versus holding power, Apex tent pegs offer added holding power in soft ground due to their 'V' shape design. 

Crafted from titanium these pegs are light and strong, weight is further reduced thanks to the lightening holes along the titanium shaft. A guide slot at the top of the peg secures your guy line.

Each peg comes with reflective accessory cord to help you extract the peg when you break camp.

Key features
  • Lightweight, just 12 grams each
Vital stats

Weight: 12 g / peg
Length: 165 mm

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

8 Reviews


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Nothing to criticise

Bought two sets a couple of years ago for my Pacific Crest Trail trip - used with a Zpacks Hexamid and later a Laser Comp 1 - never had a single problem in 2600 miles - even whacking them into High Sierra rocky ground with a boulder. I generally put a rock on top in pebbly ground (see pic) but eave the little loops on though - they can be hard to yank out the ground otherwise if they get a grip. Mustard!

Solo Hiker
Slightly disappointed

I agree with other reviews, these pegs bend to easily.
I to have bent one trying to push it into soft ground with my boot.

Robin Wallace
Okay, but not great

Sadly these seem to bend too easily. So I use them for the secondary guy lines. Otherwise they're lightweight and easy enough to use. The XL ti pegs are far better, but these seem to be discontinued now.

A rare 'meh' in the Alpkit range

As a big fan of Alpkit's stuff, I'm a bit disappointed with these. They're ok but are too thin really; i've had a few snap if you apply any angle when pulling them out of the ground.

Dr James Close
Apex Titanium Tent Pegs

I have had two of these break on me in the last year. I bought them a few years back and they generally do the job and are easy to see for retrieval but I've broken two recently when being pushed by boot into gravely soil. I was being careful. The edges left were sharp and it looks like metal fatigue. Not happy about that. They were £10 when I bought them and no way are they worth £18.

Andrew Breckill
one broke on first use

I love lightweight gear, it makes for a more enjoyable hike not straining under the load on your back. However these are not up to the job, had one halfway inserted and it snapped (maybe a fault with material? I don't know) but I would not rely on them in an emergency now (which is why I spent more than I would normally).

Rob H
Perhaps too light

These are an improvement on the previous Alpkit titanium pegs which due to their notching would bend catastrophically in hard or stony ground but they are very thin gauge titanium which makes them too weak for hammering into frozen or stony ground and too painful to insert by hand as they cut into the palm or fingers.

Light, good for softer/looser ground - but bend way too easily

I bought these as replacement pegs for an Ordos 3 - I managed to leave the entire set behind at a previous camp towards the end of a multi-week trip. Unfortunately they are very sensitive to being handled incorrectly - if you have to bash them in they buckle, and more importantly if you place them in softer ground then accidentally stand on the end of the peg they easily bend. Not recommended for real-world use.

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